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Hi I’m Brian from Appjobs and to celebrate
the 9th annual social media day we are looking at how Appjobs can help you find Social Media
Jobs. On AppJobs.com there are a growing number
of opportunities for people to earn money from their digital skills. So don’t look all over the place for your
freelance opportunities. Let us do that for you. Here’s a taste of what you can get on Appjobs Fivver :
There are lots of people looking to hire you but you don’t have to charge just a fivver.

You’re in high demand so charge like it. Set your price, make a video explain what
you do and if you’re good enough work will come looking for you. People per hour
This is another great free lancing partner with lots of opportunities. Simply create your profile and set your price
per hour and get working. Up Work
Upload your profile and your rate or search for companies to work for. There are lots of opportunities for social
media managers, seo specialists content writers and designers. the list goes on and on and the list is almost
endless. Hubstaff talent
Whatever your social media skill there are tonnes and tonnes of opportunities for you
on HubStaff Talent. Simply sign up create your profile and browse
the opportunists.

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Whatever your digital skill you can apply it here and earn great extra cash. Upload you profile and find projects with
hours and pay that suits you. You are your own boss. There are many more chances to earn extra
money on Appjobs.com. So if you have any social media skills, designer,
content producer, social media manager or graphics artist there are tonnes of opportunities
for you on Appjobs.com so why don' t you go to the website and check it out Click on the
link below to start searching. I’m Brian from Appjobs.com.

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