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I feel like you're going to love this Method because it's all about copying And pasting you don't actually have to Create your own website you don't Actually have to build your own product Or service or anything like that and There is one specific sentence which you Can copy and paste and make money using This method and in fact you can actually Turn this into a passive income stream And I'm going to show you exactly how to Do that without actually having your own Products without actually having your Own website as I said and without Investing a single dollar so if that Sounds good enough then drop a like down Below and I will walk you through the Entire process step by step in this free Tutorial right now just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text

You like that so just stay safe and Report them all let us make again with The step number one which is to go over To kit.co so Kitco kit.co is a platform Which will allow you to create your own Store inside of get go to sell different Products that are not yours but you earn A commission when someone buys a product From your store so basically you can Just with one click of a button on Different products to your store like For example this person has like a film And editing equipment store and he has All of these different cameras and Drones and when someone opens up his Store and someone buys one of these Products he's gonna earn a commission Without actually delivering in the Produce himself without actually having Those products himself all he needs to Do is pretty much create a store and Just leave those products inside of the Store for people to buy it so what I'm Gonna do right now is you just want to Sign up as a Creator so you just want to Click on the sign up button over here And you want to sign I'm going to sign Up for Facebook because it literally Just requires one click of a button and Then you can pretty much just click on This plus icon over here and you can Create a new kit as you can see I have Different doors over here I mostly was Creating like camping stores like

Camping equipment and also gym equipment As well a soccer Paradise as you can see These are all the different stores they Have so I'm going to create a brand new Kit in this case and that's it for Example I want to create a kit for Travelers so I'm going to try type in For example Travelers paradise and I can Describe my new kid so I'm gonna just Type in this is for travelers obviously You can definitely put a little bit more Effort into designing your own Description box and your own kit name or Your store name so this is for travelers I'm just gonna type that in real quick And then I'm gonna click on next and I'm Gonna start adding different products Since you start adding products you can Just insert your affiliate link or you Can just search for products that are Going to come from Amazon and you don't Actually need an Amazon affiliate Account or anything you literally just Need a Kitco account so you can just go Over to the search bar and you can Search if I'm promoting something Related to travel I'm just gonna think Of like what Travelers need they need a Traveling backpack so I'm going to Search for backpacks or travel backpack And let's see what comes up so here we Have a couple of different travel Backpacks carry-on backpack large travel Backpack for women man airline approved

So I'm gonna add this product and I'm Just gonna click on add to catch so this Is gonna be the first product I'm gonna Have in my store as I said if someone Buys this product from my store I'm Gonna earn a commission without actually Having this product myself I literally Just make money but driving traffic to My store and my people just finding my Store there are people that are Interested in this case in travel or Whatever they're going to be interested In whatever your store is about in my Case the store is about traveling I'm Gonna think about what else do people Who travel or need if they're traveling To a tropical destination they probably Need some sun protection so I'm gonna Type in sun protection let's see what's Going to come up so here we have a Couple of different products I'm going To add this product as an example I'm Going to add this to getting you Obviously want to add like 10 15 Different products because then your Store will be Fuller and if someone is Going if someone wants to travel they're Going to open your store they're going To see all sorts of different products Related to each other related to Whatever they're interested in whether That's camping whether that's football Whether that's gaming whether that's Fitness in a gym they want to build a

Gym and you have all the dream equipment In your store they're gonna buy more Products instead of just one that's the Beauty of Kit code that's how you Actually make the most money by having Multiple products related to each other So that when someone comments in and They want to buy different products They're gonna buy all of them from your Store and you're always going to Maximize your earnings by doing that so What you want to do now is once you have Your store I'm going to view my kit it's Going to look something like this I'm Going to share it later but here's how My store looks like so Travelers Paradise this is for traveler this is The description box and here we have all These different products obviously I Just have two but I will need to add More I need to add like 10 15 different Products to maximize my results and take Full advantage of this strategy so what You want to do now is you want to start Sharing the link for your own store so I'm going to copy the link to share for My store so I copied my link and I'm Going to start sharing this with other People who are interested in traveling So what you can simply do is you can go Over to your platform called me V and Maybe is a brand new social media a Platform just like Facebook but it's not As competitive as Facebook and Facebook

Can honestly kind of dying so this is Gonna be a lot better and easier to use So what you want to do is you want to Sign up to maybe as a brand new account And it's absolutely free so you just Want to enter the first name and last Name email address retype the email and Just create a password and click on sign Up now once you sign up to your media Account you're going to be able to log In and then what you can also do I'm Gonna skip the trial here what you can Do is you can start searching for groups With thousands of members interested in A specific topic and in this case that Topic can also just be traveling so I Can just type in travel groups and I can Start joining travel groups so I can go To the group section you can see that These have thousands of members like for Example Vagabond Travelers travel to Grace 300 members 800 members 77 members 300 members 200 members it may not seem Like a lot but those are people Interested in a specific subject so as I Said you can build a store about camping And then just search for camping groups You can build a store that's related to To football and then you can find people Interested in football you can build a Store related to marketing and then you Can find people interested in marketing And maybe I mean I found I will find Groups with people that are interested

In traveling I will start joining their Groups and to join their groups in most Cases there's going to be a join button You just join the group and you can Start sharing your post if there isn't a Join now button you just go and you try To find a different group so I'm gonna Type in travel again and I'm gonna try To find different groups I'm gonna go to A group section let's say I want to join This one I'm going to click on apply to Join and I have applied to join this Group in some cases they will approve You instantly but in some cases you will Have to wait for a couple of hours Before you get accepted and then once You get accepted in those groups you can Just go to the group you click on post To this group and what you want to type In is something really interesting you Don't want to start promoting your store And start spamming right away but what You can simply do is you can say for Example hey guys I'm going on my first Trip next month and I'm wondering if Anyone can help me decide which items I Need to buy and then you will leave a Link to your store and whatever do is That will look really innocent and will Not look like you're promoting your Store and your products or whatever so People are just gonna naturally think Like you just need help and people are Really really like acting as a community

In those groups so they will be willing To help and they will check out the Store and if they're also interested in Traveling because they're in that group They might actually purchase some of the Products from that store because they Are also travel alerts as well they also Need those types of products so you're Asking an innocent question people are Starting to engage with your post and Some of them might potentially buy a Couple of products from your store Regardless of whether the store is about Camping regardless regardless of whether The story is about gaming about Fitness About fishing so you can build a fishing Store like literally about anything so I Can just post over here so hey guys I'm Going on my first trip next month and I'm wondering if anyone can help me Decide which items I need to buy and I'm Gonna post that so people can check them Out and it's not gonna look like I'm Spamming with an ad I could also remove This and just leave the link and so People are gonna see this and think like All right this Dave guys just a guy who Also wants to travel so let me help him Out and tell him what he actually need For his trip and when they go to the Store they they're going to see products That they potentially need as well Because they're Travelers and that's how You actually earn affiliate commissions

By copying and pasting pretty much the Same sentence now even though that's a Great wave make some extra money online That's not how I personally Drive Consistent traffic for my offers and That's not how I personally make money Online so if you want to see how I Personally make passive income online Without actually having to join those Different groups and build a Kitco store Or whatsoever then click the first link In the description box down below and I Will show you how I've been able to Establish my passive income systems that Not only allow me to earn affiliate Commissions in a complete autopilot but Also promote literally anything that I Want to promote whether it's my own a New website whether that's my own Product my own service whether it's my Own YouTube channel whatever it is that I want to promote I can use those Automation systems to get consistent Traffic and make money online once again Everything will be explained step by Step in fewer details in the first link In the description box down below hello Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you next time

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