The 4 Best Digital Marketing Careers to Pursue in 2022 and Beyond

– The four best digital
marketing careers to pursue in 2022 and beyond. 20 years ago, I launched
myself into a career path that no one even knew existed. I was still in college,
but landed my first client completely unintentionally at first. (banging) Little did I know how far
that first step would take me. Before I was 30 years old I had (banging) already built two companies from absolutely nothing to
eight figures in annual revenue. All I wanted to do was solve
a couple of big problems that I thought were important, but I ended up being
featured in Forbes magazine as one of the top markers in the world. President Obama also nominated me as one of the top 30
entrepreneurs under the age of 30. I'm no longer under the age of 30, I'm kind of getting old now. And besides all the media attention I managed to travel the world doing public speaking in
many exciting countries.

(banging) Although I didn't really have
time to view those countries or the monuments, I kind
of had to stay in my hotel and do work, but that's life. Today, over 600 people
are working in companies that I've built and all that
I owe to digital marketing. If there's one career path
that's worth doing yet, in 2022, and still worth doing in the
future, it's digital marketing. One of the main reasons for that is how big the market has
become in the last 10 years and is continually growing. The global digital marketing
market reached a value of nearly $305 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a
value of around $807 billion by 2026. That's huge! There's a lot of opportunities right now that you can expect more
and more opportunities that will come in the upcoming futures. (swooshing) So let's take a look at careers
that are on the rise today and are expected to grow
even more aggressively in the near future. (banging) I'm speaking from the
position that someone who's constantly looking for new talent, and it's pretty hard to
find and recruit people in those positions that
I'm going to share.

In other words, if you
start diving into them you're going to do well. The first one is Artificial
Intelligence Specialists. Recent research with The Economist Group showed that recruiting for
data and analytics talent is one of the most difficult out there for all marketing disciplines, according to 39% of senior marketers. (banging) So becoming an expert in
this area will provide you with a great career
opportunity in the future. (swooshing) The average salary for AI
specialist in the us is $162,000, while the top 10% can make
a $100,000 more than that. The second one is a UX Designer.

pexels photo 4560060

Ping Pong research site says
the average annual salary for a UX Designer in the U.S. is $97,000, but here's the kicker, those starting with zero
to three years experience typically earn $76,000. That's a good amount of cash. The third one is digital
marketing managers and directors. CMOs and VPs can expect to
earn over a $100,000 a year, as can creative directors. Digital marketing managers and directors can expect to earn similar sizes
as other marketing managers with the average of roughly $109,000, according to, and
it soars of up to $148,000 for the most experience. The fourth one is positions
related to marketing analytics. Look, data is becoming
incredibly important, but it's only as good as
your ability to interpret it and make sense about it. If you have all this data and you don't know what to do with it, it doesn't really matter. It's kind of useless. Marketing analytics is
a valuable skillset. And what you need to do is get really good at analyzing the data and tell people, hey, here's what you
need to do with the data to hit these goals in the
business or within market.

People will love you if you can do that. People, everyone uses things
like Google Data Studio or Google Analytics, but
very few people log in and for the people who log in a very, very, very small percentage even know what to do with the
data to get better results..

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