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The last two weeks I've been busy with Something that you guys will really like Hence why I haven't posted on YouTube For a while but I am back full time with Webinars and videos and tutorials on Various different ways that you can use To make money online in today's video I'm going to be giving you a breakdown On exactly what I've been doing the last Two weeks so that you can see results Like this I'm going to show you how you Can automatically pass evaluation Accounts with first class Forex funds And reach profits like this my first Payout due on my first 500 000 account Is over twenty two thousand dollars on My second account I am sitting at a Total payout of 17 415.19 equating to a total of thirty Nine thousand eight hundred and seventy One dollars and Thirteen Cents this Month so far all of this has been Risk-free simply because when you're Trading with a prop firm you're trading With their capital and not your own so You've got nothing to lose because if You close a trading account with your Prop firm you can always restart another Valuation and installed again meaning There's less emotions involved allowing You to focus on making profits on your Funded accounts you will also receive a 75 to 90 profit share to you meaning you Keep between 75 and 90 of the profits

That you make on those prop firms Account I'm going to show you another Open Community platform that I've Created for you guys where you can Follow my live trades access my weekly Premium analysis where you can form Trade ideas from my analysis a section Where you can automatically pass first Class Forex funds ftmo my Forex funds And rocket21 your own public trading Floor where you can get access to all The pairs and every single other person Trading on this group so that you can Form ideas and catch on trades with them My trade recap section consists of Videos that I go over in-depth analysis And reasoning behind every single trade That I have taken on this group I've got Another section called testing Indicators where I experiment test and Play with and find profitable strategies With various different indicators twice A week I upload two one hour long back Testing sessions going the market and Mark up and identifying what the market Is going to do in the following weeks And days to come so that you can Formulate more trade ideas to make sure That you remain profitable in the near Future there will be an entire breakdown Of my entire trading system in one Formatted step-by-step course that will Be included in this Discord server every Weekend I'll be hosting live sessions

Where we pass funded accounts on live Stream I've really made sure that I come Back from my YouTube break with a big Bang and with as much as value as Possible for you guys that have been Following me for quite some time as you Know since day one YouTube has always Been one of my biggest passions Influencing and helping others in Various ways that I use to make money Online by documenting that same Journey On my YouTube channel for those of you That are new to my YouTube channel Millennium mindset my name is Jay and I'm a full-time prop firm Trader online Entrepreneur eCommerce drop servicing Drop Shipping and mostly affiliate Marketing content on my YouTube channel And if you want to get a notification From me every time I upload my latest Way that I use to make money online make Sure to go down below to the millionaire YouTube channel And subscribe with the Red notification Bell on so that I can Do so but without further Ado I don't Want to waste any more time and let's Dive into today's value-packed video Step number one in getting started with Becoming a profitable prop firm Trader There are two ways that you can go about This you can either come over to the Prop form I use called First Class Forex Funds or if you use my Forex funds ftmo Or any other propform or even if you're

A new Trader you can come over to any One of these first last Forex funds Offers one step and two-step evaluations Once you've selected one of your Accounts preferably one of the one-step Evaluations you can come over to the Platform that I've created called Millionairemindsetfinder.com where we Being a group of us pass these Evaluations for you on first class Forex Funds within two to five trading days After we've passed your evaluation first Class Forex fans will send you an email With your login details to your Metatrader Live account you can also Choose to trade your evaluation account Yourself and try pass that yourself with The help of this Discord server where I Post my live trades all my analysis and Recaps helping you reach profitability On the markets after you've received Your Live account you're now ready to go And trade I'm going to give you a quick Breakdown on how I trade this might seem A little bit foreign for some of you as Trading does sometimes require quite a Bit of technical analysis however this Is not very difficult to understand Because in the near future I'm going to Be posting a full in-depth tutorial and Course in my Discord which I'm going to Give access to you guys at the end of This video my most common pair that I Like to trade is xau USD gold it's

Always my go-to scalp here but this Strategy works for any pair whether you Trading crypto indices such as NASDAQ or Us30 Forex pairs or whatever you'd like To the first thing that I will go and Look at is purely five minutes and two Minute charts I scalp gold for small Moves I don't really intraday trade I Don't swing trade I only scalp gold and Therefore I look at the five minute time Frame for a bias of the market there is One main indicator I use called smart Money concepts by Lux algo you can come Over to indicators and go and search SMC By Lux Argo go and add that to your Chart and just disable under the style Section boxes so it removes all the Highlights and demand and Supply zones The only reason I use this tool is to Identify change of character's breakup Structures liquidities such as equal Highs over here and instead of just Drawing it out yourself you can draw it Out yourself but the indicator does help A lot I add my own supply and demand Zones step number one is to zoom out on Your charts and get an overall bias of This Market on the five minute time Frame you'll see over here I've been Back testing and forward testing and Trading throughout the week so a lot of My analysis is still here first thing You want to look for is one of the most Simple and common things the Traders

Look for is the trend is the market Creating higher highs lower lows or is It plateaued just ranging right now gold Has been very bullish creating higher Highs since November 2022 last year so Ideally we want to mostly be looking for Long positions however you can can still Sell in a bullish market like I've been Doing over here on Monday I had more Sales than what I had buys yesterday I Only had one seller and I was done for The day and same with Friday Also two Sells in one buy mostly buyers and sell So it's really been balanced once you Understand the markets as a Trader you Can still make money in a bullish Market By selling and vice versa you can still Make money in a bearish market by buying Markets are manipulated when a market is Bullish it doesn't mean it's just going Up in one straight line remember the Market is always making forms of higher Highs lower low breaking this High Creating a higher high making a lower Low unable to break the previous low Making higher highs and you can still Catch sells on the direction towards These lower lows the second thing I will Go and look for after now understanding My trend is the most recent break of Structures change of characters and Supply zones that caused those breakup Structures so as you can see over here We had a perfectly lined demand Zone

That caused the change of character with An inefficient push liquidity over here Lying just above it if I highlight this As a liquidity points meaning this is Some kind of double bottom so a lot of Retail or busy buying over here and as You can see the market manipulated that And sweat them out however this Market Also swept this demand Zone meaning Supply is now in control the supply Zone That broke this demand Zone Was this candle over here because this Was the last candle that formed an Inefficient push that has been Unmitigated why didn't I highlight this Zone is because this week over here from This candle came down mitigated it and Continued lower so this is actually your Most recent unmeticated supplies on that Broke this demand Zone that pulled all This bearish power into the market there Are four main characteristics you need To look for when highlighting supply and Demand zones that give them the most Strength number one is it must be Unmitigated number two it must form Imbalance when inefficient push in the Market which is exactly you'll see over Here This gap between this week and this week Is what you call imbalance the market Has not fulfilled these gaps there's Another imbalance over here so this Supply Zone has formed a lot of

Imbalance below it thirdly you want Liquidity to be Bolding below it so in Order for me to look for cells on the Supply Zone I would like to see perhaps Double tops forming below it people and Retailers selling on a support line over Here which we can then expect to sweep The support now retailers looking to buy On those retests to go long but Understanding smart money Concepts and How the banks move the markets and Manipulate them we know we are now Looking for sales after the sweep to Continue lower while retail is getting Swept out on cells and buys at the same Time and that is exactly how the markets Are manipulated the supply Zone would be Your most recent change of character Zone Because this was the law Supply Zone That broke the most recent breakup Structure over here up further we have What you call an extreme Supply zone so We can label this as extreme the Difference between the two is simple the Extreme zone is the original Supply Zone That caused the massive bearish push That broke all of these lows created a Change of character over here it broke a Second low over here so this is the Original Supply Zone that formed all of This bearish push which we can Definitely expect to mitigate in the Future so my trade plan my trade plan

For gold would be as the followers we Have a most recent demand Zone over here That created a change of character Showing that there's more buying power In the market multiple breakup Structures to the upside we are now Clearing out all of this liquidity all Of these trend lines this could possibly Be arranging Market on a lower time Frame which the market is now busy Sweeping making its way to this demand Zone again forming more liquidity over Here which we can perhaps expect the tap Into this demand Zone perhaps a change Of character which we can look for an Entry on a smaller time frame demand Zone to continue higher this would be my Trade plan for buys if the market Doesn't come off the supply Zone and I'd Look for TP points at higher Supply Zones over here secondly I want to go Over entry criteria and how to actually Highlight the zone so what I'm going to Do is I'm going to Replay the market over here I'm going to Just come back to a random point because I don't want to I want to keep all of This analysis so I can record it but let Me come over to a random point over here Where I haven't really analyzed this Market I don't really know where we are And let's start off with what's Happening so over here let's take a look The First Supply Zone that I see that

Caused the change of character and a Most recent breakup structure over here Is The supply Zone way up top over here so We can highlight that The most recent demand Zone that I see That created a breakup structure that is Unmitigated remember it needs to be Unmitigated let's take a look at some of These candles here Um I would say is this candle here I won't Highlight any of these but this demand Is mitigated by this entry this demand Has been mitigated by this week so this Is the most recent unmitigated demand Zone that formed an inefficient push a Break of structure and is now forming Liquidity points just above it so this Can be seen perhaps as a trend line People looking for Longs on these Taps Remember retail is now entering long Positions over here so we can expect These stop losses to be hit to tap into This demand Zone to continue higher so These would be my two zones that I have Marked out one thing I want you to take Note of when highlighting supply and Demand zones is if the Wicks of the Entire candle is bigger than the body so Sevilla this candle has a very small Body with massive Wicks so my rule is And what I will always do is I will Highlight the 50 of this demand Zone I

Just use a gan box to highlight the 50 Mark and that is where I will only look For entry confirm secondly I have a Second indicator that I use for entry Confirm called UT Bots alerts which Basically gives you buy and sell signals So if you click on the settings of Utbots alerts just make sure your key Value sensitivity into two and your ATR Period is at one you can just click on Indicators and type UT bot and it's this One by Quant Nomad so we can now run and Play this market and let's see where we Get an entry so let's keep playing this Market I'm going to come over to the two Minute time frame because that is the Time frame I use for my entry criteria Let's see if we get a tap in All right so we've tapped into the Demand but we yet at the 50 so no Entries yet See even with us buy I will not enter Because we've not tapped the 50 percent Market is still busy ranging And we have now what was this the 50 let Us see No we're still not at the 50 so let's Keep running this Okay so we've now tapped into the 50 now The first Buy Signal that I receive I Will enter so over here we've received a Buy on this candle so I will enter over There stop loss below the low And our TP points can be either at a one

To two if you want a small scalp or the Most recent Supply my risk management Runs as follows we have entered at 1 871.939 my tp2 will be at one to one Risk to reward my first take profit will Be at one to one Which is just over there so we can Highlight that as our Tp1 Be in partials being tp1 Let's just move that back And make that straight When the market hits this point Might take profit two will be to be Between halfway of tp1 and tp3 so this Would be again more being partials And then obviously full Take profit three At the supply Zone once I hit tp1 my two Other positions will be set to break Even stop loss to ensure that this was a Profitable trade and the rest is running Risk-free so let's continue this trade And see where we get to okay tp1 was hit Let's just put our stop loss at break Even like that We haven't come back to be this week Over here didn't touch our stop-loss Points so we still in on the other two Positions Keep playing and see where we get to We've now hit tp2 so that means we've Secured take profit 2 which was about 48 Pips which is very nice profits on

Gold let's continue We're nearly a tp3 and there we go this Trade actually ended up being a full tp3 Trade so over here same thing again We could have tapped into the supply Zone let me just Come back over here We can now record this trade as a full Win so we can type over here plus one Full tp3 win we can now come over to the Two minutes again Look for a cell entry we've now weeked Into this Supply Zone although this week was above The supply Zone it doesn't mean the Supply Zone broke this was just a Liquidity sweep if a body or candle Forms and closes above the supply Zone Then I will consider the supply Zone as Invalid as it's now been broke Meaning there was no entry confirmation No trade so let's continue and see if we Get another cell Over here we've hit our soul so we can Answer on a cell over here stop loss Above the most recent high and our TP Point we can look to break this week low So let's go and run this trade and see Where we get to We nearly hit stop loss but we're still In this trade remember our tp1 is at one To one risk to reward which is over Here so let's highlight this point as Our first take profits

Being partials Tp2 will be in between tp1 and tp3 so Let's see how this runs Still haven't closed okay so we tapped Into tp1 and tp2 so we've closed two Positions tp3 is at now break even Let's see did that tap be not yet let's See there we go so this would have come Back to break even so this would have Been a tp2 trade which is perfectly fine That's still nice profits bagged on this Trade which I would have probably been Done for the day if you're trading with A hundred thousand dollar funded account You would have probably had anywhere Between ten and twenty thousand dollars Returned on just both these trades alone So I would have definitely have caught I Would have definitely have called this a Day and this is exactly how I trade and Got to a total payout of 22 415 on my One account and my second account 17 499 Which is a total of nearly forty Thousand dollars in just about three Weeks there's still another week Remaining until my next payout every Single trade that I take is listed and Posted in lifetime in my trading room on Discord you'll see over here I post my Markup my analysis when I enter with my Exact entry points stop losses tp1 tp2 And tp3 when I hit tp1 I send an update Please set your stop loss to break even All the profits on my first class Forex

Funds and my Forex funds account I'll Post analysis when I'm looking for Entries when I enter take profits and All of my updates on this trade if you Want to get access to this entire Discord Community called Millennium Mindset funded I will leave a link Down Below in the description it's called Wap.com whop.com forward slash Millennium mindset funded and you'll be Able to join the Discord from there Alright there we go I managed to get my Webcam temporary working for some other Reason my camera overheats after about 40 minutes and it just shuts down so I've only got about 40 minutes recording Time on my camera before it dies but That's okay I've left the axis linked to The Discord Community down in the Description below if you want to go and Check that out and join me in this Trading journey and hopefully making you A profitable full-time Pro Trader so That is all in the description down Below it'll be the first link if you Guys have any questions about the Discord or anything I've mentioned in Today's video please come over to Instagram.com forward slash J Frontenmann I'll leave a link Down Below In the description as well and you can Send me a message on Instagram I'm Responding to every single message that I'm getting on Instagram so if you need

Help you can chat to me posting over There and I'll give you advice or Answers to any questions that you Perhaps have I'm also going to leave my Entire trading playlist on YouTube for You guys on the screen over here with About 20 to 30 videos if you actually Watch the First videos that I've posted You will see how I started trading about Two months two years ago compared to how I trade now and how my system has Totally developed and changed and Improved over the years it's actually a Very interesting journey to go and watch So what I recommend is if you do want to Get started it start off with the Discord I'll leave that link down below And the playlist on the screen over here So make sure to click on this playlist Over here and I'll see you over there

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