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The first thing you will see once I show You this four thousand dollars a week Method is Dave this is dumb but yeah it Is dumb but it actually works you can Actually get paid thousands of dollars Every single week just by using Google Translate this is a method that we never Talked about before and literally anyone Can set this up from anywhere in the World it doesn't matter where you're Coming from it doesn't matter where You're currently in which country in Which city as long as you have access to The internet and you know how to use Google just like I'm about to show you In this tutorial you can make money Online using this method so if that Sounds good enough then make sure to Drop a like down below and let us begin With a complete a step-by-step tutorial Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can track their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new

Accounts and just know know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all first thing First what you want to do is you Obviously want to go over to Google and You want to search for Google translate So Google Translate is obviously an app That will allow you to translate Literally any language out there you can Translate Spanish to English you can Translate French to English you can Translate all sorts of different Languages now the language that I will Specifically be using is Spanish but you Can also go with French Italian German Like there's a lot of different Languages that you can translate so for Example if I type in something in English if it happened hello in English It's going to tell me that I can say Hola in Spanish so that's how you say it In Spanish as you can say it's Translating everything in real time so What you simply want to do is you want To think about some viral topics Something that a lot of people watch on YouTube but don't worry you don't Actually have to post any YouTube videos Or whatsoever I'm not gonna tell you to Do YouTube automation or record any Videos yourself you don't have to post Anything on YouTube and you don't also Have to sell anything as well so you Don't need a product or service you

Don't need a website or whatsoever all You need to do is just search over a Viral topic something that a lot of People looking to watch on YouTube for Example a lot of people like watching Funny cats so if I type in for example Funny cats it's going to tell me that This is how you say that in in Spanish So I kind of copy this keyword and I can Go to YouTube and I can search for that Keyword like funny cats but in Spanish And it's going to show me Spanish videos Like funny cats with a Spanish title Spanish description and whatnot so I'm Gonna use this one because this one has Gotten 6.5 million views so all I need To do is pretty much just copy its link Address so just click on copy link Address right click on the video and Copy the link address now the step Number three before you go back to Google is to open up this tool called The CPA grip now CPA grip is a platform Where you can find a lot of different CPA offers CPA stands for cost per Action which means that all of these Offers allow you to make money online Without actually selling anything when Someone literally just signs up if Someone enters their email address You're gonna get paid for it and as you Can see the payout can vary anywhere From one to two dollars or sometimes Even 68 cents but it's still decent

Because you're being paid when someone Answers their email address and so what You can do is you can go to the offer Tools on the left side and click on my Offers and then select the country so For example if you are speaking only English or if you're speaking only Indian now you can just go and you can Target different countries not just your Country or the US speaking or the English-speaking audience like in the US You can now Target Spain as well so you Can select the country Spain over here Despite the fact that you are not even In Spain and you're not from Spain or Whatsoever and you can see these offers And they're in Spanish and you can Translate them and see what they're all About but most importantly they need to Be about giveaways so as you can see I Found some offer that is like a giveaway 100 euros Burger King gift card and if I Open up this at this offer it's going to Tell me that people can submit their Email address for a chance to win 100 Euros or a hundred dollars gift card and I'm gonna be paid one dollar when they Submit their email address on the form It's on the right side as you can see All they got to do is pretty much say Whether they're male or a female and They're gonna enter their name and phone Number and that's pretty much it and I'm Gonna be paid one dollar for that so now

I can just copy this link this is the Link that I need to share with other People so that if they go to this link And they can actually submit their email Address and I'm gonna be paid for it now The next thing that I want to complete The step number four is to go over to Snipley now sniply is a CTA tool so it Will allow you to add your own call to Action to literally any link out there And what you're doing is you first of All want to sign up to snivel you want To create an absolutely free account and Then you can actually go to the snipley Section you want to snip that YouTube Video which you found so you go back you Copy the link address for that YouTube Video which you found it's going to be This video for me and you go back to Snippily and then you enter that URL Inside of this box so now we can add our All call on call to action above that Spanish video and it doesn't necessarily Need to be just funny cats it can be Literally a video about anything so Whatever you can think of and if you Don't want to pay for sniply there is an Alternative option called rightly Rightly it's also absolutely free so After some time they do you have a Pricing plan but if you don't want to Pay in the beginning you can just use it Rightly as well to use rightly you can Just click and create a new ad over here

You can give your ad a name in this case I'm just going to type in giveaway and Then I'm going to click on ADD now on The left side you pretty much just want To leave the top and you want to scroll Down and then you want to enter the Button link and the button link is Actually going to be your CPA grip link So you want to copy that link you want To go back to rightly you want to paste That here and you want to enter the Button text and the button text is going To be a call to action which I'm just Going to copy from a snake player so That's going to be the Spanish call to Action I'm going to paste that here and Then you can just click on done and Instead of getting touch I will just say Click here so I'm gonna see how to say That in Spanish this is how I say that In Spanish so I'm just going to copy That and I'm going to go back and just Paste it here so now I'm going to click On done and here's my call to action Over here this is a call to action in Spanish all I gotta do now is enter a Destination URL inside of this box and That's going to be the URL of that YouTube video so copy the link address Go back paste that link here and select The giveaway ad which you previously Made and this is the right little link Which you will need to share with other People so if someone were to go to this

Link they will be taken to this Spanish Video where they have a call to action To win a 100 euros Burger King gift card And obviously while they're watching This video this call to action is going To be above it and they will most likely Click on it and if they click on it they Will most likely just enter their email Address or whatsoever so they can win Something for free and when they enter The email address you will be paid one Dollar or two dollars per person so what You want to do is you just want to start Sharing this write a link with other People and one of the easiest ways to Start getting free traffic is to just go Over to Facebook and search for Different keywords in Spanish or French Or whatever language you are using Whatever country you are targeting so For example what I did is I just typed In Travelers and I want to find like Traveler groups this is how you say that In Spanish so I will just go back to Facebook I searched for that and here we Have all of these different groups that We can join these are all like traveler Groups I can join and they're like tens Of thousands of members like for example This one has a hundred thousand members From Spain so I can join the group and I Can share this video I can say like hey This is a hilarious video guys like I've Seen this cat like it's so funny

Whatever you just shared a video and They start watching the video that you Shared in that Facebook group and it Opens up this link where while they're Watching the video they will most likely See this close to action click on it Submit the email address and make you Money online and the beauty of this is That you are not selling anything you're Not relying on them spending some money Or whatsoever so it's gonna be a lot Easier to make people click on your link And then sign up because they don't need To actually buy anything and you're Still being paid one up to two dollars Per person that you refer and if there's A hundred thousand members and just one Single Facebook group for one single Language even if you can get just 0.1 Percent of them to sign up that's going To be 100 people from one single room Just one just 0.1 percent and that's Gonna be over a hundred dollars in pure Profit for sharing this a post and this Strategy inside of that group and you Can use the same method for any of these Other countries like it doesn't Necessarily need to be Spain you can Also go with friends so you're going to Check which offers they have as long as They have like giveaway type of offers And you're good to go like for example This is a one thousand dollars giveaway So you can also refer people to this

Offer as well but as you can see this One pays a lot less this one only pays Like 39 cents and the previous one was Paying like a dollar and 10 cents so Just see which countries and Which Languages work the best for you and with The help of Google translate you can Target that market and make a lot more Money that if you were just relying on The US market in the English-speaking Audience so yeah that was a quick Google Method that I wanted to share with you So you can potentially start making Money online from the comfort of your Home if you got some value out of this Video make sure to drop a like to it Down below and I will see you in some of The next ones

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