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What you want to do is you want to come Over here to this tab once you create a Quora account for yourself you want to Click onto your own profile Tab and you Want to scroll down and you want to Click onto ads manager now you're not Going to be running any ads I'm just Showing you an amazing trick that you Can apply then what you want to do is You want to scroll up to the top and you Want to click onto new campaign hey Everyone in today's video I want to show You how to make 200 every single day in Affiliate marketing commissions using a Brand new strategy which I'm going to Show you how you can search for what People are searching for every single Week and what the volume is this is Going to ensure that you can make money With affiliate marketing using 100 free Traffic and this has been working for me Every single day on top of that I want To show you exactly how I shorten my Links to ensure that you're not going to Have anything removed you can see some Of my My Links have over 20 000 clicks on them this is essential to Make sure that you can make money with Affiliate marketing and I'll walk you Through everything step by step so you Can apply this straight after watching This video all you need to do is make Sure that you watch every single step Throughout this video so that you don't

Miss everything because if you skip Ahead you're going to miss crucial bits To put all this together so make sure You subscribe to the channel so you Don't miss out on any of my upcoming Videos let's get into step one so step One in the strategy what we need to do Is we need to find an affiliate Marketing product that we can promote so In order to do that you want to come Over to sites like or Digistore24 and you want to create an Account for yourself these two platforms Are amazing when it comes to finding Different types of products all you need To do is come up to the top and create An account for yourself once you create An account for yourself what you want to Do when you're in the back office of ClickBank as an example you want to come Up to top and you want to click on to Marketplace on the left hand side over Here what you're going to see is all These different categories of products That you can promote what we're going to Do today is we're going to go to E-Business and e-marketing once you go Over to E-Business and e-marketing what We can do from here is we can search for These products with gravity in mind what That means is we're going to be looking For products that have a good gravity a Good gravity is anything over 30 which Means that over 30 Affiliates have made

Sales over the last 30 days so as you Scroll down you can see that you start Going to find a different types of Products like this one over here is a Paying people to use Facebook Twitter Youtube Etc okay so these are some really good Products and this is paying as much as 29 per conversion and what we can see Here that this is a reoccurring product Which means when somebody signs up You're going to get paid over and over Again which is exactly what we want so Now you want to scroll down and you want To start searching for different types Of products that we can promote one that I've promoted in the past and I know That works really well is this product Over here called the free traffic system You see a lot of people want to learn How to make money online with affiliate Marketing but they want to do it with Free traffic because they don't have a Lot of money to invest and because these People don't have a lot of money to Invest what's going to happen is they Can start off with a one dollar free Trial this is why this product converts Really well so what you want to do is You want to click onto this link which Is going to show you exactly what this Product looks like and this is going to Show you their landing pages a quick Video that they can watch and they can

Get started with just one dollar so what You want to do from here quite simply is You we want to promote this product so You want to come over here you want to Click onto promote and then you want to Generate this hop link so this is the Product over here this is the link that We're going to use to promote this Product you want to come over here and You want to click on to copy what we've Done is now we've copied this link and I'm going to show you now where we need To go to shorten this link the other Thing that you can also do with a lot of These products is you can have a look at Their Affiliates page but for this Purpose we don't need to do that we Found a product that we are happy to Promote now I'm going to show you Exactly how I shortened my links and This is step two in this process and This is why a lot of My Links don't get Removed so I'm going to show you exactly What I do now in order to do this what You want to do is you want to come over To WordPress now with WordPress this is A platform where you can go to create Websites Etc but this tool is amazing Because it has so much more that you can Do with it you can create landing pages It's where I create a lot of my landing Pages you can also shorten your links You can pretty link it's called pretty Link so what that means is make some

Looks look nice and pretty I'm going to Show you exactly what that looks like And basically what I mean by that is if We come over to my WordPress over here You can see that this is smart money Tactics what I basically did is I went And created my own domain name now this Domain name only cost me I think eight Or nine dollars and he stays with me for Life so it's smart money as You can see up here and in order to do That basically all you need to do is Come over to a site like GoDaddy as an Example now let's say you wanted to Create something like make money with you would search for that and you Would see if this is available it Doesn't matter too much if it's not Available in because you can see If you scroll down you can do it with You know for me and Australia is available and I can get This for 9.96 per year you can see here Actually that's for twos which is not Too bad you can do dot info if you Scroll down you can see you've got dot Live dot Pro Etc this is just an example And then what you will do is you would Purchase this domain so let's say you Purchased make money with me dot info Then what's going to happen is when you Go to shorten this think it's going to Come up as make money with me dot info Forward slash whatever you put and I'm

Going to show you exactly what that Looks like so for example mine is smart and then once I've Created this domain name I want to come Over to WordPress I want to sign up to WordPress now when you take a look at Their plans and pricing you can see that You can get started absolutely for free Or you can also pay as little as five Dollars a month now I know this does Have a cost involved but I just want to Show you exactly what I'm doing so that You know what if you know what I'm doing And you know that I'm making money Online if you replicate what I do there Is no reason why you shouldn't make Money online as well all you need to do Is make sure that you stay consistent Like I said I'm going to show you a Trick on this video that I've been using For a long time that works extremely Well and it will work for you as well so You can come over and you can sign up For this one over it's a five dollars a Month it's not a lot of money to get Invested so that you can sure you're Going to make money so once you create Your own WordPress account what you want To do from there is you want to make Sure that you link your domain to your WordPress account now you can very Easily Google that online I'm not going To show you that right here because I Don't have a domain to link but it's

Super simple if you want me to make a More detailed tutorial just let me know In the comments but if you're following Up until this stage just let me know yes Alan I'm following you up until this Point so that I know you got to this Point if you're enjoying the video smash That like button in appreciation so what WordPress has it has these different Plugins and this plugin that I've Installed is called pretty links so this Is where you can go to add your link so What we're going to do now is we're Going to shorten that link that we just Got from ClickBank so you come up to Here you click on to add new and as you Can see I can call this for example Empire product because I know that That's what the product is called okay And then what we're going to to do is We're going to come over to your target URL we're going to hit command V this is The ClickBank affiliate link okay now as You can see this is where we are going To shorten this sling so if we come over Here this is what mine's going to look Like now I can type in something like Get Access now as an example now if I was to Click onto this if I copy this and we Come over here to a brand new tab over And I hit command V you can see now that This is going to come up we're not using Any sort of other link shortener this is

Basically a website domain that's been Shortened to take you straight over to This product now a more advanced version Of this what you would be doing when You're over here on your WordPress Account if I come up to the top and I go To pages over here what you can also do With WordPress is you can create your Own landing pages and you can also link These landing pages back onto your email Marketing software as well okay for the Purposes of this video I'm going to Leave that out I'm going to show you how To do that on the next video but what I Want to do here is just show you how you Can get people directly to a product so That you can start generating some money Collecting emails and then doing email Marketing is a super powerful strategy Which is then going to allow you to make Even more money as an additional Business that you can have linked to This affiliate marketing business where You're generating the traffic but you're Not collecting leads as an example okay So what you want to do over here now if You wanted to create landing pages you Can see that you can just click on to Add new and this is going to allow you To customize this I'll show you an Example of one of my if I click onto Edit over here and I'll go to my launch Now on live editor you can see here that This is one of my landing pages that

I've used in the past if we scroll down You can see that I've got some Testimonials over here and I've got a Money back guarantee so I've quite Simply input all this and this is not That difficult to do you can see it's Going to give you all these different Types of options to add rows and you can Choose exactly what you want to put in Here so this is why I use WordPress and This is why I'm suggesting that you do This so now that we have this pretty Link and we have our product now what we Need to do in next step is we need to Get traffic so for the third step what You want to do from here quite simply is You want to come over to core and I'm Going to show you a few things on quora That I've never shown you before so I Want you to pay close attention to this Because if you do this right this is Going to get you a lot of traffic and Allow you to make money with this Affiliate marketing strategy okay so if You're with me go down the bottom right Now and comment I'm with you please pay Close attention to this because there's Two ways that you can quite simply do This the first way as an example because We're promoting a product that's going To teach people how to make money online With free traffic as an example what you Want to do is come up to core over in The search Tab and type in something

Like how to make money online once you Do that you want to hit enter once you Hit enter it's going to bring you over To this tab from here what you want to Do is you want to scroll down and you Want to quite simply click onto topics Once you click onto topics it's going to Give you all these results for how to Make money online and topics you want to Click onto this topic let's say we click Onto this one over here which is making Money online then what you want to do is You want to click onto most viewed Writers okay this is going to show you All the writers or the writers that are Writing a lot of content about this and You want to see exactly how they're Writing their articles what they're Writing about because they're getting a Lot of views and this is going to give You some insight into the different Types of questions they're asking and What people are putting in their answers And also what it's going to show you is Which different types of answers are Getting a lot of upvotes as well so for Example if you were to click onto Kylie Taylor if you as an example you can Scroll down and you can see all the Different types of things that they're Writing about a can a lot of it is going To be with money related into it okay so You can just scroll down and take a look That's the first way that you can do it

This second way and the most powerful Way that this works really really well What you want to do is you want to come Over here to this tab once you create a Quora account for yourself you want to Click onto your own profile Tab and you Want to scroll down and you want to Click onto ads manager now you're not Going to be running any ads I'm just Showing you an amazing trick that you Can apply then what you want to do is You want to scroll up to the top and you Want to click onto new campaign from There it doesn't matter what you write Over here let's just write test as an Example we'll scroll scroll down here We'll just select generic we can just Put a hundred dollars then what we want To do is we want to click on to continue Once you click on to continue you want To come over to this section over here Now what you want to do is you want to Make sure that you select question over Here once you select the question you Want to come up to the top where it says Bulk add and you want to click onto that From there what you want to do is type In money this is going to show us all The high searched volume questions on Quora because because you're going to go And answer these questions with your Affiliate link placed inside that answer And because it looks like a website it Is not going to be removed now what you

Want to do is you want to click on to Continue once you click on to continue Take a look at this weekly views you can See that people are typing in what is The best way to make money there are Over 4 500 to 5500 weekly views for this Particular question you can see how Powerful this is what people are doing To make sure that they're getting a lot Of traction on quora and then I'm going To show you a few tips you don't put Links in straight away and I'll tell you How many times you need to post I mean Take a look at this what's the easiest Way to make money online this is perfect What we want to do now is we want to Answer this question so we're going to Click onto this once we click onto this It's going to bring us straight over to This particular question so you can see What's the easiest way to make money Online now what we want to do you can See that I've already written an answer For this because I've done this before So what we'll do is we'll come back over To you let me see one that I haven't so If we click onto what is the best way to Make money online let's just see if I've Written an answer for this and as you Can see I've also got an answer for this So you can see I've I have been very Active with this let's just find one Where I haven't written an answer for so Let's just open this one over here open

Link a new tab I really like this one Because it says are there any ways of Making money online for free and this Product promotes using free traffic okay Now as you can see what we need to do Here is quite simply click on to answer Once you click on to answer you want to Answer this question now when it comes To answering these questions all you Need to do is do some research on the Product go over to the landing page take A look at it maybe look for some reviews Online and you can very easily find them And then what you want to do is scroll Down here's for example he's got over Here's why I love this method so you can Quite simply copy this okay you might to Change it up a little bit not for Copyright reasons because they're not Going to have any issues with you doing This you can also maybe look at the Affiliate resources but just to show you How quickly you can do this is just copy This and then come straight back over to Quora where we're going to write this Answer and you want to paste this inside There okay so there's that now what you Want to do is you want to put a call to Action and we're going to embed that Link so quite simply you want to tap This down and you want to type in Something like this all right so all I've done is typed in something very Simple like if you want to learn how you

Can make money online using free traffic Click here now to get started what we Now want to do is come back straight Over to WordPress where we have Shortened our link okay now this is Going to look like a website so all we Need to do is Click onto that and I'll Show you how to embed this come straight Back over to quora to your answer now What we want to do is we want to Highlight this okay so once you Highlight that you're going to come down Here and you want to click onto these Big a little a then you want to click Onto this link one once you click onto That link you want to come over here and You want to paste that URL link Shawna That you've put that in there and then You want to click on to add you can see Here now that that's been added to this Aligner case anybody clicks on today It's going to take them over to the Product now what you want to do is Click Onto bold over here and then you want to Maybe click onto italic so that this Stands out and if anybody clicks onto This it's going to take them straight Over to this product now quora is not Going to remove this link because it Looks like you've linked it over to a Website this is why this is super Powerful and why this has worked really Well for me now when you scroll down all You need to do is click on to post and

There you go this is that link guys as You can see this post has now been Posted onto core it hasn't been removed It's not going into any sort of review This has been posted and the link has Not been removed and you can see if I Click onto it again it's going to take Us straight over to you so this is why This strategy is super powerful and why Why coming over here and searching for These different types of questions that People are looking for every single week Is going to get you a lot of views I've Still got a lot of questions that I have Answered from 2018 and 2019 that I'm Getting people clicking on my links in 2022 so if you do this today it is super Passive but there are a few requirements To this number one is that you need to Make sure you come over here and you Search for these high value questions I've already shown you how to do that The second one is you want to make sure That you're answering at least one to Two questions every single day now Here's the trick to this you only want To link inside probably about 30 of your Articles out of every 10 articles that You're writing only put your link inside About three or four of those articles Six to seven of those articles are going To be pure value only do not add any Links to those so that you you're seen As you're also providing a lot of value

Okay and remember one to two answers Every single day now before you go I Want you to make sure that you click Onto this video over here right now I'm Just going to show you how to use an Amazing bot that's going to help you Make money with affiliate marketing so If you haven't seen this video I highly Recommend that you click onto that right Now I'll see you on this video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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