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in this video i'm showing you some social media 
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check out the first link down below welcome to   living delightful freedom my name is delania 
all right my friend let's get right into it   all right so the first one is going to be for a 
company called top level design their website is   top level dot design and this is where you can 
find their social media job that's available   right now now this first one i'm going to show you 
is only available in the us but stay tuned because   the next job opportunity is going to be global 
so like i said you want to come over to top level   dot design if you are in the us you want to come 
over to the top here to the about us section and   you want to come over to where it says careers 
and click on careers now scroll down a little   bit and you'll see the open positions right now so 
they have a social media and influencer marketing   specialist position that is available right 
now and this is going to be in the lgbtq plus   community focus and it's a remote job us-based 
only and they say you'll be earning 55 000   per year plus benefits okay now this is a 
full-time position tuesday through saturday   you do need to have some experience for this one 
as well you don't need a degree but you do need   experience now your manager is located in portland 
oregon with team members dispersed remotely this   is a remote position that is based in the us 
so what you'll do is manage the execution of   social media influencer campaigns to support 
growth and awareness of the top level domain   dot gay work is a part of the marketing team 
to develop implement and manage both organic   and paid social media campaigns across multiple 
platforms and brands craft innovative partnerships   with social media influencers and content creators 
to drive domain registrations run the day-to-day   social media and new media platform management 
which includes creating writing scheduling and   publishing posts across all social media platforms 
create and manage social posting calendar   keeping social calendars up to date coordinate 
creative content calendars with marketing team   overseas social page follower engagement growth 
management includes responding and engaging with   comments moderating communications and organically 
growing their social audience you need to   collaborate with marketing team members brainstorm 
new and creative social media growth strategies   shepherd and deliver brand voice for existing 
channels and create authentic voices for channels   and development so this is definitely a social 
media marketing job okay now your experience   should include working with and for lgbtq plus 
communities and their allies and a track record   of crafting successful communications for 
these audiences moderating public channels   developing implementing growing and managing 
social media channels a new one's understanding   of each social platform creating assets 
and scheduling posts across multiple   platforms and pages demonstrated abilities to 
manage multiple projects simultaneously proof of   nimble work style allowing you to capitalize 
on new opportunities and unique movements   you need a passion for and understanding of new 
media working efficiently in a home office okay   so you have to be focused so mainly this is 
everything that you should be experienced   with now you get bonus points if you have 
familiarity with adobe creative cloud html   experience video production experience some other 
relevant super power we haven't thought of yet   so i'm sure you have that you get health dental 
vision insurance after three months simple ira   match of three percent available after one year 
of employment paid federal holidays plus an extra   day at both thanksgiving and christmas decent 
pto policy two weeks paid to start additional   earned paid parental leave and here is some more 
about them and their company and what they do so   you can definitely go ahead and check that out 
now to apply send them an email at careers at   top level dot design with the subject line social 
media and influencer marketing specialist okay   include your resume cover letter and links to 
previous social media channels campaigns you   have worked on okay so you will find this job 
at top level dot design so this next one is for   clooney foundation for justice their website is 
cfj.org and this foundation is waging justice   for survivors of human rights abuses okay so to 
find their jobs you want to scroll all the way   to the bottom of the home page come down here to 
where it says job opportunities and click on that   they do have three positions available the 
one we're going to look at today is the media   communications associate so click here to read 
the full description and what they are is an   international non-governmental organization that 
advocates for justice through accountability for   human rights abuses around the world and they 
seek a media and communications associate okay   scroll down a little bit more you can read 
all about their mission and everything that   they stand for now if you scroll down a little bit 
more you can check out all of the responsibilities   for this role now this is everything that 
you'll be doing working for them you'll be   dealing with communications so you'll be building 
a maintaining press list and helping with media   outreach you'll be proofreading and copy editing 
news releases statements and comments assisting   with event coordination running email campaigns 
monitoring and analyzing media coverage helping   develop a long-term media strategy expanding 
and maintaining cfj's style guide these are the   digital aspects you'll be creating content posting 
and building an audience on social media channels   so a lot to do with social media here as well 
uploading and maintaining daily website content   including updates pitching and creating original 
written and audio visual content assisting and   editing existing videos for different social 
media platforms assisting in approving the website   content and flow coordinating digital campaigns 
is required and you'll have these administrative   tasks to do as well you need one to three years 
applicable work experience experience proofreading   experience with adobe and wordpress experience 
with using social media on behalf of a university   ngo or news organization understanding of and 
proven interest in media communications and human   rights self-motivated able to work remotely with 
limited supervision ability to balance multiple   deadlines and prioritize efficiently attention 
to detail confidence to ask questions when   unclear and feeling comfortable communicating 
work loading capacity now this right here is all   preferred experience with using mailchimp incision 
experience copy editing experience building press   list and conducting media outreach video editing 
working proficiency in either russian arabic or   spanish now the location is global flexible so 
you don't have to be in the us for this okay   now compensation is equivalent of usd fifty 
thousand to sixty five thousand dollars annually   submit a cv and list of three references to this 
email address right here no later than march the   18th okay so you can find that job listing at 
cfj.org if you enjoyed that video then i know   you're going to like the next video thank you 
so much for watching and i'll see you there bye

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