How to Make Money with ChatGPT | Using YouTube Shorts & Affiliate Marketing! ($64,000+ Per Month)

This is how to make money with ChatGPT, using YouTube Shorts – You will learn the easiest way to earn online with Chat GPT in a brand new, and simple way that will help you automate most of the hard work and do it all for you!

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What is ChatGPT? It's a new AI tool that allows you to create new content quickly. In this video, I'm going to show you how to use ChatGPT to quickly create scripts for your YouTube videos so that you can create your own amazing videos in any niche!

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I'm going to show you one of the easiest Ways that you can make money with chat GPT and how others are doing this to Make as much as 64 000 every single month using YouTube and YouTube shorts I actually couldn't Believe that I found channels doing this And getting hundreds of thousands of Views if not tens of millions of views Both on YouTube and utilizing this with YouTube shorts and because these Channels are getting so many views you Can see here that some of them are Earning anything from 24 000 a month all the way up to sixty four Thousand dollars and the crazy part About all this is this is about to get Even more profitable because from today YouTube's sure ad Revenue has started Meaning that you can start to monetize Your YouTube shorts and this means That These channels could be earning a lot More money because some of these Channels in this Niche get as much as a Million views in a single day but if you Know how to monetize these views you Could be learning a lot more from the Affiliate commissions you could be Earning when you place these links Inside the description of your videos And I'm going to show you exactly how You can do that plus I'm going to show You where you can go to get all these Videos absolutely for free where it's

Not going to cost you anything so there Is absolutely no reason why you can't Start creating this content starting Today and to do that we're going to be Using chat GPT to create all these Script for us meaning that it's going to Alleviate a lot of the work let's get Into it so the first thing that we need To do is decide the niche that we are Going to go into and I know that there Are a lot of animal lovers out there and People absolutely love their pets and This Niche is super profitable which is Why I found these two channels this one Over here called the jaw dropping facts And this other channel over here called Jackson Galaxy this particular Channel Over here primarily talks about dogs and Pets and a whole range of different Types of animals and this channel over Here primarily focuses on cats both These channels are absolutely crushing It you can see here that if we go to Their most popular videos these channels Had videos that I've received as much as 25 million views and tens of millions of Views and you can do the exact same type Of content if you don't want to show Your face you absolutely don't have to When you take a look at this channel This person as War you can see if you go To their shorts content and you go to Popular he gets tens of thousands of Views hundreds of thousands of views in

His short form content not to mention When you come over to their videos and You take a look at their most popular It's also getting over 6 million views On a lot of his videos so what you want To do is you want to start to replicate Some of these videos and in order to Know what videos that you want to make You want to look at some of the videos That are doing really well on these Channels you want to research some of These videos to decide the type of Content that you want to be making as an Example when you come over to Jaw-dropping facts and you go to their Videos when you take a look at their Recently uploaded you can see some of Their videos have already had millions Of views and then things like do cats Understand hugs and kisses one month ago 567 000 views these are all Search terms That people are typing inside of YouTube This is why he's able or this person is Able to get a lot of views when you take A look at this Channel and you come over To YouTube shorts let's say that you Wanted to start this with YouTube shorts Content because we know that YouTube Shorts are pushed out a little bit Harder at the moment and people are Getting a lot more views with YouTube Shorts so what you will do is you'd come Over to this Channel or a whole heap of

Other Cat channels that you can do your Research on you can scroll down and see What are some of the more recent videos That this person is making that are Getting a d decent amount of view so you Would scroll down and you will do your Research for example we can see here That polydactyl cat facts just over a Few days ago has received 24 000 views Then he's created another one it's had 7 100 views so what you could potentially Do is create a video on this the other Way that you can do keyword research When it comes to YouTube is you can Quite simply come up to the search bar Up top and then you can type in Something like this cat not as an Example which means cat not eating food You can look at something cat not Landing on feet cat not eating Um cat not pooping as an example so you Can come over here and find things that People are searching for and then you Can go and create content on these Search terms you can also type in Something like this cat won't as an Example okay so cat won't play Cat 1 8 Cat won't let go cat won't sleep so These are people that are coming over to YouTube and searching for this stuff and You could create content on this and You're certain to get a decent amount of Views if you're able to make your videos Rank so this is how you would be doing

This keyword research and how you're Going to get a whole heap of different Types of video ideas but for the Purposes of this video what we're going To do is we're going to take a look at Something like this polydactyl cat facts And what we want to do is we want to Start creating YouTube shorts with this Particular search term so what you will Do is you would come straight over to Our trusty friend over here called chat GPT chat GPT is an AI software that can Create scripts for you in a matter of Seconds and you can literally tell it What you want it to write I saved it'll Be a little bit of time and I came over Here and I typed in what are some of the Facts about polydactyl cats you can see Here that chat GPT has already created This so it's given us seven different Points that we can use and what we want To do is we want to create a YouTube Short video that's going to get some Views and then hopefully people are Going to go and click on the description Of these videos you can also ask chat GPT to give you a lot more information About these different points if you Wanted to create a long format video Where then you can add even more ads Inside your videos and you can even give Them a call to action so what you now Want to do is you want to copy these Points so we're going to copy this and

What I want to do now is I want to show You how you are going to create this Video now before I do that if you're Enjoying this content all I ask that you Do is smash that like button in Appreciation and don't forget to Subscribe go down the bottom hit that Subscribe button so that you don't miss Out on any of my upcoming content so now That we have our script from chat GPT What we now need to do is create this Video and in order to create this video We're going to be using canva Is an amazing tool that you can use Absolutely for free to create these Videos and I'm going to show you how you Can get all the footage that you need And also set up the text overlay so when You're on canva you want to scroll down And you can see here that you've got This video section click onto videos What this is going to do is give you a Few options now you can see here that You can create a standard size YouTube Video which is the 1920 by 1080 but what We're doing today is we're going to be Using the mobile video so you can see he Says 1080 by 1920 that's reversed and That is for mobile what you want to do Is you want to click onto that and what This is going to do now is it's going to Bring up this template for us now what We want to do is we want to come over to The left hand side you've got elements

You've got uploads you've got text Etc And what you want to do is just click Onto elements then what you want to do Is you just want to type in as you can See polydactyl cats once you type that In you want to scroll over here on the Right hand side and you want to click Onto videos once you click onto videos What the canva is going to do is it's Going to find a whole heap of videos Because we are creating a YouTube show Video that you can use on places like Instagram reels Facebook reels Tick Tock Pinterest Etc you want to click onto This little section over here once you Do that you want to select the vertical Because we want to make sure that this This footage fits inside this template And you want to click on to apply Filters now you're going to be able to Find all these different videos as you Scroll down you can see you've got so Much footage over here that you can use For this particular video and now all You need to do is quite simply choose One of these videos you can choose the Ones that are free so you don't have to Pay anything that you see a little crown On your go that is for the premium Version of canva but you absolutely Don't need to do that I found this video Over here that is free and this is the Video that we're going to use to create That video so all we need to do is start

Adding facts about this particular cat So quite simply you come over to chatgpt And then you can come over here and you Can use the title of this okay so you Can use this title what are some Interesting facts about these cats and You can come over here then what we want To do is we want to stretch this out to About say 2.5 seconds okay we don't want That to be long you want to scroll down To the bottom you want to hit the right Mouse click and then split this page Then we can come back over to this Section and what we're going to do is we Are going to add that title inside this Video so you can quite simply click onto This double click onto that and paste That in there then what you can do is go To effects okay you can use something Like this and you can just drag that Down okay so what are some facts about Polydactyl Cuts okay and you can just Drop that in there now when you play This that's going to be the first scene That you see then this is going to run For again we can drop that after three Seconds we can right Mouse click on that Hit split screen okay then all you need To do is come back over here again we Can click onto this and then you want to Come back over to chatgpt okay and you Want to copy this so you want to copy That okay and then you want to add that On there and it's as simple as doing

This and repeating this process guys to Complete this and once you paste that in There again you can come back over to Effects and then all you need to do is Come back over here choose the Background color that you want the other Really cool thing about canva guys is You can minimize this and then what you Can also do as you move this around There are so many different effects that You have with this but you can also come Up to the top and you can add some Animation so you can make it rise you Can make a pan Etc and then all you need To do is go through and complete all These facts once you get to the end of Your video okay then what you can do is You can add so I'm just going to split This over here to show you so we're Going to split this you can add a call To action to get people to click onto The link in your description depending On whatever you're talking about or Depending on whatever product you are Promoting so if you're talking about a Cat that can't sleep you may be Promoting a product an affiliate product Where I've seen people promoting these Special beds for cats that they sleep or If they're not eating there's different Types of foods that you can introduce to Them that's going to help them eat or There's so many different products I'm Going to show you in a second so all you

Would need to do is quite simply add a Call to action by saying click onto the Link in the description if you want to Learn more about how to help your cat Sleep very very simple stuff you don't Need to over complicate it then all you Need to do with this particular video is You need to hit share and then you need To download this video once you download This video it's going to allow you to Start uploading this on to YouTube now What I want to show you very quickly When you upload these videos onto YouTube just like this channel over here Jackson Galaxy is doing so if we click Onto any one of these videos now what You want to do is you want to come over Here and you click onto these three Little dots you go into the description You can see if you click on to show more And you scroll down you're going to see Here that this is where he has his Affiliate links the other thing also the Really cool thing about creating this Short form content like I said to you Earlier is you can double down with Instagram Facebook Twitter Tick Tock Reddit and you're going to be able to Get all the information from chat GPT to Create these videos and then just quite Simply replicate and upload these videos Onto all these other different types of Social media platforms which is going to Allow you to get even more traffic the

More traffic that you get to this link That you're going to be putting up on All these social media platforms the More money you are going to make so how Do you find different types of affiliate Marketing products so that you can make Money from this short form content all You need to do is quite simply come Straight over to Google and type in cat Affiliate programs once you do that You're going to find a whole heap of Different types of sites one that I Really like using is this one over here Called click onto That it's going to show you 18 different Types of cat affiliate marketing Programs that you can start promoting And you can see all their names you can See they've got food they've got little Boxes they've got things with Amazon Associates if you scroll down you're Going to find all these different types Of things and this is things to get your Cat to behave get them potty trained get Them to sleep get them to eat all these Different type of stuff right really Really cool affiliate marketing programs So all you need to do is scroll down and Choose which ones you want to promote And the cool thing is you can add as Many links as you want inside the Description of your videos so you can be Promoting two three products at a time This is on top of the ad Revenue that

You can potentially start making from These YouTube shorts now with the YouTube shorts you do need to get that Channel accepted into the YouTube Partner program you're going to need to Hit the criteria of YouTube and if You're creating long format content You're also going to need to meet that Criteria but in between all that you can Still be making a lot of money with Affiliate marketing and these videos so As you scroll down guys you can see take A look at this this one's called The Little Robot as you scroll down it's Also going to show you what percentage You're going long to make you can make Eight percent or 499 dollars which is a Fair amount of money and people do buy This stuff and you could create a very Simple review video you could ask Chatgpt to write you a review video on The little robot so let's just do that Right now so let's just copy this to Show you how you could do this with chat GPT and how simple this is so we're Going to come over to chat GPT we're Going to click onto new chat we'll type In Make a Review script about the litart robot Okay so click onto that and as you can See chat GPT is going to start creating This literal script about this and you Can start to create a long format video

If you wanted to or you can even make Another YouTube short on this this is The awesome power of chat GPT and why a Lot of people are using this with their Short form content with YouTube Etc now You can rewrite this you can use this You can use parts of it Etc but this is How simple it is you don't have to go Out and do a whole heap of research then You can create a video on this then once You've got all this and you create the Video and you come back over to this Affiliate marketing program all you need To do is sign up put that affiliate Link In the description of your video and When people watch your video they're Going to click onto it once they click Onto it you are going to get paid this Is an amazing way for you to get started If you're not creating short form Content today in 2023 you are missing Out on the biggest opera opportunity Right now to make money online and the Best part is you don't need to show your Face and you can get platforms like Canva to create these videos there's a Whole heap of other AI software that you Can use like in video as well or you can Also create the videos yourself if you Wanted to now all you need to do once You create this video if you wanted to Do a voiceover what I highly recommend Is that you grab your mobile phone and You just read out exactly what you see

Or exactly Point by Point what it is There and then you can just upload that To canva it is as simple as that now if You want to know exactly how I'm doing This and how we are absolutely crushing It with short form content all you need To do is go down the bottom and click Onto the link in my description which is Income from there what you Need to do is enter in your email Address to reserve your spot what you Want to do from there is you want to Watch this video this video is going Going to show you exactly how we are Doing this with short form content and There are some channels that are doing This and we've been doing this and Testing this and we are growing at a Super fast rate and there are channels That are making well in excess of a Hundred thousand dollars a month with Their affiliate marketing commission so All you need to do is come over here Watch this video and sign up the only Bad thing about this is guys that spots Are filling up because this is an eight Week boot camp it is a private class Where we're going to show you how to use Short form content chat GPT and Affiliate marketing we're going to put All this together and show you how you Can absolutely crush it even if you have Zero subscribers and no experience if You scroll down you can see all the

Testimonials of people that have been Doing this at the moment and they're Making a lot of money so all you need to Do is come through take a look at this For yourself I've been doing this I'm an Advocate of this as you can see I've Been posting a lot more shorts on on my All my channels and I've created more Channels which I'm doing this on because This is working like nothing else has Worked before so all you need to do Scroll down and click on to let's get Started automating so you sign up to This eight week boot camp that's Starting literally in two days time from The time I post this video this is going To give you all the information you need To absolutely crush it with chat GPT Short form content and affiliate Marketing so all that's left for you to Do right now is Click onto that link in My description make sure that you watch That video and reserve your spot and I'll see you in the program

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