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HELLO! FRIENDS MY NAME US ABHIMANYU In this video i'll tell about
L1,L2 and L3 respectively What are these three lavels
I'll tell in very simple terms So please! watch full video If you have any question please
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it it's not a big video i'll keep it small so that i can cover up things
quickly because i'll tell you basic points So let's start L1 phase is basically from
1 to 3 years of experience however it can be
further more it can go beyond 3 more
It is purely depend on your dedication and also on
how you manage your work I'll tell diffrenve between L1, L2 and L3
beacause I have passed through all phases I'm in L3 field umm.

Maybe L2 or L3 So So you can consider me i know L3 part as well Right! Now we come to L1 what's upon
L1 here you will get only basic work simply you have to do hardwork
mainly you have to work on low lavels Like talking about networking you
can get to do Cabling only You can get to do Cabeling on user's desk
You have to do this kind of basic work Right! After that you can get Read only mode in
network moniter where you can just moniter Also you can get alerts from there You
can also moniter alerts sent to your Email Right Then comes to switching's backup password
where you can take backups of switching You can examine any new port and
also you can switch or you can install it This is also included in L1 Right! And in L1 you have user interactions also where
you have to see user's network related problems or i'm talking about desktop because company
nowdays tends to this work to be done by L1 So there you have to examine
desktop and their problems and this work should be done by L1 and manager
let you to do all this kind of work Now comes to L2 this phase is of
some high lavel work where you can get to manage some parts of networking you
can get login of router or firewall etc.

With some rule access
where you can change some rule after management
or after change request or due to any user's particular
requirement or you have to block or unblock anything you
can do this kind of work there Then it comes reporting you have
to report completely you have to mantain all alerts you have to report
to your management and manager About weekly,per day and
monthly statics by giving reports You have to make process
document about how you're making process documents
how things varying and any new implementation and about your R&D you done and any
configuration you have done you have to note down everything You have to mantain whole inventry
and all your assets, assests moving in or moving out and your installed
assets you have to mantain all How much garbage you have,
your resale waste and amount of waste you have to e waste
you have to keep all details of it After mainly your high
lavel work is of to wrok upon servers, port binding, port
enabling or shape inbound & outbound rule & mantainence
of databases if you have'nt database administrator
this work is also included here Then you interact with mid-user,
high lavel devlopers & project manager you have to cummunicate with them
you have to follow them and work there You have to manage payments if
there is no sitting of manager or L3 person Now comes to under L3.

pexels photo 7516322

L3 works on very high
lavel & on project lavel Suppose making of any project, to bring any DLP solution, implimentation
of any security. These projects comes under L3 Like opening of new office & setup of
whole network, designes, type of devices we need, which device is in budget & also
the budget type. These works also included L3 setups to zero to hundered as
it has knowledge.It configures all devices & standerd documents either
it shares with the team management or with manager. It designes
& implement the designes end to end and it don't handover
unitil the project/network up. Right! These thing comes under L3 Then L3 takes all exclation
calls from L1 &L2 also the tasks that they
have and attends them right! Then comes M1 & M2 lavels which are
Deputy manager, manager & assistent manager There it helds
meetings with management & brief them totaly About work performance, Team
working & projects on which team is working. It has to discuss
all focus points. It mantains all Right! So from here you must have got a
idea about what actually L1,L2 & L3 does if you found helpful please like if you're
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