How To Start Social Media Marketing (SMMA) With No Money!

what have i told you that you don't need a single 
penny to your name to launch a business that can   potentially make you five figures on a monthly 
basis that's what we're gonna be going through   today i'm gonna break down smma or social media 
marketing and how you can start an agency of   your own with no money whatsoever now if you're 
watching this video gather that you want to launch   some kind of business of your own maybe you're 
exploring different options maybe you've already   looked into social media marketing and you don't 
have the willpower or the roadmap to actually   jump in and get started so that's what i'm going 
to give you today i'm going to give you the a to z   the step-by-step the roadmap road map to building 
a successful agency with no money whatsoever but the first thing we need to do is actually 
understand what social media marketing is   for you guys that that don't already know 
that now social media marketing is simply a   service-based business it's person a which is you 
or me going to person b which is our customer and   in most cases this is a business owner and we're 
going to provide some kind of service to this   person in a bid to improve their overall business 
normally it's monetary you want to help them make   more money on a monthly basis so you could offer 
them website design you could offer them facebook   and instagram management so putting posts out 
for them content creation videography photography   uh facebook ads youtube ads google ads you could 
offer a whole bunch of services literally tens and   tens of services that you could offer a business 
to improve their overall life and an overall   company so we need to choose that first of all and 
we'll get on to that in a moment the next thing   we need to understand is how we're actually going 
to find clients we need to know where to look for   we need to know how to sign them up what meeting 
strategy to use and of course how to get them the   actual results that they desire so we can scale 
our company build a team and build this passive   income that we all desire but before we think 
about any of that we're going to dive into that   in this video we truly need to understand that 
the biggest investment we can make when launching   any kind of company is in ourselves is in our 
mentality and in our routine so if we ourselves   are to be successful us as a person me you we need 
to be successful in our personal lives as well and   so we need to start dedicating time to our routine 
and to self-development now when i first started   my company three and a half years ago now i was 
working a full-time job i was working in sales   and i was doing a complete nine till five but i 
was working kind of outside those hours as well   because i wanted to maximize my commissions and 
i didn't have much time whatsoever and so the   only time that i could dig out of my life i was a 
late rise i was waking up at eight o'clock in the   morning i was actually rushing around to the 
shower scoffing breakfast down the throat and   going straight to work i knew that if i woke up a 
little bit earlier i can get more time out of my   day so i read a book called the miracle morning 
by hal elrod it completely changed my life it   taught me about a solid morning routine i actually 
started waking up at 5 00 a.m and don't worry you   don't have to wake up at five even if you do six 
or seven getting an extra hour or two in your day   it's gonna give you so much more leverage in 
your life and so i started reading i started   doing a bit of meditation i just focused time 
on self-development that i wasn't investing in   myself beforehand and i read a quote somewhere and 
this definitely i'm going to make a clock up of   this but i i read that if you expect different 
results in your life you can't continue doing   the same thing okay and i followed that principle 
religiously so you need to do the same thing let's   look at the areas of your life that may be bogging 
you down at the minute friendships that you have   that aren't benefiting you relationships that 
really aren't getting you to where you want to be   or habits that you have that are holding you 
back let's start fixing some of those things   um when you finish this video and actually i've 
got some some content that'll really help you uh   on that but you can i'll click and put some links 
around here you can watch that afterwards so that   is the first thing we need some solid mental 
foundations because the motivation we'll find   through putting in time to self-development is 
what will push us forward in times that aren't   that easy okay because starting a business isn't 
easy i'm not gonna sit here and blow smoke up all   of you guys and say hey yeah look you're gonna 
watch this video you're gonna sign up clients   you're gonna be making five grand in the next 
couple of weeks it's just not gonna happen okay   you're gonna have to put in work and the majority 
of people out there are not willing to put in the   level of work that is required to actually build 
a successful business that has longevity get rich   quick schemes do not exist and it's as simple 
as that so let's work on ourselves and really   build a solid foundation for us not just for the 
business but going back to the business what do   we actually need to start a social media marketing 
agency well a lot of people think that you need a   website from day one you need a logo you need 
to start a limited company but actually when   i first started my agency i didn't have any 
of that stuff i didn't have a website until   a year into launching my company i didn't have 
a limited company and since i until i actually   signed up my first client and i didn't even have 
a logo at all okay in fact i actually did have   a logo but i think it was like times new roman 
font from uh from uh google docs and the sneeze   okay i haven't got guys oh no we can't say 
the word please beat that out because i'm   gonna get down ranked on google because 
that's the world we live in these days   but anyway yeah i didn't have any of that when i 
first started i signed up my first client without   it my first ever client was actually just signed 
to jordan platinum as assigned to my business   now you don't need that stuff and i didn't need 
that stuff to start making money from my agency   but that's not to say i wouldn't recommend you 
having that stuff because the industry has changed   um and there are a lot more people about 
than there were when i first started out so   i always recommend agencies when they're first 
starting to create a quick website on squarespace   or wix okay super super easy to use tools i've got 
a video on wix i can put that in the description   or we can put it above here if we're putting 
so many cards up sorry dan um and uh if not   then um yeah we'll just put some links in the 
description but there are so many templates that   you can follow on these websites to create really 
really simple and easy to navigate websites okay   all you need on an agency website when you're 
first starting out is a landing page with a bit of   about us like about you your services so just what 
you actually do but do not put any prices on there   and a contact us form okay that's all you need 
because when we actually start reaching out to   companies and we start emailing them if we're 
emailing them from a custom business domain and   they go to put our website in it says page not 
found it's not really going to have a positive   impact on us they're going to think well if 
this person can't even market themselves and   how are they going to be able to market for me so 
create a very very simple easy to use website same   again with a logo you can literally use a logo 
generator costs absolutely nothing again i'll put   a link somewhere around here we'll definitely 
put one in the description actually and you   can use a logo generator to create one for your 
website based on the themes and the other logos   that you actually like and it will take you less 
than five minutes you do not need to be spending   days and days procrastinating on that now when 
it comes to launching an official company in   some countries you are charged to actually set one 
up now if you're in one of those countries i would   recommend you waiting until you sign up your first 
client before you establish that business there's   absolutely no harm in doing that or you can start 
off as a sole trader or a sole proprietor um again   that doesn't cost you absolutely anything to get 
started but you don't really have to worry about   any of that until you sign up your first client 
and you want to get contracts sorted so those   are the foundational based stuff but it's very 
important for you not to procrastinate overnight   i've seen so many agencies that don't even get 
past that point because they're sat there trying   to tweak their logo and a website and they're 
messaging when they haven't even got any clients   yet and the reality of it is it doesn't matter 
at all and it's gonna have very little impact   on your ability to sign up your first client just 
get the basic foundations there and move on to the   really important stuff okay so moving on how do we 
actually find and sign up our first clients well   i always recommend to new start agencies to start 
local because what we need as a new start business   owner is an in we need some common ground with 
the companies that we're actually reaching out to   and that usually is us being local okay so if 
i reach out to a local restaurant a gym or a   chiropractor for example and i give them a call i 
arrange a meeting with them if i'm a local face i   can talk about local things and that is my common 
ground and i can build a quicker rapport with that   business owner and they're more likely to work 
with us because when i'm first starting i don't   have any case studies i don't have any results 
to show them i can't wow them through that so i   need to find whatever the closest common ground 
is that i have with those potential clients so   start off local and it's usually the easiest place 
for you to sign up clients and of course using   your existing network if you know business owners 
if your family know business owners put a post   on facebook say you've just launched an agency 
you're looking to take on clients and if any of   your friends know any business owners that they 
can recommend over to you you'll be surprised   how quickly you can get yourself off the ground 
by leveraging your existing network but let's   say you are starting to build a list for local 
businesses the ones that you're going to reach   out to then i like to use a tool like facebook 
so let me just uh let me just share my screen   or record i should say and if we just go up to 
facebook and we put for example if you want to   reach out to restaurants you can do restaurants 
uh restaurant norwich okay this is where i am   and we go see more places and here we literally 
have a list of loads of different restaurants in   the local area we can do that for another niche 
just to show you i'm just going to do some pretty   basic niches at gyms norwich or we could do gyms 
near me why is that coming up like that okay   and here we go loads of gyms in my local 
area okay from here i can go onto the   the page i can go onto their website i can 
see if i can find the business owner's details   i can go on company's house if i'm in the uk 
which is a uk which is a company directory or   wherever you are in the world you could search 
your country and then business directory and   you'll be able to find the business owner that 
way or go on the company's about me page or   look on news articles there are so many ways that 
you can find business owners details and we always   want to make sure that when we're building our 
list of people to reach out to we are building   a list of the decision maker you do not want to 
waste your time reaching out to business pages we   need to speak to the person who's actually going 
to make the decision on whether or not they want   to work with us so start putting together a list 
of the local companies in your area that you can   start reaching out to and making sure you find all 
of the business owners details their phone number   and their email address and just create a quick 
google doc super super easy all google sheets i   should say super easy log that and then you've 
got a hit list for you to start reaching out   to now when you actually start reaching out to 
those businesses there are a number of ways that   we can do this but i always recommend people 
starting off with a multi-platform strategy   what i mean by this is hitting people from 
absolutely all angles if you have five friends   you want to reach out to those five friends you're 
not going to just call each and every one of them   because you know some of your friends are useless 
at answering the phone you're going to what type   one i message the other maybe message one on 
instagram dm and probably call the other two okay   so why would we then follow one strategy when 
we're trying to reach out or gain business for our   um for our agency okay we just wouldn't okay so 
anybody who's trying to sell you on some strategy   which is one size fits all for smma they are just 
talking full okay it doesn't exist we need to   follow a multi-platform strategy so we will use 
whatever information we can find on that business   owner if we can find their instagram we will dm 
them if we can find their linkedin we'll dm them   on there too and if we find their email address 
hey look we'll send them an email as well because   we don't know whether there's gonna be one of 
those platforms that that business owner uses more   regularly and of course if we have a phone number 
make sure you cold call them now cold calling can   be incredibly daunting when you're first starting 
out especially if you haven't done it before   believe me when i first started cold calling i 
ran to the edge of the office i was shaking with   my script in my hand i was absolutely terrified 
i quickly became one of the best performing cold   callers in that company because i was forced into 
a position i was actually in a lot of debt at the   time and i needed to get myself out of that and so 
i forced myself to become a good cold caller but   my biggest bit of advice to anybody who's afraid 
cold calling is just leave me on this one and it's   not an easy one it's just repetition the more you 
call someone the more comfortable you will get the   more fluent you will get with your scripts and 
the more confidence you will have and the better   cold caller you'll become cold calling for local 
businesses is without a doubt the most effective   way for you to reach those companies because it's 
a human voice on the other end of a phone with a   local accent okay so make sure you go do that and 
if you want to learn more about cold calling i've   got a whole recording series on my channel we'll 
put a playlist link in the description or if we   can we'll put a card up above this video so go 
watch that after this now after you've found some   potential clients you now need to sign them up and 
have a meeting and you can host your meetings on   either zoom or google meet so digitally or 
physically in person if you're going local   it's great to go physical because you can use all 
your body language you can actually be in front of   someone but if not zoom google meets is absolutely 
fine we've all become very accustomed to using   those digital tools during everything that went on 
last year so secure your meeting and then follow   my very simple three-step strategy so first thing 
we want to do when we get on a meeting is we want   to build a bit of rapport okay talk about the 
weather talk about sports talk about some kind   of common ground that you have with that business 
owner or just simply say hello and ask them how   they are and then we want to jump into stage one 
which is the discovery stage so in discovery stage   we want to learn as much as we possibly can about 
this business okay what products sell well what   products don't sell well what days they're busy 
on what days they're not so busy on and why okay   we want to dig out as much ammunition as we can 
from them we want them to open up their heart   and tell us all of the problems they have as a 
business so we can use that as ammunition later   on in the meeting and most importantly away 
from just the kind of nitty-gritty questions   about their products and when they're busy and not 
busy we want to ask them about their revenue and   this is something that can be very uncomfortable 
as an agency owner just starting out but revenue   is very important to discuss in a meeting because 
we need to get that business owner excited about   earning more money so ask them outright so what do 
your revenue figures look like at the moment okay   find out what their monthly figure is and then you 
want to find out okay so where should your revenue   be what's your revenue revenue target and get them 
attached to that target okay ask them what it is   that's stopping them to get to that point on their 
own again keep this stuff mentally in your mind or   be writing notes if you're on a digital meeting 
and use this as fuel later on so that's stage one   second thing we're gonna do is go through our 
presentation stage this is where we're either   gonna show them the existing results that we've 
got compare them to one of their competitors or   we are simply going to talk to them about facebook 
ads and exactly what we can do for them this is   where we need to overload the business with value 
and educate them on whatever service it is that   we're actually offering them so for example if 
it's facebook ads we need to make them understand   why they need facebook ads to grow their business 
online now if you're an existing agency we've got   existing case studies we can show our case studies 
here we can compare them to one of our existing   clients which are very similar to them and then 
they're going to be able to envision themselves   in the position that they're in or if you're 
just starting out you've got nothing like that   then you can use the law of comparison find one of 
these this business's competitors that are already   doing or doing a good job at what you are trying 
to offer them so if you're offering facebook ads   find within the camp their competitors that are 
running facebook ads and show them the ads that   they're actually running and it's going to make 
this business owner be a bit standoffish you're   going to get a little bit jealous you know hang 
on a second we're way better business than they   are so if they're doing facebook ads if they're 
doing this if it's good enough for them then it's   definitely good enough for us because we are a 
better company than they are okay so it's gonna   create that entrepreneurial spark that fire in 
their belly and it's gonna make them a little bit   uh jealous of that company and it's gonna it's 
gonna create the desire for them to have the   service that you are offering for them so we need 
to create all of that desire in the presentation   stage then the final stage is stage free and that 
is simply the close this is where we're going to   get them signed up but at this point we want them 
begging us for our service and essentially selling   themselves to us i can't count how many times 
i've had a meeting with someone and by the time   we get to the close that business owner is trying 
to convince me why we should be working with them   instead of the other way around and that's all 
through giving them as much value as possible   throughout the meeting and creating that desire 
so at the stage of close we need to make sure that   we tie up any loose ends ask them if they have 
any additional questions and then give them our   service price so as an agency owner there are many 
ways that you can price your services and to be   honest it depends on what service you're actually 
offering but generally we have value-based pricing   and time-based pricing i'd always recommend you 
going for value based and what this means is we're   going to charge based on the value we can bring 
to the company as opposed to charging based on   our time through an hourly rate now this isn't 
scalable we only have so many hours in the day   so once we reach our time cap then we physically 
can't get any more revenue so push sales uh push   time-based pricing away from the start and focus 
on value based now if you are offering let's   say a facebook ad service you can charge anything 
from one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars   plus for your service depending on the size of 
the company that's why we need to understand   what their revenue figures are like but if you're 
first starting out i wouldn't recommend you going   anything over one thousand dollars because the 
most important thing when you're first starting is   not making as much money as possible it's getting 
that first case study which you can then leverage   to sign up more clients later on now when you're 
a more experienced agency owner offering ads you   can even drop in commission based pricing so 
performance based fees and that's what we do   in our agency now so we charge a heavily reduced 
service charge at around 2 000 and then we charge   around five to twenty percent of the amount of 
money we actually return for these businesses   so if my agency the affluent agency makes one of 
our clients an extra one hundred thousand dollars   this month and we have them on a ten percent fee 
we're going to charge them ten thousand dollars as   a performance based commission check and that can 
get very very juicy when you're well established   we had a client literally two weeks ago i think 
they paid a 23 000 invoice or pound invoice just   from one week or seven days worth of performance 
commission and i'll throw up that invoice around   here that client alone pays us over 60 000 on a 
monthly basis but don't get ahead of yourselves   you only want to charge those commission fees 
when you actually know you can get incredible   results for your client and you have the proof 
the case studies to actually be able to leverage   to get that client to say yes to those feeds in 
the first place so that's how we can close someone   how do we actually get them results well i'm not 
going to bother going through all the mechanics of   what services you can offer right now in this 
video but if you do want to offer an ad based   service then watch one of our ad training videos 
on my channel i literally teach you from start to   finish how to launch your first ever facebook 
ad we have a whole bunch of resources that can   teach you how to do that absorb information 
online and learn how to master one service   but the one thing i would always say to anybody 
who's starting an agency is do not try and be the   jack of all trades don't offer a whole bunch of 
different services pick one service when you're   first starting out and just master that one thing 
and sell that one thing to your clients if your   clients need additional services they need web 
design they need content creation then outsource   it to an agency that specializes in that and take 
a fee off the top of it charge 20 to that agency   as a finders fee for the referral and that way it 
saves your mental space and it saves you having to   jump around for filling all these different 
services and it gets really really messy   really really quickly so i think we're pretty much 
there the last thing we need to talk about is how   we actually scale a business and at this point 
we do need to invest some money but it doesn't   matter because you've already got started with 
no money and you've already signed up clients   so when we do get to a point where maybe you're 
at like six to eight clients where it becomes   really hard to manage both selling and getting 
new clients and fulfilling services yourself   so you're gonna have to start building a team and 
that is the most incredible thing when you get to   outsource when you get to build a team when you 
start to regain freedom back within your life   at which point you're gonna be happily happy to 
invest as much money as you can back into the   business so you can continue it growing without 
you having to do all of the work yourself you   might want to invest into further training into 
getting your website rebuilt into design work   into having your social media produced really 
really well there are many ways that you can   reinvest into your business and any good agency 
owner will reinvest as much as they possibly can   into their company to propel it forward above 
all of their competitors that are still set on   keeping their profit margin at 90 now you can do 
that if you want to but realistically any good   solid agency with longevity will reinvest as much 
into their company as they can because they're   seeing the bigger long term picture so that is 
how you start an smma with no money whatsoever   i need a breather after this video information 
overload you've probably got loads and loads of   notes go back and watch this video and take as 
many as you can and go implement everything you   have learned today but for those of you that are 
watching this and thinking do you know what jordan   i actually have got some money i can invest when 
i first start out i don't want to just stumble   through this and connect all of the dots myself 
i want to learn from somebody that's done it and   has built an incredibly successful agency like 
me when i first started i had a bit of savings   i invested into a lot of training i invested into 
mentorship and coaching and i learned from people   that are already very successful in the industry 
and if that does sound like you i'd like to invite   you to click the link in the description and check 
out the affluent academy it's our agency training   program with over 40 hours of content over 100 
lessons where we literally break down every single   molecule of what it takes to be successful as 
an agency owner how to start how to build how to   scale and how to outsource and uh gain the freedom 
back in your life we have no upsells whatsoever   unlike other programs out there we literally 
give you the whole lot in one place and you get   one-to-one access with me because i'm personally 
dedicated to helping all of our students be as   successful as they possibly can be so guys that's 
it get stuck in and i'll see you later cheers

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