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The best way to make money on YouTube Without showing your face is not by Relying on ad Revenue but by having an Offer to promote in your faceless YouTube automation videos because that Way you can make a lot more even if You're not monetized even if you're not Approved into the partner program and That's exactly how I personally make the Most money off of my YouTube channels is By having an offer to promoting those Videos so in this step-by-step tutorial I'm going to show you where you can find Done for you offers so that you don't Have to create them from scratch and how To promote them for a completely free Without actually showing your face so That you can make money online if it is A complete beginner so if that sounds Good enough then drop a like down below And let us begin just a quick claimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they are me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have a telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement

Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so First things first before I show you how To actually create those faceless videos What you want to do is you want to go Over to which is a Platform where you can find a lot of Different digital products related to Online business it's a platform where Creators and entrepreneurs that know how To make money in a certain way so for Example someone knows how to make money With social media marketing they're Gonna come over to online business Academy and they'll list a digital Product or service that helps other People do the same that teaches them how They can make money with social media Marketing or any other category or any Other Niche or any other business that Might that they might be specialized Sing in so what you can do is you can go To affiliate To join the affiliate program the online Business Academy which is also going to Be at the bottom of the website or just Once again go to only business affiliate then go over to This page over here where you can enter Your name enter your email address and Click on let's go and that's immediately Going to put you into the affiliate

Program and then you are going to Receive an email from the online Business Academy and teachable which is Going to look something like this it's Basically going to say you've been added As an affiliate just make sure to check The spam folder and the promotions Folder because it can sometimes end up There so you just want to open up this Email and click on get started and That's going to take you over to Teachable where you can create an Account basically just enter a password And then you're going to be able to log Into your account and you're going to be Able to view the affiliate dashboard That's going to take you over to this Page where once again you can go to the Affiliate first things first to track Your earnings and your standard Commission rate is going to be 20 but if You are a student of the online business Academy you're going to get a double Commission so you're basically going to Get 40 commission but even with the Standard one with the two twenty percent One you're still gonna get decent decent Results because these products and Services are extremely high quality and Are selling for hundreds in some cases Thousands of dollars so 20 commission is Actually really really high so you can Just go to links and resources and there You can find your affiliate links this

Is the affiliate link for the online Business Academy and this is for a Monetized YouTube automation channels a Service but mainly we're going to be Focusing on the online business Academy So you can copy that affiliate link with One press of a button and if someone Actually goes to that link it's going to Take them to the online business Academy Where you're going to earn an Availability commission where any Product or service that they buy and if They click on explore classes they can Find all of these different products Over here so for example if someone Wants to promote this training program Made by Alex Kramer a program which Talks about how to make money on YouTube Without showing your face you can just Click on learn more and then you can Copy if you want to promote that Specific program that specific core First you can copy the link that takes People to that page and then go back to Teachable and generate an affiliate link Specifically for that page so just paste That link here and click on enter and Then you can copy that link and that Will take them specifically directly to That page and then you're going to earn An affiliate commission so what you can Do next is you can also shorten that Link because in some cases they are Going to be long and confusing so you

Can go to bitly click and create new Link and then paste that link over here And you can also change the back half as Well and customize it and then your link Is going to look a little bit better so If I actually go to the links section This is how my link is going to look Like for that specific course and I can Copy that with one press of a button now Once you have an affiliate link and you Have an offer what you want to promote In those YouTube videos what you want to Do next is you want to start creating Those faceless YouTube videos now Obviously the best way to actually sell Something on YouTube is to show your Face and to record your face in front of The camera be in front of the camera and That actually make videos that talk About certain products and services that Way you're going to have a lot more People trusting you because they can see Your face and then you're obviously Going to get more sales but you can Actually get really decent results even If you're not showing your face so what You can do is you can use vidiq to first Of all research the topic of that Specific online business that you want To promote so you can go to vid IQ you Can go to the keywords section and in This case I will be promoting a product That's related to YouTube automation so If I search for YouTube automation this

Is going to show me that the overall Score is pretty high the search volume Is high and the competition is low so This is a really good keyword to focus On right now and it's also going to Recommend recommend some similar Keywords as well like YouTube automation Tutorial YouTube automation for Beginners and so on and so forth so this Is obviously a really good topic to go With so what you can do next is you can Either generate a YouTube script Yourself by looking at what other people Are creating with their videos or you Can just go to chat GPT and you can ask The the AI I bought to first of all Generate the introduction for your YouTube script I'm going to ask you to Write a 200 words intro for a YouTube Video called what is YouTube automation This is obviously the most basic example But you can obviously just enter your Video topic over here and it's first of All going to generate an intro and then If you like it you're going to continue With that introduction then you're going To ask it to write another 200 words Under 200 words and once you have like a 1.5 000 Words YouTube script that should be Around 8 minutes long you're able to Proceed and then generate a voiceover For that YouTube script and for the Voiceover you can of course read that

Yourself or you can just go over to a Tool like play HD where you can actually Get extremely high quality ultra Realistic sounding voices with one press Of a button you can listen to some of These samples they actually sound 100 Human-like so you can just create an Account go to the dashboard and you can Generate ultra realistic sounding voices By clicking on create audio click click On use ultra realistic voices and then Pretty much just select which voice you Prefer you can change the you can change The the gender the accent the age the Style Tempo all of that and you can just Paste your script over here so pretty Much I'm just gonna copy the script that Was generated by chatb and I'm gonna Paste it over here and if we actually Generate all previews you're gonna be Able to listen to this and see how Genuinely this sounds pretty good so Let's listen to the first sentence hello And welcome to this video as you can see This actually sounded really good and This is just the first voice that was on Default you can of course customize it Change the speed and all of that and it Is going to sound really good so that's How it actually sounds now you can Export the entire project and you can Export everything as a single audio file So we're going to have the audio file to Use as the voiceover background for your

YouTube videos now the next thing is to Obviously just edit your videos and for This you can use a free tool like clip Champ so you can go to this Is the reason I recommend this one is Because it's completely free and it Doesn't leave any watermarks or Whatsoever other ones are like free but They live like a big Watermark and then It obviously ruins the video but this One doesn't this one is actually free so You can create an account and not only Can you easily edit your videos you can Add stock footage you can add music you Can add Transitions and animations and All of that but once you upload your Voiceover you can also generate Auto Captions with one press of a button Which is obviously going to make your Videos a thousand times more engaging And it's gonna boost the watch time for You which is extremely extremely Important if you want to get more views And if you actually want to sell Something in those videos so it's going To generate the the captions in a matter Of couple of seconds as you can see They're loading on the right hand side Which can of course customize you can Change the colors you can change the Font and all of that but even if you Leave it like this it's still going to Be really really good and it's going to Make your videos once again stand out

And it's going to boost the engagement Like crazy despite whether you're Creating long form videos or short form Videos it is going to be very helpful to Have Auto captions in them and once Again you have all of these different Features on the left side to actually Edit your videos and talk about that Specific product that you want to Promote and then it is of course I'll Leave links to those products in the Description box of your YouTube videos To have your viewers click on them and Earn you affiliate commissions and this Is also great because you're earning Passive income from this as you can see It sometimes in YouTube automation They're most likely going to come across My video which was supposed to be 11 Months ago and in that video which is Once again posted 11 months ago I have All these different links in the Description box and I'm to this day Making hundreds of dollars per day from All of these different things that I'm Talking about all of these different Products and services I'm talking about In this tutorial they're making me Hundreds of dollars in passive income And they're most likely going to make me Hundreds thousands of dollars over the Next couple of months years to come so I'm earning a true passive income from Something that I've done almost a year

Ago so it is one of the best ways to Earn passive income online

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