Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person

In this article “Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person”, you'll discover 18 places where you can cash in on your unused or old video games including Decluttr, eBay, OfferUp, and GameStop among others. As we explore each platform, you’ll find out that they differ considerably in the fees they levy, the games they accept, and the payout options they extend. You may choose to sell online, with options for direct sales to marketplaces or individuals, or go offline for immediate cash return but potentially more effort on your part. With factors such as transaction fees, accessibility, and target market to consider, we guide you through making an informed decision to get your video games off the shelf and turn them into quick cash or even turn them into new games through trade-in programs.

Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person

Understanding Different Types of Platforms

Knowing where and how to sell your video games is crucial. There are several ways to initiate a sale, such as selling directly to online marketplaces, individuals online, or in-person selling platforms. Another option would be to take advantage of trade-in programs where you can exchange your old games for new ones or other items. Each option varies in terms of transaction fees, accessibility, and the target market they cater to. Therefore, it's important to carefully assess each option and choose a platform that suits your specific needs.

Selling to online marketplaces

Exchanging your games on online marketplaces has become highly common because these platforms have a wide reach and allow you to access customers from all over the world. Websites such as eBay or Amazon host huge numbers of potential buyers, providing a better chance to sell your games quickly. You can also set your price and negotiate with buyers directly.

Selling to individuals online

Selling to individuals online is another viable option to consider. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are peer-to-peer platforms where you can sell directly to a buyer in your area. This eliminates middleman fees but may require more effort in terms of marketing and buyer communication.

In-person selling platforms

Selling games in person can be a better option if you want immediate returns. Platforms like Gamestop, Best Buy or local pawn shops can provide instant cash returns for your games, but bear in mind the geographical limitations that this option presents.

Trade-in programs

When looking to update your gaming arsenal, consider trading-in your old games. Amazon Trade-In, Gamestop, and other similar platforms offer this option, allowing you to exchange your games for others or for different items.

Evaluation of transaction fees, accessibility, and target market

Each platform charges different transaction fees, provides varied levels of accessibility, and caters to different markets. Hence, before you choose a platform, ensure you have evaluated these aspects. The decision should align with your individual needs and objectives pertaining to the sale.

Online Selling Platforms

Various online selling platforms cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences among video game consumers. Let's examine a few popular ones:


Decluttr is a straightforward platform that offers quick sales without any auction or ad fees. They provide immediate price quotes and free shipping, taking much of the hassle out of the selling process.


eBay offers a vast consumer base, which can significantly increase the visibility of your games. Keep in mind that they charge a set percentage as a transaction fee.


A platform specifically for selling games, GameFlip offers a user-friendly interface and secure transactions. However, they do charge a 10% commission.

Amazon Trade-In

Although not an outright selling platform, Amazon Trade-In allows you to exchange your games for Amazon credit.


Trade4Cash offers you the chance to sell your games for cash directly, but they bear a particular focus on newer games and may likely decline older models.


PlayerUp specializes in the sale of accounts and digital assets. So if you're selling items like game accounts, this is a platform to consider.


Swappa is a peer-to-peer platform with a focus on technology. Selling here may require a bit more effort as you have to interact with buyers directly, but it offers considerable returns.


Particularly favourable for rare or collector's games, eStarland offers various payment options, including cash, store credit, and even exchanges.

Social Media and Peer-to-Peer Platforms

Peer-to-peer platforms are commonly used for selling video games as they allow for direct interaction between the buyer and the seller. This not only allows for negotiations but can also lead to establishing long-lasting client relationships.


OfferUp is a mobile platform that provides a space for you to list your games. It proposes in-person exchanges, but shipping options are available.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a highly accessible platform for selling games online. Its major perks are the wide user-base and the ability to reach local buyers easily.


Despite being one of the oldest platforms, Craigslist remains popular among many sellers and provides a wide network of potential buyers.

In-person Selling Platforms

If you prefer immediate cash returns and personal interactions with the buyer, in-person selling platforms would be the right choice. Here are a few options.


DKOldies is a platform that specializes in retro games. If you have such items in your inventory, this might be the place to sell them.

The Exchange

The Exchange offers an easy way to sell games in person. You can either visit their stores directly or send your games using their prepaid shipping labels.


Perhaps the most well-known platform, GameStop offers you the choice to sell for cash or trade in for other games. However, their rates are sometimes considered lower than other platforms.

Best Buy

Best Buy's trade-in program offers store credit in return for your games. This might be a good option if you're looking to upgrade your tech.

Game X Change

Game X Change provides an option to sell games in-store. They focus primarily on offering exchange deals.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are a quick, easy way to sell games in person. However, be prepared that they might not offer the best rates.

Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person

Specialized Platforms for Retro and Old School Games

Older, retro games hold a special place in the hearts of many gamers. If you have these types of games in your collection, consider these platforms.

Old School Game Vault

This platform accepts a wide range of games, especially older versions, offering appealing deals for your beloved classics.


DKOldies purchases games from all generations. They provide a price quote immediately upon receiving a list of your games.


eStarland offers trade-ins and purchases of many retro classics. With a broad consumer base, it is ideal for those with a collection of vintage games.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Online Selling Platform

To maximize your earnings and ensure a smooth selling process, you should carefully consider the following factors.

Assessing the market value of the video games

Before putting the games up for sale, understand their current market value to avoid setting unrealistic prices. Doing this market research early on will provide a more effective selling strategy.

Understanding the platform's fee structure

Each platform has different fee structures, from listing fees to final sale fees. Understanding these costs will help you decide if the platform is right for you.

Efficiency of payout methods

Consider how and when you will get paid. Ideally, the platform should offer a convenient and efficient payout method that suits your preferences.

Seller protection policies

Ensure that the platform provides adequate seller protection against fraud or disputes. This will shield you from potential losses.

Ease of use and shipping policies

Check if the platform is user-friendly. It should also have clear and fair shipping policies.

Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person

Factors to Consider While Choosing an In-Person Selling Platform

Selling in person comes with its own set of considerations. Keep these in mind when making your choice.

Rates offered

Always compare the rates offered by various platforms to ensure you get the best deal.

Geographic accessibility

Choose a platform that is within your geographical reach to make the transaction easier.

Instant cash return possibility

Check if the platform provides instant cash returns, an advantage that many online platforms lack.

Trade-in options

Some platforms provide the option to trade your games for others. If you're interested in this, ensure your chosen platform offers it.

Strategy for Pricing the Video Games

A sound pricing strategy can be the difference between a quick sale and a game collecting dust. Here's what to consider.

Analyzing the current market rate

Examine the ongoing rate for your game titles. Ensure to price competitively to increase the chances of a sale.

Condition of the video game

The state of the game is paramount in determining its price. A well-maintained game can fetch far more than one in poor condition.

Rarity and demand of the title

Rare titles or games in high demand can command higher rates. Track the market to understand which games are trending.

Including accessories and original packaging

Including accessories or original packaging with the game can justify a higher selling price as it typically adds to the value of the video game.

Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person

Preparing Your Video Games for Sale

With a platform picked and a pricing strategy developed, it's time to prepare your games for sale. To increase the chances of your games being sold, adhere to the following points.

Cleaning and testing the games

Ensure that your games are in good working order and clean before listing them. Buyers appreciate a well-maintained product.

Taking quality pictures

Take clear, high-quality images from different angles to give potential buyers a good look at what they're purchasing.

Writing a compelling description

A well-written description can attract more buyers. Highlight the most desirable features of the game and mention any additional accessories included in the sale.

Tips to Ensure Smooth Transactions

A smooth, successful transaction is key to a satisfactory selling experience, and it increases the chances of repeat customers. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Communicating clearly with the buyer

Prompt responses to queries and clear communication about the product and shipping details can build a trusting relationship with the buyer.

Ensuring secure payment

Use secure methods for transaction to prevent any fraudulent activity. Depending on the platform, this could mean using the website's own secure payment system or a trusted third-party platform.

Proper packaging and shipping

Pack the games properly to avoid damage during transit. Also, be sure to ship in a timely manner after receiving payment.

Following up post-transaction

After the sale, check in with the buyer to make sure the game arrived safely. This can show good customer service and might lead to positive reviews or repeat business.

Selling your video games can be a simple and profitable task if you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different platforms. By carefully examining the options available, understanding the important factors to consider, pricing smartly, preparing thoroughly, and ensuring smooth transactions, you can optimize your sales and profits. Happy Selling!

Choosing the Best Platform for Selling Your Video Games Online or In-Person

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