Today’s Social Media Managers Are Tomorrow’s CMOs – Social Media Minute

Hi, I'm Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Today, I wanna
talk about social media managers. I believe that social media managers
will become the CMOs in the future. Why is that? A smart social media manager
always uses a couple of things. And they always have
a couple things they're good at if they're good at their jobs. They're amazing at creating content. That's the key to a marketer's job. Then, they're used to creating
campaigns around that content. But more importantly, in social media, the social managers today
get super-trained on managing data around these campaigns. Last but not least,
they're also in charge of advertising. Which means if you look
at social media managers and follow their
careers and they're good at it, they'll keep learning new things. In five to ten years, suddenly,
they won't be managing social because social will not be
the priority 3 channel it was but it will be
a mass media number one channel. If you're managing the most important
channel for your company and it becomes
60%, 70%, 80% importance, like it is becoming
already for many media companies.

Like it is becoming
for many brands in the CPG industry. Like it is becoming
for e-commerce companies and very soon even retail companies. This is mass media. And it's time to realize that. I believe social media managers because
they're managing the number one channel and the word digital will die immediately. These social managers which won't essentially
be called social managers, they'll just be marketing managers, will eventually become CMOs. I'm certain of this. There's hope
for every social media manager out there that's been doing
his job for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years. Then, in the next 5-10 years, you are managing
the company's most important channel. Share that.
Maybe this doesn't happen overnight. Obviously,
this doesn't happen immediately. But you can build
yourself up to become the CMO of the company you work at
or maybe of the next company you work at.

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Good luck on that journey. See you next Monday..

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