Copy & Paste YouTube Shorts To Make Money Online ($2.7 Million PROOF)

In this video, you will find out how to Copy & Paste YouTube Short to make money on YouTube without having to make any of the videos yourself. I'll show proof of channels making similar content and earning millions online!


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On this video today I want to show you One of the easiest ways that you can Start to make as much as a thousand Dollars a day as you can see here this Channel is doing this and they're making Some insane money anything up to 2.7 Million dollars every single month the Crazy thing is they don't show their Face a lot of the time they don't use Their own voice but I want to show you Another amazing strategy where you can Do these reaction style channels without Even using your own reactions if you Don't want to you see recently YouTube Changed the game because now you can Create YouTube shorts and get your Channels monetized you need 1 000 Subscribers 10 million public views in a 90 days and what YouTube is going to do Is it's going to give you 45 of the Revenue share but these channels get Tens of millions of views which means You can make some serious money online With YouTube and a YouTube shorts and I'm gonna walk you through this entire Strategy step by step Plus at the end of The video I'm going to show you how I Can help you create these videos so that You can quickly grow your channel so Make sure you listen out for that now if You're not subscribed to my channel Smart money tactics you need to go down The bottom right now hit that subscribe Button make sure you're subscribed so

You don't miss out on any of my latest Content that could be the video that Changes everything for you and gets you To the point of making money online Every single day anything up to a Thousand dollars now if you haven't done So already you need to make sure that You sign up for my March giveaway There's only a few days left as you can See actually one day left all you need To do is go down the bottom enter in Your email address and follow me on my Social media platforms this is going to Enter you in and you can be one of the Lucky hundred dollar winners I'm giving Away a thousand dollars so 10 lucky Winners are going to get a hundred Dollars each all I ask that you do is That you smash that like button in Appreciation make sure you stay to the End of the video to find out how I can Help you make a thousand dollars a day And let to get straight into it so the Channel that I'm going to be showing you Today is this one over here called Panda Shorts this is an amazing Channel and These guys have seriously cracked the Code when it comes to YouTube shorts and You can do the exact same thing without Having to create any of these videos I Mean take a look at this if we go over To their most popular videos we're Talking 198 million views 181 million views

There's so many videos that have tens of Millions of views and they pretty much Use the same reaction like when you take A look at a lot of these reactions they Just reuse the same reaction over and Over again they film it once and they Just keep reusing it and they're using Other people's videos and they're making Money with YouTube ad revenue and There's so many other things that you Can also double down in later and make Even more money and even more ad Revenue If you decide to make long format videos So basically if I click onto any one of These videos you can see here that all They're doing at top you can see there's There are their reactions they're just Sitting there they're not really doing Much and this video is playing out in The background but I want to show you How you can potentially do this and not Use your own reaction if you don't want To use your own reaction there is a way That you can do this you're going to see This video finishes and that is it and You can see that they didn't do much Work at all this is how they're creating These videos and you can see here that They've got 7.23 million subscribers and This channel when you take a look at it Is earning anything up to 2.7 million I Mean let's just say it's on the Completely low end and it's 171 000 a month absolutely insane amount of

Money life-changing money and they're Getting 527 million views every single Month and you can see they're getting Well over 10 000 subscribers every Single day daily average is actually 21 000 subscribers every single day that's One channel I'm going to show you how to Do this just to show you that there's Other people that do this there's Another Channel over here called sniper Wolf shadan's reaction star videos but She makes long format videos and you can See if you scroll down she reacts to Tick tock videos YouTube short videos Instagram videos other videos on YouTube She does do a voiceover which is a Little bit different to the previous Channel because the previous guy doesn't Even say anything he just sits there With his face and has different types of Reactions which is very very simple to Create and when you take a look at her Channel you can see here that she also Gets 189 a million views every single Month and you can see here as much as Sixty thousand dollars a month all the Way up to a million dollars a month and Absolutely crushing it when you take a Look she's getting over over 3 000 Subscribers every single day but she Does not do any shorts can you imagine If she did shorts as well his channel Would absolutely blow up now somebody Else that you guys might recognize is Mr

Beast Mr Beast also does these reaction Style channels he puts up YouTube short He also does videos and they react to Different videos meaning they're not Creating these videos they're not Putting up any of the content they're Just reacting to these different style Videos and he's also absolutely crushing It you can see 120 million views making Anything up to 624 000 every single month so how are you Going to make these types of videos well I'm going to show you now where you're Going to get the content how to put this Together and potentially how you can do This without even using your own Reactions so if you want to know how to Do that make sure you keep watching if You haven't done so already make sure You smash that like button in Appreciation so the first thing that we Need to do is we need to go out and we Need to find some content where are we Going to go to find this content what Are the platforms that these guys are Going on is a tick tock they're Basically going over to tick tock and They're looking for these different Types of funny videos okay so if you Scroll down with Tick Tock you're going To find a whole range of different types Of videos so I'm just going to get rid Of this sound so one thing that you can Do is you can just type in for example

Funny videos okay so you can do Something like that you can also do Maybe if you wanted to do something with Cats or if you wanted to do something With animals for example if you just Wanted to do comedy or if you wanted to Do with paper fooling around you could Potentially do kids if you wanted to It's completely up to a year or two guys That actually do this already this Reaction that you're looking at over Here is the same reaction they use on All their videos and look at this 41.2 million reviews okay so basically All you need to do is look for funny Videos so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to try and find a video then I'm Going to I'm going to show you exactly How you can download that video and then When you find the video and you click Onto it it's going to bring you over to A page that looks like this now you can See if I click on to play You're gonna See exactly what this video is about and You can find hundreds of these different Types of videos now what we need to do Is we need to download this video and Then we need to create a reaction tool So what you want to do is you want to Come up to the top and you want to copy This URL so we're going to copy that Then what you want to do is you've got Two options you can download this video Using either this site called snaptick

Dot app okay or you can also use this One over here called Triple S It's completely up to you which one You're going to use because either one Of these is going to allow you to remove The watermark and the watermark that I'm Talking about is this watermark over Here okay we don't want to see that Inside our videos what we want to do is We want to have just the video okay so Quite simply you come straight over to Here we're going to paste that we're Going to click on to download and as you Can see this is going to give us without A watermark okay now I just want to let You know that if the video that you have Grabbed from Tick Tock was already Pre-loaded so it's already someone's Grabbed it and downloaded it okay then Sometimes you can't remove that Watermark because it's embedded in the Scene but if this was original video That person's put up then yes you can Remove that Watermark I just want you to Know that so you don't comment I did it It didn't remove the watermark it's Because it's been downloaded and Re-uploaded again and the watermark is Embedded inside the video it's not put Up by Tick Tock so now what we're going To do we're going to click onto without Watermark And as you can see that's that's the Video there so now you want to come over

To these three little dots okay and just Click on to download now you can see That this video is downloading on to my Computer from here what we want to do is We want to quite simply come straight Over to canva now canva is absolutely Free I'll have a link in my description For you you can go and sign up Google it And you can use this for free to create This video so what you want to do is Come over here you want to click onto Videos once you click onto videos you'll Want to select mobile video as you can See you want to use a 1080 by 1920 Format once you click onto that it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this and now what you want to Do is you want to quite simply grab this Video drag and drop it and once you drop This video in here when you play this You're going to be able to see this Video I can as you can see the cat's Just playing around now you've got a few Options you can leave the original sound Which as you can see somebody's just Laughing in the background okay so you Can leave that or you can add music to It it's completely up to you but what we Now need to do is we need to add a Reaction to this video well the first Step that you have if you wanted to add Your own reaction to this all you'd need To do is just grab your mobile phone and You can film your own reaction to this

Video and then just upload your own Reaction over the top of this that's the First way that you can do it the second Way that you could actually do this is You can actually come over to canva and Under if you see here on the left hand Side you've got elements and once you go To elements what you can do is you can Search for these different types of Reaction Style videos so all you need to Do is type in something like laughing Reaction as an example hit enter and Then you can come over here you've got Videos and under videos you can scroll Down and you'll be able to find a range Of these different types of videos for Example let's just grab this video okay Now what we can do is we can either put This at the bottom like this and now all You need to do let me just lower the Sound of this okay just so it's not too Loud okay now what you want to do is Just come over here and hit play now What's going to happen is you can see That this person is reacting to this Video okay so I'm going to get rid of The sound for now And then as we play this you're going to Be able to see that they're reacting to This video and they're laughing at this Okay so the longer the video goes the More they're going to laugh I put the Sound a little bit back up so you can Hear this okay press play

You can see that the person's laughing Etc so this is the video that you're Going to put up now all you need to do Is quite simply come straight up to here Where you've got share and scroll down Click on to download and you want to Download this as an MP4 video okay so Quite simply come down here and just Click on to download now this video is Downloading onto my computer from here What we need to do is we need to upload This video as a YouTube short on YouTube And now as you can see this video has Downloaded on to my computer from here What we need to do is you need to come Over to your own YouTube YouTube channel So you need to create a channel for Yourself potentially a YouTube shorts Channel and then quite simply just click On to create go to upload this video Then all you would need to do as you can See it's going to bring you over to us To a section where you can upload this Video just drag and drop that video Inside here and as you can see this Video is now a downloading quite simple I'm just going to get rid of the cut the Current description that I have over Here because we don't need that all You'd need to do is have a title now for The title you can have something like This so hilarious cat goes crazy must Watch they can type in hashtag shorts if You want okay hashtag shorts and just

Leave that there then all you want to do In the description is you can type in Something the same like hilarious cat Goes crazy must watch okay so we can Copy that I'm going to show you in a Second how you can where you can Potentially learn how to also monetize This in other ways okay so then you Could come down here you could put Whatever you wanted if you wanted to put Any affiliate links you could definitely Put affiliate links then all you need to Do is you need to scroll down and what You're going to have down here is you're Going to have tags so you can put Something like Funny Videos okay you can type in something Like cat video cat video like this okay So you can see that there's a lot of Different options you can type in Something like funny cat video this Basically just tells YouTube where they Should potentially push this video okay And you can type in something like funny Animals Okay just something like that so you can Tour YouTube exactly where to push this Video then all you need to do is quite Simply go all the way to the end and Click next next next and then post this Video the other thing as well that you Need to make sure is that these videos Are under 60 seconds long so after under

60 seconds they're going to be classed As a YouTube short if it's over 60 Seconds then this video is going to be a Standard long format video and it's not Going to appear in the YouTube short Feed now I know creating these videos Isn't that simple and getting these Views and learning how to monetize these Videos with different types of ways like Affiliate marketing sponsorships and Promotions not to mention potentially Merch as well you need to learn the Different ways that you can monetize These different types of videos which is Why I can help you do that and why we've Created a course called jet video Academy that I can show you how you can Get your hands on today all you need to Do is Click onto the link in my Description now income positive com what That's going to do is going to bring you Over to a page that looks like this Quite simply just entering your email Address and your name and what I'm going To do is I'm going to send you this Ultimate affiliate marketing guide which Is going to show you exactly how I make Anything from 100 to 500 every single Day consistently with affiliate Marketing this is the exact same Strategies I use and this is yours to Keep absolutely for free it's very Insightful and you can get this today All you need to do is enter in your

Details from there what's going to Happen is it's going to bring you over To a page that looks like this now this Is the page that's going to show you Exactly how I make money on YouTube and What I've done to make well over twenty Thousand dollars a month consistently For the last five years all you need to Do is watch this video over here it's Going to show you step by step what I do And what my current students are doing To absolutely crush it on YouTube this Is a course that's created by myself and Greg kononenko who has a channel called Caffeinated blogger with also will over 300 000 subscribers this is what we do Every every single day day in day out We're not going to show you anything That's made up or may potentially work Or you know if you try it it should work No this is what we do every single day And it works 100 percent what you're Going to see is how we blow up our Videos using Evergreen views what this Means is we teach you how to rank videos To continue to get views for months if Not for years to come we have videos That get views today that we posted Three years ago that's still getting us Ad Revenue that's still making us Affiliate marketing sales I can't Explain to you how life-changing that is Number one and number two how passive it Is we make money when we're on holidays

We make money when we're not working we Make money when we're sleeping we make Money when we do whatever else we want To do other than being in front of a Camera or being in front of a desk or Working a nine to five work continuously Making passive income and that's exactly What we want to teach you inside this Course and exactly what we've done to Earn hundreds of thousands of dollars Not you know fit an extra fifty thousand Dollars you can literally make hundreds Of thousands of dollars utilizing this Passive strategy and the best part is I Actually made a lot of this money when I Was still working a full-time nine to Five job and for Greg he basically does This part-time I post a lot more videos Than him he does a lot of other things With websites and affiliate marketing And still absolutely crushes it on the YouTube platform so whichever way you Want to go you have the opportunity to Make some insane amount of money with YouTube whether you want to show your Face whether you want to use your own Voice whether you want to create shorts Or whether you want to create long form Content or do all of it the opportunity Is there and you can do whatever you Want and we're going to teach you Exactly how you can do that so that's Exactly what you're going to discover Inside jet video Academy how to start

This with zero subscribers with zero Watch hours as a complete beginner and How just one video can potentially make You tens of thousands of dollars we're Going to show you how to do this with Absolutely no Insight even if you have Zero experience on YouTube you can start This today because that's exactly how we Started and why am I so confident that You'll be able to do this well that's Because we still have our exclusive Coaching and mentoring group what this Means is we have a Facebook group Currently with over 1200 members that Once you sign up to Jet video Academy Which is insane value at the moment it's Nothing nowhere near what other people Are charging you but on top of that we Give you ongoing coaching and support What that means is whenever you have a Question we'll answer it whatever you Want to ask we're there to support you Whether it's the niche whether you're Having issues with your videos whether You just want us to take a look at your Videos and review it look at your Channel and review it we will support You we'll take a look at everything and Give you all the Insight that you need To continue to grow your channel no one Else offers you that all you need to do Is Click onto the link in the Description go over there and watch that Video which is this one over here on

Exactly how we can do that from there Once you sign up we're going to give you A whole heap of different types of Bonuses in this which is you know what Niches you want to potentially actually Start and example channels different Types of thumbnail templates that you Can use and how to get your 1000 Subscribers really quickly on top of That we have 100 money back guarantee 30 Day no questions asked if you if this You feel like this isn't for you we just Refund you your money no questions asked Straight back into your account if it's Not for you we understand but we are Definitely here to help you if you are Interested once you sign up guys what's Going to happen it's going to bring you Over to a page that looks like this Where there's 10 modules and a heap of Videos that are going to show you Everything what we do every single day Step by step to make money on YouTube Passively so all that's left for you to Do now is go down the bottom click onto The link in the description of this Video if you want to help in creating These different types of videos so click Onto that video right now and I'll see You there so that's an insane way that You can start to make money on YouTube Without actually doing anything yourself Like I said guys if you enjoyed the Video make sure you smash that like

Button in appreciation don't forget I've Only got a one day left for you to enter My giveaway where you could win a Hundred dollars make sure you subscribe To the channel go down the bottom and Enter that giveaway right now because I Will be announcing the winner on one of My upcoming videos now don't go anywhere Because if you want to know how you can Also do this on another platform which Is Instagram make sure you click onto This video over here right now Instagram's a Powerhouse you can make a Lot of money on it and you can do it Without also showing your face I'll see You on that video until next time take Care of yourselves and goodbye

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