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And as you can see so far I made 10 173 Dollars I'm gonna reload the page so you Can see that it's actually real I'm Gonna reload a page once again and You're gonna be able to see that I have Ten thousand dollars in unpaid earnings So far and in this video I'm going to Show you exactly how this AI bot works And exactly how you can use it to make Money online as a complete beginner from Literally anywhere in the world in 2023 And Beyond so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like down below and let us Begin with a full breakdown just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all the software that I'm Promoting right over here to earn over Ten thousand dollars in affiliate Commissions is actually a chat GPT

Alternative called the chat Sonic by Right Sonic so chat Sonic allows you to Do a lot of different things also chat Sonic is basically an AI tool where you Can give it prompts you can ask him to Generate images for you so whatever you Can think about like for example I asked Him to generate an image of a monkey Drinking coffee and as you can see here I have a monkey drinking coffee or Holding coffee then I asked him to give Me five different slogan ideas for a Barber shop it gave me five ideas for a Barber shop then I asked him to write a Cold email and I asked him to write a Lecture for a course or 10 different Like attend lectures outlines for a Course about social media marketing you Can write scripts you can write articles You can do a lot of different things but You're not going to be using it yourself Today what you're going to be doing Today is promoting it as an affiliate Because that's exactly how I made over Ten thousand dollars promoting chat Sonic as an affiliate so to start Promoting chat Sonic as an affiliate you Gotta sign up for whatever affiliate Program to sign up for their affiliate Program you just want to go over to and then you want to Scroll all the way down to the bottom of This website and once you scroll all the Way down to the bottom of the website

Side you're gonna be able to see it it's Gonna say earn 30 lifetime commission as An affiliate so the beauty of right Sonic is that you're earning a Reoccurring monthly commissions when you Refer someone to the software as long as They keep on paying for their software To use it for their business to use it For like for example writing their Homework doing assignments or emails Whatever they want to use it for as long As they're using it you're gonna be Making money so you just want to click On join the program and then you want to Sign up as an affiliate which literally Takes less than two minutes you just Enter your name last name email address Create a password and you're going to be Able to log into your account which is Going to look something like this you Scroll a little way down and you can Grab your affiliate link right away Which is pretty much Gonna Be Right via equals and then your Username in this case it's Dave Nick and Then I can copy this entire this entire Affiliate link and I can start sharing This with other people so that they can Try chat Sonic themselves and I'm gonna Make money when they do so and I'm gonna Earn commissions every single month from Every single person that I refer now There are two different ways you can Promote it the first one is a lot harder

Than next one but it gets way better Results and the first one is to actually Create a YouTube videos talking about This AI software so those videos might Be like chat to GPT alternative you can Make a video like that because for Example this person posted that type of Video two weeks ago and get 800 000 views it's a lyrical this is better Than tragic PT and you got 800 000 views In two weeks and this person only has 74 000 subscribers so it's not coming from Subs and there's a lot of people posting These types of videos getting a lot of Views with smaller channels and you can Pretty much do the same thing create a Short video talking about Chad Sonic and Explaining why it's better than Chad GPT Just leave your affiliate Link in the Description and you can potentially earn A lot of affiliate commissions from that And you can use this document to talk About in that video so for example it's Going to show you exactly why chat GPT Is worse than Chad Sonic for example Tragically has been trained on Information until 2021 so it's not very Useful for topics after that it's like 2023 so it's really really old and if Scroll down you can see that you can Generate a digital art which is Something that you can't do with tragic PT understands voice commands as well Maintains the context of your

Conversations feels like you're talking To a human gives you the option to share Edit or download your conversations Which is also something that you don't Have with chat GPT you can talk to a Personalized auditor whatever you need So you can talk with your own personal Avatar select your personality English Tutor or fitness trainer math teacher And more and child Sonic will behave Like them providing accurate answers for That specific topic so it definitely has A lot more features than chat GPT and it Works way faster and it's not always Down like chat GPT is in most of the Cases so there are some those are some Of the points that you can talk about in Those videos and then just promote it as An affiliate and then the second way That you can promote it is to create a Promo design in can one to create a Promo design in Canada you just want to Go over to and then you can Search for 9×16 templates you want to Click on see all and it's going to give You all these different templates that You can use so let's say for example I'm Going to use this template over here I'm Going to click on customize this Template and I can create a promo design Like better than chat GPT and I can for Example type in try now for free and I Can search for the elements I can maybe Try to add some robot just to customize

The design a little bit and once you Create a promo design over here you just Click on share click download select Only page number one and you want to Download it as a PNG file and then click On download and now you're going to be Able to have this image into your Computer this promo design which you Made in canva and then you can simply go Over to you can sign up For completely free this is a platform That's being visited by hundreds of Millions of people every single month And you can use it to get a lot of free Traffic so you can just create a pin Click and create a pin and then just Upload the design here better than chat GPT or you can write your own call to Action and then you can just type in for Example and you can write a brief Description about this software and then You can add a destination link which is Going to be your affiliate link so Pretty much just go back to right Sonic Affiliate program click on copy to copy Your affiliate link once again and then Go back to Pinterest and just paste that Here and click on publish and you're Going to be able to publish this to your Pinterest account where this can be seen By thousands of people even if you don't Have any followers at all you don't need Any followers on Pinterest to get decent Results to get a lot of traffic and get

A lot of clicks to your affiliate link And you can create as many of these Different promo designs you can Literally create 20 of these different Promo designs in less than 10 minutes And publish all of them onto Pinterest With your affiliate Link in them to Maximize your chances of getting as many Clicks as possible and getting as many People using ride Sonic through your Link earning you affiliate commissions On incomplete autopilot so as long as There is massive hype around tragic PT And AI which is hopefully going to stay Throughout the entire year you can Actually make decent amount of money Promoting different AI Bots and AI Software as an affiliate because chat GPT is just starting out and all these Different AI Bots are just gonna get Stronger the mainstream media is Covering these topics like crazy and Everyone is talking about a AI every Single day wherever you look everyone is Talking about AI in the news on YouTube On any social media platform everyone is Talking about it so as long as you're Doing the same thing and promoting Something as an affiliate you can also Get a slice of that huge pie of income That's running around everywhere so I Really hope you got some value out of This video if you did make sure to drop A like down below and I will see you in

Some of the next ones Thank you Thank you

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