How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency – A Step By Step Guide!

Ladies and gentlemen,
time is still alive. In today's video I will show you how to start
this year's social media marketing agency. Now, I want you to go ahead and close all
tabs, because in the next 40 50 minutes in 2030, but for a
long time, the information you will have is
about to completely change for you this year. I’m going to share something I’ve already shared. I’ve
never revealed how to start a social media marketing agency.
If you stay till the end, I actually have a huge
giveaway for you. I made one of the videos last year.
There are many winners from there, but in order for the
giveaway to be meaningful, you have to look carefully at the whole
video and not one of the videos you own. Click
around and jump around for you. . Don’t want to stick to your eyes
. It’s shown on the screen every minute. I mean
you are here to bring you here.

Then we have to check
the display on the screen of this presentation. So let us understand it directly. How to start social media
as a marketing agency in 2020. This is what we are going to
continue to cover. Is running a business right for you? Ask a very basic question, but
I don't think many people will really cover it up. What is a
social media marketing agency? How to find customers for your social networking sites,
media marketing agents and how to serve these customers. So running is
suitable for your business. Now let's talk about professionals and
disadvantages. Advantages, more free time, higher income opportunities
than traditional magnification. When I talk about greater opportunities,
I mean ridiculously higher Li Gao, well, you know, that is as
far as you are concerned, it is really dark night your income potential, well, start
a social media marketing agency, compare nine
The ability to travel and work flexibly to five.

Now I am actually in Cape Town, South Africa decided to come here for
three months. It's actually great . A good place to work. Well, there is only a two-hour
time difference with London, where I live. The team is so easy to make
phone calls, customer phone calls, and sales calls with new potential customers.
Well, in all good weather, a lot of sunshine can complain. Many people who start social
media marketing agencies are actually building it in addition to working nine to five or
going to college or even high school. You see, I started social media marketing as a
16-year-old agent, and actually expanded it in early 2017 to
point me to places where I am more profitable than me. There are more principals than my teachers. I actually ended up withdrawing from
school. I don't recommend you to do this, but this is the journey I have to go through
social media marketing, and I have never looked back. Now let us
talk about the negative. There are more responsibilities.
There is no guaranteed income.

Now I greedily plant the seeds, which is the leading education company
for agency owners. And you know, I have
thousands of students and
I’m too dull, I want to be very transparent and honest with you, some students are worth getting
customers to consider their professional ethics in the first month , consider their
Contact them with the number of customers, and they will only get one customer. On the contrary, in the sixth month, to
be honest, some people really didn't do that much work, and it
might be worth finding customers in a month. Six but eventually get
customers in the first month. There is always luck and
time, no matter what business you are in, there is always something you
need to consider. The next thing is that you answer
directly to yourself.
This is positive for many people now, but it can be negative in many ways
because you have to keep yourself accountable. That
takes us to the next point, which is a more spiritual burden.

So what is a social media
marketing agency or SMA? Well, I ruined it there. SMA
is a social media marketing agency. Now, this is not SMA. This does not require
office employees or even legal companies. Guys, I don't have an
office. As you know, I am in Cape Town now. One of my employees did fly out and
only came to me at the beginning of this month. You know, it’s great to be one person
with your employees, but that’s another thing I want.
Mentioned that you don’t need employees, a social media marketing agency. You can literally work contractors.
You can expand those contractors so that those contractors can work with
you. You know, when you have two customers, three customers, four customers, five customers, maybe once you have five customers and
you have a predictable base customer, then you can contract
people who work with you, To provide results to customers
you can turn them into full-time employees like me.

Now, next is SMA,
not the one that
requires in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, Google advertising,
Snapchat advertising, branding, content creation, etc., etc. Now you may be
super confused. You are like, well, I have an agent
that provides results to customers. One thing you need to know is
there a social media marketing agency that you can use something
called contractor arbitrage. Now I remember that I told you
about my contractor
who worked with me on three four, five, and six client campaigns, and finally I took him to
work full-time at my agency.

Well, I have an advertising company for
e-commerce and information layout business, but I actually started
with creative agencies. So I actually have a creative agency.
I was doing video work, photography work, posting on social media but when I transitioned to have a
Facebook advertising agency honestly I’m not really good at Facebook
advertising, I brought my contractor, and he actually delivered All
the results from the customer. I know enough about Facebook
ads sold to customers. Then I asked the contractor to deliver
these results. These days I know many things about
Facebook ads, but honestly, as far as I know, I
don’t need to develop my agency.

You will see a perfect example.
There are two business partners. One business partner provides the
results, and one business partner sells. Now I don’t recommend business partners.
If you’re starting a social media marketing agency, because it has done it.
It’s twice as difficult to make the same amount of money. But think about it. The seller has
enough knowledge to actually sell the service, and the business partner
does the service delivery. You know, their sales are not very good. They really don’t want to
participate in sales, but they are very good at
providing services. That's the advantage.
There is a contractor. Social media marketing is not
about getting rich quick, or you know, even making countless money. Many people enter social media marketing to
earn a sideline. Look, like I said, I have students
earning $65,000 per month, earning $25,000 per month, earning $18,000
per month, earning $10,000 per month. I don't recommend you to do this
now, but after this video, go to my channel, I have tons of
student interview opportunities, and you can see their stories about how to start
from scratch and develop their agency.

But you need to know a lot.
My students just want to spend more money at $2,000 per month. I want to
earn an extra $5,000 per month. Many times it is not
about making these huge, huge numbers and turning points
become multi-millionaires. Many people just want to replace
their current income from social media marketing income. So what
is social media marketing? This is a simple business model. You run an agent
to provide services to customers. Nothing super interesting. It's
not this weird technique, technique or tactic. It's just that you have
the basic business
of providing services to provide services to customers. It's simple. Now you can be anywhere in the
world, and you can provide your services to any business in the world. This is another super
important thing to remember. I see a lot of agency owners.
They enter first, you know, they are thinking, oh, but you know, I live in a small city, or I live in a
small town or lack of clues to the guys around.

I did not see
my clients face to face. All my sales calls are zooming in. All my clients are checking their phones
and zooming in with the team. To be honest, I have never seen a client face to face.
They don't care, I don't care. I like to run my business remotely,
this is the way I teach me all the students agree and see to
do the same thing. Now here are just some
gya greed and secret secrets. One or two customers can replace
your nine to five monthly income. Remember this. I always say that you
actually only have one customer. You are a customer,
quit your job. You are a far away customer.
Get the watch that dream watch wanted.

You want to leave one of your customers
to get the dream car you want, whether it is the first customer or you
already have multiple customers, you only need one customer to get
the dream car you have always wanted. please remember. Put it in your
mind. You are a customer. The next thing is that you don't need to quit
the agency that started social media marketing . It only needs a small part of normal work,
I suggest that if you currently have a nine to five stick to your work and set up
your agency next to it and the next thing to start is the hardest
point. Since then, it has been much easier. This is great. The
important thing is to remember. I'm actually doing a student interview.
I'm talking about the difference between when you start an agent
and when you actually own an agent.

You will see that a lot of people will watch the video,
just like this, you know that you are soaked in collecting all the information. Your participation in this training here
will bring you a lot of changes, but you know that many people will watch
and then they will watch the six or seven videos you know, the other eight videos, they will absorb
all this information, they will do After two or three months of psychological attempts to
prepare myself, nothing happened. You know, they just dragged
their success. Okay, you know the example I gave
you and a student for three months, he did exactly the same thing,
and finally one day he decided that he told me that day
on January 10th, he decided, okay, today I want to start
with Corporate contacts. After 24 days, he signed his first social
media marketing client, and he
was working 9 to 5 jobs from a client with a degree after graduating from
university. So let's get started.

Okay, all you need is a laptop email, you
only need a simple g-mail account, and you need a social account. This is the business degree website where you
do not need employee office software to register. This is another thing for me, which
has bound many people. They feel as if they need to
register the business. Now, I don’t know in your country.
I know in the United States . You don’t need to register a business in the United Kingdom
. For example, by myself, I got my first agent client
from August 2016 and 2016 until the
personal tax season in April 2018. I actually operate as a sole merchant, so I did not pass the
company or any other thing. It's me. Obviously I am in tax registration.
Tax collection is very important. It is registered and the business is carried out.
Or limited company or this or that.

I'm just self-employed like me,
so if that makes you back down,
please don't let it. Once again, here are some more greed and secret secrets.
The best agent is the simplest agent. I really can't put enough pressure on this. I have seen many agents
where the owners are complicated. I've seen too many full-service agencies that
make $20,000 a month in revenue, but they
just take home like three people. They make 4,000 monthly profits, and
their agencies are so complicated.

They are working with
10 different niches. They offer 10 different services,
offer mark-ups, mark-downs, everything can be seen everywhere. The best agents on earth are
the simplest and most streamlined. So the next secret.
Don’t you need a website? But you can create a simple
one using click channels. Go ahead and check the link below. After getting a 14-day free trial period, I was
actually building a new agency website on Click Channel.

I also use the click channel and
my agency's case study channel as my onboarding channel. Literally, I use click channels for
almost everything. The next secret is that you can purchase
a personalized domain name starting at $1 per year, and Google G Suite from
$5 per month. I strongly recommend you to do this, because you
only pay $5 per month. For customers, suppose, you can contact us
for example, for example, Eamon, you know your agency. com, your actual agent name, you can
name your agent whatever you want. As I said, you don't have to have your own
agent name as your registered business. For me, I have been IgE Media for two years
before I even started doing business.

To this day , the company I registered is not even my
agency name. My opera is another name. So don't let that scare you,
just choose an agency name and what you want to do with
it. Don't think too much, but it can definitely be a business
domain because it just
shows customers that you are a bit serious and you want to
get a better response when you arrive . Show them to customers. How to find customers
For your social media marketing agency, customers are equal to anyone who
needs more customers. Therefore, the first step is to choose your niche market. It's easier to reach and get results
for a specific type of customer.

OK? Choose someone you know very well, you know and you already
have some ideas about potential customers, it can change people. What you know
doesn't have to be the same. You can, you know, work with a niche for a
few months before you realize that you don't like working with them.
Then you can change the wall ni. OK? As long as you don’t try
to work with everyone in the sun, it’s best to
focus on a niche soap.

Just in the United States
, there are only 38,000 gymnasiums , 200,000 dentists
, and 600,000 restaurants. So for anyone who thinks
there is a shortage of customers there, it's just three niches.
In the United States alone, there are 38,000 stadiums, 200,000 dentists, and 600,000 restaurants. There is no shortage of customers
there for you to lock in. Therefore, the second step is to make a list. OK? You want to take the lead in the
list. Okay, so you want to start locally, you can expand the scope later, but start locally, just create a Google
worksheet or it doesn't need to be complicated now. It can be Google Sheets, it
can be Google Docs, hey, it can even be pen and paper, but
just write 10 to 20 companies, their company names, phone
numbers, their email addresses, websites, and Facebook and Instagram
page. Therefore, listing 2030 starts. This is the process of potential customer sourcing. It
basically just collects a bunch of potential customers that you intend to reach,
get there and collect as many things as possible about these potential customers
so that you have the highest probability of having a meeting
with them.

Outreach. Okay, so choose your method,
whether it's a cold call , whether it's a cold email, or even think that
they are on Instagram, if
it sounds a little weird and weird. In fact, this
is how I am mainly attracting most of my customers. My top five, six, seven, and eight
customers are only called DM Wailian. On Instagram these days, I know you can be like
minutes and then convert to 15 seconds, but you can actually record it a
long time ago, I just need to send like 15 seconds, send 15 seconds,
send 15 seconds, and then send you know it’s really very Simple. I only give them one, two or three tricks.
I finished writing these words, and then I left, hey, I just saw you on a few pointers, I think there are a few places where
you leave your money on the table.

Now obviously I can't give you all,
just three short paragraphs to review your business . That's why I left the
juicy one-on-one meeting. So I really want to arrange time to
prepare a cup of instant coffee, sit down and talk about where you can
improve your social media marketing strategy, and see if
it makes sense for me to go in and implement these strategies for you.

pexels photo 6483629

If it gets worse, you get
nothing. You literally performed a free audit. You can run away and do it
as you wish. Now remember, this is back when I actually
used to have a one-on-one meeting. I stopped one-on-one sales meetings
as early as mid-2018, but at that time I was doing one-on-one
business in the local area. Now the next thing is to move on with
a simple script by yourself. Actually, if you stay until the end of this video, I will make your life a hell
much easier, but as I said, don’t click forward. Stay focused and
focus on training. As I said at the end, it
will make your life a lot easier because I have
some bonuses for you. I said just to stick to the end.

The next thing is to
promote your daily goals and
schedule follow-up meetings. Now, this is a very, very simple process.
For example, if you stay till the end, I will give you some additional resources to
really get you started and keep you on the way. But the simple
message is, hey, my name is Yimon, and I help the
restaurant attract new customers. I just need to check your website.
I know that is a lot of money you want to leave on your business desk. I have some great ideas.
You can attract more customers. Do you want to discuss it? This is basically
as basic as possible.

I will use more things, as I said,
the content of that Instagram message, those Instagram, DMS and other
video DMS they used to send me, the most important thing is to sell
meetings, not services. Let me repeat this because many
beginners of social media marketing make this mistake. You are selling
meetings, not services, so when you contact customers, don't start talking about
the benefits of service, this or this or this or that. Don't
talk about your services. You are just selling conferences.
How conferences can bring infinite room for development . Basically, there are no
shortcomings. That's why, you know, when I give Instagram,
for example, I went, hey, if there is nothing, and you want
to continue to adopt these strategies, implement it well by yourself,
I want to make sure this is a victory
for you to win . That’s great, very important, because you need to
understand that these business owners are busy, respect their time, and make sure that the
meeting is an absolute win-win for them. Zero unlimited upside
disadvantages, very, very important. Now the fourth step is the meeting.
Now meetings can be virtual, especially in foreign countries.

Like I said, all my sales meetings go through
zoom, and then use another simple script to explain your proposition, sign the customer there, and get
the paid invoice and agree to the start date. So I want to tell you a little
more about the meeting. Like I said, if you stay till the end, the key is to have free training.
We are on YouTube and YouTube. Everyone wants a three-
minute video, a seven-minute video, and a longest 10-minute video.
If it’s a 10-minute video, it really stretches
people’s attention span. So I’m going to try to keep it pretty,
short and sweet, and give you the important content of the bare YouTube training.
As I said, soon, once we finish this training, I am going to give you some
additional resources to help you.

So in the meeting, the first
initial stage is the mining stage, right? You are here, you are really just digging and
collecting some information about them business. Next, you enter the
sports arena, okay? Because you need it, you really need to understand that to
get rid of their business, you are actually going to continue to use it. You will use the first stage in it
to complete the transaction in the third stage. Now I need you to understand those people who
are buying emotionally, and then they prove logical. You see the most
things you buy on earth. You are not buying things. You buy in the way of buying
that makes you feel or feel the dilemma that changes your future life. Think about the last time you bought
a pair of shoes, or you bought a computer, or hey, the last
time you went to college, you know you are not really
paying for information. You pay for the hypothetical future
life will give you. This is exactly the same as
with business owners. Every business owner wants
more money.

They want to make more. For some specific reasons, whether to upgrade from a three-
bedroom to a five-bedroom detached house, whether to buy a new
Rolex, no matter what, the business owner wants Earn more money in
order to realize this vision for their future lives. So remember that
when you sell them, it is very important to only concentrate
on the features and benefits of your service. There are also future projects that let them imagine
what life will be like once they use your service to get
the results they want. Therefore, the next stage is logic.
Now remember what I said, people buy with emotion
and prove it with logic. So you need to use the first stage, the digging stage to get the numbers to
understand their business and really know why it’s boring.
That’s when you use it in stages. Three logical stages, the last thing is
very close. Very very simple. If you have completed the first
of the three things, it should end effortlessly, and it doesn't have to be difficult to
sell or something like that.

The most important thing is,
as I said, effortlessly to make such obvious decisions
the way you do it. Like I said, your future steps, your future projects, what your future will look like in the future
, you provide those services for them, you also consolidate the use of
logic, this is actually a no-brainer, that is
You are almost guaranteed to close. So the fifth step is for
you to rinse and repeat. You sign a clown who makes a client's money
and that client will continue to recommend it to you. Believe me,
the longer you are in the agent game, the more recommendations you will get.

Rinse and repeat this operation
again and again. So here are some
tips for green agents. First, integrate the zoom with the calendar.
Video calls. If you have Google Calendar, you can use this integration to zoom
and Google Calendar so that whenever you send
an email from Google Calendar to invite someone, it will automatically generate a zoom
meeting. Super, super useful. This way you know they
can go to the calendar, just press to join the zoom call, and
you are in a video call with them. The next thing will never be free
trial. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to understand free trials and
never convert, because even if you get them psychologically, you need to
understand expectations.

They have stopped paying absolutely
nothing for 30 days, and then you have to charge them 1,002 thousand
in their minds $3,000 per month. They don't like it, oh, that's
big. I have one month of free time. In their view, they are like I didn't have to pay for it before and
now I have to pay for it. So believe me, believe me. The future
As I said, operating the largest education company is
for agency owners. I have trained thousands
and thousands of students. I’m telling you for free now that the
trial will not translate into actual payment for customers.

Another thing to note is that the
best customers are independent, okay? They are not chains. They have high
profit margins and a small team is responsible. The next step is to use the invoicing software to
let the customer pay there. Then, okay, until they are customers,
they have paid for the service. So how to serve your customers. Step
First, choose your service. Yes, there are convenient offers and
result-oriented quotations. Such a convenient offer
may be content creation. You know they can still
create iPhones with their own content , this, that. But if you
have a professional camera, this is its convenience, it's your
editing and so on. Another example might be
social media management. You know that we are managing their social
media, the media you post for them, and you are developing a social media platform. Now, results-oriented services
are things like paid social advertising, email marketing and SEO.

So I strongly recommend that you
go for paid social advertising. That's the easiest place to start.
Usually this is where you want to go. The highest retention rate. So like I
said, with paid social advertising, you can get the most obvious return on investment. This is the easiest to learn.
There is no software cost because you can advertise directly on Facebook. OK. Now, you have two options.
Therefore, choose your service delivery method. Either you outsource, as I mentioned earlier
about outsourcing and using contractors, or you do it yourself.
Outsourcing is easier to expand. It's easier to do it yourself. So the third step is to
choose your delivery channel, whether it’s Google ads,
Facebook ads, YouTube ads, which is obviously part of
the Google advertising platform, whether it’s Snapchat ads,
LinkedIn ads, tick ads. The easiest starting point
so far is the Facebook channel. So the reason is
because there are more users, which obviously means more pertinence.
This is the most user-friendly platform. There are local potential customers there. I said that might be the reason
first. The fourth step is to create your Facebook business account.
As I said, integrate customers.

Create a Facebook business account, by requesting access to the customer page,
business manager and creating an advertising account. It is very important to use the customer's
payment method. You will never want to charge for advertising. You only charge a service fee,
and then the customer hooks their card to their business manager.
Whenever you advertise for them, they pay directly. You don't
want to deal with this money. This is a nightmare. It's a mess. Instead of making your customers pay
directly on the ads manager. Step 5 has created
your ad. You go in. You press the button on the top right.
It just says to create a campaign. When you are at
the considerations that arise when choosing leads. This basically tells Facebook
what the goal of this ad is. Next to create an audience, you
say your demographics, location, age, gender, etc. For example,
you work in a gym.

You can enter the zip code directly or
you can add one mile to that street, and instead, you can target by location
and create a budget. Now in terms of assets, this means
you know the pictures and photos, your customers provide
copies of the assets, and you know the actual
writing for the ad. You do it yourself. The
demographic conditions
will tell you their demographics are then
a good compass about what you are looking at, and then
you can make some adjustments from there. The next step is to create an ad. Now
you want to write a compelling copy there. Relevant to your audience. Long format is always better than lively.
You should avoid using stock slogan images. Okay, use lifestyle
content, simple test. Will you post it on your own timeline? The key and digital tip that I can
advertise for your customers is whether the person who looks at it can tell
that this is an advertisement. You did everything wrong. You just want it to look
almost like an organic social post, content posted by their friends. This is the reason why you use the iPhone a lot of time.

images are actually in you to advertise for your customers, not
like some super-fashion cameras or even stock images. I mean stock images,
just avoid them altogether. Finally, use the ideal offer to
generate a strong call to action. Now, users can follow up by phone,
email, or encourage in-person visits, and set up automatic lead export
from your business manager. Therefore, your customers will be notified of
things. All this has become super, using Zapier is super easy. So I said
here are more groups and secret tips. Outsourcing can save you time and
bring better results for customers. You can create custom lead forms
in ClickFunnels. Like I said, please refer to the link below to get started
and then use Zapier for everything.

OK. So that SMS can follow up.
So this is the next step. Go to the link in the instructions below. Registered for free training and
received two free bonuses. Remember when I told
you that you’ve seen it before, I’m going to give you two
introductory resources. Well, the first is that I have a cold.
Call, plug and play. This comes directly from my paid course.
OK? That's straight from there. So this is a five-page document.
Speak your cold words accurately. In order to be successful. I'll also give you an hour and a half
of live video of my old salesperson. The agency closed three live broadcasts
in 10 conference calls . I will also give you a short sales
script of what to say at the meeting. Guaranteed to close. Nowadays, many times the
anxiety begins
once the customer is closed, so I get you, because the next thing I’m
going to get is actually a six-page plug-and-play, step-by-step understanding of how to advertise, and
in-depth discussion of local business details.

You know, restaurants,
gyms, masseurs, real estate agents, etc., etc. Literally this is the complete click
what to do and the way you get. When you click on the
free training instructions in the link, I went on to organize a
two-and-a-half-hour behemoth free training. Like I said, YouTube is
about seven minutes, ten minutes, and 12 minutes of video. So even if the length of this video is not true, I
prefer the way people like to watch the content on YouTube, but I want to go deeper and
give you more value. That's why I continue to describe
the free training link together and watch it all
through. As I said, you can even get these two bonuses directly
from my paid course agent incubator.

It's not all now. Before
you continue to perform the operation. I have many gifts for you. So I want you to continue to comment.
In the comments section, why do you believe that social media marketing is the
best business model. For every one hundred comments, I will give
an hour of free counselling call. Until today you can’t pay me to talk
to you one-on-one unless
you represent my client IgE media.

In this case, I will charge £25,000 for
a two-day training for me to come in and consult you and yours
Business. Once again, you must be the actual business owner. This is business-to-business and £25,000 is
approximately equal to $32,000 which is two eight hours a day. So I have to charge people about $2,000.
Now my time is one hour. And you must pay two days in advance.

So if you want to move on and
get free one-on-one tutoring calls. As I said, I don’t coach,
I don’t coach, I do n’t work with anyone one-on-one
unless they pay me $32,000 to fly me to their office. They are a company and
earn more than seven figures a year. Therefore, its value is huge.
The last time I did a video, there was a bunch of winners
from then on.

So as I said, comment why you believe social media
marketing is the best business model and for every 100 comments I'm going to go
ahead and pick a winner and we'll have a chat and I'll coach you on your
journey. So ladies and gentlemen, I hope you like this video. Go ahead and leave a comment and
you will be valid for the giveaway. Then after that, pick a time, check out the free training and make
sure you stay until the end to get your free gifts. I hope you guys
have enjoyed this free training. Can you go ahead and smash
the like button for me? Taking my time out of a day to create
this lengthy step by step guide for you? I appreciate all of you and I hope you
guys enjoy the extended free training in the description ..

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