How To Get Your First 10,000 Followers on LinkedIn – 50 LinkedIn Follower Hacks for 2020 | Tim Queen

Hi guys! This is Tim Queen. Today I'm going to share the secret of how to gain followers on LinkedIn organically in 2020. And how to get to 10,000 followers fast. So pay close attention. And watch the video to the end to get all the tips. Especially the last one is really important. Tip 1. You have to optimize your LinkedIn profile. That should be your first step when creating a LinkedIn account. You have to add a photograph of yourself. You have to add a cover image. You have to put in some text.

Make sure that it's complete. And nice to look at. This is important. Because when people discover you. Through one of the different channels. They will do a sanity check. Is that a real person? Does this person look like someone I might benefit from following? Does this person have something to say that might be useful for me? By having a complete profile, you're laying the groundwork. That allows everyone who visits your profile to make a decision. Do I want to follow the person? Yes or no? A good profile picture and a good headline are helping.

If you want to learn more about how to write a perfect LinkedIn headline. I put a link up here. Where I share my articles. About the top 39 LinkedIn headlines that get you more followers on LinkedIn. Tip 2. When you're starting on LinkedIn you probably have no connections at all. So start to connect with people you know. This can be your family members. Your friends. Your colleagues.

A former colleague. Alumni from your university. That can be people, you met at a conference. People you have been in touch with. Associates. People working at an organization where you're volunteering. Connect to all the people you know. Make a list of people. You might not remember every single person who might have a LinkedIn profile. Build a list. Then over time… Every time you remember someone. Find them on LinkedIn. Send them a connection request. This will help you to lay the groundwork. You will notice that as you are starting to generate more traffic to your profile. People will often find you through a mutual connection. Of a friend or someone who is a follower of a family member. This will help you to grow. You need a certain amount of people you are connected with to quickly kickstart your LinkedIn journey in 2020.

Tip 3. You should write articles. LinkedIn has a unique publishing platform. You can use it to share blog posts on LinkedIn itself. LinkedIn is preferring content that's hosted on their website. By sharing an article on their platform directly you will get more people sharing it. Other people will discover your content. If they are of good quality and value, they will follow you and help you to grow your audience. Tip 4. Share text posts on LinkedIn. Text posts are usually short stories. You can use up to 1,300 characters. Or roughly about 200 words. To tell something that you have learned in business or life. Those posts often help people to get a taste of who you are. What are your experiences? What are you expertises? What could you potentially help them with? If you're sharing quality advice in your text posts, you will get people to follow you. To learn more about you and to get future updates. This is how you can grow an audience quickly on LinkedIn. Tip 5. Share photos on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not Instagram. You can't overdo it. But sharing an occasional photo is a game-changer for your LinkedIn growth.

The LinkedIn algorithm is prioritizing a content mix. Some people prefer pictures over texts. By having pictures in your content mix. You help people who prefer picture content to discover you. When they follow you you quickly grow your audience. Here are a few ideas that you can share in pictures. Share anything when you have achieved something. Something you're proud of. For example. If you have spoken at a conference.

Or you met an author on a book signing tour. Or you received an industry award. Those are great opportunities to share a picture with your LinkedIn community. Oftentimes you will find. If you have something interesting or impressive to share, people will follow you. Because they want to learn more about you. Tip 6. Publish videos on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not YouTube. But LinkedIn has a huge advantage over YouTube. It prefers LinkedIn video content over external video content. By just using the video content platform on LinkedIn, you're getting more impressions than by sharing a YouTube video. And as I mentioned before. Certain people prefer text content. Other people prefer photo content. And other people prefer video and talk content. By sharing video content on LinkedIn. By sharing something educational. Something entertaining. Something that is a life lesson. From your personal life. Or from your business experience. Short how-to stories. How people can get quick wins. You can quickly grow an audience in 2020. Here's a big tip. Make sure that you are using subtitles for your LinkedIn videos.

Often the audio quality is not the best. By including subtitles, you are also exposing your content to people who prefer reading. Tip 7. Go LIVE on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a live streaming feature. That means you can live stream current events. Share the next time you're on stage. And have something to say. Broadcast your webinar on LinkedIn as a second channel. Use it to share interesting insights. For example. You are at a conference and are reporting live from the show. Or you share something in real-time. It's a great way to connect with your audience. At this moment, very few people are using the LinkedIn live platform. That's a great opportunity for you to grow your LinkedIn audience in 2020. Tip 8. Share documents on LinkedIn. You can share all kinds of documents. You can share a PowerPoint presentation. PDF document. Word documents. You name it. There is so much potential in this. You can share worksheets. Cheat sheets. You can create a multi-page summary of your conference notes. What you have learned. Maybe have a white paper. That contains useful tips for someone who might become a customer.

By sharing documents you're giving people another form of content to consume. The better the quality, the more people will follow you after sharing this type of content. Tip 9. Use LinkedIn hashtags. People often follow specific hashtags. By using hashtag sporadically. I recommend no more than three in each post. You allow people to organically discover your content through one of the hashtags they follow. I recommend that before you get started, research the hashtags carefully. Find out the specific hashtags that have followers on LinkedIn. That has relevant content. So you can find the right people. And can pinpoint what kind of audience you want to attract to your LinkedIn network. This will help you to grow organically in 2020. Tip 10. Tag people and organizations in your LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn allows you to tag people, companies or organizations in your post. All you have to do is to type the @ key. As in for your email address. Then slowly type out the name of either the person or the company. Sometimes you must be connected to the person. Or the person has to be a second-level of connection of you on LinkedIn.

To find the relevant person. If you do, you have a great opportunity to grow your audience. Oftentimes people will get an instant notification. For company pages, it can be a little bit more difficult. Because not every company page is monitored. And not every company page is engaging. But especially if you're tagging people. You will find that they will often engage with your posts. They will leave a comment. Or like. Or share. This will be then shown to their audience. Some of those people will come over to your post. And will become followers of you and grow your audience in 2020. Tip 11. Be good at what you do. If you are really good. You are an expert in your field. And you have something to say. You will attract people. Wisdom, knowledge, and expertise are rare. By you being willing to share some of that expertise and knowledge with your LinkedIn network. You are becoming incredibly valuable to them. The moment you share a lot of value with your audience. You make it much more likely that they want to follow you.

Because they want to get more value in the future. By having them connected to you. You have the opportunity to connect with them. And to communicate with them one-to-one daily. Through your LinkedIn content. This will allow you to stay in the back of their minds. At one point when they are ready to buy, they will reach out to you. And you can turn them from a follower into a customer. Tip 12. Be the first to report something. Be the first who is sharing a piece of news. Be the first to talk about something. By being the first to have an opinion that nobody else is sharing. By being the first, you are becoming unique. And uniqueness is of value. Everyone wants to be connected to the person who knows everything first and who reports things first. Now here's something important.

Don't just share a piece of news. Give it your spin. What do you think about this piece of news? What do you think this means? How can people prepare for this good news or bad news? How can they take advantage of certain events? By being the first person to tell them what's happening. And then secondly, by giving it your spin. By telling them what it means so they can take action. You are becoming incredibly valuable to them. And that's why they want to follow you. This is how you can grow your audience in 2020. Tip 13. Be consistent. You must be posting every single day on LinkedIn. At least one post. This will help you to gain momentum quickly. Oftentimes people will engage with you daily. By posting content consistently, LinkedIn will quickly learn that your content is of value. That means your content is building up momentum. Every day, you're posting. You're creating a positive feedback loop. When people are liking, commenting, and sharing. They will be shown to more and more people. As you grow consistently.

And posting consistently every day. You're quickly building up momentum. Even though your post might normally require a little bit more time for LinkedIn to evaluate its quality. It will give you the benefit of the doubt. Assuming that because you have posted content in the last 20 days. And the content was always getting good reactions. It will show it initially to more people and that allows you to grow even faster. Tip 14. Go viral. That's not something you can control. But you can do the right actions every day that are required for a viral post. And if you have a bit of luck. And the timing is right. And the right people are online at the right time.

You can eventually turn one of your posts into a viral post. A viral post is happening when you are quickly getting reactions faster than on average. LinkedIn will perceive this as a very valuable post. And will quickly expand the reach of your post. And show this to more and more people. If the momentum keeps up and those people are also equally reacting favorably to your post. Giving you likes above average. Giving you more than the above-average number of comments.

And more than above-average shares. The post will eventually go viral. And can easily reach 1000, 10000, 100000 views. In my case, I have reached a post with almost 4 million views. So make sure that you learn the qualities on how to go viral. I put a link up to my website. If you want to check out With a viral checklist. How to create a viral LinkedIn post? Make sure that you check out this checklist to learn about how to consistently write posts. And how to publish content the right way. That eventually makes it possible for you to go viral. Tip 15. Join LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are currently getting a big makeover. LinkedIn is trying to make LinkedIn groups more attractive. Kind of like how Facebook groups used to be in the beginning. By joining LinkedIn groups. And then connecting with people. By sharing content in those groups. By being of value. You make it very likely. That some of those very targeted niche people. Who joined a very specific niche group. Decide to follow you personally. Because they want to be sure that they always get your updates when you are not posting in the group.

You can actively encourage this by telling people. Every time you share something in the group. "You can also follow me for a specific topic or theme." So they get the idea: "Yes, you share other content on your profile too." Tip 16. Create your own LinkedIn group. LinkedIn groups are a great way to attract a very niche audience. By creating a LinkedIn group around a certain theme. You can attract the same people you want to have as your audience members. For example. You want to attract people who might be interested in architecture. Then create a group of people who might hire an architect. And then create content. Share valuable content. Make sure that you get the community engaged. As the group grows, more and more members will invite other members. And then they learn about you through the group and will also follow you in person.

This is another way how you can grow your LinkedIn audience and 2020 organically. Tip 17. Create a LinkedIn page for your business. Pages are a great tool to share additional content on the LinkedIn platform. You can use them to promote your business. But you can also share content. Or cross-share content that you are also sharing on your profile. People can follow company pages. This is another way, how they can discover your content. For example. LinkedIn might decide to show 10% of your followers, certain posts. And it might also decide to show 10% of your company page followers certain posts. By cross-sharing content on your profile and your LinkedIn page. You're making it more likely that more people will see it. Because the LinkedIn page and the personal profile are treated individually by LinkedIn. So you have a chance to attract different people at the same time. Tip 18. Create events. Find a way to take LinkedIn offline and then invite people to join your event. LinkedIn has a feature where you can share events and invite your connections directly.

Events are a great way for people to meet in person. It's a great way for them to discover you. Oftentimes they will invite colleagues and people they know to the event. If you can provide a great experience at your event, you get people to follow you. It's very important that when you are sharing an event. Make sure that one of your slides. Has the address of your LinkedIn profile. Or you can put in your QR code. People can scan it and then instantly connect with you on LinkedIn. Or follow you. Tip 19. Collaborate with other people on LinkedIn. That could be for example. Interviewing someone who has a similar audience as yourself. Some of the people who are their followers will become your followers. Some of your followers become their followers. It's a win-win situation. It allows you to quickly grow a relevant audience for both of you. Tip 20. It's a technical one. Switch your personal LinkedIn profile to a "Follow" profile. By default, LinkedIn will give you a "Connect" button.

Every time someone is pressing the main call to action button on your LinkedIn profile. You will receive a connection request. The problem with connection requests is two things. First, you have a limit of 30,000 connections. Second, once someone is a connection they can send you messages. You want to make sure that when you're growing your audience. You only selectively connect with people who are potential customers. So you're not getting spammed all the time. Once you have 30,000 connections you will get a lot of spam. Then you might miss an important message of someone who wants to become a customer.

By switching your settings. And turning your profile into a "Follow" only profile. People have to jump through two hoops to send you a connection request. The default button will change to a "Follow" button. If someone wants to connect with you. They have to click the "More" button. Then click on "Connect".

To send you a connection request. This will ensure that you are growing your followers. And only serious people will send you connection requests. Tip 21. This might be obvious. You have to ask people to follow you. Tell them in your social media posts. Tell them in your text posts, photo posts, video posts, document posts, video posts. Tell them to follow you. Even write it on your LinkedIn profile description. Tell them to follow you. And not just to follow you. Give them a reason why they should follow you. Tell them what kind of content you're sharing. Why would it be of benefit to be following you? What can they expect? And then deliver on that promise. Tip 22. Share your LinkedIn profile everywhere. Put it in your email description. Put it on your website. Share it on your other social media platform. Put it everywhere. You can put it on your website.

Put it on your PowerPoint slide. Share this in text messages. Put this as your description or your headline. On Instagram, have a bio link that is including a link to your LinkedIn profile. Put it in the description of every video you're sharing. Put it in your articles. When you're like doing guest posts, make sure that there is a link to your LinkedIn profile. The more places you share your LinkedIn profile. The more likely people will discover you and follow you. Tip 23. Promote your LinkedIn profile on other social media channels. That's related to tip number 22. But you can tell people this, in way more creative ways. For example. Share a specific piece of content on your personal LinkedIn profile.

Something you are not sharing anywhere else. Then go on Instagram and record a short story. Telling them about a special resource that you shared on your LinkedIn profile. The link is in your bio. If they want to have it. They have to head over to LinkedIn. To your profile. To download it. Or to get the link. Encourage them to follow you there. So then don't miss out on any of your high-value content. Tip 24. Run a paid ad campaign to promote your LinkedIn profile. That's an advanced approach. You can do a lot of things wrong. But if get it right, you can quickly drive relevant traffic to your LinkedIn profile. If your LinkedIn profile is optimized from top to bottom. And it's clear and easy for people to understand. What's your value proposition you are offering? A specific problem that you can help them solve. Instead of sending them to your website. You might send them to your LinkedIn profile. If you have the opportunity to run ads at a very small budget. At a small cost per click. You can quickly get people to follow you for a specific topic.

Once you have a certain amount of people on your audiences. LinkedIn is often recommending you to other similar people. This is another way how you can grow your audience on LinkedIn. Tip 25. Update your LinkedIn profile frequently. Make sure that you always keep your profile up to date. Every time you're changing jobs. Every time you have a new achievement. Add this to your LinkedIn profile. An up to date profile will be very attractive. People think that you take care of this. You are actually on the platform. It makes it much more likely that they decide to follow you. If they think that you're active on the platform, Tip 26. Get a professional headshot picture. People say. A picture speaks more than a thousand words. That's so true. Especially on LinkedIn. Your number one picture on LinkedIn is your profile picture.

It will make the difference between someone liking you or hating you. Even though they might like you in person. Sometimes a picture is telling a different story. People make assumptions. A bad picture makes a really bad impression. Make sure that you get a professional headshot photo. Make sure that you get a professional attire. Depending on your business, that might be a different attire. But for most people, business attire is a must. Make sure that you're coming across as both confident and friendly. Confidence, capability, and likability create charisma.

Make sure that you get a professional headshot photograph. Take at least 10 to 20 pictures to get one that's communicating all of those values to your audience. Tip 27. Reply to comments. Every time you're sharing a piece of content, people will engage with your content. Often, they will leave your comments. Some people leave long comments. By taking the time to reply to all of them. You're telling them that you value their opinion. By replying to them. You make it more likely that they will comment the second time when you are posting another post. You must keep your audience happy. If they consistently like, comment, and share your content and are rewarded for that by you by taking the time to reply to them and to engage with them, they will do it again and again. Every time someone from your audience is engaging. The content will be shown to parts of their network.

And if some of them engage. Parts of their network. This is how you're growing to second, third and fourth levels. A post can go viral if you consistently leave comments on your social media posts. Tip 28. Thank people for sharing. Sharing is one of the most important signals for the LinkedIn algorithm. It determines if your post is shown to more and more people. You can go to the analytics tab. And find the people who shared your content. Or you can use the search field. Search for certain lines from your content to find people who shared it. Go to their share. Leave a comment and thank them for sharing your post. You make it much more likely that they will share again. Because they get positive feedback from you. The more people share, the more people will see your content.

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And more people will decide to follow you. This is how you can quickly grow your audience. By thanking everyone who shared your post for taking the time to share your content. Tip 29. Connect with your biggest fans. This is important. You will notice that after a while. Some people will consistently show up for every single post. They will leave comments. They will share it. They will like it. They are your biggest fans. Connect with them and take the relationship to the next level. This will make the bond even stronger. And encourage them to continue doing this.

And to keep the engagement up. Once you are connected to a certain person. It makes it more likely that they will see more of your content. By keeping your closest fans happy and connected to you. You're helping other people to discover your content organically on LinkedIn in 2020. Tip 30. Engage with the content of your fans. Now that you have connected to your biggest fans. Make sure that you're engaging with some of their content every time they're sharing something. And you're have something to share as well. Leave them a meaningful comment. If they have something great to share. Share or re-share one of their posts. Make this a two-way relationship. It mustn't be just a one-way street. Keep your most important followers happy. By sharing content, you're building a real relationship.

Over time more and more people will become part of your LinkedIn family and grow your circle of influence. And your network organically. Tip 31. Endorse your network's skills. If you know someone who is an expert in a specific area. Go on their profile. Find their skill section. If they added the perfect skill. Endorse them for that. Especially if it's your expertise. Every time you are endorsing someone and you are an expert for this specific skill yourself. Say you have 99 endorsements yourself. For any endorsements, you give for this particular skill. You will stand out on that profile. LinkedIn will tell other people that they were endorsed by someone who is an expert in this field. This is how you're getting a bookmark on someone else's LinkedIn profile. This can help you to grow your LinkedIn network organically. Tip 32. Write LinkedIn recommendations for people you know and trust. By writing a meaningful recommendation for someone. You place an ad on their LinkedIn profile. People are often very happy to share recommendations and put them on their profiles.

Most people don't get a lot of recommendations. So chances are good that every time someone is visiting this person. And reading it. Scrolling through the list. They will discover you. If you have something interesting to say. It's like your own, personal advertisement on someone else's profile. The more recommendations you write, the more advertisements you have. Every time someone clicks on that. They can get to your profile and learn more about you. Often they will decide to follow you in return. Tip 33. Optimized for LinkedIn SEO. What I mean is to optimize for search terms that someone might type into the LinkedIn search field.

By optimizing for certain keywords that people you want to have as your audience. You make it way more likely that you are found through the search feature. When someone is typing something. Let's say you're a marketing strategist. And someone types in "marketing strategist" in "New York". Visits your profile. And thinks. "Wow, this looks interesting. I'm not 100% sure this is the right person, but I will follow them to learn more about them in the future." This is how you can use the search feature of LinkedIn to grow your audience organically. Tip 34. Switch your personal LinkedIn profile from "Private" to "Public". Make everything "Public". Have your picture visible to the "Public". Have your headline ready. Have your description. Have your experience section. Have our education section. Turn everything to "Public". This way you're profile can be indexed by LinkedIn. If you optimized your SEO for LinkedIn, you also optimized your SEO for Google. If someone is googling for specific expertise. For example, they are looking for marketing strategies in New York again. But this time they're using Google.

Your LinkedIn profile might show up, especially if your profile is popular. When you have a big network. And have a lot of content or share. This is indicating to Google that your profile might be important. And it makes it more likely that you're showing up in Google search results at the top of page one. That's another way how you can organically drive traffic from Google to your LinkedIn profile.

And to grow your audience with followers that are relevant in 2020. Tip 35. Leaves smart comments on other people's content. This is about other people in your industry. Other people in your network. By following other people that are of interest to you. And who might have some of the followers that you want to have for your network? By going to their content and leaving something meaningful. By "Meaningful" I'm mean that you're not self-promoting yourself. You're just adding to the conversation. You are sharing something that is benefiting both the author and the other people in the comment section. You found another way how you can demonstrate your expertise indirectly without being a douche. If anyone is reading the comment section. And they find that what you are saying is useful and valuable.

They will decide to check out your LinkedIn profile. If your profile is optimized. They will often follow you to learn more and to get updates. They will discover what other content you're sharing on your LinkedIn profile. Tip 36. Encourage people to share your social media posts on LinkedIn. You can write this in the content of your posts. I recommend two ways. You can just tell people to share it. Or you can tell them with whom they should share this. Sometimes when you're writing about a specific topic. Someone might read this and say. "Wow, this is a great post". But they don't think that they know three other people in their network who might also benefit from it. By just telling them, to share this with someone who is also currently facing a similar challenge. Or share this with someone who is on the same topic.

You're reminding them. And making them think. And at that moment, they start to remember. "Yeah… I know three people." You make it much more likely that they will share the post. When you share it, big parts of their networks will also discover your posts. If your content is valuable. Some of their audience members will follow you. And you can grow your audience continuously. Tip 37. Build real relationships on LinkedIn. What I mean by that is being proactive about building your network. Choosing people you want to connect with carefully. People, where you feel there might be an overlap in your audiences. There might be some way how you might be able to collaborate.

And then build a relationship. Check out their LinkedIn profile. Learn something about them. What would be a specific opportunity for you to collaborate? And then talk to them. Mention what you discovered on their profile. Mention something specific, you learned about them. Maybe you checked out their website. Maybe you found their YouTube channel. Talk to them. Build a real relationship. Keep the momentum going. This way you can find more and more people who have very similar audiences and you can grow together. Tip 38. Become a speaker. Attend events. Create your events. Speak offline. Not just on LinkedIn. Not just on video. In real life. In a room full of people. Not only will this help you to quickly become accustomed to big audiences. It will also help other people to discover you. By being offline you can attract offline people who are not actively using LinkedIn. If you can impress them offline.

And you tell them. Here's my LinkedIn profile. Or here's my QR code. Check me out. Follow me on LinkedIn if you want to learn more about this. Bring people from the offline world online. People who might not even have a LinkedIn profile. But they might create one. Because they want to learn more about you and your content. By speaking at events and by promoting your links and profile in those events. Put it on your slides. Put it on your hand out. You are getting more audience members from the offline world to become your followers on LinkedIn. Tip 39. Join panel discussions. Sometimes speaking might not be your thing. Having a discussion can work the same way as public speaking. If you're more comfortable having a conversation on stage. Where you don't have to sweat and give a continuous presentation. It's a great way to get started with the idea of public speaking. By just joining a panel discussion. You can tell people about a certain topic. Mention it during a conversation.

Say… "By the way, just that I mention it" "I have something cool. If you want to learn how to do what I just mentioned, check out my LinkedIn profile." "I shared this last week". Then tell people to search for it. "You can take out your smartphone, and search for my name." "Follow me on there, and I share this resource after our talk." This is another way how you can use panel discussion to grow your audience on LinkedIn.

Tip 40. Create webinars. This can be creating webinars for your platform. Or joining other people's webinars. Every time you're on a webinar, you can have a slide inside. Or you can talk about it. You can put it on the screen and share your LinkedIn profile. Tell people that you have an additional resource if they want to learn more about a specific aspect. That you are sharing this on your personal LinkedIn profile. That's how you can dip into your audience who is not yet connected with you on LinkedIn. You can also share with other people's audiences. Who might want to join the webinar? You can grow your audience through those people. Who has discovered you through a different channel on other than LinkedIn? Tip 41. Print your LinkedIn profile on your business card. You can either write out the entire profile URL. Or you can use the LinkedIn QR code. Which you can get from the mobile app. Just take a screenshot. Extract it and get it to your printer. Print this out on your business card right next to it: "Scan this QR code to follow me on LinkedIn." And then when you're going to a networking event.

Or you are attending events. You are meeting someone. Give them your business card. And tell them to follow you. Or to connect with you on LinkedIn. You can also use that on events. Put a business card on every seat. The interested people will pick up a business card. And then have another opportunity to scan the QR code and to follow you. And this is another way, you can grow your audience quickly in 2020. Tip 42. Connect with your dream 100. That's a concept I learned from Russell Brunson. You're making a list of 100 people who would be your dream clients. Who would be perfect in every sense? Then you find those people on LinkedIn. And start building a relationship with them. By connecting to those 100 people and building a real relationship with them. You will often find those ideal clients are also connected to other ideal clients.

You'll find, that if you have someone, who is always paying invoices on time. They tend to hang out with other people who also pay invoices on time. If you're connecting to a loser who's never paying or always paying 6 months late. Oftentimes losers are connected to other losers. By connecting to your top 100 you make it way more likely that you attracting a quality audience to your LinkedIn network. And the more quality people you have, the more likely it becomes that one of them is turning into a great customer. Tip 43. Grow your other social media channels. Don't just focus on LinkedIn. Make sure that you grow your other social media channels as well. For once you once have a backup. You don't know what's happening with the LinkedIn algorithm.

At some point, this platform might not be there anymore. You want to have your foot in every door. The other part is. You can always create cross-promotional traffic between different social media networks. Share something on Instagram, tell them there's something on LinkedIn On LinkedIn, you can share something and ask them to follow you on Instagram if they want to get more pictures of a certain event. By cross-promoting this, you're always finding other ways to get organic traffic from other networks. Some people might only hang out only on Instagram.

By growing your Instagram following. And periodically telling them about your LinkedIn account, you get fresh, new people from Instagram over to your LinkedIn page. By growing all of your social media channels, you're making sure that you have a steady stream of organic traffic coming to your LinkedIn profile from different angles. Tip 44. Create a newsletter. Start with email marketing. Send out a weekly newsletter. Or monthly newsletters, if you don't have the time. Share great content. Have a lead magnet to motivate them to subscribe to you. Create a little PDF file. Three to five pages with some content. To get this PDF file they have to subscribe to your newsletter. Oftentimes you'll find that when you share valuable information in your newsletter, other people will forward it to a friend. If you're promoting your LinkedIn profile in your newsletter. If you're having a section with all of your social media posts or all of your social media links at the bottom of your newsletter.

You make it more likely that whenever someone is forwarding an email from your newsletter to someone else that they will also check out your LinkedIn profile. This is another way, how you can grow your content and your audience organically on LinkedIn. Tip 45. Start a blog. Publish an article on your website. You will notice once you write quality articles. You spend a lot of time researching it. You have a new, unique perspective. Your articles are comprehensive and contain at least 2,500 words or more. You will see that your articles start to rank on Google. This means every time someone is searching for a specific search term. They will come from Google. To your website. Reading your article. And if you're promoting your LinkedIn profile. For example, in the sidebar of your blog.

You will find that some of your readers who enjoyed your article. Click through to your LinkedIn profile and start following you. That's another great way how you can use Google to organically grow your LinkedIn following in 2020. Tip 46. Become a guest author for other people's websites and blogs. If you already have your blog. You can use some of the articles you have written. As a demonstration of your capability to create interesting content. Then find an interesting industry-relevant blog or website and ask them if they would be interested in you publishing a guest blog on their website.

You can show the content you already created for your website or on other people's websites as proof that you are a quality author. Then you sharing some content. They will share it with their audience. The website might have 50,000 readers. They might put this in their newsletter they send out once per week. So you getting a ton of new eyeballs who have probably never heard of you. By including your LinkedIn profile link inside of your article, you make it more likely that you are quickly growing your audience with guest blogging. Tip 47. Join other people's podcasts. Get interviewed. Get on stage. Make sure that you are in many places at the same time. That people can find you through all kinds of channels. Each of those channels has a unique audience. By putting yourself on a podcast, you're exposing yourself to the audience who is listening to this podcast. Now you can tell people that they should check out your LinkedIn profile.

You can tell them your name. Oftentimes, the podcast hosts will be nice enough to put a link inside the description of the episode. So people can check you out. If you have something really interesting to say on that podcast episode. You'll notice that you get a big spike of new followers after every new episode you publish. Tip 48. Start a podcast. If nobody wants to invite you to their podcast, just start your podcast.

You will notice that your podcast episode. If you publish this in different directories for podcasts. Some people are browsing those podcasts directories to find out new interesting listens. This way. By creating your content. By just speaking. And by inviting your guests. You can quickly get organic traffic from the podcast directory to your podcast. Have interesting content and then people want to learn more. You can put your LinkedIn profile URL in all of the descriptions of your podcast episodes. This way you can grow your LinkedIn audience organically with podcast traffic in 2020. Tip 49. This is a controversial one. Join LinkedIn engagement pods. You find them in all kinds of places. You often find them on Facebook groups. There are certain Telegram groups. Some use LinkedIn groups. Or LinkedIn group chats. The basic idea that you have people of similar backgrounds.

Every time someone is sharing a post. They will instantly like it. They will leave a comment. Or they will share it depending on the rules of the engagement pod. The idea is to game the LinkedIn algorithm. What happens is you can quickly grow an audience. If you have people who are talking about similar things. They often have an overlap in audiences. Some of their followers then start becoming your followers. But in reality, this might not always a good idea. Oftentimes you just create a little bubble where at some point everyone is following just those five people from the engagement pod, but nobody else. I recommend to create your content, make your luck. And only, maybe in the beginning. Once you have created a certain amount of momentum.

Just do it on your own feet. Tip 50. This is the last tip. Always think about providing value. Every time you can provide value to other people, people want to follow you. By just having this value-first approach. By always putting in a little bit more effort. Not just publishing something. Not just sharing something. Put in an effort. Every time, put in an effort. Come from a caring point. You want to share something of use or value. You will naturally attract people who resonate with that. Who sees that. Who feel the value. And who sees your approach. That you are someone who genuinely cares for their success. By not holding back. And by just giving them good recommendations that nobody else is doing. By just having a unique perspective. You're making it much more like that people instantaneously perceive the value that you could have on their life.

If they perceive you as valuable. They will follow you. This is how we can quickly grow your audience from 0 to 10,000 followers. If you follow all of my tips consistently. If you're passionate about this. You will see that you can quickly grow your audience to 10,000 followers and beyond within one year. Which one of the 50 tips did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below. Did you have any success with them? Maybe you can check back in a couple of months and tell me how it went. I'm looking forward to this! If you want to learn more, how to put this into action? How to attract clients? High-quality clients who both have the budget and the authority to sign off on projects. How can you use LinkedIn to attract them and turn them into a customer? Check out the link in the description to my new online training course "One Post Per Day". Which is teaching you exactly how to do this step by step. There are already 6+ hours of content. Tons of worksheets. Training materials. I am constantly adding and improving the entire course to keep it up to date.

With all the new developments. All the new algorithm changes. So you know exactly how to do this. You get in lifetime access. So if you want to learn more about LinkedIn, marketing and LinkedIn marketing strategies. Make sure that you give this video a like and a thumbs up. Subscribe and turn the notification bell on. So you get every single video in your inbox..

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