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my mission is to empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow ordinary people like you and me to dream big in order to do more and accomplish bigger things using the true power of digital marketing that's the right strategies tools and tactics that are working today my goal is to help you obtain that knowledge and turn it into more income by using the five core fundamentals of digital marketing to your advantage the right way so you have more time money and freedom to do what you want how you want when you want with whom you want without ever feeling bogged down again my dream is that one day we can all meet and share stories both wins and losses to grow more and make long-lasting friendships and business relationships so we all win like the video if this sounds interesting to you and subscribe to this youtube channel so we can all grow together to do more and become better entrepreneurs it's my hope that one day we'll all be meeting somewhere on the beach with a bonfire lighting the way with good conversation and even bigger dreams [Music] making stronger connections onwards and upwards my friend the best has yet to come like and subscribe now it's free [Music] did you do it [Music] and you may want to turn on notifications too [Music] so you don't miss a thing [Music] it's that little bell sign by the way like and subscribe now [Music] my digital marketing empire mdme for short is an education company that teaches the core fundamentals of marketing in the new digital economy using a proprietary and proven three-step approach my name is henry j vera and i am the founder and creator of mdme i've worked for some of the most wealthiest people in the world [Music] alongside some of the largest corporations on the planet [Music] such as jpmorgan chase american express financial advisors now known as ameriprise and fleet boston financial bought out by bank of america and i'm here to share with you what i've learned in the last 20 years and continue to learn to this day so if you like shortcuts like and click the subscribe button below [Music] and turn on notifications so you don't miss a thing [Music]

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