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Things are changing every single day and What used to work yesterday doesn't Necessarily work today so that's why Today I want to show you the latest AI Tools that you can use to make money Online without actually viewing the work Yourself I'm going to show you an AI Bottle which is supposedly even better Than chatted gpta I bought it we talked About previously and I'm going to show You exactly how to use it to promote all Of these different offers and make money Online on complete autopilot so if that Sounds good enough then make sure to Drop a like down below and let's dive Into the tutorial so you can stay up to Date with the latest tools and Technology to make money online and run A successful online business just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you for money you Can check their accounts they don't have A verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check the post the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text

You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so what we're going to Be using is as an example we're going to Be using ascending blue and Sendingblue.com is a website where you Can essentially get email marketing if You had a business you can automate your Email marketing with sending blue you Can send emails on an autopilot and According to them they are the leading Way in digital marketing so it's Basically an email marketing software it Allows you to do email marketing so you Can get a word out and sell more with Sleek email messages that you can design In overtime they also have SMS marketing And much much more they have a lot of Different features but their main Feature is essentially email marketing Now you don't necessarily want to buy Sending blue or send spend any money on Sending blue but what you want to do is You want to join their affiliate program Which is going to be at the bottom of The website you can go to the Affiliates Section and they also have the refilled Program listed on Partner stack where You can see that they do pay five Dollars per new account so five dollars When someone sign ups for free through Your link without even paying and then If they actually pay you're gonna make 100 per new paying client so but you get Paid five dollars even if sign up for

Completely free and even if they don't Buy anything so this is one of the Products that you can promote from Partner stack and I personally applied For their affiliate program as well but What you want to do is you also can find Bro you can browse it from partner Products because you can find a Different software if you don't want to Promote that one there's a lot of Different software that do a lot of Different things and you can use this AI Bot which I'm about to share with you to Promote all of them and make money with Affiliate marketing so what you can Simply do is you can go over to chat Sonic by right Sonic I'm going to leave A link to it in the description box down Below which was fully updated for 2023 And Beyond unlike chatterjpt which now Only operates with information to up to 2021 so once you log into your account You simply want to go over to chatsonic Which is as you can see like a chat at GPT but better and has more features and You just want to ask him to write an Article about different tips and why People should be using a software like In this case send in blue or any other Software that you want to promote so I Can say write an article about five Reasons to start email marketing and It's gonna start writing a full blog Posts a full article with a title over

Here as you can see five reasons to Start email marketing and it's gonna do That really rapidly and in my opinion It's gonna do it a little bit better Than chat GPT which is pretty Astonishing so it's gonna write a Full-blown article that I can now copy And paste and use on a different website To drive traffic to that affiliate link From in this case send in blue so what I Can do right now is I can copy this Entire article with one click of a Button so copy the clipboard by pressing On this button and then you can go over To a platform called medium and Medium.com is a website that is being Visited by millions of people around the World and articles that you share on Here tags and blog posts actually rank Really high on Google so you want to Write right over here and you want to Paste your full article so I'm gonna Paste the article here and this is how It's gonna look like for me as a right Now I can also remove this written by Chad Sonic because I don't necessarily Need to advertise them here but what we Want to do is you just want to insert an Affiliate link between these different Reasons because it gives us 5 different Reasons to start email marketing so Someone can read this article but Between all of these different lines you Can just say try the best email

Marketing software for free because Remember if they sign up for free to Send in blue you still get paid five Dollars per sign up so now I can Highlight this and I can just insert my Affiliate link here so click on this and You can insert your affiliate link so That whenever someone is reading this They can actually go to this link they Can sign up and you're gonna earn a Commission so now you can copy this and Paste it between multiple lines so I can Paste it here as well and then I can Also paste it here as well to make sure That they don't miss it while reading This article and I'm also going to leave It at the bottom as well once they Finish the article they can still see it And now I can publish this to medium.com With one click of a button I can get Thousands of people reading this article That is going to help them learn more About the subject and while they're Learning about the subject they will be Able to sign up for that software that Is related to whatever they're reading About and you have all of those Different programs that you can promote From partner stack they learn totally Have a full marketplace with all of the Different software that you can promote And the reason you should be promoting Software rather than some physical Products from Amazon would give you like

Five percent commission is first of all You get higher commissions secondly Because it's a digital product there is No limit to how much you can sell there Is no inventory if it was some physical Product there would probably be a limit To how much money you can make the Commissions would be lower and you're Also not able to earn a reoccurring Commissions and earn passive income of Physical products but with these Software in most of the cases as long as Someone keeps using the software you Will keep on making a reoccurring Monthly commissions because these are Subscription-based models and they do Give reoccurring commissions to their Affiliates so once you refer someone Today as long as they keep on using the Software you will keep on making passive Income month by month or year by year And actually earn for a very long time And have something to rely on every Single month so for example I've been Promoting vid IQ as an affiliate and They're paying me a reoccurring monthly Commissions this is a software that Helps people get views and get Subscribers and what I could potentially Do is I could grab my affiliate link Here from the left side and I can just Go to ride Sonic and I can ask them to Write it in article or write a blog post About giving different tips on how to

Get views and subscribers on YouTube and Then between those lines I can just Insert my affiliate link for red IQ and I can say click here to try the best Tool for getting views and subscribers And then whenever someone reads that Article they can click on it sign up and I will earn monthly recurring Commissions and actually earn passive Income from it so yeah that was a quick Tutorial on how to use the new AI bot to Make money online from anywhere in the World if you want to see more similar Videos just like this one make sure that You are subscribed to this Channel with Notifications on because I'm posting Tutorials like this every single a day And if you did enjoy this video if you Got some value out of this tutorial make Sure to drop a like down below so we can Get to 1 000 likes in this video as soon As possible and leave your thoughts in The comments down below thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in Some of the next ones

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