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I'm glad that you clicked on this video Because in this one I'm going to show You a full exact step-by-step tutorial On how I started earning earnings just Like this 22 000 per month with Digistore 24 affiliate marketing and the Best thing about this is that you can Start earning money just like this even As a complete beginner starting from a Scratch without any experiences any Skills any college degree or a big Budget to invest Hey welcome to this video my name is Dan Cosby and I'm a 23 years old online Affiliate entrepreneur and in the last Two years I grew my own business from Scratch as a broker student all the way Up to thirty thousand dollars per month In just one single year later and I Decided that I want to share this Journey with all of you through my YouTube channel and help as many people As possible so everyone has direct Access into the valuable and actionable Information on a daily basis for example Like in this digistore24 full course That I'm going to share with you in this Video that you are watching at the Moment and don't worry I have no course To sell you because I believe only in Life and a mentorship-based learning With the real feedback and the real Support which I believe is inseparable Part of being successful in online

Business or anything what we are doing In our life so yes if you are interested In something like this then in the Description below you can find tickets For my next upcoming 5 Day online Profits live event in which I'm going to Help future entrepreneurs live to set up Their online business and I believe this Is the greatest thing that I have ever Created so I wouldn't forget give myself If I wouldn't offer you at least this One so if you are interested you can Find tickets in the description but I Want to let you know that this is not Going to degrade the quality of this Digistore 24 full course that I'm going To share with you in this video because In this one I'm going to share with you The exact framework how to start making Ten thousand dollars with a digital 24 In a 2023 and I know what most of you Think this is the free content and most Of you already consume a lot of Information online that wasn't 100 Accurate and very often it just lead Into the overwhelming and not knowing Where to start but this free content and This course is completely different Because I want to give you step by step Easy to consume working guide that you Can take action on this even today so You can start seeing results as soon as Possible and this is what you will get So in a step number one or module number

One of this free course on digistor 24 And how to make ten thousand dollars I'm Going to show you at first how to do Market research and product research and Especially how to find online existing Products that has the potential to make You ten thousand dollars on in a 2023 That is easy to promote and in a high Demand on a Digi store 24. in the module Number 2 I'm going to show you 10x Profit maximizer system with a free Upgrade this is a system that me and my Clients are using to get much more Profits than any other affiliate Marketer on leaguestar 24 from the same Exact products and in this course I'm Going to show you what you should do Step by step if you want to set up this 10x profit maximizer system for you as Well so you can start earning like me And my clients and you can become Successful with the digital 24 affiliate Marketing and then in a module number Three I'm going to show you the best Kept pre-traffic secret to get 100 plus Clicks a day to your affiliate link Without paying for ads or without having Any existing following so you can do This even if you are a complete beginner You never did anything online you have No following this is going to start Working for you and you can start making Sales even on a day number one using and Following this free traffic secret and

Then as a last module module number four I'm going to show you how to grow to ten Thousand dollars in the next 90 to 180 Days starting from scratch even if You'll be working just 60 to 90 minutes A day because I know that a lot of you Guys are working in a 9-5 job you have a Family you can be spending all day in Front of the laptop so I'm going to show You how you can start earning over ten Thousand dollars in the next 90 days and This is not all because I have for you a Very very cool bonus that I'm going to Give you right now the cool bonus is That you can get as well free ebook that You can find Down Below in the Description and this is a no Digistource24xilator ebook in which you Will get all of this digistore 24 Essential setup you'll get the best Digistrar 24 products that are going to Be listed in this ebook then free Traffic Secrets plus the templates that You can use just to copy and paste and Use for your own ads as well done free Websites down free templates scripts and Additional tutorials and resources Basically you can find everything in This ebook that you will need to start Making over ten thousand dollars in a 2023 in a Digi store 24. so if you are Interested in this ebook you can find it Down below in the description and just a Sneak peek which you'll get inside and

How this looks from inside is done free Website and the templates you can see This is you can just very simply click On all of these links that you can find Inside so you can get all of these Websites and templates just with a few Clicks then best products recommendation As you can see right here you can just Check it out and basically get a link to These products directly so you don't Have to be checking it out and choosing It by yourself and much much more that You can find inside of this no bushy Digital 24 Axolotl ebook if you are Interested in this ebook and I highly Recommend it because without this ebook It won't be possible to set this up in a Way as I'm going to show you in this Video so if you are interested in this Ebook then just go to the second link Down Below in the description if you Click on this link you'll get into the Page where you just add your email and Then I'm going to send you this ebook Directly into your email so you can have Access to this ebook anytime you want And now even before starting maybe you Are wondering why you should listen to 23 years old guy telling you on YouTube How to make money online how to grow Your business how to start making money Online in the digital 24 so I just want To show you that I'm someone who already Done it who already made the money and

Now I just want to share with you the Valuable and actionable information so You can do the same so what you can see Right here this is my digistore 24 Account this is the platform that we are Going to use in this video in this free Course to make the profits online you Can see the total since this account was Created I made 6982 dollars on this platform and it Will just check today yesterday in the Last few days I'm making something Around 200 280 and if you're telling Yourself that this is not enough then There is another platform that is Warrior plus the hoodies as well Affiliate marketing platform you can see That there just today I have made 673 Dollars yesterday 846 dollars last seven Days over five thousand dollars and in The last 30 days over twenty two Thousand dollars in just one single Platform if I would just reload this Then you can see that those are the same Exact numbers this is just last month This is last 30 days so those are the Earnings that I'm getting in my Affiliate marketing business at the Moment and in this video I'm going to Show you how you can start getting Results just like this just by using Digester 24 platform and now let's start With the step number one and that's Creation of the digistr24 account so you

Can start looking for a product so you Can start promoting them and as well so You can get paid using this exact Platform so what you need to do first Things first you just go into the Google And in the Google you just look for Digistore24 you just hit OK and you are Going to get redirected and you'll get Resolved this one so you Just open this platform and this is the Platform this is the affiliate marketing Marketplace or affiliate marketing Platform on which you can find all of These cool products that I'm going to Show you in this video that you can Start promoting and making the profits Out of it for those of you that don't Know what is affiliate marketing this is A business model in which you don't have To be creating any product by yourself Or what we are doing as an affiliate we Are just taking already existing link Online products we are just taking Special links to this that are called Affiliate links and through these links If we are going to recommend to someone This product and he's going to click on This link make a purchase we are going To make part of the money so what this Means for you you are not creating any Products you are not storing them you Are not testing them you are not paying For them and as well you are not giving Any customer support or talking with

Your customers or taking the payments so Basically your only job is that you are Just getting people into this affiliate Link into this product and making the Profits out of it if you just think About it and compare this to all the Other business models out there this is One of the easiest way how to make money Online because you truly truly don't Have to create anything because as well You get a lot of different cool athlete Resources that you can start using to Make the profit out of it okay so if This sounds like something that you Could definitely do I can just tell you That this is definitely something that Anyone can use to make money online so Now if you'll be on a digital 24 then You can just scroll through digistor24 Platform you can check out what is this All about what you can find on this page But what I recommend is just very simply To create your account because I'm going To show you everything which you will Need step by step in this full course For digistore24 so at first you just go Into the register now and we just want To create our account what is Advantage For example with a comparison to ClickBank what is a second or I would Say first huge affiliate marketing Marketplace is that only digital 24 you Can create your account even if you are From India from Africa from any country

Around the globe on a ClickBank many Many countries are blocked and you can't Create your account over there but on a Digistr24 you can definitely do it so What you just need to do you just scroll Down I would just go into the sign up you Want to choose affiliate and then you Just add your username so you just pick Some username that you want then your Affiliate link you don't need this and Then just email address your password You just your title and basically all Your credentials what I recommend you to Do is to add all of these real Credentials that you have at the moment Okay so don't add there some fake Addresses or fake names from us or Something like this and they are just Your real credentials because then if You want to basically take out and Withdraw the money from this platform And there will be fake name fake address Everything fake most Republic it won't Be working for you and you won't be able To take even a single penny from this Platform so this is a big mistake that a Lot of people are doing don't do this Edit your real info and then just go Right here into the required this I have Read the B2B business to business Contract and the privacy policy and Accept them and then just take this and Then just go into the register for free

Now and you will have your account then When you log in into your account you Will end up in this dashboard what is Basically your account dashboard most Probably you won't see any earnings just Like this because it's a completely new Account but which you can see are Basically the real earnings that I was Showing you before but this is not Important now let me show you what you Need to do if you want to pick the Product that has a potential to make you Over ten thousand dollars in 2023 using The Easter 24 and especially this free Course that I have created for you so if You want to take a product on a digital 24 you just need to go into the Marketplace we'll open the marketplace And Marketplace is a place where you can Find all of these products on a Digistore 24 that you can start using That you can start taking the flat links For and you can start making the profits Out of this so what is even more Important than a product that you need To pick prior that is actually a niche Or a market that you are going to Market To so what you can find on the left side Are all of these digital products Categories as you can see animals and Betting system business and investment Education fashion games and fun Home and Garden languages if you just think about It all of these are a huge huge

Categories or a markets that have Specific customers then as well these Customers have specific needs and all of This needs a different product so why is This important because if you'll be Trying to be promoting to one single Person or recommending to one single Person for example products from dating And love and this someone or let's say It will be a man already have uh is Married and has two kids he doesn't Really need anything about dating so why Is this so important to pick a niche is That you just need to find out what is Your target audience and what people are Actually interested in these products And how you will do this is just by Picking up a niche kind of do a slight Market research about this Niche like What these people are interested in what They want what products they need and as Well be creating free ads that are kind Of a focused on this specific Niche on This specific Market but don't worry in This free course I'm going to show you Everything step by step so you won't get Lost on any step out of this so what we Need to do or what I recommend you if You're a complete beginner and you never Down affiliate marketing and ever before You don't have any special experiences Or skills in some field then I recommend You to pick one of these four four Niches that I'm going to show you right

Now so the first Niche that I recommend To use is dating love and relationship One of the greatest niches that you can Start promoting on a digital 24 then the Second one is as well one of the Greatest niches that you can find and Start promoting products as an affiliate Marketer and this one is fitness and Health so as well highly recommended Then the third one is internet marketing And an E-Business so basically make Money online Niche the greatest Niche How to start and I definitely recommend This one and then the last one is Personal development so kind of a Mindset thing motivation think and as Well huge huge Niche and if you don't Know which one to choose from all of These niches that you can find on this Left side then I recommend to go with One of these four and whatever you are Going to pick it doesn't matter if it Will be dating love relationship Personal development business in Marketing or it will be fitness and Health all of these are a great picks And you are not going to make any Mistake but as I told you in this video I have prepared for you a lot of down For you resources done for you templates Done for you websites and all of these Are creating just for one single product That I'm going to show you in this video In this tutorial and I recommend to go

With this product because this is one of The products that is the easiest to Start promoting and making the profits Especially if you are a complete Beginner but as well this process that I'm going to show you it's applicable For all of the products that you can Find there okay so I will just start With the one that we are not going to Use but this one the ultimate keto meal Plan this is one of the greatest Products that you can start promoting on A digital 24 as well because of the Unique structure how is this product Structured and how you are making the Profits out of it but this is not the One that we are going to promote but if You would like to promote this one you Are not going to make the mistake the One that we want to use is if you just Scroll down a little bit and it's Actually fifth product in a sales on Digital 24 that means fifth best selling Product on digital 24 and this one is Called Genie script so you can see that Over 107 000 Affiliates is promoting This exact offer and are making the Profits out of it so this is definitely A product like that you want to start Promoting so now let me show you why I Picked this product and what are the Statistics or some things on this Website that you should definitely check If you want to be promoting some of

These digital 24 affiliate products so The number one thing that I definitely Recommend to start checking out is Basically how much money you are going To make per one single sale of this Product so you can see in the Jenny Script you can make 75 commission so as An affiliate as someone who didn't Create the product you didn't do Anything for the product you can earn 3 4 of the full price of this product just Like this basically without you doing Anything with it so this is perfect About affiliate marketing that you can Just take this product this 75 this is Actually around 61.85 that you can make per one single Sale of this genescript product you can See it's very popular as you can see by The stars and if you just scroll down Very important statistics is these Earnings and a card visitor ratio and This is showing us almost 11 what is This showing us that from every person That is going to get into the checkout Page where they can actually purchase This jennyscript product you can make From everyone 11 dollars so let's just Imagine that you will get inside of the Checkout page 1000 people what is not so Difficult in a 2023 then just from this Product promoting this one single offer You can make eleven thousand dollars on A digital 24. maybe this doesn't sound

Like too much or maybe this sounds like Too difficult but I can definitely tell You that you can do all of this just by Following these free digital 24 course Then the next thing that you should Definitely check out is cancellation Rate so how many people are actually Canceling so this is showing us 11 so From 10 people that are going to buy This product one of them is going to Every time cancel this order because They don't like the product they didn't Enjoy it or something like this but this Is completely okay this is happening in Affiliate marketing all the time and if You just think about it if you make 1000 Sales and 100 are going to get a refund And they are going to basically get rid Of the product you are still making nine Thousand dollars out of it so it's not a Problem and you are not going to make Nine thousand dollars but uh because I Multiply this by this earnings card Visitor ratio but you are going to make Fifty five thousand dollars out of it And if 100 are going to get basically Get a refund you you have still made Forty five thousand dollars from this Single product so not a big pain okay And when we have picked the product the Next thing that we need to do is to take The affiliating so for this you just go Into the pro mode now you click on a Promote now and then you just need to

Once again uh this is in German I don't Know why uh please create your register 24 affiliate account so you can promote This product normally you just basically Click on this and you'll get the link Immediately I don't know why this is not Working but I'll just show it to you the Harder way so you just go into your Account you just click on the login And when I will log in then what I can Do uh is basically I will find this Product from the vendor what is the Jenny script I will go into the go to Edward advertising media and what is This this is basically affiliate page uh That you can find uh right here in the Affiliate support page if I will open This you can say this is the same page That we just got why we need this Affiliate support page or this affiliate Resources because we can find there are A lot of cool stuff that we can start Using just by copying and pasting this And there are a recommendation how to Promote this there are some resources Pre-created for us done for you so a lot Of cool stuff that you definitely don't Want to miss out but still a lot of People is not using it but you Definitely won't use it so when you'll Be on this page you can just read Through this you don't need to then you Just click on yes I want easy cash then You just need to opt in with your name

Or some email I used my dummy email Because I don't want to be getting Emails from them I will click yes I'm Ready to get paid and then on this page Uh what you'll be able to find Everyone will start shouting so you need To just reload the page then it will be Okay what you can find on this page are Basically some strategy you can see an 18 minute video where you can find Step-by-step strategy how to be Promoting this product you can Definitely watch it because it will be Like something extra to my tutorial so I Recommend it and then if you just scroll Down you can see some testimonials or Something like this and then you can Find affiliate tools so what you can use For example are testimonial videos the World is really really important thing If you want to increase conversion of This product so definitely recommend to Be using this then you can find the Latest Facebook YouTube and Tick Tock ad Videos that are converting so you can as Well be using paid traffic but I don't Recommend it and then there are new Email swaps so basically email swaps or Email automation that we are going to Set up as well and you can find there Two three four maybe five emails that we Can start using with this product so Just close this for now and then what is The most important is actually the video

That we are going to be using so you can See the menu ESL but as well the woman We we yourself so you can be using two Different affiliate links one for woman And one for a man so this is really Important and if you just scroll down You can find additional affiliate Resources and as well step-by-step Process how to create this so what is The number one thing that you need to do You need to copy this link and this man We sell if you want to be uh point is Pointing this to immense then you will Just copy this uh you want to go to the New tab or I will go for example here And what you can find here is the Redirect some numbers and then there is The Jenny script you can delete this at The end and you just want to edit your Username that you have used when you are Creating your account okay so if you Create this now you want to save this Link because this is your unique Affiliate link that is going to be uh Sending you sales as well this affiliate Link you'll be able to find it under This promote now but as I told you it's Not working at the moment and we need to Do this the harder way okay but now we Have the affiliate link so this is the Link that if you are going to copy it You are going to open it if anyone is Going to end up on this page make a Purchase you are going to make the money

So now even before showing you how to Set up the wall campaign how to put Everything together we just pick the Product but what is the most important Thing is to actually learn what you can Find on a sales page or on this page Where people are going to end up on this Vsl video so you can find get the youth And wealth you deserve with our secret Script for men over 35 so this is Especially for people over 35 exposed 20 Word script Alters your DNA and allowing You to manifest 100 x faster do the Finger test to reprogram your brain and There is some uh video with the Bob Proctor that is connected to this Program you can see some reviews and Some comments recommendations blah blah Blah blah all of this stuff so this is Basically the sales page that we are Going to use if you want to be focusing This on a woman's then what you can do You can go back and you can do the same With this one but I won't be changing it Now you just open this and what we will Get Same script but a little bit different Videos but focused on women's so this is Very important to know and I need to Tell you that a lot of people have no Idea that there are two different vsls That you can be using for a woman and as Well for a man but what we are going to Use is this link for a man that we just

Found before so now when we have this I Just showed you everything how you can Pick a product on a Digi store 24 that Has the potential to make you ten Thousand dollars because this product That I was just showing you this is Definitely potential even make you fifty Thousand dollars with the digistor 24. And now when we have the product we can Move to the step number two or module Number two in which I'm going to show You how you can set up 10x profit Maximizer system with a free upgrade in This exact course so the question is why You should actually be using this profit Maximizer because what most people are Going to do that is going to take this Link a copy this link and they are going To start promoting this exact link Without doing anything with this maybe You already try this maybe you know some People who were trying this before and The reality is that people who are doing This this this way are not making any Money for this reason I want to show you How you can set up this 10x profit Maximizer system so you can start using This exact link a little bit I would say Upgrade it and you can truly start Making the profits out of it and how to Create this upgrade is as well showing Wesley basically the vendor or creator Of this product if you just scroll down But what is important to say that he is

Using for this is a software for which You need to be paying if you go into the Pricing 127 at the moment in the annual If you just go into the monthly plans 147 dollars per month in a pro 197 Dollars per month and in a final hacker 297 dollars per month what this means For you that even before making some Money you need to put from your packet 200 or 150 per month on this software And for this reason I have recreated all Of these resources that Wesley is giving You and I'm going to give it to you on a Free platform in a free software already You can start using this without paying Even a single penny for software for Example like is a so You just need to go into the second link Down Below in the description in this Link you just click on this you just Edit your email I'm going to send you This ebook and you can start using this With this free course on a Digi store 24. so what we can find there is a step Number one that we need to take this 14 Day free trial or uh it's a free trial But then you need to start paying uh With the click funnels uh with this link And then you need to clone my funnel Here so if you just open this funnel This is a simple opt-in page where is Bob Proctor's overnight manifestation Hack has finally been exposed just a

Whisper this 20 World script to manifest Anything get access now so if anyone is Going to click there they will get Redirected straight into the sales page But what I recommend is as well be Collecting emails on this part and That's something what we are going to do With the free upgrade that I'm going to Show you how to set up uh in just a few Seconds so if you just go back now then The second step is copy all of my videos For for a tick tock account then create One or several Tick Tock accounts and Start sharing this uh hashtagging these People uh place your affiliate Link in The bio and then just start promoting it And you can scale this with a paid ads But as I told you we are not going to do With the paid ads we are not going to do With the pre-created content from Obviously I'm going to show you exactly How to do this step by step if you want To be growing this completely from Scratch All right guys and while I was recording This video they were basically updating And upgrading the gistro 24 so now you Can see this is how this is going to Look like if you are going to click on a Promote now you don't need to be Creating the link by yourself but you Can create one for example for women vsl But you can find the link right here if You just click on this you'll be copied

Into the clipboard but they were Upgrading it so it wasn't working the Few seconds or a few minutes when I was Trying it for like 10 minutes but now Let me show you how you can create this 10x profit maximizer system with a free Upgrade and what system and what upgrade We are going to use in this one so the Software that we are going to use to Build this 10x profit maximizer is Called a system if you are interested in Using this software and you don't want To be using it then What I recommend you is just go to the Link Down Below in the description you Can find the free trial Forever because you can be using this System forever for free and as well you Can find the link for the system here in The ebook in the down for you template So when you open a system let me just Show you what is this all about so this Is all in one marketing platform that You can be using for create the sales Funnels so basically websites or pages That are going one after another and you Are kind of increasing the uh the Profits and as well uh the volume of the Customers and as well you are using it For some upgrades or systems that I'm Going to show for example in this video And you can be using this to send Marketing emails so as well this is like An email marketing tool in one and then

The second thing you can be building the Websites you can be manage your Affiliates you don't need this because You are not a course creator and create Online courses as well you don't need And but what's really important you can Automate your marketing so what is the Important features for you is automation Then the next thing is build a website Then send marketing emails and create a Sales funnel so if you are interested in This you will just go to the link in the Description you open this you just edit Your email address click on get my free Account and you start creating this what I recommend you that if you are a Complete beginner If you go into the pricing you can see That this free plan that is for zero Dollars per month but what is uh really Important to say that it's very very Limited so for example just three sales Funnels uh it may be very limiting but What's the most limiting are these Automation rules and workflows in this One for a startup for 27 that I'm using As well at the moment you can have 10 Automation rules and five workflows what Are basically the automations and Automation uh perks that you'll be using And as well more sales funnels what it Means for you that if you go into the Position in your business when you will Need to be deleting the sales funnels or

You'll be need to be deleting the Automation rules I highly highly Recommend you to upgrade into the Startup because when I was a complete Beginner and I know many many people That was doing this huge mistake that Instead of basically buying and Upgrading this software ever just Deleting it and we're trying to be very Very limited in what they are using in and as well their earnings Were limited and they wasn't scaling Because they were deleting the sales Funnels they were wasting their time and They they were using just one out Summation in a time where they could be Using basically five of them at once so This is just my thought that I wanted to Share with you so if you want to start Go with a free one but as well if you Want to take this seriously I recommend To go with a startup what is just 27 per Month and annually 228 dollars and as Well if you're going to take the annual One you can find in the ebook bonuses That you can get to this directly from Me so then when you will have your own Account you just logging into this and Let me show you what you can find in a System so you can find out the the Funnels you can find there the emails You can find the Automation and those Are the three things that you are going To use basically so what I have done for

You I have recreated for you two Different funnels that you could Conceive right here so if I open one of These you can find uh you can see that This is the first one this is the easy One that I hope recreated but what is The difference that if someone is going To click on this get access now they Need to add their first name their email And you are going to start collecting The emails because what is one of the Most important things that you need to Be doing in this 10x profit maximizer System is that you need to be collecting Emails you because yes email marketing Is one of the most profitable most Effective strategies that online Marketers online entrepreneurs are using To make money even in a 2023 for Information all of my fellows Affiliates Or online entrepreneurs are making every Single month 70 of sales from their Email list so if you are not growing Your email list if you are not using Your email list you are missing out on 70 of the earnings or potential earnings That you can be making and this is the Reason why you need to be growing your Email list and this is why I have Created this in this way okay so add Your best email below new just opt-in And you can start sending them the Emails the emails that I'm going to show You how you can get from this website

And connect it into this profit Maximizer system and so you can more Easier imagine this this is how this 10x Profit maximizer system is working you Will have a traffic so basically people That you'll be sending into the product Or into the pages of the product so it Will be landing page number one there Will be the squeeze page where you are Going to collect the emails and then There will be landing page number two What is uh the sales page where you'll Be selling the product or not you but This will be the end of the affiliate Link so basically this website right Here uh with this vsl is going to sell The product for you now what would Happen if this part is collecting of the Email and creating this automation Autoresponder email sequence wouldn't be There what it was to happen that you Would be making only one to five percent Of the of the sales that you could be Possibly making with this email Automation so this automation that I'm Going to show you how to set up is Basically doing 95 to 99 of the sales This directly these were most Affiliates Are using just the direct affiliate link They are making just one to five percent Of the sales this is why they are not Making full-time income this is why they Are not able to scale their business Because they are not using this rest 95

To 99 why is this because most people if You are going to send them into the Sales page or into the page where they Can see a video like this one they are Driving a car they are spending the time With the family they are outside they Are doing something more important and They'll just have time to take out their Credit card and buy the product but if You are going to send it to them over And over again for example like this With this uh email automation then what Can happen that they will see it once Again they will see it one more once More and then maybe on on the fifth Sixth time they can buy it even if they Didn't buy the first five times so this Is why it's very very important to be Creating this email autoresponder email Automation and now I'm going to show you How to create this so the number one Thing that you need to create is this Landing page number one or the squeeze Page so for this I have created for you Inside of the ebook that you can find in The description to different funnels so It was the first funnel then there is The second one the quiz funnel if you Open this view this this is the second One and all of these are going to be Connected to your account and as well to The offer so you can be making the money Out of it so let's start with the first One and this is uh the simple opt-in

Manifestation funnel so if you just open This What do we need to get first you just Have the other name so this is all okay Then we as well will be changing the Domain but even before that we want to Edit this funnel so you just go into This edit page this magic wand uh like Harry Potter you click on edit the page And when you'll be here the only thing That you want to change is your Affiliate link so if anyone is going to Click on this get access now this is a Button what is going to happen it's Going to show a pop-up pop-up number one So you need to go up there into the Pop-ups and when you click here you can Click on this eye of this pop-up and you Can start editing this uh this pop-up Okay so if you just click on this button You can see their action when button is Clicked send the form uh so as well you Need to send this form so you need to Collect the Emos out of it and then you Want to get this to a custom URL so the Redirection URL you want to go back into The digistore24 and this is the place Where you are going to add your unique Affiliate link okay so you just go back Into the editor you just paste it Redirection URL paste it here and hit OK And just like this this is going to be Connected and as well this form is going To be sending these forms so as well you

Are going to be collecting the emails From this form then this is already you Just go into the save changes when you Will have this you just go back exit This and then the next thing that you Need to do you need to go into the Contacts and you click on the tags and You want to create a new tag okay so in The new tag you just added for example Manifestation Manifestation Niche and you go to save Because why you want to create this Because you want to be tagging the People that are going to be going Through this opt-in perform or through This form okay when you have this stack Created then you go back into the Funnels and in the funnels we'll open The simple simple opt-in once again you Go into the automation rules and you Want to add a rule we want to create a Rule so what will be the rule if funnel Step form subscribe what this means if Anyone will go to the opt-in and is Going to add their name their email what Is going to happen then okay so in the Automation we need to set it up in a way This is oculars when a contact has just Subscriber form we need to add an action And we will add there uh add attack and Attack is going to be uh manifestation Niche okay so we will just add them this Stack we'll go to save a rule and now What is going to happen this is the rule

That if anyone is going to subscribe to This form they will be added into this Uh into this stack manifestation Niche Okay so we will know exactly from where These people came from what website Where they add their opt-in and we will Be able to start using this funnel okay So now when we have the automation rule This is all set and we just need to set The second funnel so if you just go into The funnels you will go once again into The ebook that I have created for you And in this one you'll find Manifestation quiz to offer you open This one and you will do the same thing Okay so you just go into the edit the Page and this is a little bit more Complicated because people need to go Through the survey but you want to add Their final step and the final step uh Is going to be as well collecting the Emails so sorry I forgot to edit this But this will be edited and as well what You do there you just click on the Button and in the button you add send Form and redirection will be to a custom URL and as well you just paste there Your affiliate link but this will be a Little bit more optimized so what is Going to happen that if you just go to Save the changes and we'll open this so If people will end up on this page they Will need to take a quiz below to craft Their unique to any word whisper formula

To manifest what you want in life 100x Faster so answer all of the questions so What are you people doing just answering These questions do you write down your Goals and dreams there will be yes all The time yes once in a while or some one Of these so I'll just add once in a While are you able to visualize blah Blah blah blah I'm just going to click Through all of these questions and then At the end what is going to happen there Will be this form okay there is this Form the pop-up form so I need to Recreate this once again enter your best Email where we should send you your 20 Word whisper formula so you can start Manifesting even today today we just add Their full name their email address Click to send me the formula and as well They will get redirected straight into This website into this sales page okay So the vsl this video is doing all the Selling for you you don't have to be Talking to anyone you don't have to be Calling to anyone this is going to do The selling for you but I made a mistake Before because this quiz is not opening The final step is a survey and it's Opening this pop-up so you just go into The pop-ups you click and open this eye Once again and in the pop-up you click On a button and it will go send the form Uh to a custom URL and you go to Redirection URL you want to edit this

URL to your affiliate link okay when you Will have this just go to save the Changes and once again I already show You how this works uh so this is this is The whole process then what you need to Create in this one if you go back you Need to create an automation rule okay So the automation rule is super Important and you need to create this if You want to be getting the emails into Your email list and you want to be using This structure that I was showing you Before with this email Automation and Making this 95 to 99 of the sales more Than people are just sending it to the Directly into sales page like is this One okay so you just go back into the we want to add the rule and For example if you'll be using just the Free Software then now there will be the Limit of your account and you won't be Able to add second automation rule Because you only can have just one in With free system that I okay so this is Where the limitation comes and now you Can see that you can be using only one Funnel from these two so now you just Need to decide if you want to be using Just the one funnel or if you want to go All in you R3 the action Taker and you Want to be using everything all the Resources to truly make the money from This guide okay so if you want to go

With the free one you won't be able to Create this automation rule but if you Want to go with the upgraded You're going to create this rule as well So I'm just going to do the same the Trigger is going to be final step from Subscribe Then add the action and it will be add Attack and the tag is going to be a Manifestation Niche okay so I'm just Going to click on Save the rule and now This all is connected and now when you Will have this funnel set up we want to Test them okay so I'll just go to this Simple opt-in I will go to The View mode I will just go to get access now I will Just add the first name and email and if I will click on get access now we should Get redirected into the affiliate page Or into the affiliate link so we got Redirected and as well I want to check In the context into the text the Subscribe today there is one contact so If I will open this you can see this is My dummy email and everything is working Okay so this is how to set up the funnel That I gave you and now what I'm going To show you is how to get maximum out of This panel that I just gave you but this Is optional step okay so what I want to Show you that if you just open this Funnel you can see that this URL pad Right here is then course with that slash something this looks

Super ugly and 99 of people if they are Going to see this they will be like okay This look like kind of a spammy or gami And I'm not going to do any action on This one I'm not going to edit their Email so if you want to increase your Credibility and you truly want to be Making money online as an affiliate Marketer what do you need is your own Domain domain is super cheap stuff you Don't need any hosting if you are going To use this with the system that I all That you will need is just your domain Name and that is something that is Costing just ten dollars for a year but As I told you this is optional you don't Need this but this is going to increase Your chances to making money from this Full course on a Digi store 24 so you Can start making ten thousand dollars in A 2023. so if you just go into the Settings you can see that I already have One of my domains I Could use this domain but I want to show You how to set this up step by step how You can buy your domain how you can set It up with the and how you can Start making the profits out of it after A while alright guys so if you want to Use our own domain on a and Increase our credibility so we can be Making the sales more easier and we can Be more professional the very first Thing that we need to do we need to buy

The domain for this we are going to use This website that is called a namecheap is a website Where you can just go right here to and you can just go into The regular domain name to start so for Example we are in a or let me show you One of my domains my domains is if I will hit search This is going to show me uh if this Domain is free and if not what other Possibilities or suggested results we Will get so for example that will be the Course be you can see this Is taken I can make the offer but this Is my domain so I'm the only one who is Using this if I just scroll down you can See what is the price of for example Three dollars uh ten dollars per year But normally most of these if it's not AI because AI is like uh you have a huge Boom at the moment this cost 70.70 Dollars uh per year but most of these Are one two three dollars and sometimes Around ten dollars what I recommend you Because I recommend you to take at least That com domain okay so for example I Have found this one when manifest to this one is free and I can buy This for ten dollars so what you just Need to do at the moment is that you Just go to the name chip and you just Start trying different names of domains That you can be using so for example

Manifest to wealth is free I'm going to Take it now because I need to show you How to set it up but what I recommend You is to be adding something like Manifestation with for example then so We just add your own name I don't know Manifestation with Steven or something Like this and those are very very often Completely for free and not for free but They are free to use and you can pay for Them just for ten dollars and you can Start using it so don't overthink it the Domain is not so important how it sounds Like it can be too long but other than That it's everything which you are going To add is okay okay so what I'm going to Do I'm just going to sign in when I sign In I found another one manifestation to so I'm going to use that one Because I like this one even more so I'll just go to add to cart and this is Just ten dollars per year okay guys so This is not necessary but I recommend it To start with and what you want to take As well is this one business email so You just click on free trial I will just Connect this and now you have everything In the in a cart so I'll just go into The checkout And in the checkout what I will do I Don't want to try any discount codes I'll just go to confirm the order now I Paid for it and now we just need to wait Till something is going to be completed

And now I have purchased this domain and You can see it right here manifestation To and this domain is now Mine till February 1st 2024 and now what I'm going to do I'm just going to Connect this domain to our Account so we can start using it so what You need to do you just go into the your account you go up there Into your avatar and you click on the Settings when you'll be in the settings You will go into the custom domains and What you want to add is add a domain Then you just go here domain name you Will add www dot Manifestation to weld basically we just Added the domain that you just purchased And then I'm just going to click on save You can see in a status that this is Pending validation so we just need to Connect it and we need to add our DNS Record so you just click on the show Instructions and then you want to go to This one and you just want to copy all Of this without the last dot copy it Then it will go back into the name chip And and you want to fight in the domain List this domain you click on your new Domain and go into the manage and when You will be inside it will just go into The advanced DNS then inside of the Advanced DNS you just want to delete Both of these cname records so delete The number one and as well delete the

Number two and then you want to click on Add a new record you want to find cname Record and you want to go back into the you want to copy this as a Name So we just go in the host this is the Name and as a Target volume you just go Back to system and you just take all of This right here copy go there in Target Paste it and click on this check save Changes okay when you will have this Then you go to add a new record once Again you want to find cname record and Host once again you don't want to copy All of this you want to copy everything Before this last dot okay so we Just copy this and it will go back to Namecheap paste the host and in a Target You just add the second part as before Copy go here Target and check this okay When you will have all of this your Domain will be ready you just need to go Back here you just turn this off and Wait till the validation will be alright What you can do in a meanwhile you can Just open this and if you want to check If you've done all of these right and You can just go into the Google and look For DNS Checker you can open this Website you just click on This and then we can just find our uh Our new domain so I'll just add Www.manifestation to and you

Want to change this one not to a but It's a c name and you just click on a Search now we want to see all of these Checked uh not resolved not not resolved So there is some problem with it uh so I'm just going to check what I did the Wrong way okay so the only thing that You need to change that here in this First one that we were creating as the First video was the www and the name of The domain you just need to delete Everything can keep just this WWE when You do this and you will go into the Domain Checker I'm going to click on on A checklist you can see it's slowly Starting to popping up and most probably In a few minutes it will be all ready And all set and all the DNS are going to Be working okay so when you will have This and in the you will find That this is manifestation to weld and You just need to wait till this will be Ready to use and you can start using This but this will be validated then What you can do you can go into the Funnels and in the funnels we'll open For example this manifestation simple Opt-in and you will go up there into the Settings and here in the final domain You'll be able to find your domain so For example I can just use the second One but if I'm going to save this what Will happen that this is going to change To this domain and I can change this URL

Path for example to opt-in And if I'm going to save this Now this URL that I have just created Professionally looking URL is this one To our opt-in page and if anyone is Going to get the access these look much Better there is higher credibility and As well there is bigger chance that we Are going to make the profits out of This okay guys so this is the first Thing then the second thing that we need To do is to connect our business emails Was I was showing you before that in the Namecheap as well in a product you need To check this Pro email trial with that You can get completely for free for two Months I was telling you it's a business Email and we will need this when we want To create and connect this email to our Account inside of a so if you Will have this Pro email trial then what You can do you just go into the products And in the products you click on this Arrow down you will go into the manage And this is going to help us to create a New business email so if I just scroll Down you can see that we can have three Mailboxes it's not showing anywhere but We can just have just three there is This one out of three mailboxes in use So I'll just go into the create a Mailbox so what you will do is that you Just add a mailbox name so for example It can be mailing course with or you can just add then or something like this Something that is going to be related to Yourself so you can create the email so I would just add mailbox name then Password confirm the password then you Can just set up a mailbox storage that Could be 5 10 even 20 but 10 is Everything that you will need you just Click on Save the changes and you will Have your domain I have already this one Then and I won't be Changing it because this is something They want to be using and then when you Create your mailbox you can go to this Website private and here will Be your new email inbox like it's for Example or something similar To this so if you just go into the login I will login into it and we will be able To find that this is normal email inbox Like it's on the Gmail or any other Application you can see it right here And we can start using this to our email But most importantly we want to connect This to the because if you Will have your own domain your Deliverability and basically everything Which you are going to do with your Business will be looking more Professional and everything will be Easier here to do and most importantly On a system that I owe some things are Not working as properly as it should be

If you don't have your own domain okay So now if you want to set up this Business email as well you go once again Into the domain list in the domain list You just open the domain that you just Created I'm going to show it to you on This one that I have created before I Will go into the manage and once again You need to go into the advanced DNS Then in the advanced DNS you can see That I have added some new records but I'm going to show you where you can find Them so you can start using them as well But this can be done only when this Domain will be validated so we need to Wait a bit so everything will be ready And we can start using it after they Will basically validate the domain and Then we can add as well our business Email that we can start using in this Course 24 hours later All right guys so the day number two After day number one we needed to wait a Bit uh so the domain will be verificated So we can continue to the next step and That's setting up the mailing settings So as before we just need to go into the Settings and in the settings we will go Into the mailing settings and inside of The mailing setting we need to add our New mailing domains for example like I Have right now then of course be for this you're just going To click here to authenticate your

Domain you just want to add the name of Your no new domain that you have just Purchased so I'm just going to write the Manifestation to click on Save and now you can see this Verification is pending what we need to Do we need to click on these three dots Uh or not the three dots these DNS Settings this I under DNS settings and You can see that there are another DNS Record types or the C names records that We need to add into our namecheap Account or into our domain so all of This is basically uh connected connected Together and we can start using the Domain and as well we can start using The mail that is connected to this Domain so in the name chip you just go To the domain is still open in your Domain and once again we will go into The advanced DNS and inside of this we Just want to add new records so as Before we want to add a cname record We'll go back into the dashboard and in The name as before you want to add Everything before this that okay so you Don't want to be adding this Manifestation or the name of Your domain but only this what is before Data so domain key 2 Domain key but without anything what is Behind this dot okay so I'm just going To take this first part copy this I'll Go to namecheap this is the host that is

The name and as a Target we are taking The wall volume okay so copy this go to Target click on OK Add a new record we'll go to the cname Record and once again take everything Before the first dot copy this go back Into the host and as before the target The key one copy go in Target Approve or save the changes add a new Record the last one CNN record and once Again systemio 2 domain key copy go back As a host and then I will wall you we Are adding this uh as a Target okay when We have this we just go to save the Changes now everything is ready we just Turn it off this is pending so you just Need to wait a bit and then what you Will need to do here in the sender email Address you just need to add the email Address that we were creating before in The in the mailbox in the private email Okay so I'm just going to show it to you In the domain list I don't have this Domain for this email but I have for This one because I don't want to create Another one I don't need it and here in The products if you open the manage this Pro email trial and if you just scroll Down this is the mailbox that we were Creating before okay so if you will have This you just copy this go back here and As a sender email address you add this One as a sender name you add your name And then as a test email address you can

Use any address that you want this will Be just a testing address to which You'll be getting emails if you want to Test them okay guys so this is just to The setup to the mailing settings and Now basically if we have the domain to Be basically more professional so we Have uh better credibility and we can we Can be making more sales and more opt-in Rates on our websites because it's Everything is looking better and as well We have our own domain or sending email Domain this is very important because This is going to increase the Deliverability you won't be falling into The spam you have your credibility and Many many different uh just Pros uh that Are really unmatched with anything else That you'll be doing in your business so This is very simple step you see that it Took us like five minutes but when you Have it is ready you don't have to be Doing it with this or working with this Anymore in the future but this is very Essential part of this automation of This 10x profit maximizer system and now What we are going to do in this step Number two to setting up the system we Are actually going to set up the email Automation but don't worry you don't Have to be creating any emails you don't Have to be uh coming up with any Copywriting ideas because I have Recreated everything for you and as well

This product that we have just took to Start promoting or any product that you Can find on a Digi store 24 most of These have already pre-created the email Automation sequences so you just Basically copy and paste them put them Into the system that IO account or into The sequence and just like this you can Start making the profits out of it okay So I'm going to show you everything step By step in this video so what we are Going to do now we are going to set up This 10x profit maximizer or the 10x Email sequence because as I was showing You right here if you compare this if You'll be sending people just straight Into the offer or into the sales page You can make just one to five percent Sales but if you are going to use this Email automation that I'm going to show You how to set up right now you can Start making even 95 to 99 of everyone Who you are going to get into this Automation that's a huge huge difference That you can be making in your business Just by using simple simple thing that Not many people are teaching but I'm Going to give it to you for free 24 course so what we will do you just go Back into the digistore and we need to Go into this affiliate resources page Where we were before okay so this is the Page if you don't know how to get that You just need to go to digistore24 and

Click here on affiliate support page and Then when the new end up right here you Can basically see there's some story how Wesley was in a prison that's pretty Cool uh you can see all of this stuff You can see all of this stuff right here On this on this page and you can start Downloading the affiliate tools what we Want is this new email swipes okay That's that's funny stuff okay uh we Just go to new email uh swipes and we'll Open this we are able to find uh swipes Uh from from the vendor so you can see The email number one all the things that Haven't worked back the basics uh SL Warnings the subject line running your Money gone preview you don't need Another book pill or expert okay so uh This is uh to the subject line I'm going To show you how to set this up and then Hey first name I hope this is listen to Too personal but let me ask you blah Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the Wall email ending Here sign up email Number two as well uh all of the stuff There are the affiliate links you can See it sign off okay email number three Clickbait you are not getting any better All of this stuff and then it's new to Meditation and personal development so This may be something that could be even Better for us okay so if you have oh no This is a if you have a list or audience That is

And this is for if you have a list Audience that is inverse meditation or Personal development okay so Um this is for existing email list but As well we can basically use for kind of A mixed both of this so we can start Using it okay guys so what we need to do You just go into the and you Go into the emails and you want to go in The campaigns okay so the campaign is The place where you have all of this and When you'll be here you just go into the Create and in the name of this campaign We just want to add manifestation and Other for example Genie script Digistore24 so we know and how to Connect or to which product this is Connected I'm going to click on a save And then you open this campaign and Which you can start adding are basically All the emails into this one so as I was Showing you here you want to start Sending the emails but you don't want to Send all of them uh at once but you want To send for example they number one the First email there is number two second Demo daily number three the third email Okay so you just want to start sending It just like this now when you will have This uh or not we don't have anything Yet we just go into the add an email Uh you can see the sender name my name The sender email address this is my Center email address and in the subject

Line you just go here and we just want To take the email number one let's say That we will go with this one uh warning Your money gone okay so I'm just going To copy this I'll go back I'll paste it As a subject line and I don't like the Visual editor you can be using it it's Kind of like a like a funnel Builder Inside of the system that I owe but I Rather using classic editor because it's Like I always was using it and it's the Best thing that you can be using okay so You can see right here this is the Subject sender sender there is the body Where you are just basically writing the Best thing that you can be doing and Then you can see available substitute so Basically what this means if anyone is Going to sign up with their first name Uh with their first name on our opt-in Page or squeeze page or this page that We were creating before like this one The squeeze page from which we were Getting uh the email so for example that One they people need to add there as Well their first name if we are going to Add into this email this first name like This now all of these first names from All the people that add their email are Going to be added there so for example If you have signed up with a name for Example Mary then there will be hey Mary And continue the email so it will just Dynamically changing to who this email

Is going okay so really cool stuff that I definitely recommend you to be using So when we have this Then very simply don't play with this I'll just take this this should be in a Preview subject line but the Is not offering the previous subject Line so I'll just paste it here why you Want to paste it here because for Example if you go into my gmail so what You'll be able to see inside of your Email inbox is that who sent you the Email then the subject line and then the Very first part of the email or the Email buddy okay so basically if you Will add here the subject line warning Your money gone it will be here at the Beginning here at the beginning or like This is the this is the subject line how Did how did we do the advice sent me and Then if you added this you don't need Another book bill or expert then this Will be here at the beginning after After it okay so this is how we can Basically add as well the subject uh sub Headline for this okay so when we have This uh we'll just take all of this Stuff all of this cup it is sign off you Can take it as well copy Uh go into the editor and we'll just Paste it here okay this is all bolded so What you want to do you want to take it And we don't want to we want to make it Unbolt it so you just click on this a

Little B And now when we have this The Next Step that we need to do we can Keep it just like it is but maybe I Would just make these sentences a little Shorter because like this is Uh too huge And he's in Guru blah blah blah Make his first online million okay just Like this and Here sign off I'll just Add for example my name And now the next thing that we need to Add there is our affiliate or even Before that we need to enter this first Name so I'm just going to copy this First name Paste it here so this is what I was Telling you about this is going to Dynamically change and now the last Thing we need to add are these uh Affiliate links okay so here is the link If anyone is going to click here then It's going to be redirected into a link So there is the first one second one Super simple science based method and There is on things to make you better Okay so I just go here I've found on things to make you better I would take it and I will go into this Link and you can see that display text On things to make you better link type URL and the protocol is so if they're Going to click there they will get Redirected into this URL okay so now you

Just go back inside the digistore24 uh We just need to take uh our affiliate Link so I'm just going to generate it Once again then I'll just click on this Link and this is going to get copied Into the clipboard I will go back and I'll just paste it here under the URL go To the OK and now I will just find the Rest of this okay so this was the first One then I will go to super super simple Science based method so I just want to Find super simple science based method Here Take it go into the link paste this URL Okay and now I will go once again I want To find click here to learn okay exact Techniques take the link paste it here Okay and then as well I'll just make it A little bit shorter because I don't Want it to have uh so long okay uh now When this is done this is basically the First email you can see how simple this Is and this is the first email uh that I Can show you But that is I'll just take you to get Rid of this was basically this email That we have just created okay so this Is the first one and we want to create Second one and as well the third one we Got from Wesley that we can start using Okay so I'll just go back and then we Will go to seven publish and we want to Send this a delay before sending this Email so you want to add there uh zero

Minutes what this means that if anyone Will go here and add their email and you Want to send them this uh 20 word Whisper script that they will get inside Of the video on our affiliate page then They can get email in which we are going To send them right away this script okay So delay before sending email zero Minutes and that's it I'm just going to Click on a publish and now this is going To get published you can see the delay 0 Minute and this is the very first email In our automation so what we need to do Now we just want to add a second demo so The same process go to add email subject Line Is podcast shown to cause disastrous Damage to focus that's true And I'm just going to the subject Classic edit or create I'll be just Doing it a little bit faster because You've already seen it step by step So I'm just going to copy this Here and take all of the stuff Copy Paste it this is all ball that we don't Okay don't really want this bull that So just take it just like this be First name we want to change it For this one Paste and now we just need to check out Where are the affiliate links so uh Go back to the base list uh bestly Version and click here okay so just take

This uh go for my affiliate link copy This Uh and test Go back to your basics Add a link paste uh Wesley version as Well Affiliate link okay scroll down and just Click here to see how Wes did it paste Okay now this is all done then I'll just Change my name then course B and this is The second demo so I'm just going to Save it now it's important okay this Shouldn't be after one minute uh uh Let's go here we want to go into the Save and publish and we want to add our Days and you want to add their delay Before sending the email will be one day Okay so we're going to publish what it's Going to do that this email is going to Be sent on a day zero right after they Are going to sign up this one is going To be sent under day one and this second One on the day number two just with this Same system you will just set up as well The third third email so email third Clickbait you just basically copy these Things and recreate it in a way that I Just recreated it you just add the delay Or two days and then maybe you are Asking if three emails is enough so what Can you do if you want to start sending More emails is that you can basically Start creating more of these of these Emails and even if you don't have any

Copywriting skills so what I'm going to Show you is something that most probably Already know it's called chat GPT or Chat open AI but the chat GPT is at the Moment not working because they kind of Uh they have food their capacity so they Are not able to basically get me back I'm not sure if anyone is using it at The moment or it's like just for me uh So I just wanted to let you know that You can go into the chat GPT who knows How to use jgpt or don't know you can Just go into the YouTube and you can Look for how to use chat GPT for emails For email marketing and you can see this For example five minute video eight Minute video uh another video so Basically you can just go here watch These YouTube videos and check out how To create additional emails um from a Chat GPT you can generate their subject Line you can generate their their wall Email body basically everything what you Will need in order to set up your email Automation or this 10x profit maximize But these three emails that you have Just set up this is uh this is kind of Enough that you will need to make the Sales using this system because this is Already going to increase uh the selling But if you want to get more emails Because you can add their 5 10 15 20 25 30 the more emails sometimes the even Better so you can just start selling

Even more products after this okay so You can just go here And register 24 you can take this Product and then after this in the same Niche so for example this is the niche Uh personal development so if you just Go into the personal development you can Be sending selling in first five emails This junior script if they don't are not Interested or even if they are going to Buy then you can start selling this Mental time travel system in the next Five emails then another one you can Miracle money magnets another email then Meet us a manifestation system another Five emails and then a well to the Internet code another five emails you Have 25 emails five different products And just like this you can be increasing Your chances how to start making the Profits uh out of this simple strategy This simple email Automation and what I Just wanted to let you know that if you Wouldn't be collecting your emails right Here none of this is what I was just Telling you about wouldn't be possible Okay so this is why this 10x profit Maximization system is so so important So easy to use that you can set it up by Yourself as well but for this you will Need a little bit some emails so what Can you basically do you can just well Go to affiliate support page here and Most Republic you'll find email swipes

You can find their 8 email swaps for Another product okay so you can Basically set up everything that I was Just showing you with another uh with Another product like this uh this one You can go to the wealthy and there is No affiliate support page but for Example this one uh mental time travel System If you open this Uh let me check it out if the traffic Tip email something remember uh promo Link email swipes download email swipes Here you go into the drive what we can Find A lot of different email swaps okay guys So what you can basically do you can Just set up this automation that I was Just showing you with a Jenny and then You can start adding another emails with Another affiliate link from other Products and you can be increasing your Chances to actually making the profits Out of this but these opt-in Pages these Are from for another product but in the Same Niche okay so all of these are in The manifestation Niche but just like This you can be increasing your chances Increasing your chances to making even More money using the same exact Niche Same exact strategy and all of this is Working on autopilot okay so you don't Have to be setting this up every single Day by and sending new email out

Basically manually what you will do you Just put this into this one sequence Into this one system and it is going to Be working for the 24 7 on an autopilot You can be just sitting and just like This and making the money out of it okay Guys now when you will have this email Automation ready now what we need to do We need to set this up to one of these Funnels or one of these Pages inside of The funnel so what we need to do we just Go into the automation you go into the Workflows and in the workflow you go up There and they create we will add a name For example manifestation And Genie like this go to the save and We'll open this workflow and now we just Want to start creating this so basically What is going to happen What trigger is Going to or what action is going to Cause what trigger okay so I'm just Going to add create your first trigger We just add our tag edit and the tag Will be manifestation Niche so if Someone is going to be edit this tag we Were adding this in this automation Rules I believe it was the name so in The rules and what is going to happen we Just add plus action and we'll just add There subscribe to campaign and we'll Just add there manifestation januscript Okay so this is the world workflow this Is everything what we need to create so If someone is going to get to this page

Is going to click on get access now and They are going to add their first name Their email and click on get access now They will get the tag the manifestation Tag that we were creating before and as Well they will get subscribed to Manifestation journeyscript 24 campaign That we have just created okay so I'm Just going to exit this uh and we'll Just turn this on so click on activate Confirm and now when this is confirmed I'll just reload this page page and Reload this page as well we can reload It because I didn't connect the funnel So I'm just going to the simple opt-in And I just want to change this domain Not to this one URL Pad but now I can Use this manifestations well so just Click on a save now we can have this Domain and now if I open this now go to Get access now and I will add the first Name and email and then I will click on Get access now then what is going to Happen I'm going to get redirected into This product uh I have connected there The one with the woman's and as well if I'll go back now and if I will go into The contacts into the text and I will go Into the manifestation Niche I can find This new signup that I have just created Right now okay so you can see this right Here so then if I go into the email Campaigns this should be as well sending So if I'll just check it out this one

Should be sent at the moment but it's Not sending because they are still Verificating the mailing address so this Is not working yet but it will be Working after a while when you set this Up so when you'll be testing this as I Tested it right now you need to give This at least 24 to 40 48 8 hours Because if you are sending the very First emails the system that IO support And the team are basically controlling Everything which you are doing right Here and they are controlling so you are Not sending some spammy emails or Something some or promoting some scam or Something like this so you just need to Wait a little bit till you get approved On a system that I start sending all of These emails but when you test it I need To be working then you are all set and You can move to the step number three or Module number three and that's how to Get the traffic okay so in the module Number three we are going to talk about Traffic and how to get customers into Our affiliate links but I believe that If you are a beginner affiliate marketer Or online businessman the biggest Mistake that you can be doing at the Very beginning is to be paying for paid Ads and in that way getting traffic into Your offers why I'm standing behind this Opinion is that if you are a beginner And you know just some limited amount of

Savings for example two three thousand Dollars that you need to have if you Want to start with paid ads then Basically you are gambling your own Money in a period of time where you are Just guessing what you are doing okay so At the early beginning you can find a Code you can find a mentor that is going To give you the wall step-by-step Process but as well this is not going to Give you 100 security that this what you Are going to do is going to get the Results okay guys so what I recommend You to start doing is to start with Organic traffic or free traffic where You are not gambling your money but you Are in some way gambling just your time But if you just compare this let's Imagine that in a paid ads you want to Invest five hundred dollars one thousand Dollars you put in the money and you are Going to you are going to do some Mistake or you are going to learn from The mistake but you lost 500 to 1 000 in Order to affiliate marketing let's Imagine that you are going to invest Into it I don't know one hour two hour If this is not going to work you can Just learn from this and move forward And again and again and again and you Will never get rid or you never get out Of the budget okay with the paid ads you Can get you can basically spend your Whole budget and then you can be moving

Forward with original affiliate Marketing you can start making your ten Dollars twenty fifty one hundred one Thousand two thousand and then Everything which you are making what is The best thing about it is that is a 100 Pure profit okay so in pay that you can Be making twenty thousand dollars per Month but maybe you'll be spending Ninety percent of this twenty thousand Dollars per month on an ad so your Profit will be just two thousand dollars In organic affiliate marketing which you Can be making is twenty thousand dollars Per month and everything which you are Going to make is a pure pure profit Without you giving money to anyone so This is the huge huge difference and my Personal recommendation for you to start With the organic traffic and in this Video and in this course I'm going to Show you my number one traffic source For complete beginners this is a traffic Source that is bringing me around five To ten thousand dollars per month every Single month to my business at the Moment and I'm not focusing on it I'm Basically creating just five free ads Every single month to this traffic Source and still able to generate with This amount of money so I'm going to Show you in depth how to set up this Traffic source for you that is the best For complete beginners and as well in

The e-book you can find nine more Recommendations for traffic sources that I will be using with this product and Automation setup that I showed you in This digital 24 course so if you are Interested in you can find it as well in The e-book and now let's move to the Traffic source and let me demonstrate You how you'll be getting customers and Clicks into your affiliate links and Into your automation so this organic Platform that you can see right here This is called a tick I believe That at the moment everyone knows Tick Tock there is many people that will be Saying like ah Tick Tock I don't want to Be using the tick tock it's for a case Or it's for people that I don't know What they are doing but I just want to Let you know that Tick Tock is at the Moment what I call the king of the lead Or the king of the customer so take a Look is a platform where you can start Posting content and you can wake up the Other day and you can have 1000 Followers and you can have two thousand Dollars or three thousand dollars in Your bank account from affiliate links So don't sleep on this one because Tick Tock is a traffic platform that I'm Using to make something you know five to Ten thousand dollars per month just by Posting five free ads every single day So what I want to show you are basically

Four different accounts or Tick Tock Accounts in a manifestation Niche and if You just check this out you can see what Huge following these have 300 000 Followers 1.2 million followers uh then There is this one too 148 000 followers And as well this girl almost 300 000 Followers if you'll be creating your Content consistently and you will have Set up your affiliate product to the Automation and getting this uh on a tick Tock then you have proven that you'll be Making every single month at least five Thousand dollars per month okay so this Is the motivation for you where you Should be heading and if you just check This content check this out this is like Super simple content 7000 views for Simple video uh we're just going some Background and text over it okay uh 1 300 likes 200 comments check this out This is a huge engagement on a simple Video if you check for example this one 50 000 views don't ignore this just read It trust me and you can see 8 000 likes 600 comments 569 uh reshares simple Content that was shared 14 hours ago and If you just check this out this is what They are doing all the day just finding Some nice video to the background and Basically posting it just like this 195 000 views if you check another one you Can see 96 000 views 99 000 views this Is even simpler like you can see this

And the engagement is even higher super Simple way super simple process and this Is something that anyone can recreate This okay guys so this is something that Anyone can be doing this is a work for Five six seconds to create and I'm going To show you how you can create it okay So those are the options but you can be Creating you can see the content you Need to credit a little bit unique but I'm going to show you how you can start Creating it and creating as well your Tic Tac account so as well for example This girl she's shoving her face but you Don't have to be doing this because you See that she's not getting as many views As the other guys are getting uh right Here so now you have two options you can Just create your account uh using the Laptop and create uh here basically just Go up there into the registrar login and Create your account but what I recommend Is to be using one of your smartphones Or if you have a smartphone to be using A smartphone because everything is Easier on a smartphone and as well you Can be editing the videos using just Your Tick Tock application so this is Definitely what I recommend I'm going to Show you the step-by-step process how to Do this just by using Tick Tock platform And using tick-top smartphone app okay Guys so what you just need to do you Just go into your smartphone and you

Need to go to the Apple store or the Google Store I don't know what is the Name of it and you just download The Tick Tock application I believe you Already know how to do this very simple Process I won't be showing you how to do This when you'll be inside of the tick Tock you can have already existing the Account but let's presume that you don't Have any account and you want to create One so we just go into the sign up for Tick tock and you can use the Google you Can use Facebook you can use phone or Email but the one that I want to use is An email so the first we just add a Birthday so just add some random one Like this go to the next we can use a Phone number for example US1 but I would Just use an email so I'm just going to Add our email like this then I'll just Hit next after that we need to just Create a password so I'm just going to Create some password I will click on the Next and then just like this bank we Have our new Tic Tac account so now what We need to just do we just need to Optimize the account because if you just Check out uh this which you can see Right here uh on a desktop you can say There is the 300 000 followers but as Well they have some name that is kind of A manifestation something or Manifestation manifestations 90 and it Will kind of optimize the bio and their

Link so what we just need to do at first We just need to optimize the profile so I'm just going to go into the profile I Will go to set up the profile and the First thing that we need to optimize is A username so in the username we just Want to come up with something that is Connected to the manifestation or Something like this so I'll just try the One that I have with my uh with my what Is that domain so manifestation to weld And let's check this is free so I can Just use this one set username and now I Basically all set then the next thing That I want to use is a change of photo So I just put there some random photo That I found uh in my in my phone but You can just create there's something Already related to this and then in the Edit profile what is one thing that you Need to kind of understand about a tick Tock is that if you are creating The Tick Tock at the very beginning you can Be adding your link into the bio so what This means that at the moment if I go Into the edit the profile you can't see Any website and I can add a website for Example like this people have in their Accounts why is this because at first You need to hit 1000 followers but to Hit 1000 followers it's not a big Trouble okay guys so if you'll be Creating content consistently Consistently you can get to 1000

Followers in a one week in two weeks and Maybe even three days okay so it Happened to me that I got on day number One 1000 followers so it's not a big Trouble so in the Bible I will just add Learn how to manifest your best life And I would just add their wealth Because we are focused on the wealth and Then I would just keep it just like this Or I would just add the lever follow for More Because at the moment we can be adding Uh the link so if now if I would save it I will go back into the profile you can See learn how to manifest your best life And well leave a follow for more in the Racket when I will have there the link I Can edit some code to action for example Tap here or uh uh I don't know learn the 20 word whisper formula or something Like this that we will be adding into The content but at the moment our number One goal is just to grow this account so We can actually get the link there and Then from there being consistent and Start getting clicks into our automation So we can start making the profits out Of it so now when we have the profile we Have this optimized and now the next Thing in the next logical step that we Need to do we need to start creating the Content but even before that I'll show You a very small trick that is going to Find the Right audience for your free

Ads or for your free content on a tick Tock so you can start growing even Faster how you can start doing this and What we need to do you just go into the Search bar uh if I will go home there's Some girl dancing you go into the search Bar and you just want to start looking For manifestation video why you want to Start are doing this because you just Want to go through all of this and even Just find the videos For example like this one I want to like it I want to leave a save This video and that's why I want to Start following them why is this because If you are going to do this with Multiple videos for example with 10 20 50 videos your Tick Tock account will be Already connected to algorithm that is Kind of a working with a manifestation Niche okay so if you create your first Content it will go directly to the People that are interested in Manifestation because Tick Tock knows That you are interested in this content Okay does it make sense I believe that It definitely makes the sense so what I Would do I've just gone through this uh I will manifest for you what you can do You can as well open their accounts and Lifestyle manifestation and you can Check out what content they are creating How to do whisper method the right way So you can see for example this content

This is well content that you can be Creating if you want to show your face That is working perfectly and I would Just be basically continue but what I Want to find is as well content that we Want to be creating the easy content Okay so for example like this one Copy this save this I'll leave a follow Go back and once again uh Uh I'll just go through this for example This one Manifesting to whatever copy copy save This follow this I'm all done okay open This one and as well the same exact Process leave a follow leave a like I Can check out what is he creating this Is some hypnotist tiktok hypnotist I Don't want that but you can be creating That as well so very simply what you Just need to do you just need to do this Exact process with a 15 20 maybe 25 Different piece of content so you can Get the right algorithm and the Right Audience into your own account as well So this is the one thing what you can do Is to find these accounts that I was Showing you if you go into the users and Those are the Manifest you can see there Is a lot of manifestations uh different Profiles you can be checking out what They are creating and you can be Following these ones and going through For example going through that so I'm Just going to save this download this

When I download this but I'm just going To like all of this stuff uh so the Algorithm knows what exactly I want okay So when you have this now we need to Move to the most important part and That's the content creation so now to The content we have multiple options how We can start creating content for Example like is this one or this is one That I was showing you before or for Example as well this third one so the First option that we can use is that you Just find uh background footage because If you just open uh let's open not this One but for example this one Uh open this you can see that there is Just some background footage and then There is a text uh inside of this video That we can very simply recreate it so The very first thing that we need to Find is the background footage and then The second thing will be to find a music That we will add into this but let's Start with the with the footage for this You can just use footage that you can Find for free online so you can go to Website or the second one is that you can use as well and Very simply you just go to pixabay and We'll look for uh laying in the grass For example let's try this one and I Think it's here but if you would have uh For example some paid one like is this One you could be able to find these

Amazing ones that would be perfect for Videos like this but it's not it so Let's try a nature Uh like this one Nature okay and you can just start for Example using uh some of this but I Don't like these ones I want to find Some some woman Uh because it was in uh in this one so Let's check it out for example I could Definitely use that one photography Photographer and a beach uh this one as Well and if I would just grow this one Is perfect all of these are absolutely Perfect because you can see this God has 50 000 views and this got same exact Kind of a background video like we are Using at the moment so this is the Option number one the second option is That you can just take some of the Videos from your phone or from your Laptop and start using this so for Example there is some video that I got In my phone simple videos on a shisha You can see it right here and another One from a plane when I was I was Traveling somewhere these are even Better because those are kind of Personalized and you can be as well Growing some of your brand for example This one is looking from the balcony but Definitely if you just see there's some Text or something in the background this Could be perfect thing that you could be

Adding into videos like this one so this One and as well this one working from Tenerife you can see this And definitely they could be used in This type of video so what is the Difference between these two that these Videos that I was showing you this Completely for free on a big survey for Example uh many people already use them And it won't be as unique but it will be Kind of recording your videos or you can Use something which you already recorded Or just go somewhere out and put Somewhere the phone record yourself or Record uh something outside that is Going somehow connected to the Manifestation to some nice nature or Something like this it is always going To get a better result because there is This personalized uh effect to this that Are going to connect all of your account Your tiktok account your content to Yourself and as well you can be kind of A the head of the brand uh or the or CEO Of the brand and you can be making the More profits from affiliate marketing And as well from every monetization Method that you are going to use on your Account on your traffic source so this Is just a recommendation which you can Be using you can be using videos like Are these ones you can be recording the Videos but as well you can be using Videos that you already got inside of

Your phone so what I'm going to use I'm Going to use a video that I was already Recording before so what I would do I'll Just go into the tick tock And I already was searching so now let's Move to the creating the content so for The creation of the content we just go Into the app you click on this plus here And I will just go into the upload and For example I will upload this video in The middle now this is the video that I Want to use now the Second Step that we Need to create or we need to add there Is a music so what I would do I would Just go to one of these musics I will be As well listening to music and picking Up the right music but at the moment I Don't know like which one is the best And which way which one I want you so I'll just copy this one so I'll just go Uh in here into add a sound I will go Into this magnificent glass I will go to Search and then I'm just going to rather What you need by Ashley Hit search okay so I'm just going to Click on display hit okay now this is Going to be connected now when we have This now what we just need to start Adding is adding the text so for the Text you just go up there into the text And then most importantly need to figure Out which I want to be adding so what I Would do in your place you can come up With your unique content you can go to

The chat GPT and let it generate you Content ideas and as well which you Should be adding there's some tips how To manifest or all of this stuff but as Well what I would recommend as a second Stuff is that you could just go to one Of these accounts that you can find on Tick Tock and just recreating the Content with a better audio with better Visuals with better videos in the Background and that's the way how you Can start growing with the last effort And over the time when you know what is Working you can just kind of start Creating and coming up with your own Content ideas but at the moment which You should start getting is just copying The content so for example uh I don't Want to be using this one I want to find Something that is related to the world Uh Don't skip Uh let's open for example this video Found you if you see this Uh okay I can recreate this one for Example for the sake what we want to Create so let's say I will just edit This video Found you I will just recreate it a Little bit in our style so just like This Black one Put it here in the middle Or just add error if you see this video

Before let's add our 15th February This is your sign Take it seriously Just like this and now just hit ok now Just make it a little bit smaller put it Here it's a little bit upper like this Uh YouTube will become an Inseparable Couple by the end of February I'll just Add there You will Find the right Wealth opportunity By the end of February Okay make it smaller Bank here what is it adding as well is Edit this just click one okay we have This a stroke around it edit once again Like one up not This like this okay if you see this Video you'll find the right build Opportunity by the end of February this Video found you if you see this video Before 15 February this is your sign Take it seriously if you will find the Right wealth Opportunity by the end of February the only thing the universe Want is you to become successful and Well the author biggest wish will come Through and good things are coming hit Three notifications to climb so Basically they need to add like comment And follow if they want to claim this

Manifestation this is how this works With these channels so basically this is All created at the moment and what we Need to do we just need to post this so You see this took me like three minutes And as well I was explaining to you how To create this and I was thinking about The content so you can recreate the Content you can just kind of a model Everything from this but what I Recommend is to always be adding Something unique and as well the video Unique uh uh the text unique and Everything unique so it looks kind of a Different and you can differentiate from All of the other accounts and most Importantly what I recommend is to be Adding your own videos because that's The biggest difference that you can do Anything as well if you show yourself There that's a that's a completely Different thing okay so if you have a Good phone and you can be recording it Definitely recommend so now how to post This because that's the important thing As well we just go into the next And what we want to do we want to uh add Some uh description what is very Important to be adding the same exact Keywords in the post in the hashtags and As well inside uh of the of the video so What I want to add is manifest Your wealth Opportunity

Then we'll just add hashtag manifest Wealth for example let's try it Manifest well 41 Millions another one Manifestation for example And then another one will be Manifestation money Method for example so what you can find There or what I basically did that you Have just add uh hashtags that are kind Of related to the niche that I'm in so If you'll be posting about weight loss You can be adding their the weight loss Stuff if you'll be posting about uh Guitar lessons you can be adding their Guitar lessons hashtags but this is About manifestation so what's cool about It that if you add the hashtag and you Write many fast just many fast this is Going to show you multiple different Recommendations that you can be adding Inside of it okay so this is something That you can be doing as well now when I Have this Very simply I'll just go here everything Is ready everyone can see this I'll just Go into the post uh post publicly and Now just like this this is going to be Posting you can set it getting the Percentage and in a few seconds this Video will be out there this video we Will be collecting the views it will be Collecting the likes did you be Collecting the follows and over the time If you'll be consistent with these

Videos you can start slowly growing so Guys this is what I posted it's the very First video this is the exact process How you can be creating these videos but This is not everything which you can be Doing okay so this is just one type of The content if you go into the tick tock And if you go under this Niche like Manifestation hit OK and you'll find Accounts you can find multiple different Accounts that you can start kind of a Modeling okay so you can go to Manifestating Method you can see this One guys showing the money and as well It's working perfectly so you can just Take some money from your wallet make a Recording of this uh pythos dollars is On its way to me it belongs to me and it I used how I choose it I thank the Universe in advance my blah blah blah Manifestation you can see 40 engagement That this is definitely perfecting that I would definitely try uh if I would be I will be doing this exact strategy and What is the coolest thing about this Content that we have just created about This video is that these videos like This this short form content uh Basically vertical content this is a Content that is not working only for a Tick tock but you can be using this on Instagram on YouTube on a Facebook on a Pinterest so if you want to increase Your chances to actually get as many

Traffic as possible for just one single Video that you have created what you can Do you can just turn this off we can Find the account that is manifestation To wealth that is the one that I just Created uh let's find it uh if I will be Able to find myself okay is this one And this is the video that I've just Created let's see if I can see this okay This is the video now what you can do You can just take this link you can go Into the Google and you can look for Download Tick Tock video without a Watermark And if you go to this one The SSS stick that IO paste it here Download it what is going to happen that You can download this video without the Watermark and why is this important Because now you can use this video on Instagram on YouTube on Facebook without Creating a new video basically just Repurposing this one video so now just From creating one video posting it on a Tick tock you can get four eggs more Traffic this is something that not many People are doing that you can get four Xmod traffic just by using one single Video that you have created prior to That alright guys so this is what I Shared with you in this video or in this Free course on digital 24 no Guide on digital 24 on how to make your Very first ten thousand dollars in 2023

These three modules this is something That is just working if you watch this Till this minute then I have to say that Congratulations you are one of I don't Know one percent of all the people that Watch this video and get to this exact Point actually finish this free course So if you did it congratulations you are The man or the woman you did a great Great job job and now the last thing That is basically needed is to take all Of this what you just learned in this Video in this free course and put it in The action so the best thing that you Can do is to go through this video once Again through this course once again and As well maybe you'll notice that there Is missing the module number four or Step number four but this module number Four you can find it inside of the ebook Because I don't want to create this YouTube video too long because my editor My video editor will get mad and so I Would just create this kind of a not so Long and you can find the module number Four inside of the ebook so if you want To get this ebook you can find it in the Description and the second link you can Download the ebook I'm going to send it To you and in that you will find all the Damn free websites down through Templates and as well the additional Bonus number four so as I told you if You watch this till this minute and

Congratulations you did a great great Effort great rate action and now the Last thing that you need to do is to go Through this video once again and as I Will be doing all the steps I need you To be doing the steps and putting it Into the action so if you are watching It right now schedule it or make a Promise to your also that you will go Through this video once again and as Well that you will start basically Putting in the action everything which You are learning what I'm doing put it In the action so at the end of the Second time till you go through this Video you will have your basically this Online affiliate marketing business Ready with the automation with the Profit maximizer everything which you Need to do in order to make the money And start making the profits online and Most importantly if you found value in This video then don't forget to leave a Like don't forget to leave a subscribe If you want to see more content just Like this and if you know some people That could benefit from this video that Could get some volume from this video Then don't forget to share this video With your friends or someone who is Struggling to make money online with Affiliate marketing and this free course Could be a perfect for them and as I Told you at the beginning I have no

Course to sell you because what I Believe is working and the only way how You can learn something how you can Leverage something and how you can Launch and the best way how to grow your Own business is to be leveraging life or Mentorship based events that you can use To actually get real feedback a real Super board so you can grow faster and As well you won't be just following a Course ABCD but you will get a real Feedback a real support and that's Something what I believe in so I just Want to let you know that I'll be Hosting a five-day online profits even This is an event in which I will help You and show you exactly how you can set Up your online business how you can Launch it and get your first paycheck in Just 48 hours if you're interested in This you can find links to join in the Description and just to let you know I Didn't want to tell you about this event But I believe this is the greatest event That I have put together by far and it's One of the most valuable things that I Have put together so I couldn't forgive Myself if I wouldn't give you the Opportunity to join this event so if you Are interested you can find it uh in the Description if you want the ebook if you Want to get the module number for the Bonus or the additional bonus number Four or the additional module number

Four then you can find it in the e-book In the description but other than that What you need to do you just need to go Through this video once again you need To put it in the action you need to Share this with your friends you need to Leverage this as much as possible you Need to schedule it you need to be Working on this on a daily basis and Then you will get successful so I hope That you enjoyed this digistrar 24 full Course full guide no guide in Which I showed you how you can make your Very first ten thousand dollars in a 2023 when you'll be following this Three-step process and as well then step Number four or module number four that You can find in the ebook so this is Everything for this free Course once Again thank you so much for watching This till the end and at the end I have To say one more thing that if you are Interested in more tutorials or you want To get similar tutorial like this one For the ClickBank Warriors second Similar affiliate marketing platform Then you can just click on this video This is the ClickBank affiliate Marketing course A to Z guide that you Can get the only tutorial that you will Ever need on a ClickBank so hopefully I Will see you there but for this one this Was everything from me calls me out and See you in the next one

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