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In this step-by-step tutorial you will Learn how to make money online copy Pasting these pretty much done for your Digital products and I'm going to show You two different platforms where you Can make passive income with these Digital products which are as I said Mostly done for you and I'm going to Show you exactly which brand new tool You can use to get ahead of your Competitors and actually earn passive Income in 2023 so if that sounds good Enough then make sure to drop a like Down below and let us begin with a full Step-by-step breakdown just a quick here If someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first things First in order to actually create those Digital products which are as I said Mostly done for you but you need to put

Them together you got to go over to book Bolt I'm Gonna Leave a link to big bold In the description box down below but This is an AI tool that will as you can See help you find best-selling books so You can be ahead of everyone else and It's also gonna it's also going to help You create those books and create those Digital products with just a couple of Clicks of a button so what you want to Do is you just want to log into your Account and as soon as you log in you Will have all of these different Tutorials which you can watch so I'm not Gonna go into too many details but you Can erase your Search keywords you can Research topics of these books you can Research a lot of different things and It's going to show you exactly how to Actually use this entire tool but I'm Going to show you briefly how you can Create a couple of different digital Digital products from which you can earn Passive income and I'm going to show you Exactly how one person is making over Twenty two thousand dollars a month Doing exactly this copy pasting these Files so what I want to do now is you Just want to click on here you want to Click on this button over here and then You just want to go to book bold Studio To start creating your first product so You can just click on create a project We're going to go with a paperback cover

An interior I'm going to name my project So in this case let's say I'm perhaps Creating a gratitude Journal you can Select the size and you can click on Create the project I'm going to have 24 Different pages now this is going to Show you that on the right side this is Going to be the front page of our of our Book whoever journal and on the left Side that's going to be the back so you Can of course remove this because these Are just instructions to show you which Areas for which one so you can just Click on this and you can hide the cover Template and now it's going to be Removed now you can start customizing This template so you can go to the Images section on the left hand side and You can either upload your own images or You can go to pixapay or unsplash and Get copyright free images you don't have To worry about getting any copyright Strikes or whatsoever so you can just Search for different background images And then you can choose which one you Like the most so let's say perhaps I'm Gonna go with this one I'm just going to Select it and it's going to show up over Here and now I can just drag it Throughout my entire cover so it's going To look something like this and I have These green lines around so it's going To show me which area I should go in so Here it is now this should be perfect so

This is our first page now secondly you Want to start building all the other Pages and you want to actually upload All the different pages in this case 24 Different pages so what you want to do Is you want to click on this Maze and Then you want to search for in this case Journal so I'm just going to go and try And find something so perhaps I'm gonna Go with this one and I'm going to select All and I'm going to remove the cover so I don't need that and I'm also going to Remove let's say the last three ones and I'm going to click on next and I will Click on submit now they will load and Here it is here is the first page and This is how it's going to look like it Looks pretty nice you can of course Customize all of that but the last three Pages are going to be empty so what I'm Going to do with these last three pages Is I'm just going to add something Perhaps like this so I'm going to add a Rule like a wider rule only for the last 30 pages which were empty and I'm going To finish it like that it's of course Optional you can just play around Yourself and this is how my journal is Going to look like so now pretty much That has been done and also for the Cover I only have the background so I'm Also going to need to add some text so Perhaps I can add a heading now that Heading might say the Gratitude journal

And we can of course play around with Different phones so I'm gonna try and Find something that's gonna suit me so I'm gonna go with something along the Lines of the Gratitude Journal I'm also Going to change the font for this one as Well so I'm going to try to find Something that would look nice so Perhaps this one or something else you Can of course play around with your own Design signs and make something really Nice I'm just gonna go with something Like this and perhaps I'm gonna Duplicate this one and just type in Journal and maybe make it a little bit Smaller so something like this and I'm Gonna drag it and put it around here so The Gratitude Journal so this is my Cover design this is how it looks like For me you can of course play around and Create your own design however you like Now once you're done creating your Paperwork once you're done creating your Digital product all you're gonna do is Click on download right over here and You want to download it as a e-book so You want to download a current project As RGB that's the file which you want to Download to your computer so that you Can actually sell it and you're going to Download all of these different files Now mine does didn't fit properly here So we'll have to move it a little bit And now it should be good all right so

Now I can just click on download and Download it as a RGB file now the next Thing you want to do is you want to Actually start selling this as a digital Product and there are a couple of Different options the very first one is To just go over to gamrow dot account Which is a platform where you can list Your digital products and start selling Right away for completely free now the Problem with gumroad is that there is Not a lot of traffic on here so you Would have to promote your books and Your paperbacks and your journals Yourself there's not a lot of traffic That comes from gumroad the second Option is to sell an Etsy and a third And the best option is to sell these Products on amazon.com because these Designs from book balls and these Products in book pull and these Templates from book pulled are actually Made specifically for Amazon with all The specific sizes and requirements that Amazon has in order for you to sell on Your website so if you go to Amazon and You search for gratitude journal for 2023 you can see that just this one Single person over here has gotten over 12 000 feedbacks and they made well over 12 000 sales because not every single Person will live a feedback and they're Selling this for 22 dollars and if you Think about it you literally just upload

That design that you just upload that Digital program once and it keeps Selling you don't actually have to ship That and almost everything is pretty Much profit for you and you don't Actually need to do any of the work Besides that you literally just upload It and you just leave it over there and Because this is for 20283 just this year Alone over the past three or four months This person has gotten over 12 000 sales Which means they made hundreds of Thousands of dollars but even if it Divides twelve thousand twelve thousand By 12 months in a year and let's say They've been getting only 1 000 sales Per month that's gonna be worth 23 000 Per month in Revenue just from this one Single digital product that this person Has uploaded so you can just go over to Kdp.amazon.com which is a page where you Can sell Publix or ebooks and paper bags And you can upload your digital products On here it's completely free as you can See you can get the market fast in 72 Hours you're gonna be able to publish Your book after it gets reviewed you can Be from anywhere in the world and you Can sell to anywhere in the world as Well so all you gotta do is sign up with Your Amazon account or create a brand New Amazon account and then sign up to Kdp.amazon.com and you can upload your Designs and what you can also do is you

Can just look at the other listing that Are successful and see what they've put In the description you can also get Keywords from book bold and book poll in General is going to help you actually Create a perfect listing so that you can Rank higher and attract more viewers and Obviously attract more sales for those Digital products if you're creating with Book polls you can definitely check out All the different tutorials that they Have once you sign up and once you log Into your account so once again I'm Going to leave a link to people in the Description box down below anyways I Really hope you've learned something new In this tutorial if you did make sure to Drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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