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See for some reason no one is actually Talking about this method but it Literally takes less than a single hour To set it up when you can make money Online using Google translate and chat GPT to absolutely free apps that are Available worldwide and I'm going to Show you exactly how to use them to make Money without having to sell anything Without having to build anything and Without having any social media Followers so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like down below and let us Begin with a full step-by-step breakdown Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first things First before we actually come back to This platform what you want to do is you Want to open up Google Translate app

Which is an app that will allow if you Obviously translate languages you can Translate something from English to Spanish or Spanish to English or English To Hindi or Spanish to French it doesn't Really matter but what we're going to be Using it for is to translate from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish so as you already know if you Type in for example something in English It's gonna tell you how to say that in Spanish for example so that's Google Translate now the next app that you need Is also check the GPT you want to sign Up for this absolutely free AI bot and You're gonna be using it to make money Online with this method now once you've Signed up for tragic PT and you have Google translate opened up over there What you want to do next is you want to Go over to CPA grip which is a platform Where you can find thousands of Different CPA offers in different niches And also different languages and CPA Stands for cost per action which means That most of these offers will pay you When someone completes a certain action Which in most of the cases is them Submitting their email address so you Can get paid when someone submits their Email address you don't actually have to Sell anything so what you want to do is You just want to register an account and Then log into your account and then you

Simply want to go to my offers and there You can find all of these different Giveaways which you can promote so for Example this is a giveaway which will Pay you two dollars when someone enters And all you gotta do is submit their Email address and they will have a Chance to win something for free and you Will make three dollars per email Collected so if you refer a thousand People that's gonna be a few thousand Dollars in earnings without having to Sell anything people don't have to Actually spend any money and they also Have a chance to win something so you Want to find some giveaway if you Promote I usually just go with this one Because it's like a 750 PayPal gift card That someone can win for a little afraid Just for submitting their email address And I'm gonna be paid a few dollars per Email now one massive mistake that a lot Of people make is they only focus on the US market and they only focus on the English speaking audience but what you Can do is you can change the country Over here and you can select for example Something in French or Spanish if you Select for example Spain you will be Able to find some giveaways which also Pay you one to two dollars per email but It's gonna be a lot easier because as The competition is a little lower not a Lot of people promote in the French

Language or the Spanish language or Italian language or all the different Languages that are available so I can Perhaps go with this one I think this is A giveaway for PS5 so let's actually Check that with Google translate I'm Gonna go back and I'm gonna translate This to see what it means so get the new PS5 so this is a really good giveaway That I can promote so what we can Essentially do right now is we can grab Affiliate link for this and then go back To chat GPT and you can ask chat GPT if You start writing an article in Spanish For you but don't just ask with one Prompt but make sure to create an Article craft an article part by part so I can for example ask him to First write 300 words into intro paragraph in Spanish for an article about facts about PS5 and now he's gonna start writing This article in Spanish and he's Actually going to start off with just an Intro paragraph and then we're gonna Generate the next part so what we can do Is we can use this so this is going to Be the intro paragraph and once he is Finished with the intro you can just ask Him to continue writing the second few Hundred words paragraph on also in Spanish and he's going to continue to Write this article and until you have Like a thousand words article just keep On asking Petit to write in Spanish for

You and I don't honestly understand what This article is all about I don't Understand what it says but you can of Course always just use Google Translate To see if it's a good article or not but In most cases it will submit a very very High quality article which you can just Copy and paste right away so what you Want to do next is you want to go over To this platform which is called the Medium already medium.com which is a Platform where people come to share Different stories articles and blog Posts in different languages and then You can just click on the right right Over here and you can paste your story You can paste your article from chat GPT Right over here it's going to be in Spanish and you can also add a title in Spanish as well so you can just ask him Write a short title in Spanish for this Article and now he's gonna also generate That one one sentence title that you can Use and just copy and paste back on Medium.com so here it is this is the Title that we're gonna use I'm now just Gonna paste this into medium and we can Also create a call to action for this PS5 so it's going to say this is how you Say it in in Spanish so I'm basically Just going to copy that I'm going to use That as a call to action and I'm going To include that call to action right Over here but I'm also going to say that

It's free so I want to say get the new PS5 for free and let's see how we are Going to say that in Spanish so this is How you say it I'm gonna copy this call To action and now I'm just gonna go back And I'm gonna paste it right over here And I'm gonna highlight that make it Bold and then just insert my affiliate Link from CPA grip so basically just Insert that right over here and this is How it's going to look like I'm going to Copy this and I'm gonna paste that here As well and I'm also going to paste that Here as well so now we have multiple Call to actions and now I can publish This to medium.com and I can also add Topics related to PS5 or related to Something that's in Spanish or whatever Language you've selected and publish That to medium.com where people from That particular country can either find This in Google or directly on medium.com And can read this article which talks About for example facts about PS5 or you Can also make an article about making Money online and then in that article You promote some giveaway from CPA grip Which is in that language and that way You can attract people from that country So they can sign up in each email you Get will make you one to two dollars for Completely free which obviously may not Seem like a lot but as I said if you Refer a thousand people that can be few

Thousand dollars in commissions without Even selling anything and obviously the More of these articles that you publish The higher chances of getting more Traffic and more sign ups you will have So don't just post one and then wait and See like hey but I only got a couple of Sign ups or I didn't have any sign ups Or whatsoever but go out there and post Like 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 different Articles every single day with different Offers with different languages with Different call to actions try out all The different things and see what Happens over the next couple of weeks See many how many clicks we're getting And see how many referrals you've got From that as so I really hope you got Some value out of this video I really Hope you've learned something new in This step-by-step tutorial and if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you in some of the next Ones Foreign

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