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One hundred thousand dollars per month That's how much money one single person Is making by using this strategy and I'm Actually gonna show you a few different Ways that you can use this brand new AI Bot if you make one in one from Literally anywhere in the world and Without having to spend a single dollar And I'm also going to show you how to do This without having to show your face on The camera and without actually having To build your own website sell any Products services or anything like that I'm gonna walk you through the entire Process step by step so if you do Appreciate that make sure to drop a like Down below so we can get to 1 000 likes As soon as possible and let us actually Begin with a full break now just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never fax you

Like that so just stay safe safe and Report them all so the very first AI Bought a brand new AI bot we are going To be using is called the Tails Factory Already tails what this tool Does is this is an AI bot which will Generate a full storybook For You full Of illustrations which were also Generated by AI so it's completely Copyright free and you can use that to Make money online so as you can see you Can create unique stories whatever it is On your mind whatever you can imagine You can turn it into a full-long story Written by a professional because AI can Do that very very well and you can also Get it narrated for you completely Automatically and you can get original Illustrations which is really crazy Because in the past people will spend Thousands of dollars for this so what You can do is you can go over to here And you can share a thought so for Example they only gave you an example Like A Brave Young girl who sets out to Save her Village from a dangerous Monster that could be a story or you can Go with like whatever is on your mind it Doesn't need to be medieval it can also Be about space it can be literally Anything that's on your mind so I'm Gonna go with like a young medieval man Saves The Village from a scary dragon And gets rewarded with a lot of gold

Like the most basic story ever and I'm Gonna click on Create and I'm just gonna Wait for them they will construct the Story they will write the story they Will narrate that they will write the Paragraphs and they will create those Illustrations and I'm gonna show you two Different ways that you can make money With this and as I said I'm gonna show You a person that actually makes over a Hundred thousand dollars a month by Using this method and so here we have Our story it's already generated a Couple of them I think this one is a Brand new one or it's this one over here So if you click on this I think it's This one or not this is the old one so Let's go back so here we have a full Story with full illustrations both in The left and right side and it was also Narrated as well so if you take a look At this you will be able to see this Like once upon a time a brave and they Will man stepped up to save a castle From a terrible Dragon so he talks about This story and it shows everything on The left side on the right side we have These illustrations and so what you can Do is you can either use this narration So if you listen to it the brave Medieval man who saved the castle once Upon a time a brave it is good the Narrator is good but you can kind of Tell that it's robotic so what you can

Do is if you don't want to make it sound Robotic what you can do is you can just Take the text that was generated for you And then you can use an external website Like play HD which actually has super High quality voiceovers also text to Speech so it's AI but you can never tell There was AI so let's listen to this Voice that's a remarkable man in Possession of Limitless curiosity and Intellect Elon Musk makes a fascinating Subject this honestly sounds a lot Better so you can just use this one this Is in my opinion the best text-to-speech AI software at least as of right now so Optionally you can use this external AI Voiceover but otherwise you can just Rely on this so what I want to do is you Just want to download these Illustrations just click on save image As save them all to your computer and You can also save this voiceovers by Pressing on the download button for each Of these voiceovers you just click on The download and the download button as Well on the Three Dots and you will have The audio files you will have the Narration to your computer as well and As I said there are two different ways That you can make money online with this Method the very first one is a little Bit harder one and that's the post to Create YouTube shorts I'm going to show You exactly how to generate them with AI

And you can post those stories as YouTube shorts without you showing your Face or anything like that and as you Can see some of the channels that are Doing similar things are making like 76 000 a month or this one a hundred Thousand dollars a month just from that Revenue alone according to socialblade Because these channels are monetized you Can't actually monetize YouTube shorts With ads starting from February 1st 2023 But in order to get your channel Monetize your channel needs to be Approved into the partner program which Can sometimes take 12 to 18 months so if You want to get your YouTube channel Monetized right away to start earning ad Revenue instantly without having to wait 12 to 18 months to get approved for Monetization or anything like that you Can either go to Monetization or click the first link in The description box down below and to Generate those YouTube shorts you can Just go over to clip champ which is an Absolutely free fool you're going to log In create a new video from scratch and Then just select the size on the right Side and then go over to here import the Media which are those images those Illustrations from tale story and then You can just upload it right over to Here upscale it so it looks good and Then you can just upload the voiceover

As well and you will basically have all These different images make sure to Upscale all of them you can add Transitions effects and all of that and Most importantly you can add Auto Captions and that's what actually makes Those YouTube shorts engaging so you Want to click on turn auto captions Click on turn order captions and then You want to put them in the center you Want to put them in the middle after They have been generated and they are Basically the AI is going to read the Script it's gonna listen to the audio And it's gonna generate those order Captions and it's gonna sing them to the Video so here we have our captions Showing up you can of course also Customize the colors and the font and All of that but I'm just going to leave It to default and I'm not going to play Around with those things so if we Actually listen to the video medieval Man who saved the castle once upon a Time a brave medieval man step as you Can see it starts talking about the Dragon in the medieval times and it Shows all these little stranger Illustrations and it's like are really Engaging because we have the captions as Well so now I can just export this and I Can download to my computer and I can Upload it as a YouTube short potentially Getting views and making money if my

Channel is monetized and the second Method is to share these stories on a Platform like which is a Platform where people share stories and Blog posts and articles you can go to it's being visited by Millions of people you can just click on Right right over here you can enter the Title and you can pretty much just copy The title from Tails Factory you can Paste it right over here you can go back And you can copy the entire text and Paste it here as well and add the next Paragraph which is basically this one Over here you're gonna copy that and you Can also use the illustrations between These lines to make it look even more Engaging and to add the illustration all You gotta do is basically just click on This plus icon over here and click on Add an image and here you have that Brave men which we can now publish and This is going to be the preview image You can also change the preview image as Well upload a different one if you don't Like this one and I'm going to type in Medieval story and most importantly in Order to actually made this work in Order to make it profitable you need to Find some offer to promote so you can Perhaps have a call to action for some Giveaway from CPA grip or any type of Offer that you think would be suitable For the story that you've generated if

It's related to that you can definitely Add in affiliate link inside of that Document inside of that blog post inside Of that article and you can share it and Millions of people can read this unique Story with unique illustrations and they Can potentially sign up for whatever it Is that you have in that text in the Article that you're promoting and so Those are two different ways that you Can make money online using this brand New AI bot I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like down below and I Will see you in some of the next ones Thank you Thank you

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