Earn EASY +$642.71/DAY From FACEBOOK For FREE I Make Money Online 2022

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Earn EASY +$642.71/DAY From FACEBOOK For FREE I Make Money Online 2022

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And so far doing this I was able to make Three thousand six hundred dollars in The last seven days and in the last Three days over fifteen thousand dollars So if you want to get this all what you Need to do is today I'm going to show You an easy way how you can earn 642 Dollars per day using Facebook Completely for free and don't worry You'll have to show your face or talk to Anyone because I will show you unique Strategy how you can post free ads with Facebook and make money out of this and This is very beginner friendly method It's completely for free and a lot of my Students already try this and make their Very first money online just by using This exact strategy and some of them Were able to scale this even to few Thousand dollars per month so literally Everything what you need to do is just Watch this video till the end take all Of the down for your tools and resources That I'm going to share with you and Then just replicate what I will do in This video click where I'm going to Click and at the end you will know Exactly how to make up to 600 per day And if you want to increase your chances To make money out of this method and as Well throw many orders methods then Don't forget to leave a subscribe and Hit application but because in that case You are not going to miss out any of my

Brand new money making videos and also Don't forget that we are still running The giveaway in which you can win one of My paid courses that is priced at 500 in Which I'm going to show you how you can Earn 3 000 in just 30 days but you can Get it completely for free all that you Need to do is just leave a like leave a Subscribe hit that notification Bell Share and comment below what is your Dream travel destination and why and in The next video I'm going to pick one of The winner as I picked one under this Video alright guys so this free ads Method that I'm going to show you today How you can use it on a Facebook this is Not just the method that I'm just Talking about or this is a method that I'm actively using in my own business as Well if you just check out one of my Results on this website whatever Plus Which you can see that just today I was Able to already generate 479 yesterday 562 dollars and last seven days almost Four thousand dollars in the last months Or last three days I was able to make Fifteen thousand dollars using Strategies just like this that I'm going To show you and so these methods are Extremely powerful powerful and Profitable but you will see is really Simple to put it into action and as I Told you I'm going to give you Everything which you will need for this

As are done for you tools and resources And as well I wish you the most Step-by-step process so you can just Copy this replicate this put it in the Action and you can make money out of That and as a step number one you just Need to head out to this website that is Called a digistore24.com this is a Website where you can look for and say Affiliate products so yes this is Affiliate marketing strategy because all Of this money that I was able to make Was with affiliate marketing and I Believe this is the easiest way how to Make money online but as well to build Profitable and sustainable online Business so not just to make 20 50 100 Once in a week or once in a month but This is a strategy that you can start Using over and over again and grow it to Three five even 10K per month so I don't Want to be showing you some click button Methods I want to show you how you can Truly make money online so this Digital24.com is a website where you can Find affiliate Marketplace and this is The place where if you want to make Money from some products you don't have To be creating this product you can just Very simply just take it and start Promoting it with a simple link and I Will show you specifically in this video How you can do this with a free ads so What you need to do as a first step you

Just go up there into the register now And under the register now you just need To create your account so you just add All of these things that you need you Can keep it just as an affiliate because You don't need to be an vendor you don't Have to be creating the product as a Complete beginner and then you just add Basically the username you just add your Email password then basically all of Your details right here but make sure That you are going to add your real info Because if you want to get paid from This platform and you will need to get Paid if you want to get the money to Your bank account and actually start Using it and start living with it let's Say then you need to actually add your Real credentials your real info because If you are going to edit some fake info Then you won't be able to withdraw the Money and I can sell you that in this Platform basically anyone can register So even if you are for example from Africa Asia whatever country that you Can find on a map you can create your Account on a digistler 24 start from Promoting the products and start making The profits so when you will have all of These ready you just scroll down tick This box and click on register for free Now then you will have your account and When you will create your account and Login into list the very first thing

That you will see is actually this Dashboard or this interface or Digi Store 24 and all the earnings that you Have made so far with digistore24 most Republic if you just create your account There will be just videos you can see That I have in my account 5432.11 but I'm not using it at the Moment so I don't have any earnings but This is something that you can get and You can see that I haven't even added my All my information so I can withdraw the Money so these are just hanging out in This digistore24 account but this is not Important what is important is how you Can make money out of this so for this You just go into the marketplace and in The marketplace this is the place as you Can see where you can find 713 products That you can start promoting and start Making money out of this if you check it Out you can make for example from this Some health and fitness product you can Make 85 percent of the of basically the Full price vendor the creator of this Product is going to make just 15 percent And you'll be the one who make 85 from The product that you don't have to Create so this is pretty cool and this Is why I believe affiliate marketing is So easy to scale and so easy to make Money because you don't have to be Creating anything you can get powerful Products start promoting it and start

Making money out of this just like that But now let's go back a bit uh what you Can find on the left side are basically All the categories of the products that You can start promoting what I can tell You that in this strategy in this free Ads strategy with Facebook you can use Any product that you can find on a Digital 24 literally any product because You will see the structure you will see How you can put it together by yourself But what I want to show you is actually One product that I was using with all of My students I was using it by myself and I believe it's working the best and it's The easiest way to make money out of This strategy so just for you you can Use whatever product you want or you can Use the product that I'm going to show You right now so we will just go into Internet marketing and E-Business here You want to scroll all the way down and You want to go to the SEC second page Here is the product that we are going to Use get paid to do simple writing jobs Online this is the product for which you Can get 75 commission fridge earnings Are around 15 per sale but what is the Most powerful about this product and What is the reason why I picked this That here are one dollar trials with Huge reveals what this means that people Can go into this product and start using It for just one single dollar but then

You'll be able from just one single Customer be able to make 15 every single Month month by month so let's imagine That you will get in 50 customers in Terms of one month because you can be Using this strategy then out of these 50 Customers you'll be making passive Income of six hundred and fifty dollars Every single month just for taking this Inside and if you'll be promoting this More you can get even more money out of This but what is the difference that if You are going to promote the other Products you need to make every single Month new and a new sales with this Product you just need to make sales once A month and then you'll be able to Profiting out of this over over and over Again and if you get inside 100 200 Maybe 300 people then you can just make The mat how much money you can be making Passively every single month to your Account so if you want to promote it you Just need to take your affiliate link so You will have here this button like here Promo promote now but I already was Promoting this so I have the link here So I'm just going to copy this and now This is the link that you want to save Somewhere I want to save it for example In a new tab this is the link that you Are going to use this is your unique Link that if anyone is going to click on This link go inside they will just go

Through this simple quiz and then that Will basically the offer they can make a Purchase you are going to make part of The money and as well you'll be Profiting out of this month by month so This is the sales page I truly like this Quiz because this is truly increasing The sales that you can get out of this Okay guys so uh now we need to go back And what you want to take is actually This affiliate support page because in An affiliate support page you can get Tons of different stuff from the vendors And creators of this product that you Can very simply just copy and paste and You so for example like our uh email Swipes banners product images Pinterest Pins videos SMS apps and what we you can Actually check is this upsell flow what This means that if you will get someone Inside of this product what can happen That they will get uh basically take for Example the one dollar trial so you they Would just pay one dollar but they will Be actually getting paid every single Month after that but what they can do They can get for example this absolute Number one with its unlimited membership And you can make 75 out of this it means 75 let's say then they can for example Upgrade to social media app review and You can make another forty dollars out Of this then I can as well upgrade to This Arabic Rush paid online writing

Jobs and you can make another twenty Dollars to just from One customer you Can even make up to 120 or 130 dollars So at the moment I believe you see my Point why I want to promote this product But what I want to show you for this Video is actually are these Pinterest Pins and those are the Pinterest pins That are already pre-created that if you Would for example want to promote this On a Pinterest you can just very simple Download this image copy and paste it Put it into the Pinterest and start Promoting it what I need to tell you I Don't generally recommend it because This product is on this website for a While and most probably chances are that Thousands of people actually use this Pinterest pin and try to make money out Of this what I want to do I want to take Something like this I want to recreate It and I want to create a free ad for a Facebook out of this and this is super Powerful so let me show you how so as a Step number two we need to create this Banner so for this we will go to this Website canva.com and this is amazing Free graphic designing tool that you can Start using completely for free without Paying and it's super simple to use it Even for a complete beginners if you Just go into the search for your content On a canva and you want to look for Facebook and we can check what is there

At this Facebook app ad but I don't want Any of these I will go into the Creator Design and I want to just create 1080 to 1080 this is basically the design that We want I will just go to create a new Design and now into this design I want To recreate something like is this on The left side but I just want to make it More compatible for a Facebook so what I Want to do at first I don't want to Start from zero so I will just add for Example here add and I want to find Something like this for example this one What is my goal I'm just going to take All from this website and basically put It into the canva so at first I just Want to delete this image and I'll just Go into the photos and I will just look For writing all right so I found it Under the typing so I'll just take it And basically drag it here now I want to Change the reposition looks good to me Now I just want to delete this stuff That we don't really want to and I want To add at the top I will just take this Get paid to write emails so I just go Back get paid to write emails I will a Bit move with this make this bigger Write emails I will change the color for Example to something that will be Visible so for example this get paid to Write emails and then I want to take This stuff I want to build it right here Okay so just like this and then I want

To basically copy this text and I want To add the 320 per day so I'll just Create it just like this but you can say This is not really visible so I'll just Go into the elements and and I want to Take this shape I will do it just like This a bit smaller behind it and I will Change the color of the 320 dollars Because I want this to be really really Visible now basically this is almost Ready then I'll just rewrite these four Text boxes and I'll just add this stuff Now whenever you write this basically It's remote work minimum five hours a Week internet connection laptop or Desktop and what I want to add as well Is here the website because I like the Website here because people can just see This and get access into this this is Not our affiliate link so what do we Need to do we will go to the digistore24 You want to copy this link then I will Go to this website bitly.com I'll go to Create a new I will go to the link I Want to paste it here as a long URL Click on Create and here in the back Half we just want to add something that Is really simple to rewrite so let's say So I found that this home easy job is Free so I'm just going to copy this I'll Go back and I want to edit here as a Website then the second thing that I Want to do I want to copy this and it Will just basically add there your email

So I'll just add mine then of course the Business this gmail.com and here as well They will have access that they can send Me an email so for example something That can be increasing the conversion of This product now this is already go into The share click on download just Download this and now I'm going to show You how you can post this ad completely For free and as well as a bonus I'm Going to give you for free this template That I've just created so you can just Very simply copy and paste it recreate It edit it and you can use it for your Own free ads to start earning really Fast and now as a step number three what We need to do we need to find a traffic And as I told you at the beginning we Are going to use facebook.com but it's a Free platform and it's not a secret that This is a platform where I have made my First ten thousand dollars in just three Months and over thirty thousand dollars In total so this is something that I'm Truly know what I'm talking about and Something that you can definitely use to Make money from this website so what do We need to do it first one of Facebook What is really cool that you can find a Huge amount of different groups where You can find targeted people about some Market so for example our product is how To get paid online writing jobs so I Just go into the for example work from

Home jobs so I'll just look for work From home I will go into the groups and Under these groups where we can find Work from home business opportunities Internet marketing North America 133 000 members we work from home jobs 212 000 members uh another one another one Another one you can basically find under Just this keyword huge amount of groups That you can use for this strategy so What is the best way is actually use This strategy in every group that you Can find under this keyword so now let Me show you how this works we'll just go In one of these groups let's say I will Go to this first one and you can see That in this group many people are using Very similar strategy like we are using To be a virtual assistant under my team So blah blah blah something and send me A message so they can actually send I'm Interested and they will get reply then If you just scroll down then you can see Another ad Justice For example this one But you can see that they they didn't Look too much genuine so they look kind Of sketchy and I wouldn't be truly Trusting in it but I'm going to show you How you can do it the right way so at First I'll just go into the photo and Video and I just want to upload the Photo so you can see that our image Looks already 100 times more genuine and This looks like a real job opportunity

And this is actually the reason why we Created it this way and this is the way How you can get much more sales and much More bigger reach on these ads like These people are getting completely for Free but now what is important is Actually what you are going to write Into the public post so you just write There hiring we are looking for two more Online Riders to work from their comfort Of Home requirements so these for Requirements if you believe you can Qualify send me a DM or comment Interested below and I will reach out to You this is option number one or option Number B is or apply with website on the Banner what's actually here bit.li home Easy jobs so you can choose one of these Or you can choose basically both of them What will happen that if I'm just going To post this you can just pause the Video and basically write it for your Own but I always recommend a video edit It and make it a bit more unique so not All of you guys watching this will have The same uh same Post in this Facebook Group so I just posted this is pending Approval but if I would just scroll down You can see that these people are Getting uh these basically ads as well Approved so you can do this as well now If you are basically sending just to the Website you have no job but if you'll be Getting them like let me know interested

In the comment below then what you will Just need to do you just need to go into The reply then in the replies you just Send them copy and paste the bitly link That we were creating before so they can Get access right into this and if they Will send you a DM then as well really Simple in a DM you'll get them access to The link so this is a simple way how you Can be posting free ads on Facebook and How you can make even up to 642 dollars And as I told you many of my students Use this exact strategy step by step but Even mixing it up and using multiple Groups so let me show you how you can do This as you can see here you can find There maybe 100 different groups that You can basically start posting free ads Into this but if you go to another Keyword let's say online business under Online business you can as well find a Huge amount of different groups that you Can use then you can go for example to Make make money online and under make Money online you are once again able to Find multiple different groups that you Can use for this strategy so you have One ad and you can repurpose this ad for Let's say 300 different groups if you Just think about it how many people you Can get to this free ads and how much Money you can get out of this I will Just keep this for your imagination but What is 100 true that you just need to

Put in the work what I just gave you With all of the downfree resources that I'm going to give you right now so if You want to get the canva template you Just need to go to this website then Coursely.com free Facebook ads and on This one you will get a template that You can edit you can re-edit it you can Recreate it and you can use it for your Own ad so at the end I really believe That you enjoyed this video if so please Make sure that you are going to leave a Like and as well if you want to get a Maximum leverage from these money making Videos then make sure that you are going To leave a subscribe and hit that Notification Bell and don't forget that We are still running the giveaway if you Want to know what you can win and what You need to do then just go to the Beginning of this video and you can find It out and also if you want to get Extended training on how to make 100K in Just one single year then just go to the First link in the description and you Can get it and now this is just up to You to go through this video once again Write everything down and go step by Step three strategy put it in the action And you can start making up to 600 per Day with a free Facebook advertising so I hope that you enjoyed it and hopefully See you in the next one [Music]

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