In this video, Classmates I am going to share with you How to earn as much as ₱50,000.00 per day for free by posting photos and videos on social media. Just stay tuned, Classmates because I will show you the step-by-step process on how easy we can earn from here. [instrumental music] Hello Classmates! Welcome back to my channel. By the way, I am Rose. If you are new to our channel and you want to earn for free. Kindly click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell. To get updates, on our new video uploads on how you can earn online. Currently, Classmates We are already giving away free ₱200.00 to those who will comment on the hashtag word that you can find in this video. But of course, before that like and subscribe first.

So for today's video, Classmates I am going to share again a new earning platform. Wherein we will earn big. So what am I talking about? Without further ado, Let's get started. So Classmates, the earning platform I am referring to and what we will use today is Pixie. The good thing here is this application is available for Android and Apple users. So we can download that from Play Store and App Store. And also, I will just place the download link in our description box and pinned comment below. So that you won't have a hard time finding this application. So for us, Classmates, since I am using an Android phone today, I am here in the Play Store. And Pixie has a rating of 4.5. that rating is already high for an application. And also, it has more than 100,000 downloads. So from there, we already know that it has many users and earned from their platform. So now, Classmates once we have downloaded Pixie, We will be re-routed right to their dashboard. And here, the first thing we need to do, is to create an account for free.

So to do that, let us click the logo on the lower right. Then after that, tap Sign Up. And here, Classmates, we have an option to link our Facebook, Google or Metamask account. So for us, Classmates I will link my Google account. So let's just tap that. And there, So here, Classmates We will just put our active E-mail address. Then after that, We will tap Get Code.

Then One Time Password will be sent to the e-mail that we used here And we will put that here in the Enter the Verification Code. So let's fill this up first. And there, so once the details needed here are completed. We will select the Next button. Then here, a message will prompt about the password. So let's select I Understand. So now, the next step is to create our password here. So let's enter it there. So there, after we have created Let's select again the Next button. So here, we have the option to put a profile picture. Then after that, We will create a Username. Then we will choose our Country or Region which is the Philippines. Let's choose Philippines. And then we will choose our gender.

And then after that, We will select the Done button. And there, we have successfully created an account here. So now, before I show you the step-by-step process on how we can earn here. Let's get to know first what is Pixie, So Classmates, Pixie is a Social Crypto-Earning platform And a Web3 version of Tiktok and Instagram. Wherein we can get rewards by doing social activities, such as posting, liking, and re-posting and by doing that we will earn their cryptocurrency called Pix. Currently, Pix token is valued at ₱0.07.

And the good news is we can get that for free! So, we don't need to invest here to get their tokens. Aside from that, another good news is that they have a business partnership with KuCoin Ventures. Which is one of the leading Global Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms So there, we can now buy and sell Pix tokens that we can earn from here. So now, going back to their platform to start earning, We need to have an NFT camera. So here, Classmates We need to have at least an N3 Camera to conduct social activities. And for the N3 camera, don't worry Classmates because we can get that for free here. So for us to get that, Tap the logo at the upper right.

Then after that, let's select the Claim button. And there, so Classmates, this is the NFT mini camera that we can get here for free. It has a plus 30 energy, Has a weight of 0.2, and has a speed of 24. So, again, Classmates, we can use this to conduct social activities, such as posting and liking. And here, again, we don't need to pay anything. So let's tap the Pay button. Then after that, we will enter the password we created earlier. And then, we will select the Confirm button. And there, we successfully got a free NFT camera. So let's confirm that. And there, as you can see at the upper right, We already have 30 energy that we can use in posting videos or photos. But before we proceed in posting here.

Let me show you the other NFT cameras that we can purchase here. So there, so here, Classmates They have an official NFT store, wherein you can find their Genesis and Exclusive NFT Cameras that we can acquire. So here, Classmates the Genesis camera, if we have that, We have a higher potential to earn from here. And for exclusive NFT, there, our weight will increase. Which allows us voting power, to what they call Pixie DAO. And also here, Classmates the energy cap and generation speed will increase. So technically, we can earn more here. We have a free camera that we can use and we have 30 energy per day. And it will be replenished every day. So there, so now, let's move to how we can start earning here. So here, Classmates there are many ways to earn.

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Number one is by posting quality content on their platform. Because here, by posting our pictures or videos we will immediately earn from here. And the good news there is, if our post becomes trending, We can earn higher Pix tokens. This means the higher content quality the more earnings we can get. So now, let us try to post here. Let's select the Plus button below. Then after that, we will just choose either photo, video, or NFT to upload.

So for us, let us choose the photo. And there, once we have chosen a picture to post, We also have the option to put a caption. So like our other social media accounts, we can put captions to promote our posts. And also, we have an option here to put tags or hashtags to increase visibility and promote our posts. Aside from that, we also have the option to put the location. So now, if we are done with the details that we need to provide here. Let's select the Post button at the upper right. And there, we have successfully posted here.

And if you will notice, our energy at the top was deducted already. So here, Classmates every time we are going to post content we will be deducted with 5 energy. And once someone liked, commented on our content, We will earn Pix tokens. So here Classmates, aside from posting our content, We can also use our energy to like the posts of other users. Like on their Video section, Classmates, it is like Tiktok. So if you are using Tiktok why not upload your videos here. So at the same time, we are earning, right? So again here, we can watch short videos, So while we are entertained, we have an option to like their videos for them to earn Pix tokens. So here, if we liked videos, or we are really amazed and we want to like and give them Pix tokens, We will just select the Heart button. And here, every time we are going to like videos or photos, We will be deducted with 1 energy.

So again here, Classmates We can use our energy to post our own content or we can use that to like other content here. And now, aside from that Classmates. The other way to earn here, is to import our ETH NFT through their WEB3 network. So here, Classmates, if we have available ETH NFT, We can post that here and we can earn up to 3x than other platforms. So again if you have Ethereum NFT Assets you can connect that here. To get higher Pix tokens. And by the way, Classmates Currently, users on their platform are already more than 350,000. So there's a potential to earn by posting high-quality content here on their platform. And again, Classmates this is 100% free. And good opportunity because most of us are using social media. So why not try this platform, right? Because while we are entertained posting online we are earning at the same time. So now, let's move to how we can convert the Pix tokens we receive here into cash. So to do that, select the Account button at the lower right. Then after that, let's select PIX Wallet.

And there, so here, Classmates we can see our Pix tokens balance. And also, there are unsettled Pix tokens. So we got that by posting earlier. So again, now, to withdraw our Pix tokens here. Let's select the Withdraw button. And then here, we will just get our Pix wallet address from our Metamask wallet. Or from our KuCoin wallet. And by the way, Classmates it is easy to create a Metamask or KuCoin wallet.

So it's the same as creating a Binance account. So once okay, we will just put our Pix address there. Then after that, we will just put the amount of Pix tokens that we like to withdraw. Then once we have filled everything up. We will select the Withdraw button below. And then, we will just wait for it to be credited to our cryptocurrency wallet. Either Metamask or KuCoin Wallet. And from there, we can transfer it to Binance and from Binance we can convert it directly to GCash using the P2P method. So we have unlimited potential to earn We just need to post high-quality content to earn more. And also, Classmates, for more updates You can follow them on their Discord channel, that we will flash on the screen.

And again, this application, Classmates can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store. So I will just place all the links and more details about their application in our description box below. And there, so I think that's it for our video today. And if you want to earn via GCash. You can watch the video on our screen. So there, so goodbye for now. See you in my next video.

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