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Are you tired of working long hours for Little pay do you want to earn money While sitting on your couch and binging On your favorite shows well get ready to Say goodbye to the Daily Grind because I've got a game-changing solution for You in this video I'm going to reveal a Super easy no work method to earn a Whopping 700 a day using a brand new Website and I'll be showing you exactly What you need to do in this step-by-step Tutorial so be sure to pay close Attention over these next few minutes Because I don't want you to miss any Important money making details let's Dive In step one head over to Screepi.com so to get started head over To scripeye.com spray pie is a website That provides a Cutting Edge AI powered Tool that can generate short form Content scripts in a matter of seconds The best part is that the scripts are Engaging attention grabbing and designed To go viral on social media platforms Like tick tock once you arrive on the Website you'll see a sleek and User-friendly interface you'll be Prompted to enter a title and Description of the content you want to Create a script for Next you'll be asked to select the Length of the video you can choose from 15 seconds 30 seconds or 60 Seconds Once you've made your selection the AI

Tool will get to work analyzing your Input and generating a script that's Specifically tailored to your content The resulting script will include all The elements you need to create a viral Video a hook that grabs the viewer's Attention engaging content that keeps Them watching and a call to action that Encourages them to engage with your Content and share it with their friends It's truly amazing how quickly and Accurately the AI tool works In just a matter of seconds you'll have A script that's ready to be turned into A high quality video let me just quickly Walk you through an example just to show You how incredibly easy it is to use Let's say you're interested in creating Content about a topic like 10 life hacks For busy people You would simply head over to script I And input that as your title and a brief Description of what you want to cover in Your video Once you've done that you'll be prompted To select the length of your video for The purposes of this example let's Choose 30 seconds now comes the exciting Part once you hit the generate script Button script ai's AI tool gets to work Analyzing your input and creating a Script that's specifically tailored to Your topic and the length of your video Before you know it you'll have a script

That's designed to be engaging Informative and entertaining here's an Example of what your script might look Like Title 10 life hacks for busy people Description are you tired of feeling Overwhelmed and stressed out in this Video I'll share my top 10 life hacks For busy people that will help you save Time and reduce stress in your daily Life Length 30-second script should have the Following elements Hook Do you ever feel like there just aren't Enough hours in the day Engagement well today I'm going to share Some life hacks that will help you get More done in less time Hacks hack hash one use a planner to Stay organized hack hash 2 prioritize Your tasks based on importance hackcash 3 take breaks to avoid burnout and so on Call to action so there you have it my Top 10 life hacks for busy people Try them out and let me know in the Comments which one worked best for you As you can see the resulting script is Concise informative and highly engaging It's designed to capture the viewer's Attention from the very beginning and Keep them watching until the very end Step 2 sell your work as a service to Tick tock creators so you've created an

Amazing short form content script using Script AI but now what well now it's Time to sell it as a service to tick Tock creators who make content on Educational topics like productivity or Relationships First step is to identify potential Clients you can do this by searching for Popular Tick Tock accounts that create Content on educational topics look for Accounts with a large following and high Engagement rate these are the accounts That are most likely to be interested in Your service once you've identified some Potential clients it's time to craft Your pitch you'll want to explain the Benefits of using your service such as The fact that it can save time and Effort in creating engaging content you Can also point out the effectiveness of The scripts generated by Script AI in Generating views and engagement when Crafting your pitch it's important to be Specific about what you're offering For example you might offer to create a Certain number of scripts per month for A set fee or you might offer to work on A project basis creating scripts as Needed for a particular campaign or Series of videos when crafting your Pitch it's important to be specific About what you're offering for example You might offer to create a certain Number of scripts per month for a set

Fee or you might offer to work on a Project basis creating scripts as needed For a particular campaign or series of Videos When reaching out to potential clients It's important to be professional and Respectful you'll want to introduce Yourself and your service explain why You think it would be a good fit for Their needs and provide some examples of The type of content you can create Step 3. Craft a pitch using chat GPT I know that crafting your very own pitch Might seem like a lot of work but don't Worry because this is where chat GPT Comes in chat GPT is an incredible tool That uses AI to generate personalized Messages that are tailored to each Individual client by using chat GPT you Can create pitches that are more Engaging more compelling and more likely To get a response here's how it works You simply input some basic information About your client such as their name and Their area of expertise then chat GPT Takes over generating a message that is Tailored specifically to that client For example let's say you're pitching Your short form content script service To a tick tock Creator who makes videos About productivity with chat GPT you can Input their name and some basic Information about their account

And then let the AI do the rest Chatgpt might generate a message that Says something like this hey client name I love your videos about productivity They're always so informative and Engaging I wanted to reach out and Introduce you to my short form content Script service with our service you can Save time and effort in creating Engaging content that your followers Will love our scripts are designed to Generate views and engagement so you can Focus on creating great content that Your fans will love Let me know if you're interested in Learning more As you can see chat GPT is a powerful Tool for crafting personalized pitches That are tailored to each individual Client by using AI to generate messages That are specific to each person you're Reaching out to you can increase your Chances of getting a response and Building a lasting relationship Step 4 use script AI to fulfill orders Now that you've pitched your short form Content script service to tick tock Creators and they've placed orders with You it's time to fulfill those orders And the best part is that you don't have To do any work that's right all you have To do is direct your clients to script Ai and let the AI tool do the rest once A tick tock creator has agreed to

Purchase one of your scripts you can Simply log into script AI select the Script that they've ordered and then Download it in the format that they've Requested Whether they want a simple text-based Script or a full-blown video script Complete with visual cues and camera Angles script AI can handle it all and The best part is that it's incredibly Easy to use so you can fulfill orders Quickly and efficiently without any Hassle once you've downloaded the script You can then send it to The Tick Tock Creator via whatever method you've Agreed upon whether that's through email Messaging or a file sharing platform It's important to make sure that the Script gets to the Creator in a timely Manner by using script AI to fulfill Your orders you can streamline your Business and ensure that your clients Are always happy with your service and Because script AI is such a User-friendly platform you can spend Less time worrying about logistics and More time focusing on creating amazing Content that your clients will love Step five Send more DMs Once you've started selling your short Form content script service to tick tock Creators the next step is to start Thinking about how you can grow your

Business and increase your earning Potential and one of the most effective Ways to do that is by sending more Direct messages DMS to potential clients The more DMS you send the more Opportunities you have to grow your Business and increase your earning Potential Of course it's important to remember That not every DM will result in a sale But by taking a thoughtful and strategic Approach to your Outreach efforts you Can maximize your chances of success and Build a thriving business in the world Of short form content creation and That's it for today's video If you Enjoyed this tutorial don't forget to Give it a thumbs up and hit that Subscribe button so you never miss out On future content And if you have any questions or Comments about the method I showed you Today feel free to leave them down below Thanks for watching and I'll see you in The next one

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