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Is not gonna be easy but you can get Paid anywhere from 150 per hour all the Way if you 750 Every single hour starting from the day Number one but as I said it's not gonna Be easy at all it requires a lot of Experience it requires a lot of work and It requires a lot of expert fees but Still you can actually make a quite a Decent amount of money without actually Having a degree without actually having Any social media followers and without Investing a single dollar this is going To be one particular website that you Can use it has nothing to do with Affiliate marketing with CPA marketing YouTube automation or anything like that I know those are the business models That we usually focus on on this channel Because they are great for earning Passive income and they are great for Literally anyone to make money but today I just wanted to share with you one Particular website that I found that you Can use to get paid hundreds of dollars Every single hour and then later on I'm Also going to be showing you exactly how I personally make passive income online Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this is Claiming they are me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can track their accounts they

Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first of all The website that we will be using is Called a respond and already this is a research website It's a platform where massive companies Including IBM go that in Microsoft Dropbox come to do research for their New products for their upcoming projects So they will come on here and they will Pay researchers like me and you to do Proper and thorough research for them And that takes a lot of expertise and a Lot of knowledge and a lot of and a lot Of work but every single hour that you Work on it you can get paid at least 150 Dollars per hour and I'm gonna show you Exactly how out so as you can see this Is like a sales page for those companies So if you were a company you would come Here and you would basically read this You can reach the Right audience for Your user research and that's us we're Going to be doing the user research for Them so for example they're launching a

Brand new product in Microsoft they're Going to give you that product so you Can test it out so you can do research On it so you can tell them exactly what You think so you can tell them exactly What needs to be improved so you can Tell them exactly what they should do And exactly what you should do in their Position so basically they're just You're looking for users who do research For them participant pool over 1.8 Million high quality verified Professionals that's going to be us so There's almost 2 million people that are Already making money with this platform So what I want to do is you want to Click on participants right over here in Order to join as an actual respond and Already and that's going to Take you over to this page where you Will receive where you will be able to See that you can get paid to share your Knowledge and experience responded is The best place to leverage your Professional expertise for paid user Research and you can see that you can Get paid a few hundred dollars per hour As a software developer you can get paid 150 dollars as a marketer to someone who Actually does marketing for them so That's a hundred and fifty dollars per Hour 100 in hours for sales and supports That's hundred dollars every single hour Five hours is 500 and then you can see

That as an Enterprise software user you Can get paid an average 750 per hour so you can see it over here 750 average hourly rate so that's quite Decent if you do the math and that you Can actually get a lot of money from it So as you can see all you gotta do is Create and verify your profile get Matched and apply to projects and then You can participate and get paid in Order to sign up all you gotta do is Press the sign in button over here the Sign up process does take about five Minutes because they need to verify that You are professional in one of those Fields and once you get accepted you can Browse different projects like this and Then it's gonna tell you like for Example this project takes 30 minutes And it pays forty dollars this project Takes 90 minutes and it pays a few Hundred and twenty dollars but on Average you can make another from a Hundred dollars to seven hundred and Fifty dollars per hour of your work While doing the research and it's gonna Tell you exactly what the task is going To be about so for example this is Second participants from mobile based Prototype test 30 minutes so all you got To do is test the Prototype on some app For 30 minutes for half an hour and You're gonna get paid 40 dollars for That and then you can withdraw your

Money with PayPal or any other payment Option of your choice so that's you can just sign up and You can use it to make some money by Completing those offers which obviously Do take some time and knowledge now if You want to see how I personally make Money online and how I've been Personally able to establish my passive Income systems then click the first link In the description box down below and I Will show you exactly how I run my YouTube automation channels channels Where I'm not showing my face and not Recording anything with a camera if you Make money in multiple different ways Including ad Revenue brand deals Affiliate marketing CPA marketing print To demand and much much more and not Only am I making money off of those Faceless YouTube automation channels but But I'm also using them as a consistent Traffic source so whatever it is that I Want to promote whether that's my new Website whether that's my new product Whether that's my new merch whether That's my new company whatever that I Want to promote I can leverage those Channels because some of them get a Millions of views and I can use all of That traffic to promote and build any Other business that I want to so it's Quite easy to just scale and create a Snowball Effect month after month so it

Just becomes easier and easier over time And I'm obviously going to walk you Through the process and show you exactly How to do it from scratch how to Actually do the research to come up with Great video ideas how to do the research To come up with a great Niche for your Channel because you gotta stick with one Particular Niche then I'm going to show You how to actually get the channel Monetized approved into the partner Program then how to monetize it with Different Revenue sources not just Without Revenue but also with affiliate Marketing brand deals and much more and I'm also going to be giving you some Done-for-you resources so I'm actually Going to be doing the work for you as Well and you're also going to get a Dedicated success manager that is going To be a long side with you helping you Establish your online business with YouTube automation so he's going to be There to help you out if you have any Questions or if you need some help he's Basically going to be constantly Interacting with you making making sure That you are actually running a Successful YouTube automation business And as I said everything is explained Step by step in details everything is Explained Click by clicks or tell you Like go here go there do this click this Sign up here and then also every other

Friday me and my team will be reviewing Your channel to make sure that you are Doing the right things they're good They're getting your channel up and They're growing your channel and Obviously growing your business as well So every other Friday we're gonna review Your channel and tell you like all right Change these thumbnails post these Videos do this to make more money do This to get more views and all of that So you're gonna get custom advice for Your channels and for your online Business every other Friday every other Friday inside of the group so once again That's going to be the first link in the Description box and down below I know it Has nothing to would respond dot IO but This is a great platform if you are an Expert and if you're a professional in One of those fields you can definitely Make hundreds of dollars an hour by Completing those tasks and offers but I Personally don't like to trade my time For money so that's why I personally Like to set up passive income systems Systems that I need to set up only once I need to put a lot of work once but Once I set it up I know it's going to be Profitable over the next couple of Months or years because videos that I Publish on YouTube today are going to Stay on YouTube for the next couple of Months or years or decades to come and

They can still get views if I optimize Them properly in 10 years they could Still be making me money even if just One person an hour watches those videos In the next 10 years they can sign up Through my affiliate link for something They can buy some offer they can sign up To something through my link from those Videos and I'm still going to be making Passive income from it and I don't Necessarily have to actually trade my Time for money like you have to do with but anyways you can Definitely give it a try it's a great Platform it pays a lot you can get paid A lot more than what you can get paid With like upwork or Fiverr but it is a Very very high-end platform and they're Only looking for verified professionals Anyways I really hope you got some value Out of this video if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You next time

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