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In this video we will go over five Different apps that you can use to make Money while watching videos and doing Nothing you can actually collect free People money literally while watching Videos from your account from your bed Or literally well out with your friends Like if you're sitting in a restaurant And you just pull up your phone below The table and you're like watching Something they're like what are you Doing well I'm watching videos and Making money off of it but but don't Don't don't fantasize of making millions Of dollars off of it it obviously Doesn't work like that you're not gonna Make a lot of money while watching those Videos but it's still good to do Something in your spare time and earn Some extra money online as I said it's Not going to be a lot but it doesn't Require that much work it literally just Open up a video you'll live it watching And you can collect points which you can Then exchange for real money and I'm Going to show you exactly how just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you for money you Can check their accounts they don't have A verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and

They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them on if you're not afraid of Work and you want to build something Sustainable and actual online business That can potentially replace your Full-time job and make a lot more than While watching those videos and click The first link in the description box Down below and I will show you exactly How I personally make money online and How I've been able to establish my Automation systems that allow me to earn Passive income and that been allowing me To make passive income for the past Couple of years so everything is Explained step by step in viewer details In the first link in the description box Down below anyways with all of that Being said and done let us actually Begin with the first app that you can Use to make money while watching videos And that is going to be gain dot GG now All of these apps can be used from your Smartphone device they are available for IOS and Android but I'm going to be Using the dashed up version because it's Going to be easier to explain and it's

Going to be easier for you to watch on a Big screen and for me to explain through A phone so the first app out of five is Going to be so will Allow you if you collect points and While watching videos and completing Different tasks and then you can Withdraw those points for actual PayPal Money so you can get free people money Off of it you can also get crypto which I would personally not go with I would Always rather go with PayPal money Because that's stable and you will Always be able to actually spend that Money right away and then you can also Choose from different gift cards which I Would never do because then you can just Use those gift cards only with specific Brands like for example you can only Spend it on a PlayStation or you can Only spend it in Walmart and you Obviously want to use your money in Different ways maybe if you just want to Spend your money in Walmart then you can Go with with those gift cards but I Would definitely just go with PayPal And you can see that they have paid out Over 1.3 billion coins to their users And they have over 290 000 total users in the platform that are Already watching videos and completing Different tasks and making money off of The platform so what you want to do when You come over to is you want to

Go to the earn section over here and Then you can start completing different Offers in the offerable and just bear in Mind that there are going to be a lot of These offers that are going to be like Surveys and surveys are usually boring And long require a lot of time and Effort and pay pretty much the same as Watching videos which is a lot easier to Do like watching videos is something That you can do in your couch while Sitting down you can literally just pull Up some of those videos Let It play and You can do something else you don't Actually have to watch the video on your Phone you can just do something else and You're still going to be credited points Which you can then exchange for money so That's why I would rather go with Watching videos than completing those Service and offer so this is going to be The first app this is the second App that you can use is going to be Insta.gc so insta G PC stands for Instant the gift card so and the beauty Of this website is as it says that you Are going to be paid instantly so as Soon as you start watching videos and You start colliding points you can get Paid instantly you can cash out Instantly and spend that money on Whatever you want right away they do Have different surveys that you can Complete so you can complete surveys for

Money but you can also watch videos and You can shop online and get cashback Which is something that you're probably Not interested in and you can also Search the web so you can actually Search on Google and make money while Searching on Google which is also pretty Interesting but definitely something That I like the most about this website Is that they actually allow you to get Paid instantly because most of these Other apps will require you to collect It lives like fifty dollars or a hundred Dollars or they will tell you like you Can get paid after two weeks or three Weeks and the beauty of insta GC is that You're being paid instantly as soon as You start collecting points you can Withdraw your money instantly and you Can do whatever you want with it so this Is going to be the second app it's Called insta.jc if you want to see their Payment proofs you can see the review Redemption proof and you can see other People making hundreds of dollars and Getting hundreds of free hundreds of Dollars worth of free people money using Insta.gc so the third app that you can Use is gonna be Sprout Gates and Sprout Gigs was previously but Sproutgaze is a platform for everyday People to complete different small tasks Small jobs micro jobs for other people And in most of the cases that can

Actually mean watching someone's video So if someone wants to boost their YouTube channel and get more views they Can come to this platforms probably gigs If they have a YouTube channel and they Will pay other people like me and you to Watch their videos to help them get more Watch time they happen to get more views To help them get more likes shares and Whatever so they will just come over to Here and I don't recommend that like I Never would recommend to anyone do this For your channel but there are for some Reason people that do that so never do It because it will ruin your channel you Will most likely get demonetized if you Pay other people to watch your videos so Don't do that but other people are doing It and you can get paid while watching Their videos okay so you want to sign up Click on freelance and earn you want to Sign up as a freelancer and you can see All of these different people that are Already making money by completing Different tasks like for example this Person from Nigeria made twelve dollars This person from Nigeria made it 300 This person from Brazil made it three Thousand dollars this person from Indonesia made it 32 this person from Kenya made 154 dollars this person from Nigeria a hundred dollars so all of These different people from around the World are making money I think this is

Egypt as well so we have Egypt I'm Making one thousand and forty dollars in The platform uh we also have other Countries here I'm not sure which Country this is they made four dollars You can see all these different people Making money on the platform by Completing those different tasks which Can once again be just watching YouTube Videos so you just want to click on the Sign up page you want to create an Account and inside of your account You're going to find different jobs you Can search for YouTube views or watching YouTube videos and you can start Completing those tasks start watching Other people's videos and make money While doing that so this is going to a Third app which you can use to make Money while watching videos the next app Which you can use the app number four is Going to be money SMS now money SMS is Not directly going to pay you for Watching videos but it will pay you for Doing nothing and then while the app is Making you money while you're not doing Anything you can watch YouTube videos in In the meanwhile so you can watch Whatever you want and while the app Makes you money if that makes sense so Basically money SMS app will pay you to Receive SMS on your phone so basically If you have even spiritual devices that Would be great because then you can make

Even more money so you can just collect Connect it to this app and it will start Sending you test SMS and each time they Send you a test SMS you don't have to Read it you don't have to open it you Don't have to delete it or whatsoever You don't have to reply they will just Pay you because you're receiving the Test SMS from their providers they just Want to see if the messages are being Sent and if they're being received and That's it that's why they will actually Pay you so they they're not recording Any work from you so all you gotta do is Just collect as you can see you can make Money order dramatically by receiving SMS generated by their system you Literally do nothing so it's a 100 Secure it's 100 free it's automatic so You earn money with app passively Without any active actions required from Your side so this is going to be the First app that you can use to like to Literally do nothing and then you can Just watch videos while the app is Working for you and making money now Keep in mind this will not make you rich This might make you make it maybe fifty Dollars sixty dollars a month per app or Per device but it's still decent because You're not doing anything and you're Still collecting money and then the next Level you can use which is pretty much The same thing is going to be cash

Magnet over the cash magnet app which is Only available for Android because these SMS only works work for Androids so I Won't be able to use it on this device I Will have to grab my Android and then I Will be able to make money with it Because it's available on the Google Play Store as you can see and you do not Need to perform any tasks watch ads or Play games earnings will come in an Absolutely autonomous passive mode and Then while they'll the app is earning You money you can just watch whatever You watch on YouTube something that's Fun and more interesting in the final App what you can use is going to be Sim Cash already this is pretty Much the same thing as you can see make Profits with your unused SMS share with Us your Sims and switch your mobile Phone in a free income Source the more Devices that you have the more phones That you have the more passive income You're going to be able to make and keep In mind that these apps will only pay You maybe ten dollars twenty dollars Thirty dollars a month if you're lucky You might even make fifty dollars a Month from one of these apps but still You're literally not doing anything and Potentially you're just watching videos On your phone and you're making money on The background so that's why you can Definitely test it out but if you want

To see how to actually build a passive Income system and how to actually build An online business it will allow you to Earn passive income then click the first Link in the description box down below And I will show you step by step how to Actually set it up for yourself how to Actually set up those YouTube channels Or you're not showing your face and not Recording anything with a camera making Money in seven different ways and Earning passive income on a complete Autopilot without actually recording Anything with a phone with a camera and Without actually exposing your face on The internet I'm going to show you Exactly how that works and exactly how To set it up for yourself and the first Link in the description box down below Anyways I really hope you got some value Out of this video if you did make sure To drop a like and I will see you next Time

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