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Most women are dissatisfied with their bodies This is nothing new but young women have become more and more insecure since the advent of social media Something is always too big too small too thin too. Fat too little too short too long or too much On Instagram and platforms like it those who are judged to be the most beautiful are rewarded with the most likes emojis and clicks hours spent on mobile phones fuel mutual comparisons and evaluations Young women tend to focus a lot on what they are not or do not have and they feel inadequate We cannot escape the power of images Of course, it's causing insecurity. Especially among women in young girls. It affects men, too But I think with all these pictures social media causing people to feel more insecure In our society you can only be too thin or too fat you can never fit in distinct I feel beautiful the way I am. Now. I feel comfortable charming and attractive his mother Being a woman isn't easy Pressure on women is also higher because the female body has been central to the formation of women's identity for centuries There are thousands worth that even did deeds billion for colonies This is kind guns noise feel meaning it's not a completely new phenomenon, of course But social media has certainly amplified the issue fuel DS automatic Living here by yeoman warder.

We are dealing with young people who aren't fully settled in their identity yet These things have a particularly strong effect on them. I Think we're facing a real problem. There is no simple solution I haven't always felt comfortable in my body, but I've always been very interested in fashion I Used to pay a lot of attention to the media And I bought into its ideal of beauty my body just never fit into that mold When the Real people compare themselves with these norms most of them fall short and think they're not beautiful enough or not thin enough or not toned enough or not this enough or not that enough a Units gonna say about infinity Because the whole social media hype started on platforms like Instagram People started thinking that not only supermodels look that way but normal girls, too Becomes my Tie to my Reflection if you have Instagram feelings, I used Instagram for thinspo.

That's the inspiration. I Looked at a lot of photos of extremely slim models There's even hashtag thinspo It's all about very skinny people posting pictures of themselves To encourage others to lose even more weight to work out even more and to eat even less I'd wake up in the morning. And the first thing I do was look at pictures of thin models on Instagram But they weren't just models. They were also normal girls just normal girls with anorexia All my monsters sing skinny gotta fit that new bikini Stream the venom that is a suit of perfection to fit an ideal image can become destructive Then my behavior becomes compulsive I feel forced to make myself prettier to improve myself Many speak of an inner voice some even call it a dictator who forbids them to do things It's no longer a choice, but in order to follow This Acne ice reactants a fork Easter many young people respond to that with depression Does universe stay with their subconscious is fed with all these messages And that settles into their thoughts It's like a sediment of sadness because they can't achieve what they desire mainly see in Viet Resna said the man enough once I spent the night on the bathroom floor Because it had floor heating and I was freezing.

I had no strength left My hair was falling out That has nothing to do with beauty of feeling good You don't feel good Just because you're really skinny Your entire quality of life suffers from being that thin the complete the names pretty different of the multitudinous He said I wouldn't eat anything for months only when I felt dizzy That's when I realized I couldn't do this anymore Something had to change I had to go to therapy it was most of us and on each monitor Pima he The facility and the surety they're also passing count. Any attempts to conform to beauty ideals are bound to fail When I work with my patients, I tell them that if my image of myself isn't correct Then I don't need to change myself to fit that image.

I need to adapt my image to fit my personality These girls are trying to fit their self-image and if that doesn't work, it's because that image is too far removed from reality You kept going on I started following body-positive influencers on social media instead and Deleted a lot of super waves from my Instagram feed Ablative for Billah seen Female role models are very important especially for young girls The question is which ones do I choose do I choose people who are beautiful and successful Like Beyonce or Madonna? They might seem out of reach Or do I choose role models closer to me who were more attainable? And who can inspire me to realize more of who I really am? My own concept of income. Yes. You think now Instagram helps me feel more comfortable with myself Now I follow a lot of people who have the same body type as I do or are plus-size It helps to see their photos and see how pretty they are and to know they have a similar build as mine and are still attractive Then I look in the mirror and feel beautiful again Strong is the new skinny Fitness is booming and no longer just for men The Internet is teeming with female fitness models who encourage other women to reach peak results All it takes they say is control and ironclad discipline Most people are doing pretty well sighs That means storing fat for harder times isn't considered attractive and that's where this beauty standard comes from is disease for most people Being skinny isn't their natural statement, but the product of hard work Especially given the temptations of our modern abundant society where we can consume calories as often as we like staying slim is associated with effort and stress which makes it more of a status symbol fund a Rich place for boon on death's Atun is yeah, I an artist artists award My ID axel as my day-to-day life as a bikini athlete includes a lot of training, of course, I work out almost every day Important though is getting the right nutrition in between That means I always have to plan my meals I can't just go somewhere for a day without having cooked in advance So if I know I'm going to be out the next day I have to buy and prepare everything the evening before and in addition I still have a lot to do on social media and I also make my youtube videos myself I Was never that skinny look at that Let's give Jeff, you know mention your – mine – lung height Nowadays many people think that being thin is really important The slight doubt that I think Fitness has become the guiding principle for a good body Especially for a young woman because fitness is an ideal a norm that goes far beyond physical exercise There's fit for fun fit for work fit for life fit for sex Fit for everything and that actually has a strong relation to the theory of evolution survival of the fittest Which feeds back into the concept of competition and success Working on some Competitions coming up and that means I'm on a diet.

I have to eat less calories than I burn and well I eat really healthy First you're really motivated and you still have a lot of calories and With time your calories drop as your body adapts and things become more and more difficult It's hard for women to maintain a low body fat percentage And it gets really tough my deficit is at its lowest and I can't eat a lot Of course, I get very hungry at times and that affects my mood Hi this long today is Monday and I've got six days left I'm feeling really down today I'm so mad.

And I don't even know why I Feel like crying and I don't know why I've said how manage to force myself through my leg training and I did my cardio workout I'm not even hungry. That's how angry I am, but I'm going to eat a little now anyway Because I still have to take in a fair bit of protein I'd say this kind of aversion to pleasure is due to an intense body cult Its your minds response to our bodies objectification When we start seeing our bodies as little more than objects Things that we have no loving relation to or degrade them to tools to perform better to be better To be special to be admired Then we are ultimately separating ourselves from our emotions viens led India for answering phones and Gifu My motivation is to keep getting better. I don't compare myself to others. I just want to improve myself Some nice herbs alpha beta Skipjack I know pockets in a way.

There's no upper limit to fitness You can always get fitter and that logic can perpetuate itself into infinity All the work I do on my body pays off I think there was a time when natural beauty was more desirable, but it seems like we departed from that a long time ago These days we prefer to acknowledge people who have invested a lot of work Maybe even had an operation or have stuck to a strict diet and exercised a lot Who have monitored and measured and worked hard on themselves? For me as as far as for me it's all about pride I go up there in my high heels you're standing there You've worked so hard for this moment and now you get to show it off to Me it's a moment of pure happiness I have to admit without a trace of envy that some people achieve really impressive results with their bodies Who actually spends that much time energy and money on their body can change it quite a lot But this idea of it ever being possible to reach a state of permanency or that I'm ever done working and can be happy I don't think that ever happens and I believe that is what keeps us stuck in this rat race.

Love list. I Meet for lunch. I'm having 200 grams of chicken breast with bell peppers and red onions The ubiquitous size zero' mannequins in the shop windows if they were real women, there'd be extremely underweight Almost all male dummies on the other hand would weigh about average why hold women to different standards? The mainly inverts abolish deferred masculinity is symbolically associated with reason rationality the shaping of the world and of politics Women are associated more with sensuality irrationality their supposedly closer to nature and more emotional Should also perhaps be more at home responsible for housework all this is expressed in these pictures where girls and women are to be desired They're expected to be objects of desire What they say and do is less interesting and I believe social media is giving new rise to this imbalance here people are compared rated and shamed and I must add there is a Remarkable amount of shaming rituals on social media those guardians of young maiden my wife Philippa Seamus fellow for the key It's almost business as usual to be attacked as a woman If you voice your opinion then readers and in my case, it's mostly male readers won't respond with arguments.

They'll say you're ugly You're fat. Nobody would want to screw you. Anyway, they immediately make it about my gender and my body We've been observing a massive amount of denigration of women in the social media insults threats violent speech to say the least in Jewish home front of Hall at you by sex 180 the aim is to insult them self-conscious to devalue their femininity And to devalue their person with sexualizing remarks six one is YouTube Texaco MCDOT the worst comment I ever received was your subhuman. Why don't you become a stripper or a hooker and hang yourself? And there are other people who write get yourself sterilized or Your womb should be cut out or I'd like to bang you So you stop writing such nonsense or you're stupid you're retarded. You must suck in bed All these things have nothing to do with my work It's tie loft I often share screenshots of comments like that It's important to me to see that I have allies who think it's just as bad as I do so I can remind myself not everyone thinks this way There are actually plenty of people with a positive mindset and that's easy to forget when you read such malicious comments It's because the users can stay anonymous that way it's easier to vomit your opinion or thoughts onto the web and then move on Most of the time it's plain misogyny When you look at all these hateful posts and the sheer amount of them You can see there by people who think that girls and women have already taken over the world They think girls and women are much better off than men that they're taking everything away from men and that they're better educated that they're already ahead in economics and politics the Numbers don't support these claims, but that's what they fantasize I Think social media is like a couple like Barbie and Ken perfect.

Smooth no rough edges Smooth skin pearly white teeth full sensual lips seductive eyes The feminine stereotypes desert us like a soulless clone Women in commercials are doomed to flawlessness and are sold as sex objects the formula for success Sex sells seems to apply particularly to female bodies Who are the women behind these beautified masks? And what kind of world did they live in? It's last summer I moved to London I Went out one evening and was introduced to several people One of them was a manager an agent something like that He said he'd help me get jobs to improve my image A few months ago. I received a whatsapp message asking me to have dinner with a very famous actor I was offered several thousand euros for two hours When I asked he said I had to be ok with natural intimacy I Realized this couldn't be normal.

I said I was sorry that I wasn't an escort. I was a model stimulators been kind Escada Sven and modeller Know what I've Kazak does this feel I was told lots of top models did it that it was normal And that they were making millions That shocked me. He tried to convince me that you couldn't get anywhere. If you don't accept offers like that. I didn't see how hoop chase Pretty not only means being successful in a dolphin. It can also lead to constant sexual harassment And by the way, that's also the case for less pretty women As we all know sexuality has fairly little to do with appearance And more to do with dominance and power dynamics to give I'd faith I'm often asked to take off my top or bra because they say it's in the way of my portrait Which always makes me wonder? Why is my bra in the way if they're taking a picture of my face? I've also had them try to help me undress as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

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I don't agree with that The problem is many agencies are aware of it and just don't care It's before moving to London I had visited an agency in Munich and they told me my hips were too wide for the London Fashion Week Lisette seemed to me There was nothing there. I was just skin and bones, but you can get so hung up on stuff like that complex And the Hartman's it makes you wonder what's gone wrong with this industry When was Alison knew how to question everything When I look at how my photos are taken, it's all staged. Nothing's real When I see pictures from my modeling campaigns, I can tell that's not me hours of makeup styling and editing I know what goes on behind the scenes The same goes for my selfies. I used to do a lot of work on my selfies when I look at them today I hardly recognize myself Lots of people follow these perfect Instagram pages because it's like a dream a world worth pursuing Home is this is an event streams.

The thing is we can't pursue it because it doesn't exist Himself it's now I'm more interested in a dented pictures it's important to me and my followers that I show more real photos and Absences they appreciate that Ages that retouch photos should point out that it's not real I'm not sure that these people fully realize what kind of impact it can have And what it does to young people. It's very dangerous And I think it's a crucial topic that isn't being discussed enough in our society. I was like, I need Ganesh poem You didn't focus it Womanís up to me landing it to mitigate the effects of photoshop Beauty if we can call that All we have to do is look to France theme their photo manipulations have to be marked as such That might actually help But we can't forget that the picture still speaks louder than the label In the age of social media not even a makeup artist is enough to cheat your way to ideal looks Every image is digitally edited Beauty apps on our smartphones make the opportunities for modeling boundless We can make our eyes bigger nose is smaller our lips fuller our cheekbones higher Our faces leaner our skin more perfect all at the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse our digital optimized selves sell better than our unedited selves The industry's new advertisers are so-called influencers With over 300,000 Instagram followers influencer jenny has more subscribers than some daily newspapers Companies use Internet stars like her to advertise products and make lots of money.

Jenny can't afford to look anything, but flawless Instagram Instagram is a work of art I do it to keep up with people. Of course. I added my pictures My pimples are retouched But if I think about it and try to think of a good reason for it, then it's different than just wanting to fit in For example, I used to have very bad acne People didn't care why I had it they just wrote me off as someone who didn't take care of herself Gassy, can I don't flick the huge to us? Attorney for the coachman it's worse. I cover up my pimples It's self defense as soon as you don't meet society standards, you have to put up with people looking at your sideways No matter how hard I push the idea of being yourself and loving yourself for who you are It still felt too risky because I have a fairly wide audience I'm still afraid I bought a ring light and sat far away from the camera in my videos so that you couldn't see my acne and one way or another it still gets to you you feel boxed into a corner and wonder am I really any different to the rest Median with these new media We've noticed that we're moving away from looking at other people's faces and reading them pretty very pretty average Beautiful to seeing our own faces being critiqued almost Cosette's seen That's something we had to deal with much less in the past fifi being off talk We get feedback when people told us we looked good on some days or not some good on others The risk of constantly being judged by others Perhaps even groups of others or compared to them maybe putting the wrong kind of pressure on young people who are exposed to that Because if I were to go without makeup and do a video without lighting I could imagine there would be some people who find it very positive But on the other hand I couldn't do it in the long run I wouldn't fit the mold meaning I wouldn't be able to keep working with the companies I do Miss meeting unternehmen event in canva.

Yeah shame, right I believe this obsession with numbers is linked to our capitalist society It's all about counting measuring about making more money about gaining more attention in social media that translates into more clicks more likes I find this kind of quantification very Problematic because it endangers quality This is a size medium because I like the loose fit better it's got a cutout here so you can wear a colorful bra or a bikini underneath and it'll show I Bet it's pretty comfortable when I'm traveling. I'd combine it with shorts like these I Don't think it would work any other way The economy and the business that work with people like that.

Don't benefit from you being happy with yourself Then there wouldn't be any idealistic Instagram Then gives ok You don't Instagram Of course they earn money with it under via and we go along with it even though we may not want to Just as religion needs you to believe the advertising industry needs dissatisfied customers with a longing Seen gold said thank God happiness beauty and love are all things that could last forever Or they could be taken away in the blink of an eye This constant consumption oriented tampering with our bodies is supposed to remind us of that and that's how the market for these products is developed Long, these are books Smash the Albin sushi The beauty industry is unstoppable.

It keeps creating new trends no expense or pain to attain There are several counter movements and various trends to show more natural bodies that haven't been edited the dub campaign for example But I think it's a marketing ploy even brands that advertise with more natural female bodies are still selling something So in phone company have invited us for coal Possible to display all this diversity as they call it in the media fat bodies sweaty bodies big small gait rends Knit beanie of the tongues we can show all kinds of bodies along with the whole variety or making them beautiful or sexy or whatever Out with uniformity in with individuality We want more women who swim against the current more women who are confident about stepping into the spotlight More women who are proud of their bodies Rebels who aren't afraid to show what they can do women who courageously stand up to assault and oppression Watch your partner's.

Well, espresso all so far a legendary star for unfolding more towards Kennedy Rocking photo upper half these attract with its off My second half part match against the rebel against the heck But no no much to get one Bob more stank Strength or your cash and flesh on flesh And you get the mark pendant the hydro session bombers door on autosum harvest even get thrown dinner Oscar Famous finished in your business finally with the multi market is coming this fair. No, dear octatonic Listen pictures listen mattresses in buses in dish labor feminists most fish live in extreme losses finished.

Are you bullshit? Mr Rap my rap flat from grants knows best in will clap It took a long time for me to find my role in society And as a woman in the hip-hop scene, I used to record at the youth center And there was a park you had to walk through to get there bulton there were people sitting there who saw me Used to wear really baggy pants back then and they criticized them to death I Was so stubborn I kept telling myself they'd understand one day why I wear this Society accepts me and tells me you are so cool the way you are then I like myself, but if I'm criticized all the time when you're 14 15 You start asking yourself things like whether or not you're pretty If you don't find validation things can get problematic and you can get stuck in an eternal battle with yourself Doesn't just mean your hair is short.

I know a lot of women with head scarves Kurdish Turkish Series Iranian Iraqi women who are very strong and all wear a headscarf That doesn't mean they're oppressed or that they're meek role models My mother wears a headscarf and drives a Mercedes And she has enormous strength. What does feminism mean anyway? This image wouldn't fit into feminism right now, but it does They just don't portray it I find social media and the image of women problematic because social media is our second public space We spend more time there than in real life. That's where our friends are our environment our home It's important to build good real social relationships Investing a lot of energy and friendships and good relationships with your parents and teachers It also means really experiencing something meaningful in real life developing hobbies exploring interests beyond the media. I Could use the media as a source of information or to chat with my friends, but I shouldn't necessarily enter a space So huge, I can't keep an overview anymore And if I do I should at least do it carefully and be more aware of how much of myself I allow into that space He's got an N for Parker We're all responsible if we want to change things then everyone has to work for it and even what I want to show questionable pictures, I don't Because I have a responsibility If I host a problematic picture and five people take it as an example, then that's my doing Foolish on the phone and probably man.

This is mine different. What? Analogous a shop. We live in a society that's racked with constant inner unrest My mother said she didn't know what that felt like because social media pictures didn't exist back then I Believe this inner agitation also has a lot to do with the fact that we all struggle with ourselves We always want to change ourselves to adapt to these images We need new pictures And because we align our tastes and our beauty standards with those of the people We know there's a solution to this fatal new media trend that pressures us in certain areas and causes a stress Noah media these donghyeon's image didn't We follow the people we know we'll realize they generally don't correspond to any ideal but are more varied They can show us that they're actually quite interesting and fun to talk to us and laugh wins and dividends for the past months of Eden There's a saying in Turkish, they will not feed the baby unless it cries We need to cry we need to talk we need to speak up and say what we want because if we don't they think we're fine, I Feel weakened a lot of things too.

I can't say I feel strong everywhere There are things where I have hard time and there are things that make me feel strong Rap is where I get my strength Every woman has something inside her where she can draw strength from I don't mean materially but in yourself Psychological strain actually arises when I think I'm not important enough not interesting enough not competent enough That's when I try to become somebody I'm not and that's how the tragedy begins Beautiful the way I am now I feel comfortable with who I am charming and attractive I Might also look nice in different clothes and with a different image and style Maybe I'd be pretty then too, but I'd never be happy because that wouldn't be me If it isn't problem anything about the media I don't think it's helpful to vilify the media and our bodies as if it were some mean enslavement or submission. Oh It might be but it's also something we enjoy and it's in our nature to like dressing up and putting on makeup The question is how can we handle it in a way that's self determined and beneficial to us Never completely driven by others, but I am never completely self determined I though it would make the most sense to strike a balance between the two I want young women to be able to make the rules themselves to a certain degree The move of a dentistry Students is this canals important to talk about it and to look out for one another in your peer groups.

I Still believe in the strength of our young generation and I believe they can support each other As long as I live on this planet I live in this body and it needs my care I am infinitely grateful for it for carrying me through life and making everything available We need food for our soul in the sense of emotional care that always means having a positive relationship with myself It's There are no easy tricks those who have found their inner and outer beauty have made a huge step But beauty is more than just skin deep it comes from within.

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