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cool courses to take I work for Google but everything that I'm sharing here is
my own personal view and personal opinion of things so today I am doing a
video by request from you guys actually I got a request from one of you in a
comment asking me to tell a little bit more about how I ended up working for
Google so today I'm going to tell you my story where should I start well there is
a lot of a lot of things that contributed to me going essentially in
Google and also they could have maybe been nothing to do with it so it's
difficult to say one thing I want to say about my background I never intended to
study marketing or business I thought there was a total bore and Wester time I
love arts and culture so this is also my hobby and I ended up studying art
history but I found actually doing my Master's in London I had a course in
online marketing marketing in the arts and I decided to explore further I found
that interesting I saw this ad on a student bulletin
about a job in London a temporary student job for the summer where you can
work on events organised by Google and you can get actually free education so
basically if you pass the education if first there is some round of interviews
you apply you'll get accepted in a course and then after the course if you
pass the course you can actually work so I was like wow that's that's amazing
let's do this and yeah I ended up passing the course
and getting the the job which was very very small job you were just helping on
a few events temporary events and actually the project fell through very
quickly after but these were actually the first events
from something which is now called the digital garage initiative so this is the
time when I first found out what is Google AdWords I mean I had to quickly
learn because it was part of the information from the course
what is Google Maps what is Google my business everything I had to learn in a
very very short time and this got me curious about something which I could
probably do in the future even though this project failed
it didn't fail but let's say it was canceled I was working for a few events
I was doing also other things at the mean time and one thing led to the other
so I started going back to this idea of becoming a marketer so I started
studying a lot so I did the squaring online The Audacity in digital marketing
nanodegree you can see links actually to the videos that I did reviews of these
courses so I was studying really hard I was having another job I was working in
sales and then I was Coptic called an opportunity like really there was
somebody living the team and I had a chance to sneak in quickly then because
I was with already in the company they trusted me with becoming their Google
AdWords specialist even though I had zero experience in Google AdWords so I
started doing this and I started blogging in the mean time so I started
writing my articles and this was attracting a lot of attention because
suddenly people knew me not as the salesperson or the ex art person they
knew me as the marketer and this helped me also have conversations with managers
with people with colleagues and expand my network and then the opportunity came
one of my colleagues ended up going to Google as a temporary employee temp job
and she emailed me this opportunity you know like someone is looking for someone
very much like you so if you want you can interview and I was like all right
this sounds really cool I know that the job is a temp job so in Google you have
something called TVCs or temporary vendor and contractors so these are
people who are not Google employees but they do work in the Google offices so
they do have access to the Jay the cafeteria or the free food
everything that the Googlers enjoy in the office the temps can have access to
and they work together in teams they work together with all the full-time
Googlers on projects let's say which Google needs some extra hand over the
time so these are because Google sometimes starts initiatives where
they're not sure whether they should hire a whole team of full-time Googlers
or they should maybe have some people with the specific skills that they will
need only for a certain amount of time so these are the temps TV sees so I
started as a TVC I was successful at the interview as a TVC and I started the
only thing I knew was the only risk was that they could stop the project if they
decide to stop the project they could fire me
in one week notice and this is exactly what happened I thought this is
unbelievable my friend had worked there for over a year now and they would keep
extending and extending her contract and this happened to me I worked for three
weeks and they had I got this cold call from my agency that actually Google
doesn't need me on this project anymore and my heart was broken I had such a
cool job I was traveling I had been in Stockholm in Dublin in all the different
Google offices I was really doing a great great work so this was not a great
start but I was lucky to actually find another team within Google on the table
next to us we were just chatting with them and it turned out that they're
looking for someone to start a SAP as a temp so what's the good thing is that as
a temp you can start they can fire you with one week notice but you can get
hired with one week notice so it's very quick whereas if you want to be hired as
a full-time employee the product the process is much more complicated so in
the meantime I started I was like okay I'm not gonna let this opportunity slip
away from me I have to make the most out of it
so I started looking for jobs within Google full time jobs so I can convert
from temporary staff to a full-time Googler and when you're full-time
Googler basically you are employed by Google and everything is different and
there was this opportunity in the team so close to our team so I
knew the manager is the hiring manager I knew the people on the team I was able
to speak with them discuss and actually someone from them actually suggested
that I should apply for this role because it matched my let's say level
knowledge kind of tenure experience in Gulu it's very complicated because when
you only read the job descriptions sometimes you might think that the job
is way too senior or way too junior it's very complex and also they are like
internal levels based on different things depending on different jobs so
it's we really need someone from inside to guide you and to tell you which job
works better for you so I was lucky to have such an opportunity and I applied
for the job but this is just the beginning all right when they encourage
you to apply for a job doesn't mean you're gonna get it and there is
probably also thousands of other Googlers who want to maybe move from
another office or want to get another job in the company so you have huge
competition already internally what about also the people who are playing
externally so it's a very very competitive place if you're considering
working for Google and getting a job you really have to have a great resume you
have to have things that you have done interesting things to talk about it
might not be a traditional resume so I've met people at Google who are maybe
doing apprenticeship so say they have never really went to university or
people who have done all kind of degrees so for me being from art history
background there was zero problem about that they don't really focus on what was
your degree in but what's your experience whether you are fitting this
particular role and one important thing for Google is that they take their time
they don't want to hire someone ASAP and see how it works out they really want to
have someone who's gonna fit in it's gonna be happy in this role who's gonna
who's gonna really work out and really appreciate this opportunity so the
process even from internal application it might take six to twelve months
– actually from application to getting an offer to signing and starting a job
so it's a very very long process and they take their time they interview
people they think about it so I had about five interviews normally you would
have three to five interviews especially if your external you will have more
interviews and actually the more interviews you have the better it is
because it means that more people are interested in you the one of the things
that is typical for who's interviewing process is they will like to have a 360
view of the candidate so it's not gonna be only your manager but it's gonna be
only also your peers other managers peers of your peers other teams people
from maybe different team completely unrelated to what you are doing who are
going to check you on different subjects when it comes to the interviews itself
especially for business I was not applying for an engineering job
engineering interviews are completely different from from what I'm
experiencing as a business as a business candidate so I was applying for sales
marketing role and the process is very different so I had people interview me
about typical questions kind of role related knowledge what I have done
projects that I've done and especially asking a lot of examples and sharing but
nothing really crazy nothing really out of the out of the boxes interview
questions what was interesting was the approach that all these interviewing
processes were very friendly but the completely exhausting they would ask you
so many questions and they would like to find out exactly what happened so every
single detail and digging more and more and more and more and at the end of
these interviews often you might feel like oh my god I totally failed
but essentially many times when I felt that I have failed actually it was very
successful one example was when I was doing my googliness interview so
everybody has to do an interview if you're applying from external about your
whether you are fitting the culture whether you are googley so what does
googley mean googly means that you have some it's
kind of like a check whether you are an agreeable easy to work with person let's
say if you if you're good if you're good really they check whether you have in
some kind of integrity how you react in situations where things might be kind of
questioning your integrity whether you are ready to kind of sacrifice what's
right in order to appear good whether you give credit to others whether you
are selfish whether you are cocky or boastful so
they kind of want to have good people in the teams who fit in the culture and to
be honest it's very important because if someone who is not like this ends up in
Google they're not gonna have a great time
they're not gonna have great time so this is not one of these companies where
you have the high school bully thriving because he's bullying everybody else
that's absolutely intolerable intolerable as well as anybody who has
any kind of racist prejudices massagin ISM anything like that just throw it out
of the door or don't even think of applying for Google they gotta find out
so this was a very very interesting experience and I found it very
challenging very challenging as people were asking me really kind of about the
most difficult and the moments where I was not proud of so you had to talk a
lot about kind of what you're you're aware that you not go that kind of
showing that you you understand that you're not always the best and you are
willing to improve yourself I think this kind of summarizes what what Google's
culture is about so yeah it was a hard process at the end I made it I'm still
there I'm still working there it's now a year and a half in the team it's been
really great and it's been a really fantastic experience so yeah this is all
for me for today let me know in the comments if you have any questions if
you want me to do any other videos about Google I'll share as much as
can of course there's no things that I cannot talk about but when it comes to
the recruiting and the process that this is kind of a good overview for any one
of you who is willing hoping to work for Google one day
thanks so much for watching and I'll see you with a new video

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