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Hello, bonjour, guten tag, buenos diaz, dobrý den 
and welcome to Mii paintings. I'm Veronika Mii   and today I would like to share with you bits 
and pieces from my art journey. It's been a   year since I finally quit my job and became a 
full-time artist and I've had the most amazing   time in my life. So I would like to share with 
you a little tips, which could help you on your   own art journey. So let's dive straight into it.
Tip number one: find your own space. If you want   to be serious about becoming an artist it's 
quite important to have your own space. I live   in a rented flat and I started to paint in the 
kitchen and my kids were running around all the   time and I didn't feel good there.

I had to move 
things every time I wanted to paint something,   so it was a natural step for me to find my own 
place. I rent a room in one company which makes   lifts and it's quite cozy here. I love coming here 
every day and I feel so good when I come here,   because it's my own space where I can create 
and nobody mess up my things.

And I know it can   be hard at the beginning, because you don't have 
that much funds and maybe you don't have so much   support from your loved ones, but I promise 
if you find your space where you feel good,   you will want to start creating. It 
doesn't have to be anything fancy or big.   You can find your little corner in your living 
room or if you've got garage and you can create   your creative corner there. You can also look 
for rentals in your local town. Maybe find some   little place which you can rent like me. This is 
actually my third place. I had two places before,   but they were too loud and this place is 
finally the one where I feel good and where   I can come every day and create and be happy. 
So it's quite important to have your own space.  Tip number two: don't expect success overnight. 
Although there are a few lucky ones who experience   success overnight, it doesn't happen to everyone. 
And it's totally fine.

Take your time, don't rush   things, because if you push too hard, sometimes it 
can be discouraging and maybe you stop it before   the success happens to you. and that would be a 
shame. Before I started to work as an artist I   had my regular job to which I was coming every day 
and then at night I was painting. And I actually   enjoyed my job.

I was working in production 
company which makes adverts and promo movies,   but I never felt that artistic freedom which 
I wanted. I felt like I can't fulfill my full   potential so I was looking for something more. And 
this painting project came out of pure passion.   I didn't plan anything of this. I never I 
could never imagine becoming an artist and   here I am. Painting every day and it makes me so 
happy and I wish you could also experience this   amazing feeling. I'll soon be in my 40s so it was 
about time to find out what I really want in my   life. and it doesn't matter if you're 50, 60, 70 
you still have got time to start your art journey   no matter what others think. If you feel like you 
want to become an artist you should go for it.  Tip number three: be active on social media. It's 
quite important to be seen by others so I suggest   you set up your facebook page, instagram, youtube 
channel (if you like sharing your knowledge with   others). That's what I do. Or you can set up 
pinterest, patreon, any social media which could   help you to be in contact with your audience. 
What's also helpful is to have your facebook   group in which you can be in contact with your 
audience and people can share their art there.   They can share their knowledge and you can talk 
to them.

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What's great is if you can create a place   where people feel supported and they are not 
afraid to share their art there, because sometimes   it can be a big deal if you decide to share your 
art and maybe you feel insecure about yourself,   about your art, but if you've got a place where 
you feel safe it's amazing and people like coming   there, because they know there won't be any harsh 
comments like anywhere else on internet. But   what's good is to put your main emphases on one 
social media. For me it's youtube. I create videos   every week.

One video per week and then the other 
social medias are there just for the support,   but the main focus goes to my youtube 
channel. You can also set up your online   shop or display at local restaurants, hotels, 
galleries, there's so many options for you.  Tip number four: you need an arts degree to become 
an artist. Or do you? I know many talented people   who never studied art and became a great artist. 
On the other hand I know many people who studied   art and never continued their art journey, so it 
really depends on you. If you've got the urge to   create then you should go for it.

No matter what 
degree you have. Or you don't have to have any   kind of degree. You can still become a great 
artist. Me personally, I'm a master of art,   but I didn't study painting. I studied film 
direction and screenwriting and I know a   lot about history of art which helps. It's quite 
helpful if you've got these kind of informations,   but still if you don't go to university 
or if you don't study art you can still   do your research.

If you are willing to learn you 
can do your research online. Nowadays there's so   many options where you can learn. You can take 
online courses, you can go to art galleries and   get inspired there you, can study old masters, 
you can do whatever you want which is amazing.   You don't need a degree to become an artist.
Tip number five: be prepared for negativity.   And some of you might think: why am I telling you 
this tip. You are prepared to fight for your art,   but negativity on social media, that's a brand new 
level of negativity and although I was very lucky,   because when I started I had such a positive and 
great feedback from people, but from time to time   (like every week) there's that one person who 
tries to pass all their personal problems onto you   by saying like your art is [ __ ] disgusting or 
oh my god I hope you will never ever make another   art, or like this is such a waste.

Why are you 
doing this and you have to be prepared for this,   because it can really let you down. From the 
beginning you have to learn how to ignore these   kind of people, because staying in negativity 
doesn't help. You should have a positive approach   and it's totally fine if others don't like 
your work. Others can have different opinion,   different tastes. You have to find your inner 
happiness within you and find your true self and   be authentic. Don't pretend to be somebody 
else. Just try to find your inner truth.  And last little tip is: if you feel stuck, 
take a walk. I'm grateful that I can walk to   my studio every day. It's like 15, 20 minutes 
walk and it's like a meditation for me. Every time I walk, I come up with so many brand 
new ideas and when I come here I already feel   positive. I feel prepared for a brand new 
creative day. So I hope you enjoyed this   slightly different video. I hope you found some 
tips. Thank you very much for your support and   for watching my channel Mii paintings. I can't 
wait to see you in my next painting tutorial, bye

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