How to Make Your First $1000 on Social Media (4 DIFFERENT WAYS)

what is up everyone welcome back to my channel the best place to learn how to get visible using social media and get paid using business strategy now in today's video i want to share with you guys how you can make your first one thousand dollars using social media we're not talking about 10k months we're not talking about six figures we're not talking about seven figures we're just focused on getting your first one thousand dollars so let's get going so the first way to make your first one thousand dollars using social media is one-on-one coaching one-on-one consulting or freelancing this is how i started back in 2018 and i recommend this method if you have a small following and you have an expertise to share and what i mean by expertise is maybe in your free content you're already teaching people how to do stuff you're doing educational content in my case back in 2018 i was teaching people how to quit their nine of fives because i had done it and i was also teaching people how to use social media what ended up happening is i saw that there was a small handful of people that would dm me asking me for personalized advice and to this day i still get tons of dms about this and so what i saw was an opportunity to create a service where i could actually help people at the 101 level answer all their questions and in exchange they pay me for it now the reason why i say these revenue streams are really great especially if you have a small following is because at the 101 level or maybe even at the freelancing level where you're actually doing something for someone you're actually exchanging your time and because you're giving someone your time that is worth a high ticket price point and so let's say if you only have three clients that you work with but for each client you're charging maybe five hundred dollars you're able to make 1500 right there and regardless of how small your following is i'm sure that you are able to find three clients and if you need more help with this i have a free training over at where i share the entire roadmap of how i was able to do this for myself now at this point of the video you might be thinking to yourself i don't think i have an expertise to share at all and that is very common i felt the same way back in 2018 but here's an example of a student of mine who was already sharing tips to people on how she was able to heal her eczema fast forward to today she was able to make multiple thousands of dollars because now she offers one-on-one coaching teaching other people how to heal their eczema and so this is the potential that you have when it comes to monetizing your content because remember you're already teaching people for free at a mass level anyways on social media now you're opening up a stream of revenue where you're able to actually give someone your personalized advice and get paid for it and again if you still feel like you don't have enough experience or you're scared to actually start thinking about this then check out my training where i cover all of the steps now let's talk about the next way that you can make your first 1000 using social media and that is selling exclusive content now this requires a little bit more loyalty from your audience and actually having a slightly bigger audience than the first option that i shared now there are many ways that you can sell exclusive content it can come in the form of a membership or a course so membership being something like patreon where people are able to access private exclusive content from you in exchange they pay you for it now for courses it's a little bit different where you're actually packaging really high quality content for people so that they can get a specific result so as an example i have a course myself and inside this program i have all of my content that i don't share anywhere else on my free channels it's organized in a way to help someone get a specific result by the end of the course and that is signing paid clients for their one-on-one coaching programs one of the best things about having a course is i only film the content once and i'm able to help people on a mass level versus the first option that i shared with you which is one-on-one coaching or one-on-one consulting or even freelancing you are trading your time for money so when you start getting booked out with clients you have a maximum capacity of how much people you can take and how much money you can make versus if you transition into a course or maybe even a membership you're at least able to help people on a mass level now before you start telling yourself oh my gosh i'm gonna immediately scale up my time and create a membership or create a course like i said earlier you do need a loyal following or a bigger audience and what i mean by that is if let's say you want to do a patreon membership or a youtube membership or whatever else most of these memberships are very low priced maybe they're about twenty dollars a month fifty dollars a month less than a hundred dollars a month unless you add a lot of value in it now if you have a small audience it's going to be very hard for you to make your first thousand dollars so let's imagine for ten dollars a month people get exclusive content to you well you're gonna need about a hundred people every single month paying ten dollars in order for you to make one thousand dollars per month now if you don't even have the audience for that it's gonna be very challenging unless you have a very small but loyal audience and for courses it's typically the same thing there are usually three things that i like to say make up a successful program and that is traffic meaning that if you sell a program that's less than one thousand dollars two thousand dollars you need to make sure that you have enough people buying that the second thing is social proof people want to know that your course has gotten results for other people and because they're not necessarily getting personalized support from you it's really going to rely on your course content to get them that result and then the third thing is a proven process in order for people to actually get results in your course you need to have a proven roadmap to get them a result without you being there because again there's no customization there's no personalization and this will require some experience which is why i always like to tell people to start with one-on-one services first and again i talk about it in my free training here where i really walk through how i did it how i went from working for free clients all the way up to courses and so make sure you click the link in my description box or in the comment section below to access that training now let's say you're watching this and you're like vanessa i'm not interested in courses i'm not interested in 101 coaching consulting or freelancing or anything like that well i have something for you and that is affiliate marketing meaning that every time you link a product to your content and someone buys that product you get a kickback from it now here's one thing that you need to know though is that even with affiliate marketing depending on what you're promoting you still need a substantial amount of traffic because most times for example if you're promoting a product that you bought on amazon and you have an affiliate link for it and someone buys it the kickback is quite small now despite all of this i do have a bonus tip for you if you still want to make affiliate marketing work for yourself even if you have let's say a lower following or not a lot of traffic and that is being very strategic with the products that you push now obviously at the heart of it you should still push products that you actually enjoy and that you can actually speak to but if you actually look at the affiliate commissions on amazon what you'll notice is that for each product category there are different affiliate kickbacks for example if you promote a product and it's in luxury beauty and someone buys it you get ten percent versus if you promote something like a physical video game you only get one percent and so knowing the different kickbacks is going to be very advantageous for you if you want to be strategic with how much money you make now here's another tip that i have for you if you have a smaller following or not a lot of traffic and that is choosing products that are higher ticket meaning even though amazon is only giving you let's say four percent commission it is better to get four percent off of an item that is five hundred dollars or a thousand dollars such as anything within tech versus getting a four percent kickback on something small like a notebook not only this another piece of advice that i have for you when it comes to affiliate marketing is even looking beyond just amazon and trying to partner with other affiliate programs other companies other software other services that have a higher kickback in general so for example anytime someone purchases my link for kajabi which is the core software that i use i get this amount this amount is substantially a lot more than what i get paid from with amazon and this amount also adds up over time and so my advice for you especially if you're a smaller creator is just to be very strategic with who you partner with and what types of products you push especially if you're trying to gun for your first one thousand dollars using social media now on to the next way that you can make your first one thousand dollars and that is of course brand sponsorships or partnering with a brand now this is a little bit more challenging if you have a smaller audience and so my tip for you is to make sure that if you decide to gun for brand sponsorships that you are niched down what this means is that most brands want to partner with creators who either have a really large audience or have a very targeted audience now because you may not have a large audience you want to focus on creating a targeted audience and a targeted audience comes with having niche content so for example let's say you are a food blogger and you review food from all different types of cuisines if you had a larger following most companies would likely partner with you however if you have a smaller following let's say less than 10 000 followers then it's going to be a little bit more challenging so the secret sauce and what i would recommend is to actually niche down so imagine instead of you reviewing food from all different types of cuisines you niche down to just japanese food that way you're now going to have leverage you're now able to approach any japanese restaurant and say hey even though i don't have a lot of followers i can guarantee that almost every single person who follows me follows me because they want to try the best japanese restaurants in the city and the reason why you can say this is because you've niched down meaning you can almost guarantee to these companies that about 90 of your following is going to be interested in their japanese restaurant if you review it and so the game that you're playing here is you have quality over quantity anyways guys at this point in the video i shared with you guys some ideas on how to make your first 1 000 using social media remember if you're interested in courses one-on-one coaching anything like that that is my bread and butter and i have a free training up here where you can access link is in the description or in the comment section below i post a lot of content on social media marketing entrepreneurship and all the likes of that so make sure while you wait for next week's video you watch these two videos that i have here as well i promise they will not disappoint as always guys i appreciate you i hope you guys have a great day a great week and a great life and good luck with monetizing your social media bye guys

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