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In this step-by-step tutorial I will Show you exactly how to set up this Viral system in order to make passive Income online without actually selling Anything and even though this is Extremely easy and simple the process Itself requires a lot of different steps So I'm going to show you every single Step but just so you won't get confused And lost make sure that you are actually Paying attention to every single second Of this video and you are sticking Sticking with me all the way until the End because otherwise as I said you Might get confused and lost and you Might not be able to set up this Properly so just stick with me all the Way until the end don't skip around and Pay close attention to every single step That I show you inside of this tutorial Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new

Accounts and just know know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all before we Actually head over to the Google Translate app what you will need to do Is you will need to open up this Platform called the shorted.sds Shorted.sd is a paid link shortening Service meaning that when you shorten a Link with shortly.st you're gonna be Paid when someone Clicks in that Shortened link now the reason they are Paying you is because when someone Clicks in that shortened version of your Link they're first gonna be showing some Ads that they can Skip and when they Skip Those ads you are going to be Rewarded they're gonna be faking to the Website that you've sent them to and You're going to be rewarded because Shorty.st will just split the ad Revenue With you so that's how basically it Works you're not selling anything or Whatsoever people don't need to buy Anything they don't need to click on Anything they don't need to click on Those ads or whatsoever and I'm gonna Show you exactly how that works but if We scroll all the way down to the bottom Of the website you can go to the payout Race and you can see that the payout Rates are different depending on where The clicks are coming from so for Example if the clicks are coming from

The US you can see that you will be paid 14 per 1000 clicks if the clicks are Coming from Spain you're only going to Be paid at three dollars and fifty cents Per 1000 clicks but if you scroll a Little bit down you can see that for Example if your clicks are coming from Norway you're gonna be paid eight Dollars if your clicks are coming from For example from Denmark then your Earnings are gonna be nine dollars and Twenty cents per one thousand clicks Which is actually really high so you Will choose countries that obviously pay You the most and then what you will do Is you will try to to find that language On Google translate and in most of the Cases it's going to be available so you Can just go to Google Translate them for Example if I selected Denmark they speak Danish language so I can now just type In Danish over here and I can try to Translate something from English if I Type in hello in English you can see That that's going to translate into hey In Danish so what I can do right now is I can go back to shorter.st create an Account so pressing the join button over Here or create an account and then you Want to log into your account I'm Quickly going to log into mine to show You how it works when you log into Shorter.sd account so this is a brand New account over here where you can

Shorten your link click shorten and when Click Lakes come from a certain country You will be paid depending on where Those clicks are coming from so what you Want to do next is you want to open up This YouTube channel or a similar YouTube channel to this one and this is Daily dose of internet and daily dose of Internet currently has 14 million Subscribers and their videos get Millions of views like for example their Most popular videos have 49 million Views 40 30 million views 41 million Views and these are like viral videos Viral internet clips and what you want To do is you want to look at their Latest 30 videos and then you simply Want to see which ones are popping off So if an average they're getting about 2-3 million views per video and then you See some video get 6.5 million views or This one get four million or this one Get almost 5 million or this one got Seven million views or this one got Seven million views as well what you Want to do is because these videos get Most of the views because of the Thumbnails that they get because there's Nothing else there's no other reason That someone is going to click on these Videos but the thumbnail in the title so What we can simply do is you can right Click on the video that is currently Going viral or getting more of views and

Then you can download its thumbnail Using YouTube thumbnail Grabber all Right this is the next step as I said This is gonna get kind of confusing so Just stick with me all the way until the End and pay close attention to every Single step so now you just want to Paste the URL here or click on get Thumbnails and then you just want to Download a thumbnail image onto your Computer so just press download HD Thumbnail image and that thumbnail is Going to be onto your computer now once You have that thumbnail image you Downloaded that for your computer what You simply want to do is you want to Open up this tool called sniply so this Is already sniply.io and sniply.io is a Tool that will allow you to create a Call to action to literally any website Out there and you will see exactly how That's going to work and exactly how That's going to allow you to get those Clicks in autopilot and make money Online so what you want to do is you Want to create an account on snipely Register for it free and then sign into Your account and then once you sign into Your account you will create a call to Reaction over here it will enter the URL And the URL is going to be the URL of The video which you got the thumbnail From so I'm going to copy the link Address for this video and I'm gonna go

Back to sleep and then paste that inside Of this box and click on create a snip So that will allow us to add our own Call to action through that YouTube Video which we found from dailydose so Now you want to create a quality action Here click on new call to action we want To create a brand new button from Scratch we'll select your account click Click on button and you will add a Message and that message is going to be A giveaway but you will see exactly why That's going to be a giveaway but for Now you want to go over to cpegrip.com Which is the CPA network with thousands Of different CPA offers for you to Promote and CPA stands for cost per Action which means that in most of the Cases people literally just have to Become qualified leads by entering their Email address and you are going to be Paid so again you're being paid not with Someone buy something or when they spend Their money but when they literally just Submit their email address so what you Want to do right now is you want to Create an account on CPA grip you want To log into your account and then on the Left side of CPA grip you want to go Through all four tools and then you want To go to my offers and then you want to Change the country if you whatever Country rate that you found or whatever Country that you are focusing do you

Want to translate language from so for Example I can type in Denmark and I can See what type of offers they have in Denmark now because I honestly don't Understand what these offers are all About I will just use this I will copy The title of the offer and I will go Back to Google Translate and I will Translate that in English to see what I'm promoting as you can see this is a Giveaway for a new iPhone 14. this is Perfect so now I can copy this link this This URL for this offer I can go back to Sniply and I can paste that in the Button URL and then as I paste it in a Button URL I will create a call to Action which is going to say click here To win a giveaway to win the iPhone 14 Click here to win iPhone and I'm gonna Copy that for that in English and I'm Gonna translate it into Danish in this Case that might be a different language For you but I will copy this and then I Will paste it here and the message is Going to be enter the giveaway and I'm Going to copy that and I'm going to Translate it from English again to Danish so I'm creating a Danish call to Action so I'm gonna go back and I'm Gonna paste that inside of this box and This is my Danish My Danish call to action on that video That they can watch from daily those so The next thing you want to do is you

Want to click on continue you want to Finish the CTA and that's going to be Done so now you can copy or sniply link Which is going to be this link over here If you preview the link you can see that It's going to send people to a YouTube Video so they can watch that YouTube Video and while they're watching the YouTube video they're going to see the Call to action over here as you can see This is the Call of Duty actual in Action in Danish where they can click on This to potentially win an iPhone 14 but When they sign up for this offer I'm Gonna be paid let me go back to CPA grip I'm gonna be paid around 23 dollars per Person that signs up for this offer so 23 bucks per person that I refer to a Giveaway so now what you simply want to Do is you want to go back to shorter.sd And you want to shorten your sniply Links you want to paste your sniper link Over here and now it's going to look a Little bit different as you can see but When someone clicks on this link their First gonna be showing some ads which They can Skip and when they skip Those Ads they will be taken to the YouTube Video they can watch the Youtube video And while watching the YouTube video They will see the giveaway where if they Sign up I'm gonna make 20 30 per person So now I obviously need Danish people to Click on this link so that I can earn

Nine dollars per 1 000 clicks plus earn 20 50 for every single person that Actually signs up for the giveaway and There's a lot of different ways that you Can drive a traffic through these uh to This link but one of them one of the Easiest ones I'm going to show you Multiple ones but one of the easiest Ones is to just go over to Imgur which Is like a meme platform where you can Share a lot of memes and you can just Come over to here you can create an Account you can log into your account And then as you log in you want to click On new post on the left side and you Want to drag and drop that thumbnail What you've gotten from dailydose and Then you will just give your post a Unique title and that title is going to Be the title of the video but just Translate it into Danish in this case so I will copy the title I will I'll go Back to Google Translate which is going To be somewhere around here so I'm going To paste it here it's gonna translate it And then I'm gonna go back to Imgur I'm Gonna paste it here and I'm gonna add a Description which is gonna say watch Here and then I'm gonna leave my link so I'm just gonna type in watch here and I'm just gonna paste my short dot STL Link so I'm gonna go back to shorter.sd Copy my link and I'm gonna paste it over Here and now I can publish this to a

Community on Imgur and potentially get Thousands of clicks just from this one Single post because the the image is Pretty attention grabbing they see the Title they want to watch the video they Want to see what's actually happening They watch the video and while watching The video with the video we are making Money off of that so that's one of the Ways you can start driving traffic You're linking the second way to do this Is to just join different Facebook Groups now here I've searched for make Money online in German but in this case I will need to search for make money Online in Danish so I will type in make Money online or any type of groups Whether that's also a Travel Group if I've been travel I can find those types Of groups where I can find thousands of Danish people that are interested in Let's say in travel it doesn't matter Because we are promoting a Mass Appeal Type of offer and also a Mass Appeal Video like anyone you know regardless of What their interests are might Potentially be interested in watching That funny video and if they click on That once again we're going to make Money regardless of their demographic or Their interest because we are not Selling anything and another way if you Get targeted traffic from a specific Country is to just use propeller ads now

I'm not gonna go in details of how to Use it but it's a push and display Advertising Network where you can Literally paste your link and set up the Demographic so set up a specific country In this case it's going to be Denmark And that notification is going to be Sent to thousands of people in Denmark Who might see your post click on it and Make you money if they sign up for the Offer but regardless of whether they Sign up or not you're still gonna make Money if they literally just click on The link because you shorten it using Shorty.sd where you're once again being Paid around nine dollars per 1000 clicks So that's how you can set up the the System for completely free and make fun Online without actually selling anything I really hope you got some value out of This video really hope you've learned Something new and if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You next time

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