How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business (Strategies & Examples)

– Influencer marketing. Men it is such a buzz term right
now but the big question is should you be working
with YouTube influencers to grow your business and your brand? The short answer is yes, it is definitely an effective strategy but
there's a lot of people that make mistakes, they're not sure how to reach out to them
and some of the details that go into it. And so I'm actually here at
the University of San Diego and I just did a talk
to some business leaders in the area about how to
leverage YouTube to grow their businesses faster and one of the ways is
influencer marketing.

So if you want some
tips, how to get started, whether you're a total newbie
or you just want some insights on how to take your influencer
marketing to the next level, you're gonna love this video, so let's just get right into it. (upbeat music) Alright, all right, alright,
so three ways to use YouTube, YouTube Ads is the first one, you only need one video to start. Number two is influencers. Now you don't necessarily
need a YouTube channel or to run any ads to get
started with influencers. As Stephanie shared such
great insights and thoughts about that, I would agree
with everything she said that influencers can be kind
of a tough thing to jump into, but absolutely a viable
and important strategy for us as marketers.

The goal here is to unleash an army of micro influencers, say micro. – [Audience] Micro. Micro, yeah, micro influencers to build your business faster. And so this right here,
we maybe have recognized we could recognize Kim,
not a micro influencer, this is a celebrity influencer. My man, Brad here, this
is a celebrity influencer, and so we're not talking
about spending big bucks to work with these guys but
there's a little known truth out there that more followers doesn't necessarily mean more influence. So HelloSociety actually did a study that found "micro" influencers
or accounts with 30,000 or fewer followers are more beneficial. for marketers to work with. Well, how can you back that up? Let's talk about it. They delivered in this study
60% higher engagement rates than those that were on
much larger influencers, especially as Stephanie
was talking about pause and different things and
the micro influencers are smart as well,
they're gonna be involved in similar things.

But oftentimes, those
smaller our audiences, those not top line, larger
and inflated numbers mean that they have this smaller,
more engaged audience, they're also more cost effective, six point seven times more cost effective. So you're getting a better
ROI on your dollars, and they drive more buzz 22
times more buzz networking with larger influencers. A couple of reasons why they're trusted, their audience is very
loyal and trust them.

I think there's a lot more skepticism when we look at larger influencers, we think this big celebrity,
they'll just promote whatever, but that small engaged audience that a micro influencer builds,
there's a lot of trust. They can be brand relevant,
they can be very specific, very niche down and aligned with what your goals are, high in volume. They are unlimited, they
are everywhere doesn't mean they're easy to reach or
connect with necessarily and to get, but there is a lot
so the goal would be to work with many and not just a few.

They're loyal, oftentimes,
the best way to work with them would be to maybe look
inside of your own user base and to see maybe opportunity
to work with some there, they will advocate and
they have influencers, they'll be able to drive
friends and followers to take the desired
action, micro influencers. So when it comes to
working with influencers, just a few thoughts, you could work with an agency to find them. There is now thousands of these agencies and so you could Google
we could look online and work with some kind of
agent Tyler, Magno, Simon, there's a different agencies that can actually funnel influencers to you.

pexels photo 6483620

You can also bootstrap and
reach out to them one by one, finding them on social following hashtags, finding them on YouTube, YouTube search. If I were you, depending on
the size of your business at some point, I would probably
have a person on my team, just cultivating relationships
with influencers, giving them free stuff,
giving them free tickets, free rooms, maybe not even
necessarily money at times just kind of getting them
engaged with your brand, hustling on social media
to build a network of them.

I personally rather work with
10 to 20 micro influencers than one to two celebrity influencers. And they also don't just bring influence, they also bring on camera talent and video production skills. And so at times, much
as Stephanie mentioned, that working with a micro
influencer might just be the fact they could create content for you. My friend Alejandro Reyes
has a vlog channel with him and his wife and his two daughters.

As a Mexican Hispanic family,
they kind of have just a vibe about them, the four of them their YouTube channel, 30,000 subscribers, they're micro influencers, but they have worked with Target, Dove all kinds of different brands,
as well as smaller brands and one of the reasons those
brands wanna work with them is because of the content they
get out of the relationship. What do they do with that
content, they then run ads against it based on the demographic that they really reach out to,
as this Hispanic family with these two beautiful daughters, they can then bring them out to wherever they want them to do,
film videos, film content, they can produce the content themselves.

You need content for
your even Facebook feeds, you need content for a YouTube channel, working with micro influencers, they could potentially
produce that content with you. Maybe they come to your
place of business or hotel, your theme park, you let
them vlog and all you do is make sure you get the
rights to use that content how you would want and then
you could run ads against it and I think that that could be incredibly not only could be is incredibly powerful, because even that kind of raw, this is like Hybrid
user generated content.

It's not overproduced,
it's not over polished, it's not a big expensive
production company, they're producing that content
and then you can distribute that on your platforms,
including your YouTube channel and of course, just make
sure to get a release and think through all
the legal sides of that. So hey, I hope that gave
you a few creative ideas to get started with influencer marketing. I have to say that even
being the co-founder of the channel Video Influencers
connecting with networking with influencers, Biz Dev in with, it's an important thing to
do, no matter who you are, whether you're a personal
brand, or a big brand, and so hey, if you got
value out of this video, can you smash the like button. And this is also part of a larger series and so if you want to
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Question of the day Have you been doing any kind of influencer marketing? Are you an influencer yourself
and aspiring influencer? I'd love to hear how you
think about the industry the term let me know in
the comments section below. And also we just finished
up a brand new guide focused on businesses and brands
that wanna use YouTube. It's actually a case study on
how some of today's top brands are leveraging YouTube in different ways to grow their influence faster. And so if you want to
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I'll put a link to it in the description below as well. Thanks again for checking out this video and I will see you in the next one. (upbeat music).

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