Power Talk with Shane and Becky -11/2/22- THE LORD IS OUR HELPER/THE LORD IS OUR HEALER #holyspirit

Three Happy power talk Tuesday with Shane and Becky and brother Alvin and sister Donna. We are coming to you live from Abiding Love Community Church office. Remnant of Faith Ministries. We are already having a powerful week. God's already moving. Blessings are are are all upon us. Yes. You know God is still in the healing business. Yes. Amen. Yes. He's never stopped. You know there's already testimonies that we've already heard this week where God's already healing. Yes. And you know I believe that when god says it's healing time, it's healing time. Yes. And we are in the healing season. Thank you lord. Amen. We're in the spiritual moving season. We are in the deliverance season. We in the revival season and it is here. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. I can't wait for what god's got in store tonight. So, we're going to go ahead and turn this over to brother Alvin and sister Donna. Let's give em Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. God bless you all.

Good to be here. Yes. Yes. Amen. We always look forward to it. Yeah. Never been disappointed at all. Cuz when you got the word coming forth. Amen. The true word of god, how could you be disappointed? Amen. But you covered the cover is a true word of god. That's right. It's gotta be a good moment. Amen. Amen. We always look forward to it. Amen. I think my wife's got a few things to say. Thank you. I was just thinking today that you know, how many of you are waiting for the power of god to move. Move a mountain or move to healing or deliverance and. Come on. You know that what that word says, the power belongs to god. Amen. And also, also in the gospels, it says that to Jesus, all power and authority were given. Yes. In heaven and in Earth. Amen. And I need that power. I don't know. Amen. I need that power. Praise the lord.

Yes. I need it and I believe that anybody can have that power. Amen. Uh in their life and working through them. When god makes you a vessel, it can be a mysterious thing. It can be things that, you know, that only you and he know and. Yes. And maybe you don't have to share it. You know, but he can reveal such wonderful things to you. This is ways are higher. Sure. And not only are they higher, they are powerful and they accomplish much. Yes. Yes, amen. Much. We're going to sing about power. Amen. Tonight. Amen. Let's do would you power in the blood his power Hallelujah. Yes, amen. there's power Yes, amen. Amen. Thankful. Amen. You know, and and god's power is effective in all of his miracles. That's what is behind all the miracles and the powers from the blood of Jesus.

The blood is Jesus. We don't have to ever worry about not having that blood's power. Amen. If we believe in him and we accept him as our savior. That's right. And our savior. Think about that. That's a personal thing. Mm. Somebody saves you. That instantly, that's a personal relationship. Amen. Personal sincere. Ice cream. Yeah. So I was thankful for the blood of Jesus. Yes. Amen. Another blood salt man. Oh yeah. We keep it all busted. It's not the power of the blood. That's right. don't pull up dead by Jesus Amen. Amen. Thank you. Amen. Amen. Thank you lord. Hallelujah. Amen. Amen. You know, there's something about those blood songs. There's something about the blood period. Yes. You know, we we preach Sunday night about the Jericho walls falling. Mm hmm. And you know, through the blood of Jesus, things around us that we seem that that seems impossible to the blood. God makes them possible. You know, salvation, healing, deliverance, set free. The things that we we preach Sunday after Sunday. These are the the blood is the strength. Amen? Yes. The blood is our faith.

The blood is our everything. The blood is our praise and worship. The blood is us in general. This is our whole life. Yes. What what was the children of Israel directed to do? March around the walls. Well, I'm talking about the blood. It said when the when the yeah. Yes, when the death angel passed by or before he passed by to put the lamb's blood over the door post. Yeah. And it said the death angel would pass by. Yeah. Because he could not cross the bloodline. Yeah. He could not cross the the blood of an innocent lamb. We no longer have to sacrifice animals. Amen. Um pure and innocent animals for our atonement.

Right. The ultimate sacrifice was already done. Yeah. For us. Jesus Christ was that ultimate sacrifice. So when we say we the blood of the lamb. We're talking about the one and only one and done lamb of God. And when we say we cover our doorpost, we cover the temple of God. We are saying God we're applying the the blood of the lamb over our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our homes, our vehicles, everything. And the death angel. The sickness spirits of affliction. They have to pass by when we exercise the authority that that power has. Right. In the blood. That's why it's so crucial to have that bloodline prayed over. Yes. You know, we do it not only in our home but we do it just like you said of our vehicles but we do it here at the church too. Yes. Because this is god's house. So, what better place to put the blood over the doorpost. Yes. I mean, just Satan would love to come in this church.

Satan would love to be in any church where the holy ghost is being preach because if he thinks he can get his foot in, he's already stole the spirit. Yes. But when we claim that god is moving, the Holy Spirit is moving in. We don't have to claim it. It is visual. People can see that the Holy Spirit's moving. People are being healed, set free, delivered. Mm hmm. There is no place for Satan in that church. There is no place for Satan in this church. That's right. Because through the blood, we're covered. Yes. There's there is already happening see it. Um where we know that Satan is not going to quit fighting. He's just not. He's he knows his time is short. So, he he's like a a little kid that is doing everything he can to fight sleep.

Yeah. He knows it's coming. But he's doing his best to stay awake. Yeah. Well, but what he doesn't realize is there's a great collision happening in the the church world. There's a great collision. Yes. Because the the same attacks that Satan has to use against the bride of Christ are no longer have they have no effect anymore. Yeah. Because now we are yielding to the Holy Spirit and we're saying, for god we live, for god we die. Yeah. Lord, you've got to take care of this.

Your word says that that we are safe and secure when we it's it's Psalms ninety-one and one, they that abide in the secret place of the most high shall I'm sorry. They Help me Holy Ghost. They that dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. When we recognize the true power and authority that we have all because of what God did. What Jesus did on the cross. Yes. When we hear the the enemy roaring, we can shut him up. Yeah. With the word of God and say, you have no authority here. Right. You have no place here. Right. And I'm not going to back up on you anymore. I'm charging toward you to run you out. Yeah. And you know, Becky, it's like this, when we take something to god, we leave it there.

That's what we need to do because Jesus didn't go to the cross and die and then get off the cross and go back to the cross and die and get off the cross and go back. No, he died at once. It only took one time and if we ask Jesus for something and we are praying over. We leave it at the foot of the cross and he will take care of it 100 percent sin. Yes. There's there's nothing impossible. Nothing. That's right. Nothing. Nothing. No thing is impossible with God. It there's things that are impossible with man. You know why? there's no nothing impossible? Cuz he's the creator of all. Yes. And so when we realize okay I'm not fighting this battle.

Number one, the battle's not mine. The battle is the lord's. Yeah. But nothing can be done unto me except the lord allow it. Now, if the lord allows it, he must have a plan, an ultimate plan that is greater in anything. Yeah. That I could ever come up with myself. So, as long as I remember that, as long as we remember that there is a perfect plan of god, that we may walk through the valleys and it may be dark and it may be you know, when you walk in dark places, it can be kind of scary. You see shadows. You see David said, yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil because I know who's with me.

Right. But it says, though I walk, never said, though I stop in the middle of it, lie down and soak it all in. No, I don't set up camp there in the valley. I'm walking through because I've got some place. I've got to get to. My destination is not in the valley. It's it's it's on the other side of that darkness. It's it's on the other side of that valley. Thank you. And so when we remember that, we to remember, that's key. Yeah. Yeah. Because we can, you know, when everything is going right, we can say that. We can believe it. It's when we're walking in the valley and we're looking all around and these shadows are somehow overwhelming because they're scary. Yeah. Keep walking and remind yourself. Yey, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because thou art with me. Because he's holding our hand the entire way. Right. He is our He is our sword, our shepherd. You know, it's it's like I can tell you from experience.

Before I was saved, I would try to walk through these things by myself. I would try to figure out everything out on my own but once I asked Jesus into my heart and he's safe. Mm hmm. There's a different atmosphere when you're having to walk through those things. See, we don't have to fight that battle because see Jesus is holding our hand. He's our strength and he is the one that's fighting the battle. So, that yes, we will go through our ups and downs. Mm hmm. But through every valley and every mountain top, Jesus is standing right there beside us. Yes. Through every doctor visit, Jesus is standing right there. Through every bad report, Jesus is standing right there. He's never forsake us.

He's the same yesterday, today, forever. We preach that forever. I mean, that's all we preach about yesterday, day, forever. But it's true. We take that for granted. See, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Mm hmm. He can raise us from the dead. Yes. Jesus healed the sick. He can heal us from the sick. Jesus even healed people that didn't even speak to him. All they had to do was get close enough doing. Mm hmm. And they were healed. Yes. See, that's what we have to think. That's the faith that we have to have because he is our strength. All he is asking for us is to call on the name of the lord. Yes. Even we were just talking about this. Even we've got to get to a place in god where we say god even in the tomb, you're still god.

Yeah. Yeah. Even when even when it looks like the stone is being rolled in front of that tomb. Yeah yeah. You're still God. Yeah. And there is still hope. You can speak just like you said with Lazarus. You can speak that name and death has to step aside and has to release and let go. All because of the power of God. And I believe that that's where the church is is walking into.

Um is in a place where we've never seen. We've never been here before. We've never seen the miracles and and the movement of the hand of god like he's about to show us because otherwise, all of these things, they're still prophecies in the Bible that has yet to come to pass. Yup. And and you know, when when I think of Jesus coming back for a bride without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. That means to me that the bride of Christ is not going to be scared.

Yeah. They're not going to they're is going to be so unwavering. It's going to be so solid that even death cannot shake them. Even the the very pits of hell cannot disturb them because they are so laser focused on the word of God and where they're headed. Well, there has to be preached in the churches today because see there's a lot of churches that are not preaching that truth but you know, what's the worst that can happen I mean, what's the very worst that can happen to us? We're saved. So, there isn't anything worse that can happen to us. The worst thing that we have is living here on Earth because when Jesus decides to call us home, we'll be living forevermore. You know, there's nothing. I I I used to go to my mom at when I was younger and I would tell her, I would tell my grandparents, I'm afraid to die. I'm afraid to die.

I'm afraid to die. My grandmother always told me, well, as long as you're afraid to die, you'll never die. Well I have thought about that through my whole life but Jesus said and this is what I get out of it. If you're afraid to die, you'll never die. Well, I'm not afraid to die because I never will die. We just transition too. Wow. You know, there's a transition point. Yeah. So, see, those, those loved ones that that are not here. They just tread and they just transitioned on. You know, it's it's we have to have that faith in us that god is our one percent strength in all.

Yes. Everything. Everything. You know, I can't get up in the morning without him being my strength. I can't go to bed at night without him being my strength and everything that happens throughout the day, I know I can't do without him. Yes. We should be that people that when we get up in the morning and our feet hit the ground. It should be okay, god.

Thank you for another day. Thank you for another day of life. Thank you that you're you're guiding my day. Thank you that you are showing the me who's really in charge. Um because we know throughout the day it I just told you earlier, three different times today. I felt like my vehicle had a bull's eye on it. Three different times today. I almost got hit on the interstate. Yeah. Three different times in one day and I thought, Lord, what is going on? But you know, we have to be I think I said this and preached on it Sunday. We have to be instant in season and out of season. Even out of season, doesn't mean or in season doesn't necessarily mean on a pulpit or or behind a microphone.

Right. You've got to practice what you preach in the car. You gotta practice what you preach in your workplace, at home, in the grocery store, at all the doctor's office. You've got to live it. You can't just speak it. You gotta live it and know it. And when you start living it, then, that's when you you feel it. That your faith starts increasing. because you're, it's no longer just words anymore. You know, a lot of times that we can quote some scriptures but there's also a scripture in there about vain repetition. It it god god doesn't want us to just memorize words. He wants the word to get down in us to where we know and we believe what we're talking about. Yes. When that word gets down in us, that's called change. Change is always good. People don't like change. That's the reason they don't like to do and and and educate their self in the word. See, what happens is when the word it's into us and we start living the word. It gets us out of our comfort zone.

I preach on this Sunday night. See, we act, we, this is what we should do. We should get up in the morning and say, okay, lord, thank you for letting me wake up another day. Now, direct my path and what you would have me to do in your in your ministry. See, we get up and it's all about us. It's about, well, we've got to go and I know we have to go to jobs and we have to make money but instead of thinking, okay, well, I've gotta get up and I've gotta make that journey to work and I've gotta put in my eight hours to come home and cook dinner and and do this whole routine.

God, what would you have for me to do today? You know that I have to go to work but in my work, where would you have me to minister the most? Mm hmm. You know, we may work in a we may work somewhere where we can't spread the gospel. They can't keep you from praying. No. Lord, I'm praying for that person sitting across from me that needs you. Lord, I pray for this business that it flourishes that that puts food on my table and and it allows me to be able to pay my tithes into your storehouse. Yes. You know, there's things that we can do into our ministry because see, we all have a ministry. We're all called.

Yes. But we should wake up every morning and say, god, you're my strength and you're my shepherd and I'm asking you which way should I go today? What where would you have me to minister today? That's why we should leave our day because you know, he's gone to the cross for us. Yes. The very least that we could do would be to tell people about him. Yeah. To be praying for people that they get changed. You know, Becky, I cannot, I cannot stress enough. I can't do anything without my father because see, I'm not supposed to be sitting here at this table today. Not more than it is in more than one time that the devil tried to take me out.

That's why I give all praise and honor to him because see, he has something for me to do. When that day comes and there's nothing else for me to do, that's my time to go on to be in heaven. It's that's the end of my road. It's pouring one of us to die, gone to heaven. That's where at the end of my season, that's where I'll be but every day that god gives me breath, he's got a purpose for me to go. Yes And you know, I believe that especially here lately, Satan has pulled out all stops when it comes to the body of Christ. And he's trying to overtake many of us. If not, all of us with fear.

Yeah. Whether it's bad doctor reports, what ifs, you know that, you know, something starts hurting you or or the doctor, the doctor can just send you a text and say, give me a call or leave a message that you need to call the doc. Automatically, fear kicks in because you assume the worst. That's what this the enemy wants us to do. He wants us to stay focused on the worst but what we really need to do is focus on the best of god. It, you know, whatever it is, the belongs to the Lord. Yes. And we have to we're going to get to our scripture this week. Um, but it goes along with everything that we've been saying. And it's Psalms twenty-eight and seven.

Psalms twenty-eight and seven says, the Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart. The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusted in him. And I am helped. Therefore, my heart greatly rejoiceth. And with My song will I praise him. My my Lord is my strength and my shield. See, it says, that that's a sermon series right there because see, the lord is our strength but see that shield that they're talking about.

That's that shield. That's that blood over the doorpost. Mm hmm. That's him protecting us from all evil and harm. Yeah. That's him protecting us from that. Come on. That crazy doctor's report. You know, I'm a I I guess the older I the more times I go to the doctor, the more I'm getting on board with believing that a lot of times, they just hand you out medicine because it puts money in their pocket and I'm not trying to upset nobody on Facebook. I'm just telling you, my god is greater than that. Yes. Yes. My god has the ultimate healing and that's he is my strength and he is my shield. That that whole shield. That's means so much more than what we're reading.

You know, that's that's that shield that keeps us out of harm's that was that shield that was in the truck with you today. Yeah. Keeping you from having accidents. That will shield for me down here working on the sign and I move a light bulb and sparks come flying out of it. Yeah. Gives me enough common sense to come up here and turn the power off. You know, that's the shield that god that we take for granted. You know, when we're running late to go somewhere because there's a guy in front of us is driving extremely slow or a woman that's driving slam and straight.

The reason why is because god is keeping us from what's ahead. Mm hmm. You know, when we have to turn around and go back. That's god keeping us. When god puts that little voice in your head, it says, do. We must do because that's god showing us and keeping us safe. What does the the scripture? It says it twice. It says, the heart. Yeah. My heart. Mm hmm. What does the Bible say about the heart? Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life. We know, we can think with our brain but our heart goes another way. Right. Our heart is is is what we we feel with. We the issues of life come out of it. That's why it says guard your heart. But it says, the lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusted in him. Yeah. When your heart trust in him, it overtakes the issues of life because your heart trust in him.

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Your heart doesn't trust in the issues of life any longer. Your heart has to trust in the Lord. And it says I then I am helped. Right. Because when we when we look at it as you know I'm getting a bad report. I I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it. I don't know if this relationship will work. I don't know if this job will work out. That's all in your head. What is your heart say? Yeah. Because it the the issues of life come become flowing from the heart. When your heart trusts in him, it says then I am helped. Therefore, my heart greatly rejoiceth and with my song, will I praise him? Mm hmm. See, when it's easy for us to praise him when he works it out. Yeah. The the real test is, can you praise him with that same heart of love towards him even when it doesn't work out? Even when you don't know it's going to work out.

Even when it looks like, again, you're walking through the dark valleys, your heart should be so geared towards god that you can say even in my darkest day, I still have a heart of praise for my savior because I love him and he loved me enough to die on the cross and I in turn is my reasonable service to love him with all of my heart, all of my soul, and all of my strength.

Amen you know, I just preached on ugly or I'm sorry. I preached on pretty praisers and ugly praisers and and and what that was was the the pretty praisers only praise him when they've got money in the bank. They only praise him when everything all all the kids are not arguing. Pretty praisers are you know, the cars got gas in it and you know, all the bills were up to current and all that and everything's going their way. They got the best job and everything is just perfect. But what happens when the ugly praisers come in. See, that's where the mountains are moved. Uh huh. Ugly praises are praising Jesus through that bad doctor's report. They're praising Jesus when somebody's coming to get their carp because it's being repo. The ugly praisers are those that can't make ends meet but know that when right at the nick of time always, when Jesus's time, they're going to be fed.

They're going to their bills are going to be paid. Those are the ugly praisers. That's when the that's when it matters. You know, we can't just call on Jesus when it's convenient for us. We can't just call on him when everything is going our way. We need to call on him always. You know, I found myself going to the throne room more so because of ugly praising. You know, there's so much things as a pastor. You see your members having to go through, your loved ones having to go through and I am constantly asking god, lord, your will be done in this situation. Lord, I ask for your healing to come over these people. Lord, I ask the doctors say that they only give you such and such amount of time but I know that you are the ultimate healer and I know that.

Yeah. Just like that. Yes. They can get up out of the bed and walk out of the hospital. Yeah. And never have to have any treatment. Lord. That's the that's the faith that I have. Because I've seen him do it. Mm hmm. And also the word says that he can and we've seen it and read it in here where he has done it. That's the that's what we need to be. We have to be ugly praisers as well as pretty praisers.

I can't imagine that when the Hebrew boys were in the fire you know, I I don't know what, they had to have been it said they were walking around. Yeah. They were not, you know, trying to get out. They were not trying. The Bible doesn't say that they were you know, freaking out everywhere and just going crazy. They were walking around. Why do you think they were walking around? Because there was a fourth man in the fire. Yeah. Whether they knew it or not.

That's right. The enemy sought the son of man. Mhm. a lot of times the enemy will see the Holy Spirit walking with us even when we don't see it. Because he knows there's something greater that walks with them than what I can ever put on them. Yeah. And so when we you know the enemy knows us a lot. He knows what pushes our buttons and he knows what gets us. For sure. But he also knows if they what I see. If they see the son of man walking beside them, I'll never win. Right. I've got to make it in such a way and constantly wear down their mind until they don't even think that God is walking with them any longer. I've got to wear their their mind and their hearts down little by little day after day to remind them and make them think and convince them that god is no longer with them. But what does the Bible say? I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. Yep. And whose word do we believe? Because if we believe the enemy is not going to end well for us.

Right. But if we believe God, we just read it. The Lord is my strength. And he's my shield. And my heart trusted in him and I'm helped. See, it's it our heart trusts in him even when it doesn't make sense. Yeah. That god says, okay, I can't go against my word. I have to their faith is activating my hands. Whoo. Yeah. Hallelujah. And when we when we put our faith in motion because it's always an action required of us before he moves.

Exactly. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open. Yeah. when we put faith and say, god, I know. I, they could tell me all day long that I don't have much longer. I believe you. Your word says, I will live and not die and declare the works of the lord and that's what I'm going to do. Amen. You know, it's it's like when trouble hits Jesus. If we just say that name Jesus, why do you think people don't like to say the name Jesus? Why do you think certain people don't like to say the name Jesus? Why do you think they use his name in vain? That's because they have a demonic spirit on em and the demon spirit does not like the name Jesus. That when they hear that name Jesus, they want to flee.

That's why you'll see these certain people start making fun of or they'll run away from the name of Jesus. You know, you talked about the Hebrew boys and that's one of my favorite stories in the Bible because it speaks of magnitudes of great faith. Mm hmm. Because they they they stood. They didn't kneel and when they when they got thrown in the the fiery furnace. It talks about how the people that threw him in the furnace burned up.

Can you just imagine being one of those boys running around see that it says I was walking around the fire. If I would have been one of the boys, I'd have probably been doing cartwheels and running and hopping around and doing all these crazy things because see, I would have known that there's only one way that I could still be walking around down here and that's through Jesus because if the guy throw me in the fire. Yeah. Is burned up and here I got my heavenly father walking her down around here with me. Yeah. I know that anything is possible. That is one of the greatest testimonies in the Bible about faith and having the shield of Jesus right there with even the enemy knows the the in-depth power and authority over that name. Or else he would not convince people to use his name in vain. You don't ever hear of Allah or Buddha or Muhammad, those names being used in vain. That's true. Cuz it it there's no effect to that. No, it's just a dead person in the ground. But when you use the name of the Lord in vain, it is that spirit of of agitation because deep down in the spiritual realm, they know that the demons know.

He's the one that makes us tremble. His name is the one that makes us flee. We have to do something to get that name away. They hate that name. Yeah. They hate that name and that's why it is it's so convincing to to you know use it in in vain to the unbeliever. They really have no idea what they're saying. And when you walk by and you hear somebody use the name of the Lord in vain. It just to me it makes me shake my head. Lord forgive them. For they know not what they do. They have no idea the power that they are are just power in the name but when you're using it in vain. They they they had no idea of what they're doing.

And you know a lot of times I have a sweatshirt that's so offensive to a lot of people. And I wear it all the time. And and it's because I can spread the gospel without even having to open my mouth. Mhm. And on the front of the sweatshirt it says coming soon. Dot dot. Mm hmm. And a lot of people will just say, coming soon, coming soon because see, if somebody can say the name of Jesus and you know, when we read something, we're we're saying it because we're reading it to our self and if somebody, if you, if somebody says it, they didn't say it but if you read something, you're saying it to yourself.

Mm hmm. So, I asked the reason I wear this sweatshirt. It says coming soon.and. on the backup says, Jesus. So, a lot of times what people do is they see this coming soon. They they run past me to turn around see the back of my sweatshirt and it says Jesus and you'll hear a lot of times people say Jesus what better testimony to put out for people to say, oh, well, if there's something that's not pure living within them and they say the name of Jesus, that's just basically poor Walt on the witch this animal.

Mm hmm. You know, that's just basically poured the holy water on that demonic that's within em. You know, there's something about that name. Uh Imma tell you, we could we could hold years worth of crusades on just the name of Jesus. Mm hmm. I mean, he is he is everything. Yes. That's the reason I walk around sometimes at our house and I'll sing. I'll be in the shower. I'll walk around and I get to sing to the animals and I say, J E S U S J E S and I just began to make up my own little songs because there's nothing that can come against you. When you speak in the name of Jesus.

Yes. And we're going to pray because I number one, there's nothing better. There's no better defense than prayer. There's there's prayer changes the whole platform. Prayers. Prayer changes the whole playing field. Yeah. You know you can you can take people and bite them into a corner. But when they begin to fall on their knees and pray out to God that changes things. Yeah. Um you know and and Satan will try to just extract your praise and your prayer life. He he will try to monopolize your time during the day so that you won't pray. But we're going to pray Um because we know that there are some people who are facing health issues. They're facing bad reports. It doesn't matter what man says. Because we believe the report of the Lord. Amen. Yes. That he took the stripes on his back. And if he could endure that he paid the price. There is nothing that man can do. That will not over be overcome. There there's there's just not. That my my faith is is you know when it looks bad, when it sounds bad.

then man has to get out of the way because man can't do anything about it. That's right. But god can step in and do the impossible. Becky, it's like this. God is you you're you said it exactly right. He is the impossible. You know Sunday morning we had a lady that came to church with a broke foot. and she was on crutches. She left this place Sunday morning walking out of the church. Wow. She was back at church Sunday night dancing all over the church. Yeah. Wow. With no cats. Around the church. No crutches. Yes. And it hit only been broken for a couple of days.

Yes. That's the kind of father that we serve. And that's just the beginning. When you see cancer fall off of people. When you see minded eyes open. Mm hmm. When you see ankle bones pop and legs grow, when you see things that that are not supposed to be there vanish. Mm hmm. Yeah. That's the father that we serve. Yeah. Right. When you see somebody that has died in a line, be prayed over and get up and go into a church service and and is still alive and well today. That is Jesus. It it it is best. That is Jesus at healing, delivering, you know, everything. Right. Yes. And so, we're going to pray and we're going to target this prayer towards healing. Yes. Um I know that everybody has different stories. And and you know I believe that if you've got something outside of healing send us messages. We will be glad to pray.

Um over those as well. We're not minimizing your your your story or. Come to church and we'll pray over you. Yeah. We'll lay hands on you with no problem. Yeah. Um and we'll believe with you that God is going to turn that situation around. But I want you to if you're one of those people or if you know somebody who has been given a bad report or maybe they're facing an illness, maybe you're facing an illness.

We're going to pray and we're going to pray and and believe not just pray. I I don't want you to just pray. I want you to believe that he's already done it. I want you to believe that that the answer is already here because it is. Yeah. That god does not wish for any of his people to be sick And and you know, otherwise, he wouldn't have allowed the stripes to be on his back. Right. But he did. Right. He already paid the price. He's already went to the cross for our healing. So, all we have to do is pick up that gift, unwrap it, and receive it, and accept it and that's what we're going to pray. So, let's let's Heavenly Father, Lord, we give you all glory and honor to your name. For God, there is no other name like the name of Jesus. Hallelujah. Lord, there's no other name that can cure cancer.

There's no other name. By which we must be saved. There's no other name that makes demons tremble than that of the name of the Lord. Amen. And Lord, we come together in mind and in one accord. Yes. And god when we come into one mind and we one accord. God we're standing, believing on your word, knowing and trusting that what you said you would do, you're going to do. Yes. Amen. And god, we activate our faith. We put it into motion, god. Yes. Your word says, he that cometh to you must believe that he is.

Yes. And god, we believe you wholeheartedly That you are the healer of all the diseases and by your stripes, we are healed. God, we petition the heavens. Lord, we we shake and rattle the heavens on behalf of everyone that is sick and afflicted. Yes. God that you would reign your healing power down. Yes. And lord, you would run out every spirit of affliction and each person's body.

We rebuke cancer. Yes. We rebuke viruses. We rebuke arthritis. We rebuke diabetes. We rebuke leukemia. We rebuke Parkinson's. Yeah. We rebuke every foul demon that would try to raise his ugly hand and take out the bride of Christ. Yes. You will not win. Because we put you under our feet. Yes. And God I I just I have to quote your word because it's your word that accomplishes. It goes forth. It will not return void. But it would accomplish that which you send it to do. God, I call out and bind up every spirit of affliction. Yes. Every spirit of cancer, every spirit of Parkinson's, every spirit of confusion, every spirit of sickness. Yes. Hallelujah. Yes, lord. I stamp the name of Jesus on you right now. I I cover it with the name of Jesus. To where you cannot, you can go one way or the other but you gotta let go. You gotta go. You you you can't set up camp any longer in the body of Christ.

Yes, yes. We are you out. We're putting the crosshairs of our faith and the word of God on you. Yes. And we command you to leave, to turn loose, and let go. Yes. Free the people of God with healing, with virtue, with everything that we have in us. And God, we praise you anyhow. Yes. We praise you even when we don't see it. We praise you even when we don't feel it. But God, you are worthy to be praised You are, we read it tonight.

You are our strength and our shield. Yes. And our hearts trust in you. So, therefore, we are helped. Yes. And god, we thank you in advance. We thank you right now. Amen. We thank you before the battle is even over. Yes. Yes. Thank you. God that there would be such a turn around in in these lives. There would be such a turn around that it would even amaze the medical field of the ones that are giving the bad report. God, I ask that this this good reports. Lord, the I don't understand why it's not there. I don't understand that I don't see the sickness anymore. I don't understand why I don't see the masses there.

I don't understand why I don't see cancer. God take every ounce of glory and let it be known that you reign. That it was by your hand. Yes. And god with your hands. Your the testimony that are going to come forth out of these people's mouths. Yes. God let it be a double-edged sword. Oh yes. Lord make the enemy pay for what he's done. Yes. Make the enemy pay for all of the sickness. Yes. All of the trials and the tribulation and the aggravation that your body has experienced. Yes. Thank you Jesus. And God I ask that joy come forth. Lord that everybody that under the sound of my voice. That an unspeakable joy up within their spirits. Lord that their joy will cause the walls of Jericho in their lives to fall. Yes. Lord that they may not understand why they have joy when they've been given such bad reports.

But the joy of the Lord is our strength. Yes our lord. The joy of the Lord is what's going to bring down these walls. And the joy of the Lord is what is going to bust up cancer cells. Yes. It's going to bust up Parkinson's. It's going to bust up and arthritis and all of these different things, lymphoma, all of these sicknesses, all of even COVID.

Yes. God, I ask that you eradicate COVID until it is no more. Yes. I ask that you even eradicate cancer. Yes. God, because people say, cancer cannot be be healed. Cancer cannot be be fixed. But God, they don't serve the God that I know. Amen. But you are capable and you are well able to do and and to carry forth your word and lord we speak life over these people, not death, that we speak life.

Yes. That they will live and not die Amen. Declare the works of the lord. Yes. Yes. Whoo. And god I ask that their testimony put a nail in the coffin of the enemy. Yes. Lord, for everyone that he's tried to hinder. God, I ask that you raise up and save 10 in their place. Lord, for all of the trouble that the enemy has caused. Lord, have mercy. And god, let our eyes behold it. Thank you. And Lord, let us know instantly. That was God. And that was a miracle. And Lord, let every word that come out of our mouth, glorify you. Glory you, Hallelujah. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray. We pray. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah. I'm going to you to abiding love community church. Their information will be at the end of the broadcast but I'm telling you, we have just been having some meetings Sunday morning was just amazing.

We had a great service here. Uh healing is just going forth in mighty ways. We would love to have you. If you're looking for a home church, we are in Griffin, Georgia and we we if you'll just come, we'll love on you and we'll just be all be part of our family. Right. Until next Tuesday at 7 PM, we love you and we hope you have a blessed day. God bless you.

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