How to Find Social Media Marketing Clients on Upwork [Walk Through Tutorial]

for most entrepreneurs that decide to
start social media marketing agencies their biggest problem and their biggest
challenge is usually finding clients and there are many ways to go about finding
clients for your SMM a business you can code email businesses with social media
audits that's worked for me in the past you can also Co approach them and pitch
them on the services that you offer but what if there was an easy way that you
can find potential clients that we're already looking to hire people like you
to manage and grow their social media well you're in luck there is so let's
hop over to my phone and I'll show you exactly what I mean ok so if you hop on
up work and I obviously have it on my phone here and you basically search
through the categories and I'll show you here in a second so we'll go over two
more and or is it offers Oh jobs there we go jobs on the bottom and so if you
sort through some of the jobs if we go to categories here and you'll see here
there's a bunch of different categories now for you specifically you're gonna go
to sales and marketing at the bottom right over above accounting and
consulting for social media marketing and then you'll see social media
marketing is the third from the bottom and you're going to click that now if
you scroll through here you'll see some of the the social media marketing offers
that people have on here and they're basically looking for all sorts of
services related to social media marketing now I did go out an outline 3
the other night that I'm going to share with you here in a second but let's just
scroll this is in real time let's scroll to see exactly what is available right
now so basic Facebook marketing project marketer needed to launch project let's
check this out I'm looking for someone with experiences
on launching advertising campaigns so basically Facebook ads if you're good
Facebook Ads you can do that this person has a 500 dollar budget it doesn't give
any information necessarily about what they're exactly paying for this
obviously that seems negotiable here but that's not always the case so you could
reach out you could submit a proposal at the bottom like you see and reach out to
this person and basically say hey I'm interested I have experience with
Facebook advertising I feel like I could really help you out boom you know
they're interested in it they have a $500 budget for this actual project and
if you're good at it you can provide the service that money is yours to claim
moving on some of them are higher some of them are lower obviously it's going
to depend on a lot of different things also this is a great place to forge
relationships with people because you know that these people are obviously
looking for people to manage your social media or tasks oriented you know and
aligned with social media marketing so if you can provide a service for
somebody even if it's cheap you might be able to build a relationship with that
person on a longer scale and obviously you know that might mean future business
for you so moving on social media marketing or social mean – meaning a
social media manager for small business $5.00 budget that's kind of low speaking
and workshop engagements on-site blah blah blah
leader I don't know if this is a sketch let's not do that Instagram growth my
Instagram has been stuck on the same amount of followers for over a year
blah blah blah this person doesn't look like they have a budget here set and
it's pretty much just up to you to reach out so I'm not gonna waste your time
here and scroll through there's a bunch of different you know opportunities here
Facebook Ads again right there and marketing advertisement branded
marketing you know seeking Pinterest so stuff like that there's a bunch of you
hop on up work it's a great place to do so and this is a perfect way for social
media marketing agencies to really seek out potential clients that are already
looking for this service here's a few examples on the screen I snapped the
other night while I was scrolling through I thought they'd be perfect –
easy ones you know – target for you know new entrepreneurs that are looking to
finally get their feet wet and get a client so I'm going to show you here
in a second here's one right here social media manager I thought these were
perfect examples of ones that I saw the other night but like I said you can
scroll through and kind of pick them yourself so this person is looking for a
social media manager it says hi I'm the consulting I'm holding for a restaurant
in st.

pexels photo 4474030

Louis blah blah blah they're basically looking for people to focus on
their social media pages they would like to help managing their Instagram page
their Facebook page and coming up with promotional designs and potential videos
for their website everything that you know basically managing a social media
brand would entail now let's scroll over they would like help yeah so he says let
you know if any of these projects are feasible to you and it looks like it's
in Missouri but that doesn't necessarily matter what is the pay here doesn't look
like any pay has been outlined but you can simply reach out to this person and
offer to do that pretty self-explanatory I think this next one will move on so
here we go text for social media posts needed it's an ongoing project so here
is a great opportunity a great great great opportunity the budget here is
fifteen hundred bucks and the pay I believe if I remember correctly this
one's a little bit low but it's good opportunity to get involved now and then
build a relationship and that pay can increase so high we have a to Instagram
accounts it's a Content curator type of counts where we post pictures and videos
on other accounts the main topic is yoga so 20 to 30 posts a week that's what
they're expecting 70 to 100 words per post
so you're basically re posting a picture and writing a 7200 word caption for it
on yoga with potential CTOs our call to action so that's pretty self-explanatory
pretty easy stuff the budget is three point five per post
so two let's do the math here – that's not what I wanted to do calculator so
there's two different accounts 20 to 30 so what's the skit what's the potential
here to earn so there's 30 of 30 is the top number for per account doing a
terrible job of articulating this 30 so we'll times that by two cuz there's two
accounts okay so that's 60 obviously then 60 per day so times seven equals
420 then three point five her posts so 420 times 3.5 equals a
grand total of fourteen seventy per week if you kind of you know the scalability
factor there now it might not be all the way up there let's do it from the mop
from the minimum so 20 so 20 times 2 is obviously 40 then 40 a day obviously so
times 7 equals 280 280 times 3.5 equals 980 so basically you're looking at a
thousand dollar job here to $1,500 job here which you know would pretty much be
a good social media marketing client so that's not terrible and obviously it's
an ongoing project as you see here so it's a great opportunity to really scale
up all right now moving on to this third example now this is a HootSuite setup so
that's pretty self-explanatory too if you know what the only one who'd suite
is it's basically an app that you can use to manage social media posts and
scheduled social media posts you know on Facebook Twitter and Instagram pretty
self-explanatory it's really really easy to use and set up so this person
basically just wants you to manage their social media accounts through HootSuite
an Instagram seems to be especially painful for them so they don't have a
budget set and that's pretty much it yeah they're just looking for somebody
to manage their social so that's a great job that you could reach out for and
that's another example of a social media you know marketing potential client that
you could find on up work if you know where to find them like I showed you in
this video so there you guys have it you know if you've been unsuccessful working
for social media marketing clients this is your answer up work is a phenomenal
one I highly suggest that you have on up work and start reaching out to potential
clients if you appreciate that tip if you appreciate any of the value in
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