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Do you want to know the easiest way that You can make money online with affiliate Marketing using 100 free traffic take a Look at this this is 2827 that I have in pending payout Commissions Let me refresh or reload This page to show you that this is 100 Legit and if I click onto this over here It's going to take you to my back office And as you can see here these three Commissions haven't been reviewed yet But this has over here this is 60 amount That I get thirty dollars for here it's Fifteen dollars here it's ninety dollars And if we scroll down you can see here For a hundred and thirty five dollar Commission I get 67.50 and the list is Endless and I want to show you exactly How you can do this in three simple Steps I mean take a look at this the Reason why I say it's passive it's Because it's work that I did in 2019 and As you can see here the traffic has only Started to kick in over the last say six Months eight months Etc which means by Me doing the work once I'm continuing to Make money online a passive form of Income utilizing affiliate marketing and How did I do that I used this list over Here that I created in less than five Minutes and on this video I'm going to Show you those three simple steps all You need to do is watch this video to The end apply this in your virtually

Guaranteed to make money online Utilizing this strategy and we're Starting right now what's up you guys Alan here again from the smart money Tactics Channel and I've got a brilliant Video for you today if you're looking to Start affiliate marketing on how you can Get a lot of clicks and traction Passively where you do the work once and You're going to continue to reap the Rewards I want you to pay close Attention to this one if you're serious And you really want to make money online Because I'm going to show you proof on This video of exactly how I'm doing it It's three simple steps and we're Getting straight into it today the first Thing that you want to do guys is you Want to come over to this platform over Here called we're going to Use the resources of this site because We can use this site absolutely for free To create one of these very simple lists You see this list over here is a Resources guide to be a successful Affiliate marketer and when people are Starting out this is the information That they need and what I do is I Provide this information to them not Only do I have my affiliate links all Throughout this page but then I also Have different types of courses and I Can update this and at any time okay you Can come over here and add to this you

Can take away from this you can also add A whole heap of different types of Courses I'm going to show you everything On this video guys and when you come Down over here you can also add a lot of Useful things so that this gives them a Lot of value and it's also going to help You make money online with affiliate Marketing so how do you create one of These well once you go to And once you sign up it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this And as you can see Savvy this is where You have this is your back office to Blogger where you're going to be Creating this very simple page now when You click on this drop down box over Here you want to scroll down and you Want to select a new blog this is like a New site so to speak so click onto new Blog and then this is where you're going To create a title for this blog just Like I've created for this one over here Resources guide to be a successful Affiliate marketer as you can see over Here so what we're going to do guys is We're just going to call this one guy to Be a successful affiliate marketer just To save us some time so I can show you Exactly how this works so I'm going to Choose guide to be a successful Affiliate marketer and we're going to Select next now this is where you're Going to enter in an address as you can

See it's going to be dot blog okay now all you need to do is Come up with an address over here and It's going to tell you whether or not it Is available okay so let's say we call This key Tools you need as an affiliate okay Doesn't matter too much guys all we need Is for this to come up this blog address Is available so key tools you need as an Affiliate then come over here and click On to save what's going to happen from Here is now we can as you can see this Actual blog post has no articles over Here the other one that I created does Have articles this one doesn't now you Want to come over here and you want to Click on to new posts now once you Select new post this is where it's going To allow us to create something that Looks like this now obviously we're Going to copy this as well because what We're going to do is we're going to call This the same we're going to put that There and then over here what we want to Do is we want to create a heading very Simple stuff guys you can come over here Center this in the middle and then you Over here it says paragraphs you can Just make that a major heading Etc then What you want to do is you want to tap Down and now what we want to do is we Want to create something that looks like This now you can copy my one I don't

Care it's up to you guys make something Very similar and promote similar Products it's entirely up to you there's Enough people searching for this and Traffic to go around as long as you Apply yourself you're guaranteed guys That you will get clicks and you're Going to get sales so you're probably Thinking where do I get all this Information from all I did here guys is I came over here and I typed up click on Any of the highlighted links and sign up For any of the below tools you may need These all the tools that we use and so These are all the tools basically that I Also use in my business which is what I Told them and then I very very quickly Typed this up so all you need to do when You're on this page over here guys is Leave that on normal and then come over To Google and just type in something Like what tools do you need as an Affiliate marketer then come down over Here guys and start opening up all these Different tabs okay when you open these Up you're going to find all these Awesome tools that people need as an Affiliate marketer for example if you're Looking to make money with WordPress or MailChimp as an example if you scr MailChimp is an email marketing software Guys so you scroll down and have a look At the different types of things that You can promote if we come over here

There's so many products guys that you Can promote to people that are looking To start affiliate marketing or they're Looking to start their online business Or their website or their YouTube Channel whatever it might be so you want To go through all these different Websites and find all these awesome Tools then what you want to do is you Want to make sure that they have an Affiliate program so all you need to do Guys as an example is type up something Very very simple just like this and then Paste it over here and then start with Number one as an example and I'm just Showing you this very quickly to save You some time so let's say the first Thing that you wanted to do is you Wanted to offer someone something like Email marketing okay you'd come over Here you'd type in something unlock Email marketing and let's say you wanted To promote either MailChimp or Convertkit Etc you would write a very Brief description on that particular Product just like I have over here so What have I done under my email Marketing consider convertkit or MailChimp as you can get generous free Plans landing pages built and send email Broadcasts so you write something very Very similar then what you will do guys Is you'd come over to convertkit over Here and you'd go over to their

Affiliate page so when you come over to Convertkit you'd scroll all the way down To the bottom and as you can see they've Got an affiliate program and you would Start signing up to all these different Platforms and putting in your affiliate Link and the way you would enter your Affiliate link guys as you can see here When you click onto this it's going to Show you here that there is a link over Here and the way you enter a link is all You need to do is highlight any of these Different types of words over here Scroll up to the top and see here it Says insert or edit a link you click Onto that you make sure you select open This link in a new tab and you paste Your affiliate link inside that tab then What it's going to do is it's going to Highlight that as you can see guys I've Got eight different types of links over Here I've got a link to WordPress I've Got email marketing I've got hosting I've got a funnel Builder I've got an SEO tool for people that are looking to Create websites I've got a video Creation tool and I've also got an SEO Tool for YouTube as well okay so anybody Looking to start any form of affiliate Marketing then I also have a link Shortener from here what I also have Guys is I've gone over to either Digistore24 Warrior plus And I search for different ways that

People can learn how to make money with Affiliate marketing different types of Courses that are being sold because Remember these people are looking to Make money and the traffic source that I'm going to show you on this video guys Is remarkable and before we continue With this video guys all I ask from you Is if you enjoyed this video to smash That like button in appreciation and Just go down the bottom and comment I Love free traffic if you appreciate this Video and don't forget to subscribe for More awesome content coming out so for Those of you that don't know what ClickBank is guys ClickBank is an Affiliate Network where you can go to Get a whole heap of different types of Products you can do this with Digistore24 you can do this with Warrior Plus jvzoo whatever product you want to Promote so I'm going to quickly log in And show you how I placed those Affiliate links so now that we've logged On to ClickBank guys like I said you can Do this with any affiliate Network all You want to do is scroll down with this One as an example E-Business and E-marketing now you can apply this Principle to other niches as well guys All you need to do is provide the tools That people may need for that industry Okay very simple stuff I come over here Guys I go to grab gravity and I search

For different types of products if you Scroll down over here you can see here You've got the 12 minute affiliate System which is one of the products that I'm promoting that's a 202 product here Is the other one Perpetual income guys That's at 335 dollar product okay that's The average conversions you can make Some really good money with this and all You need to do guys is Click onto promo Come over here click on to generate hot Links copy that guys once you copy that All you need to do quite simply is come Over to your list that you're creating Over here like this one over here guys And paste that link so if I quickly Remove this link all I'd need to do is Highlight that see here where it's got This little insert link come over here Paste that link in there click onto open Link in new tab and select apply this is All you need to do guys and down the Bottom you can add as much value as you Need to okay and when you scroll down Over here you can also say top affiliate Programs that people can use and just Paste that linking in because what You're doing is you want to add value Once you have this done this is probably The longest thing then this is going to Be something that you can have that you Can promote for years to come in the Best thing about this is in using Something like blogger this is going to

Be saved to your own blogger account and You can come over here and you can Update this whenever you want to you can Add things you can remove things like I Said and when we come over here and we Click onto preview it's going to take us Over to this page where as you can see You can click on to share and anybody That clicks onto any one of these links Guys and purchases you're going to make Money and I actually updated this today So I want to show you exactly how you're Going to get this traffic but before we Do that guys step two in this strategy Is you want to come over to Google once You come over to Google you want to type In Google Translate Okay and once you Type in Google Translate from there what You want to do guys is come over here And type in how to make money with Affiliate marketing in English and what You want to do is search for the French Version the German any other country Around Europe or anywhere else guys it Doesn't matter what we're going to be Looking for is articles and blog posts And stuff that is written in other Languages because it's not going to be Written in English and potentially not Available in those T1 countries okay so We're looking potentially for some fresh Content and things that aren't used in Those countries so what you want to do Is come over here copy this over here

Guys come straight over to Google and Just paste that over you just like I did There and hit enter once you hit enter You're going to find all these websites Over here that are written in French or Any other country okay about you know The best ways to make money with Affiliate marketing from there guys what You want to do quite simply is you want To come over here and you want to click Onto this link over here as an example And it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this now as you can See guys this is written in a completely Different language but what you want to Do is you want to scroll up to the top And everyone's got this guys you want to Click onto this little link over here And you want to try translate this over In to English and the reason why we're Going to translate this into English Guys is because we want to have this Article over here we're going to use This article in order to be able to Promote that very simple blog post that We just created stick with me guys Because this works 110 the conversions Are crazy and you're going to make money With affiliate marketing especially with The traffic source that I'm going to Show you in this video so what you want To do from here guys is you quite simply Want to come over and type in Google Docs okay and what you want to do is you

Want to open up an empty Google Docs Sheet okay so come over you guys open up An empty Google doc sheet and once you Open this up this is where we're going To paste that entire article okay so you Quite simply come over to this page guys Scroll up to the top double click onto This Ctrl a you want to copy this or you Want to copy it in stages as an example So come over here copy that come Straight over to you guys paste that so Get rid of anything like these three Little dots the other thing you want to Do guys is Click onto any links that are Already there and just remove those Links and then scroll down guys and Repeat the process so scroll down copy All this okay and put it into that Google doc sheet and what you're looking For at the end of it is something that Looks like this is exactly what I did Over here I came over here guys and I Copied that over now all these links in Here that I have are actually My Links Okay so these are all my links now what I did after about the first paragraph Over here I inserted this I typed in Important note before you read on here Is a list of resources you will need to Be to be a successful affiliate marketer And as you can see over you guys if we Click onto this link over here this is That a link okay this is the link to our Blog post okay so if I remove this which

I'm going to remove this because what I Want to do is I want to paste this link Once we put it with our traffic source So if we come over here I just want to Show you that that is that blogger a Link okay as you can see anybody clicks Onto this and purchases we're going to Make money with affiliate marketing so Now that we have created this very Simple Google doc sheet over over here Okay with our links okay we now need to Be able to promote this I'm just going To come over here I'm going to remove This from here and I'm going to remove It from here the other thing that's Really important when you do this and You copy and paste over here when you Come down to the bottom see here it says Article reference okay so let me just Tab that back the article reference over Here guys I reference it back to the Article where I got this information From but when I do that I quite simply Come back over to this page I scroll up To the top I change this back over to French okay I'll copy this link I come Straight over to my Google Docs and I Paste that link in SF and anybody clicks Onto this right now it's going to take Them over to here I'm not doing anything Wrong because this was originally Written in French so that means that They're going to go back over to my page So that they can read this in English

Okay so now what we need to do is we Need to get this free traffic and this Is the third step in this and I want you To pay close attention to this because a Traffic source that I'm going to show You guys I want to show you proof of Exactly how I've done this and how I've Been able to get a lot of this traffic So the site that we're going to be using Today guys is but I want to Show you some stats and proof of exactly How I've been doing this and how you can Do the exact same now you saw at the Start of the video when I went over here Guys and I clicked onto my stats I want To show you how you can get views for Work that you did months ago and all We're going to be doing guys is Answering these questions that we have Already got an answer for we just need To find the question paste it and our Affiliate links are going to be in there And you've got eight to ten affiliate Links different types of courses where You can make hundreds of dollars every Single time somebody clicks and Purchases any one of these products let Me show you as an example if I come over Here guys and I click onto all time You're going to be able to see that I've Had over 43 000 views on this and I Barely post on this particular profile I've got a number of quora accounts Where I do this and if I come over here

Guys and click onto this one over here As an example he says how do I start Affiliate marketing without traffic Source or audience if I click onto this This is something that I answered as you Can see here in 2019 and it didn't start To get a whole heap of traffic until About April 2020 and it's continued up And down and still I've been getting Views and people have been clicking onto This answer guys this is incredible this Is super passive if you do this every Day and spend five minutes you can Imagine that if somebody really applies Themselves to these questions and Answers how much money you can make now Sometimes your answer is going to start Really slow but sometimes when you click Onto these guys some of these do really Well at the beginning and then tamper Off and sometimes they do extremely well At the bidding and then completely die Off it doesn't matter like this one over Here did really didn't really take off At the beginning but then all of a Sudden about eight to twelve months Later it absolutely blew up okay and There are so many of these different Types of answers that I've put in here That continue to get me traffic every Single day guys that's exactly what you Want to be doing so what you want to do Is you want to come over to core over Here guys and you can type in something

Like how to make money with affiliate Marketing as an example there are so Many different questions okay and then What you want to do quite simply is open Up all of them okay and then what you Want to do is find something real of Them potentially and say something like How much money do you make doing Affiliate marketing or how can I start Affiliate marketing for free as an Example so if I come over here and click Onto this a question over here guys we Want to answer this question okay so you Come over here guys and you click on to Answer now once you click on to answer Don't forget we already have this entire Google doc over here that we have Created that all we need to do guys is Quite simply come over here double click Onto this copy this come straight over To quora over here for this question and We want to paste that in there and once You paste this guys look how awesome This looks now there's a couple of Things that you can do quite simply is You can come over here guys and see how That's all board you can just click onto That and remove all this everywhere Where you don't want it to be bold okay So you come over here and click onto That you can probably leave that there What is affiliate marketing you can Leave that is in board you can scroll Down okay and pretty much just take

Everything else off okay because what You want to do is you want to highlight Only things that you want to stand out Okay so quickly scroll back up to the Top Bold over here guys remove all that as You can see that's going to look a lot Better okay so now what you want to do See here it says important note before You read on here is a list of resources You will need to be successful now what You want to do guys is you want to come Back over to this blog blogger article That you created you want to copy that Link that URL you can copy it from blog It's up to you come over to you guys Highlight this now once you highlight This you want to click onto this little Link chain over here and you want to Paste that in there and you want to Click on to add now once you add that in There this is where that link is going To sit now so you can scroll down okay As you can see because we've got this a Few times throughout this article so Wherever you've placed that I recommend You do at least three okay now be Careful if you paste this link without Putting it inside any wording okay it's Going to look something like this again I don't recommend that you do that I Recommend that you put it inside the Wording occasion looks a lot better if It's inside the wording just like I

Showed you over here so important note So come over here highlight that okay Scroll up to the top over here and then You've got that link again click on to Link guys paste that in there select add And then as you can see when you scroll Down it's going to look like that and The other thing I recommend that you do Is just click onto board so that sends Out now what you want to do guys is Scroll down to the bottom and click on To post this is how we're putting all This together and the reason why we're Using blogger okay guys is because it's Not just another affiliate link okay if You were just putting another affiliate Link then obviously Cora can pick up That it's a link now it's a blog post People click onto it they can see eight Or nine of your different affiliate Links which gives you an awesome Opportunity to make some really good Money online with affiliate marketing Okay guys this is how I've been able to Get around it then all you need to do is Come over here click on to post once you Click on to post over here guys you can See now that my post has been been put On there how can I start affiliate Marketing for free guys as you can see Here is my answer here are my few Different types of links that I have Over here there are some links over here To that I didn't remove but That's okay I can edit that I can fix That and as you can see anybody that Clicks onto this blogger post over here Guys it's going to bring them over to Here if they sign up to WordPress if They sign up to convertkit group funnels Smrush vid IQ if they purchase any one Of these different affiliate courses Guys I'm going to get paste I'm going to Get paid because obviously I've got my Affiliate link over there and I've also Added some top affiliate platforms to Add value and there are a number of Things that you can add to this guys to Add value and make it better so the First thing guys that you have to Remember with this is you need to come Over to blogger and create one of these Now once you create one of these the Sky's the limit because you can come Back over to quora and answer as many of These questions as you want that are Very very similar to these and keep Providing all these resources and tools And like I showed you guys the sky's the Limit there are so many people searching For this I'm getting views on this every Single day and I'm going to continue to Make money with affiliate marketing and There's absolutely no reason why you Can't do the same now if you want to Take these guys to the next level what I Highly recommend that you do is that you

Go and create a landing page from a site Called convertkit or MailChimp whatever It might be because what you want to Essentially look to do is you also want To start collecting leads from every Single person that comes over here guys And signs up under any one of these Different types of affiliate networks Then what you can do once you start Collecting their emails is you can Re-target these people with different Types of offers different types of Funnel Builders different types of email Marketing Etc because they may not Potentially purchase the first one but Then you can come back guys and offer Them other things as well email Marketing is super powerful and you can Use sites like convertkit over here guys If you come over here to pricing and Take a look at this you can build free Landing pages you can send out free Broadcasts and this can all be done up To the first 1 000 subscribers this is If you want to take it to the next level But I highly recommend the first step is Go to blogger create that list guys once You create that list find these Different types of answers okay find Answers from around the world so that You're not using up other answers that People are already putting on there go To quarter and you will absolutely crush It just like I have and the sky's limit

You can make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing so that was another Fantastic way that you can make money Online with affiliate marketing but I Highly recommend that you click onto This video over here if you want a Strategy where you can do this make Money with affiliate marketing doing Hardly anything click onto this video Now I'll see you on the video don't Forget to smash that like button and Subscribe because I've got some more Awesome content coming your way way you Guys take care of yourselves and goodbye

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