DO’s and DONT’s im SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING [ein Social Media Manager erklärt!]

just post what you can,
then somehow a successful account will come out of it. That is probably the attitude of quite a
few who are trying to be successful on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and co.
let me help you with this video. I'm a trained social media manager and today I'm going to
tell you eleven social media dos and don'ts that you should definitely know. hey i'm
isabelle welcome back to my channel. Are you a content creator or founder of a small
business and would like to learn how to be really successful on social media?
Then you are exactly right here. every week there are new tips and tricks for everything to do with social media.
I'll also show you how to become a little more productive and creative in your way of working. I
think a lot of people think social media can somehow anyone. You just start
posting a bit and then somehow very few people will see how much work,
strategy and optimization is actually behind some of the successful accounts.

Anyone who
really wants long-term success on social media and wants to be successful on instagram, facebook,
youtube or co should follow some important rules, guidelines and tips. In my opinion, the most
important thing for a successful social media presence is that you give your
account personality. regularly show your face on your social media account. let
people see that there is a person behind it. present yourself as authentically as possible
and try to create something that is really recognizable.

Especially in formats such as
instagram stories, you can ensure that people always have something in the
back of their minds and maybe they are reminded of you in everyday life. The more personality there is
behind your idea and the more people see who is really behind it, the more likely
it is that what you do will be really successful. In my opinion, an absolute don't do on social media
is to imitate others. please do your own thing when you are on social media.
If you constantly compare yourself with others and always try to imitate their
content because it worked well for them and you think it will go well for you, too
, nothing successful will usually come of it. Of course there are some prime examples
that somehow just copy what everyone does and it runs successfully. but if
you really want to build something unique and cool , that might not be the best
tactic. I keep noticing the more I compare myself to others and the more I
look at what others are doing, the more my creativity decreases. What's really good
is just having a little digital or social media detox every now and then.
maybe even delete instagram for a few days or youtube or whatever platform
that would be in your case now.

Maybe your tactics have always been ok so far i have to
post something new i'll see what's going on with others and post something similar. But if you can't do that right now and
really have to fall back on your own ideas, then you
'll be surprised at what's actually so creatively lying dormant and what comes out of it. Something
that you should also very urgently consider is that you are pursuing a strategy.
just post straight away that works for some but unfortunately not for most. If you do
n't really have any idea how to go about it and work out a successful social media strategy
, I'll link you to another video above. I went through all the important steps with
you and you can really work out a sophisticated strategy step by step
. It is also super important that you learn to post for your target group and not
just for you. So think about which topics appeal to and interest your target group.
maybe you have suddenly awakened an interest in golf. If that doesn't fit your
target group at all and the actual topics of your company, your account, then the
majority of your target group will most likely not be interested in it at all and they
will rather ask themselves what the funny content is supposed to be here now.

What usually does
n't really lead to success at all is when you dance at too many weddings at the same time. you
think instagram is a totally cool platform, you also want to use pinterest, you would
still like to have a blog, youtube would also be cool and you can still have twitter somehow and
the channels that you somehow want or need to use regularly are already accumulating .
you will quickly notice that you can no longer keep up with it. So, especially
at the beginning, focus on a maximum of two platforms where you notice that there
really is the greatest added value for me and then regularly post good content there. It's
more important to only post successfully on one or two platforms at the beginning than to address the masses with
some kind of content that you may not be so convinced of yourself
and only post it because you have n't posted anything on YouTube for five days.

to post regularly. you don't necessarily have to be active on instagram every day and
upload 30 stories every day. there are many people who do this. just because other people do it
doesn't mean you have to do it. However, you should still try to get regularity into
your postings. try to create an editorial plan for yourself where you say
okay i want to post three times a week. for the month of february there are three topics per week that is
three times four that is twelve topics that means the 12 postings that i want to make and
i fill them with content now and then have the plan for the whole month. once you plan it that way
then you just manage to post much more regularly . Without such a plan, it's super
difficult to suddenly get content out of your fingers and then you think today is Tuesday
, I actually wanted to post today, but now it's already 6 p.m. and I still have to cook. okay then
I won't post anything today.

but if you have already prepared a post, maybe even
planned it in advance and it goes online by itself, then that won't happen to you. from my own experience
i can also say that an absolute dont on social media is never to take a break
and always have this constant pressure. you always have it in the back of your mind okay if i now – i think this
is especially the case on instagram – if i don't post any stories there for two days now,
everyone has forgotten me. I had to be active every day. Very quickly there is such a pressure that
you actually only put on yourself. it wo n't scratch if you don't post anything for two days
, probably none of your followers will notice.

These breaks are always really
good because you can just take your time thinking about new ideas and you are not stuck in this
everyday routine where you always have to post regularly but can just press the
reset button and think: Hey, what other types of content could I possibly
bring up? how could I make my content a little bit better? All sorts of things that
you usually never have time for in everyday life that you can then devote yourself to. it is super
important that you regularly provide your community with added value. That means don't
just post straight away and say oh today I'll post some quote, but really think about
what your target group will gain from it and how your target group can benefit from it. so if you
are already an absolute expert in one area , that is of course great and
you can just suck all the knowledge out of your fingers and post it straight away. But you don't necessarily have to be
an absolute expert to be able to deliver real added value.

pexels photo 6483628

The most important thing is simply that
you are interested in the topic. if you feel like educating yourself
regularly reading other blog posts maybe news maybe watching other youtube videos
. The main thing is that you are constantly expanding your knowledge yourself so that you can then
pass it on to your community. what you have to learn at the beginning on social media is to
really separate your business and private life. Of course it's cool when many influencers are super authentic
and you always have the feeling that you're part of their whole life. But now they too
mostly approach it strategically and don't share certain aspects of their private lives at all.

really separate your instagram or youtube or whatever and your private life. just because you
might be in a bad mood in your private life because mother nature comes to us women once a month
doesn't mean that you have to share it with your followers every month and maybe
present yourself in an exaggerated raggedy look . Of course you can do that, it's
also authentic, but your followers don't want to see all your private problems every month
. in most cases they have enough of that themselves. The next point
goes a little bit with what I just mentioned, namely delivering added value.
you should just try to deliver really good content to your community on a regular basis.
That means you should on the one hand make sure that you deliver added value, but you should also make
sure that, for example, it is always really attractively designed and not okay.
I know a lot, I'll gossip about it somehow into a Word document, take screenshots of it and load it as a post up or something. So just try that the overall picture is right: that you deliver content,
that the design is appealing, that you simply pick up the user all around.

also really helps me: before I post a post , especially with instagram stories, I've gotten into the habit of
just taking five minutes and the five minutes are
usually really enough to think again about how I do what I'm doing right now
so spontaneously wanted to speak into the camera maybe a bit more creative or
appealing. It's enough if you come up with two cool ideas in these five minutes
and maybe add a cool transition between your sequences or something like that.
It's these little things that people then notice that somehow you put a
little more work into it, even if it's only five minutes. But that little bit more work
is often enough to differentiate yourself from this mass of people these days. A big problem
on social media, which I believe has spilled over to our entire society,
is this constant competitive mentality.

I think it 's an absolute dont to constantly compare yourself on social media
, constantly look at the competition or even consider the competition as a
competitor. just try instead to see that these are people who have the same interests as you with whom you could ideally network
and you could create something much cooler together . if you only
see it negatively and see oh they're doing something much cooler than me and they're much more creative
than me – yes, maybe it's exactly the way they don't look at the competition
but just do their own thing and that's why it's going so well. you just have to accept
that there are always people who have a larger community, who have more followers. maybe take
photos that are of higher quality than you can do yourself. there will always be people
who are better. on social media this is always put on the plate.
I think if you're a dentist, for example, then you also know that there are dentists out there
who are probably better than you, but you don't have the constant
comparison you have on social media and I think it helps a lot if you do it once makes aware
that this is actually the case everywhere and that it is only presented in an extreme way on social media.
Last but not least, we shouldn't forget a very, very important point.

Social media
doesn't mean social media for nothing, it has the word social in it. accordingly, the absolutely most important thing behind the
account is your community. On social media, it's about making regular
social contact with the community. so try to really show your community
how much it means to you. no matter how important she is to you and how important her
opinion is to you. try to ask them regularly about their experiences, their opinions, maybe try to include
them in decision- making processes in your company, in your next steps
and ask: hey guys, your advice is important to me. How would you do that? You should of
course also reply regularly to all your comments , including direct messages and simply
ensure a regular exchange so that the community – we'll come back to the
first points – notices that behind your account there is a person with a good personality

before you continue to post diligently on social media and work on your
success. be sure to note these eleven social media dos and donts. Feel free to write
me in the comments where you are actually on social media. Feel free to link your
profile or write me your username. I 'm always very curious about who is
watching my videos and I like looking at your profiles. If you want to learn a bit more about social media
strategy, I'll link you to my playlist here, where you
'll find some more tips and tricks.

feel free to visit here again. Otherwise
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