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I decided to simplify my life. For years, you know, I was convinced that I had to make more money, more money and that money would bring me freedom and happiness. I was scared to make a change but as soon as I made that change, I knew right away that it was right, because I felt that weight on my shoulders was fading. I got a pretty comfortable job working for the government right after I graduated from college. So I had all this money I was single, so I decided to buy a house. I bought a big house on the outskirts, with 4 bedrooms and my new obsession was to buy furniture, and then I sold my house and bought an apartment, and kept the same job, still making a lot, a lot of money every year.

Years I was in that job, and I had some gold handcuffs you know, I had the pension, the profits I was earning $ 80,000 a year I had everything, you know, the freedom to go shopping, if the money wasn't a problem so i could buy all i wanted i could get all these toys, all these musical instruments or these microfiber sofas. but deep down, I wasn’t happy coming home from work and I felt miserable and was afraid to go to work every day. My job was super, super nasty it didn't make me happy to be in an office 10 hours a day just sitting there, at the table, staring at the computer screen you know, you're sitting and you're doing very nothing but it's , in fact, exhausting. I was trapped, I felt trapped, once you get into it, you can continue on this path of buying things, you become addicted and you feel like you know, you're stuck and you have people around you who tell you, you know, you have life solved, and it would be crazy to quit this job things like, because you would quit this job, you're already know, maybe crazy, but if you're retired I banged, I banged one day I realized that this did not make me happy some changes.

What I did for myself was a spiritual retreat for 10 days, and I did a lot of meditation, and I realized that this could not continue. I quit my job, put the apartment up for sale , and just left. I was very scared, but I knew I had to change my life, if I wanted to, you know, be happy and look back, I have no remorse no remorse at all, it's the best move I've ever made in my whole life and I work three days a week in a grocery store I have a lot less money, but I have a lot more time, a lot more time to do the things I like, to be with people I like, to do a lot, you know, my own work and personal growth, that kind of thing that really matters to me and that’s what makes me happy.

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So I have less money, but, you know, that means you have to simplify your life so I got a super small apartment, it's easy to take care of. I'm going to work by bike, I love to ride a bike, it's the cheapest way to get around You know, having cut all those expenses now I can only work three days a week, where I'm now working grocery store is you may think it's boring, you know, boring, or monotonous, but in fact, I'm standing all day, from here to there dealing with customers, talking to people and really quitting my job feeling strengthened and revitalizing therefore, once I adapted to a smaller space, that's when you realize and it's like, god forbid, I have a lot of things And for me, having a lot of clutter in your physical space, for me it's like having clutter in my mind this stresses me out , so when I sold my apartment, I sold a lot of things I gave a lot of things, I stored a lot of things living in a small space in my bachelor apartment you just have to live , you force yourself to be more organized and just to be more tidy Of course, this sta is not the solution for everyone It does not mean that, you know, if you do what I have done you will be happy is not what I am saying, at all.

You know, I still have problems, I still have challenges these don’t go away But if there’s one thing you know you can change in your life and that will make you happy, you should do it. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either..

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