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I found a brand new AI bot that's way Better than chat gpv that you can use to Make money online every single day from Literally anywhere in the world I'm Gonna show you exactly how you can Pretty much get it all done for you in Order to get paid a hundred dollars in 10 minutes again and again bro once Again anywhere in the world so it is Worldwide available and all the work is Pretty much done for you the AI bot will Do everything for you with one click of A button so I'm gonna show you exactly How to how this works so if that sounds Good enough then make sure to drop a Like down below and let us begin with a Full breakdown just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Attack you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can track their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so The chat bar that I'm talking about is

All the chat Sonic I'm Gonna Leave a Link to it in the description box down Below so you can try it for free but Essentially it has all the features that Chat GPD has but it has way better ones As well and it also isn't limited to Only 2021 like tragic PT is so Everything that tragically says is only A research in 2021 so up to 2021 Information is not updated while Chadstone AKA is for 2023 and Beyond Which is really really good and you can See all the different benefits that are Listed on here and more so basically you Can even generate art you can just give Him a prompt and you can tell him to Generate a picture for you and he's Gonna do that he can generate effects You can generate the Articles you can do Homework and write emails you can do a Lot of different things and you can also Give it a voice commands as well so what You can essentially do right over here Is you can tell him to for example write An article for you or you can tell him To write a business email or a cold Email Outreach for you or what you can Also do is you can use these platforms I'm going to show you a couple of Different platforms that you can use Combined with this but in order to make Hundreds of dollars in less than 10 Minutes so the very first platform you Can use it's called slogan Slingers

Slogan flinger is a website where people Businesses and companies come to find Slogans for their businesses and Companies so they will pay everyday People like me and you up to 999 dollars Per slogan if we win the contest so Essentially you just submit a slogan if They accept it you will be paid 9 up to 999 dollars but there is a fee per entry So this is the first one slogan Slingers And what you can do and by the way you Can see you can show off your skills Against other great writers from us UK Australia and around the world so it is Worldwide available but you can pretty Much just go back to chatsonic and you Can ask him like give me five different Slogan ideas for a barber shop and if You type that in you will be able to see That chat Sonic is gonna do the research For you in a couple of seconds and it's Gonna give you five different slogan Ideas so you can essentially just copy And paste these with one click of a Button you just click one button and you Can copy this and you can submit it to Slogan Slingers for a potential of one Thousand dollars this is the first way That you can use it the second way that You can use it is on a naming Force Naming force is another website where You can enter different contests and get Paid for a business name ideas so if Someone wants to start a business but

They don't even have an idea of how to Actually name the business you can Essentially give them ideas and if you Win the contest you will be paid like 100 200 for example some people make 500 This person made a hundred dollars in 2023 as you can see this person made Five hundred dollars so they literally Get paid to just submit a website name a Business name ideas you'll just submit Name ideas and you can just go back to Write Sonic and you can ask them to give You different ideas so you just tell Them about the business of your customer On naming force and you tell them to Give you business name ideas list and You submit that list and if you win the Contest you make a hundred to five Hundred dollars and literally less than Way less than 10 minutes of work because You can just type in and give me Business name ID ideas for a barber shop And enable list different business name Ideas another thing you can do is you Can go over to studypool.com which is a Platform for students to come and get Other people to complete their Assignments and homework for them and They will actually pay you to do that Because if you go to become a tutor you Can see that you can essentially make up To 7.5 000 a month by completing different Tasks and assignments for these students

So what you can do is you can just go Back to right Sonic and you can just ask Them to write an assignment of let's say 1.5 000 words on the World War II and they Will basically just start running an Assignment that you can copy and paste To study pool to potentially make 7.5 000 a month another website that you can Use to make 100 in literally less than 10 minutes of work I mean you're not Really doing the work yourself if you go Over to list words now the least worse Is a platform where you can find a lot Of different top 10 articles and all Sorts of different Topics in some cases These are like bizarre facts and Interesting facts weird stuff like if You go to the entertain game and you can See they have something related to Gaming and music and pop culture bizarre Soft creepy stuff mysterious weird stuff Lifestyle science society and all sorts Of different things but these are like Top 10 articles like like for example This one top 10 startling facts about The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs And then if you open it up it's like an Article which has like 2 000 words and a Couple of different pictures so what you Can do is you can go to more section Over here click on write and get paid And you can get paid a hundred dollars For every single article that you submit

So essentially you can just go over to The submissions form and then you can Just submit your article over here Anywhere from 1.5 000 words 50 000 words Maximum so what you can do is you can Just go to Bright Sonic and you can ask Them to write an article or for example Write a 1.6 000 words article about 10 Bizarre facts about aliens and then you Can just submit that enable already full Article 1.6 000 Words which is unique Content that you can then submit over to List words to potentially earn a hundred Dollars and it's literally gonna take Your license to min minutes you just Give them a prompt like this you maybe Give them a little bit more description A little bit more details about what Article you actually need and then once You do that you can even ask them to Like rewrite it for you if you don't Like some parts you can maybe give them The phone like do it in a friendly tone Or do it in a more serious and more Formal tone you're gonna give them a lot Of different details about what kind of Article you actually need and you will Essentially learn from time to time Which articles are mostly accepted on List words because the more of them to Use submittee will start to learn like Okay they actually want more friendly Articles so now you can just go back to Chat Sony and give them that prompt to

Give you like more friendly articles top 10 about literally all sorts of Different things maybe even top 10 Bizarre facts about AI or literally Anything that you can think of and you Just copy and paste that with one click Of a button because they really have a Lot of useful tools including you can Download the response you can get it Text to speech and you can also copy it With one click of a button which makes It a lot easier than if you were using Chat GPT where you don't have that Option there's a lot of different Features that are available at your Disposal that are usually not available At chat GPT and also the information That they are giving you is fully Updated it's from 2023 it's not from 2021 and and before that like it is on Charge apt so there's definitely a lot Of different use cases and a lot of Different ways that you can make money Online with chat Sonic but these are Some of the different ways that you can Make at least a hundred dollars in a Little less than 10 minutes of using This bot and getting the work done for You if you want me to show you more ways That you can use this bot to make money Online and let me know in the comments Down below and whether I should make Like a full complete tutorial showing You exactly how to actually complete

These jobs and how to actually get paid From start to finish if you want me to Make like a full a longer tutorial Showing exactly how that works just let Me know in the comments down below but Either way if you did get some value out Of this video If you learned something New from this video make sure to drop a Like down below and I will see you in Some of the next ones Thank you Thank you

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