Marketing Jobs & Careers: Types of Jobs & Salary

marketing professionals create strategies to get the word out and distinguish their employers brand in the modern world many marketing efforts center around online presence this is beneficial for job seekers looking for flexible and remote opportunities as numerous types of marketing careers can be performed from home i'm deandra goodman with flex jobs the number one job site to find remote work from home and flexible job opportunities since 2007. most marketing careers require at least a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related discipline employers particularly value digitally savvy candidates with a strong understanding of the online world and how to navigate it good written and verbal communicators who work well both on a team and independently also gain attention ready to forge your marketing career path in this video we'll be taking a look at five popular types of marketing jobs but be sure to take a look at the blog post below to find an even bigger list as well as the average salary for each job market research analyst knowledge about sales trends competitors and consumer behavior helps companies make sound marketing decisions market research analysts gather such information and create reports to refer to when developing marketing strategies targeted marketing reduces costs and increases sales so demand for skilled market research analysts is high making it a desirable marketing career path number two search engine optimization the ability for potential customers to find your company among the many in the crowded global marketplace can be the difference between success and failure people with titles such as search marketing specialists and seo consultant figure out how to make sure their employer's website and offerings place prominently when someone does an online search strong candidates in this marketing career can write interest grabbing web copy and titles generate creative link building strategies and develop relationships with press outlets and online influencers number three pay-per-click advertising when internet users search for something they often click on an ad targeted to appear when a keyword or phrase is entered into a search engine pay-per-click professionals develop these ads and decide where to put them for maximum results they carefully monitor their effectiveness and make adjustments if the ad isn't generating an appropriate number of clicks or sales from paid ads success in this position involves a passion for the online world pvc pros must firmly understand all major search engines and keep up with the internet trends they also should possess solid research skills including the ability to analyze consumer behavior number four digital marketing analysts companies trying to figure out how well their online marketing campaigns are working turn to digital marketing analysts these professionals examine statistics and make recommendations on how to improve performance through efforts such as social media ads website banner ads and online branding number five content writing companies eager to establish themselves as trustworthy experts often build positive perceptions through what they put on their website social media platforms and the like content writers play a critical role by crafting this material they further connections between the brand and current or future customers by presenting useful information as an example an insurance company for instance may run a facebook post on ways to keep your home safe from intruders if you enjoyed learning about various marketing jobs and careers please hit the like button and subscribe to our channel to keep up with more job search advice flex jobs can help you take charge of your marketing career our site features 30 000 remote and flexible scheduled jobs all hand screened for legitimacy so you can avoid the ads junk and scams found on other sites flexjobs find a better way to work

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