In Demand Tech jobs in Marketing 2021 (No Coding skills!) – You don’t want to miss it!

hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you're 
new to my channel nice meeting you guys my name   is Lucy and i work in the tech industry for the 
past 8 years without coding skills so in   my previous video a couple weeks ago i already 
talked about seven different tech sales roles   so if you are in sales or if you're interested 
in working in sales definitely check that out   but in today's video we are going to deep dive on 
three different marketing roles in tech companies   so if you're working in marketing or if you're 
not sure what jobs you can have in the tech   industry keep on watching! okay let's dive in!  
okay the first role is demand generation manager   or demand generation specialist.

As a demand 
generation manager, you are responsible for   driving demand generation strategy to generate 
new business and expand existing customer base.    you're gonna work closely with marketing team and 
sales team to launch marketing campaigns. for this   role i believe it's really really important to 
generate qualified leads and pipeline and revenues   to sales team and one of the most important 
responsibilities as a demand generation manager   is to evaluate the performance of ROI of campaigns 
and the good thing is this role doesn't really require   your technical skills however you need to know how 
to use CRM softwares like Hubspot or Salesforce.

let's say you have zero experience with CRM  
software, don't worry you can easily learn   you can go to the Hubspot website and you'll be 
able to find Hubspot academy where you can   learn and earn Hubspot certificates for 
free so check it out if you're interested in   and now the second role that i want to talk 
about is marketing automation manager or   marketing automation specialist. compared to the 
demand generation manager role. this role is a   little bit technical role per se they require a 
little bit of that but still it's not super techie    at all. they require basic knowledge in HTML 
and CSS concept which i believe you can learn.

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you're going to be responsible for establishing 
email marketing automation and setting up the   most efficient workflow. you're gonna do a lot of 
A/B testing on email and landing pages and advice    on testing strategies and you're gonna create 
and optimize email campaigns and nurture flows.    so let's say if you are a very process-driven 
person, if you are a problem solver, if you are   a huge fan of automation, definitely you are gonna 
enjoy this role. okay the next role that i want to   talk about is community manager. okay in my opinion 
i believe there are gonna be more and more demands   in this role because creating a community and 
building a community is becoming more and more   important to increase customer retention and i 
think this is a great way to get more referrals   from very satisfied existing customers as well.

a community manager you're going to be responsible   for engaging with customers and getting feedbacks 
from them to build better products and services   and also you're going to welcome new community 
members and write newsletters and come up with   fun activities for community members. so let's 
say if you have great communication skills but   you don't really have any technical skills or not 
so many marketing work experiences and   you haven't really worked in the tech industry 
before definitely check out more about this   role because it could be a great start working 
in marketing or working in the tech industry.    okay this is it for today's video! i really hope 
this video was useful for you guys and if you   are thinking of working in the tech industry 
definitely subscribe to this channel because   every Wednesday we talk about different tech jobs 
and tech companies that i think you might want   to consider joining! so thank you for watching 
today's video and i will see you guys soon bye.

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