Move To Earn Crypto About To DESTROY Play To Earn Space! [I’m All In]

i just found the next massive crypto opportunity 
do you guys remember last year how explosive play   to earn games were like star atlas and axe 
infinity well now that level of popularity   is coming to a brand new niche that is move to 
earn this is crypto's billion dollar fitness   opportunity just like Axie infinity had the 
first mover advantage in play to earn stepN   has a first move advantage in the move to 
earn space but that doesn't mean that you   should go ape into step in in fact in this 
video i will tell you what i think about   step and where it's currently valued at and 
what i'm doing in the move there in space   stay tuned to this video because i'm going to 
tell you some of my other top picks for hot move   to earn projects that have a much more reasonable 
evaluation that maybe you should take a look at   guys if that sounds good to you make sure you 
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video please help me get to that light goal   and let's dive into the world of move to earn so 
the question that a lot of people are asking right   now and we can see from the populative step 
and a lot of people are actually interested   is move to earn the next play to earn what is move 
to earn you know have you guys ever looked at like   fitbit or your apple watch and thought well i did 
ten thousand subsidy that's pretty good but what   if you could earn from moving well this is kind of 
the idea behind move to earn pretty simple right   it gets more interesting now to really understand 
what is move to earn let's take a look at the   app that's leading the space right now stepN step 
in is clearly one of the most innovative crypto   projects that we see in the space with actually a 
good amount of daily active users essentially it's   just a fitness tracker with some built-in really 
interesting mechanics with nfts and things like   that built on the salon a blockchain and obviously 
is gaining a lot of popularity and of course the   most interesting part that takes this from web 2.0 
to web 3.0 is the ability for users to actually   earn real money while using the app so the game 
rewards the actual users who are doing fitness   with gst or green satoshi token this is the 
kind of in-game currency similar in axie like   slp smooth love potion currently some of these 
stepN users are earning hundreds of dollars a day   by running their butt off which is actually 
pretty cool not only are you getting more fit   but you're actually earning money too so step in 
aims to incentivize the token utility by several   different methods one of them is really just 
onboarding a massive amount of people in web 3 by   encouraging them to live healthier lifestyles 
that's a great thing and a small percentage of   the token profits go to charitable causes such 
as offsetting carbon emissions which we all want   to live in a healthier world so that's also a 
noble cause so the question is can stepN achieve   blockbuster success the same way that axie once 
did once upon a time and we start to see kind of   explosive growth within the seven ecosystem just 
a month ago stepN twitter account had 50 000 users   today we see over 320 000 and there's over 300 
000 daily active users also using the step and app   similar types of growth trajectory that we saw 
on axie so currently how much are people actually   earning well people are earning around ten to 
forty dollars a day that's good for anybody   if you lived in a in a less than privileged area 
like philippines or venezuela or something like   that where the salaries are much much lower 10 
40 a day is an amazing salary and if you live   in a more privileged place like western world and 
even if you have a job and you just happen to be   a fitness fanatic anyway an extra 10 to 40 a day 
is actually great for things like your everyday   expenses that you spend on gas or whatever else 
so it's benefits a bunch of different people in   a bunch of different ways there's some reasons why 
i'm very bullish on this sector and there's also   some reasons for me to be very concerned about 
the sector as well i will get into those right now   so the bullish reasons as you look at the backers 
from stepN people like sequoia binance labs salon   adventures alameda research guys these are big 
big big vcs and they do a lot of due diligence   before making investments into projects but they 
don't do all the due diligence and guys you would   be surprised how many times i've come across a 
project that have names on the like this on the   cap table when you look at the token economics and 
sustainability you have to question how long that   could actually last and for me right now stepN 
feels a lot like the same mechanics that you see   in axie infinity where it requires a significant 
barrier of entry an nft and then people get earn   money in a uncapped inflationary supply that they 
just earn and sell which isn't very sustainable   at all now full transparency i haven't gone 
into a deep dive on the token economics of this   because frankly i'm just not interested it's way 
too high of a valuation right now at a 20 plus   billion fully delivered valuation this thing in my 
opinion is way overvalued right now doesn't mean   there's not room for some some upside growth right 
now but also private sale investors haven't even   started getting their tokens unlocked to them yet 
which means that in the future we can look for a   lot more inflation of that main token coming in 
ecosystem for that reason i'm going to look at   some other move to earn games or apps that i think 
potentially have significant upside maybe get to   the same kind of area that stepN is and also ones 
that actually are adding some really interesting   game mechanics into it where step in is literally 
just fitbit and web3 which is cool it has utility   it's an interesting use case but before i go into 
these other projects that i'm really interested in   and looking at significantly right now i do want 
to point out that there is a major partnership   between stepN and asics we also know that 
companies like nike are very very interested in   the nft space i mean we've seen it already so do 
you think companies like nike and reebok are going   to just sit there and adidas or just sit there on 
the sidelines and watch asics take off from the   spotlight with one of the most popular web 3 apps 
in the world i don't think so so definitely there   will be other competitors coming in adding support 
and competing with stepN and again i think that   what might separate these other projects i'm about 
to talk to from stepn is the gamification aspect   to it so let's dive into those right now so guys 
the first project i want to talk about is genopets   now genopets is really cool and in fact i am 
very bullish on this one compared to step and one   has a much more reasonable valuation right 
now the current fully diluted valuation   is around a billion dollars but the current market 
cap right now of circulating supply is only around   50 million according to the tokenomics you can 
see that private sale investors were locked   for 12 months and so if you look at the token 
emissions schedule you have very little inflation   which means that impact on the on the price in 
the circulating supply from inflation should be   negligible or not very much over the first 12 
months now if you do choose to put some money   into genopets you know after doing your own 
research to to make a note on your calendar   now this thing launched mid-november so you have 
until about i would say the beginning of november   this year or maybe even just to be safe let's talk 
about the middle of october where you're not going   to see a huge amount of inflation which means that 
we're not seeing a bunch of tokens inflating the   supply which means we're not going to see a bunch 
of cell pressure which means that if this thing   gets some traction we have the potential to see 
a lot of upside over the next six months or so   now what i would do at six months personally 
what i will be doing because i didn't get into   the genopet's private sale at all so i don't 
even have tokens but i'm probably gonna go buy   some after making this video but what i'm gonna 
do in october is assess and try to find out   you know going the discord or asking the team like 
what is your adoption look like looking at this an   emissions curve you can see that there's a quite a 
hefty amount of inflation that starts after month   12 so a good play in my opinion on genopets would 
be something like the potential for it to explode   in my opinion of the token price until i would say 
october then we need to be very very very careful   go check out genopets it's really cool the game 
looks awesome and it is move to earn so they're   doing some really innovative things that i in my 
opinion will make it much more fun than something   like stepn so the next project i wanna talk about 
isn't out yet i'm speaking to the founder recently   and trying to consider you know if i want to 
potentially make an investment into this okay   so the next one i wanna talk about is called 
defy d-e-f-y and the website is defy   now this is really interesting so this is actually 
like an augmented reality or virtual reality kind   of like pokemon go in a way but instead of having 
to go find pokemon you actually have to hack your   way into what they're calling future systems 
and so it's a really interesting concept where   you basically go out there with your phone and i 
imagine that you'll be able to have like augmented   reality goggles or something as well and you 
actually have to go out like a real world hacker   and you you actually get a map and you have to go 
find actual cell phone towers get close enough to   them to where you can like open up your little 
command center and start hacking in and i think   i'm pretty sure that you can actually learn like 
how to hack or code or whatever on this game app   and uh and there's like real world situations that 
happen where like drones identify this hacker and   come try to hunt you down and so in your augmented 
reality you can actually see like this drone start   chasing you and you've got a couple options 
one you can try to battle with the drone by   like using emps or something like that and i think 
that takes some coin or cryptocurrency to do that   or you can run like hell and you can run away 
from the the drone and uh and this is another   idea of like move to earn and hack to earn kind of 
uh mechanics where um i think this makes it really   really fun and i can imagine a lot of people 
getting into something like this so this thing   hasn't uh hasn't launched yet i think it's going 
to launch in the next uh month or two uh it's   backed by animoka brands i would encourage you to 
be very very careful to buy the day it launches   because the wild volatility probably expect that 
if it has a very wildly successful launch um there   might be some sell-offs that happen you know in 
the first few days but i would pay attention to   that and see kind of how the price is stabilizing 
and where it kind of chooses to to stabilize at   the private sale investors the earliest ones like 
animoka and spartan for example got in at a pretty   good valuation and they have a 12 month lock after 
the ido so again you can probably be pretty sure   that there's not going to be a significant amount 
of inflation for the first 12 months but again   like smart investing you should make a note on 
your calendar to remind you you know approximately   11 months after the ido to kind of reassess your 
position in that project and understand that   there's a lot of private sale capital about to 
invest and they probably are going to want to take   some profits which could affect the token price 
so that's how i would play something like d5 it's   a really cool idea and you can see how the move 
to earn space is more than just fitbit and web 3.   there's a lot of gamification happening and really 
cool ideas that will also incorporate a healthier   lifestyle being active and earning crypto and nfts 
while you're at it so with that being said guys   it is always important to follow the trend when 
looking at the crypto market remember the trend   is your friend and to bet against the trend is a 
very dangerous thing so just like crypto gaming   was huge last year and d5 the year before well 
2022 looks like it's turning out to be the year of   move to earn fitness apps and daos let me know 
in the comments below guys if you want a video on   daos i'm really excited about them and something 
else that i think is going to take off this year   all right guys that's gonna wrap up this video on 
the new phenomena that is move to earn if you want   to watch another video it's very very interesting 
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