Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (SECRET TO $20,000 A MONTH) Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

 i'm gonna show you have a ring the heat from india has been able to help his company make the whole media and dull as my league over eaten from pakistan has done the same thing if so and might i have a one hundred thousand dollars and steve ivy from the united states has done this and so and he's been able to make a eight hundred thousand dollar cause i applied the same affiliate marketing principles and if you have enough for a refreshed she said if you don't want to say that this is legit or the last ninety days of being able to make about forty eight thousand dollars and i want to show you how you can learn these absolutely full phrase a high income school affiliate marketing skills that if i'll come over to my warrior plus i i mean if i refreshed days of being able to make out at ten thousand dollars this is a secret strategy guys and not a lot of people want to teach you and show you because they so courses and i make money from these but i want to show you on these videos how you can lend these absolutely full freight and stop making money we just silly at marketing in twenty twenty one after watching these videos let's get into it take a look at these the ten most in demand hot skills globally at the moment if you go heavy and take a look this look at affiliate marketing guys it's number seven affiliate marketing guys almost every single company on my every single business out there is offering some sort of affiliate marketing program or a lot of them are and there is a lot of asleep especially now with what's happened with the pandemic and what not a lot of people are starting to jump on affiliate marketing just take a look at social media linked in has said the exact same thing i came out as if you have a look at an affiliate marketing is ivy at number seven so this is something that's absolutely growing and you have a massive opportunity to help people that are in the affiliate marketing space or if you want to do affiliate marketing and twenty twenty one you can make a lot of money on line but was what i'm about to show you want it decent via guys and it's a very straightforward concept but you need to learn these skills and i'm gonna show you exactly how you can learn these absolutely for free now when you come of it for example to sites like facebook guys and all you need to do is just scroll down and take a look at your feet on facebook you're gonna find a pool these different sponsored posts for different companies when it comes to affiliate marketing i mean all you need to do is come you scroll up scroll down and you're gonna find a lot of these different sponsored posts a lot of these sponsored posts cause our affiliate marketing posts where people are promoting i mean he's won ivy with somebody's promoting someone to affiliate a fox they're running these ads the k but these ads take a lot of skilled guys you need to learn how to do these now a lot of causes an affiliate marketing they so courses on all these different ways that you can do these with facebook with google ads places like pinchers to all these other you know instagram etc and they sold these courses for a thousand dollars some of them even fill up to five thousand dollars but did you know that you can learn in all these absolutely full freight number one you can make money with affiliate marketing once you learn these on number two you can offer freelancing services so you can be the one that makes a lot of money on the back of these affiliate marketing promotions just like this one ivy and i'm gonna say exactly how you can do that said pay close attention the first place that you want to go to facebook dot com forward slash business alone i k and want these guys this is a site that facebook has them so it was another show you several of these on these video so that you can come up with he and learn these skills without having to pay a single dollar know zero cause is nothing like that guys you can learn all these and when you come over to a site like this cause if you come out of the education and resources take a look at these you go online learning courses and you've got certified programs guys do you even have weaponized guys and you come comedy you've got an ads god as well and only saw it i ve guys you can learn everything that you need to know about running late these different types of facebook ads had to get the traffic and eight had to do all these now there's a lot of tutorials on youtube that you can have a look at it well but if you want to know how to run these campaigns successfully than these are the sorts of you know come on because it's in their best interest to teach you how to make money on online with facebook for example now i'm going to be running a few dates how to tour it was in upcoming videos but i want to show you where you can come i ve to get all these absolutely for free and then when you come up and you scroll down guys take a look at recommended how can i make money on facebook facebook ads and your business goals quick guide to facebook page as guys how facebook can help how can help businesses you got featured as i ve had to help minimize business disruption all these different thing guys look at advertise facebook advertising tools what you need to know steps to create a facebook ad from your page i mean these are tools and resources that paypal charge you a lot of money with different courses if you come i ve and click on to these guys it's going to bring over to a page that looks like this okay and when you scroll down i mean take a look these free online courses when you come or the you can start your advertising journey so your products online start advertising from your page all these awesome content absolutely for free and if you click onto these are the it's going to you're over to a page that looks like the it's basically shows you had to stop selling on facebook and on instagram what this comment on facebook and instagram look like so you click on to these you can have a look at that comedy and take all these different courses guys absolutely for free and you're probably thinking what can i do with these are done have money to run ads and you don't need money to run ads because i'm gonna show you how you can make money on line after you learn all these guys if you don't want to do affiliate marketing and you don't want to run these ads i'll show you another way that you can make a lot of money on line just like the gods i showed you at the start of the video and when you come up of he goes if you click on to any one of these going to bring you over and show you exactly how you can learn these different schools is exactly what i've done is taken a lot of these free courses guys that it's given me the skills to make money on line we affiliate marketing but you can also do these as a freelance up and when you come i he guys locker show jersey if you got an education and resources guys you all to have these certified programs or the and the good thing about these facebook certifications when you come ivy and take they set of occasions this is going to allow you to work as a freelance and these freelancers guys make a lot of money on line all you need to do is come out of its assad's locked up with an he and typing if you come up to you guys in utah today and facebook ads and you scrawled that and you can see how much money people are making on the sides because i mean you take lose a person ivy from cyprus has made three hundred thousand this person from kenya has made up to ten thousand dollars at the end if you have a look this person i adam ivy you from the united states has made a fool four hundred thousand dollars guys he's like facebook ads expert and you can learn all these for free guys on the site and get certified you can time i've eaten you can create ads on five as well and stop providing these ads for paypal and when you have a look at these guys take a look through i mean these posts and i have he has two thousand two hundred and seventy five reviews these are people that have left reviews an average of seventy five dollars a case if a grandma calculator ib and would you choose thousand two hundred and seventy five and we times that by seventy five aka guys i mean that's just under two hundred thousand a hundred and seventy thousand that's one of the paper that have left review so highly recommend come over to facebook guys wait and forward slash business forward slash learn and you can learn all these absolutely for free but this isn't the only place where you can go to learn these high income school when it comes to affiliate marketing another site that you can go to guys is i play school and skill shop dot with google dot com and what this site is going to do guys it's going to teach you to run they use google ads for example future to talk to him build are all into google you gonna say pretty much anything you type into google you're going to have these ads that pop up and he sees a really good skill to have if you're looking to promote young boy website if you're looking to promote your product you can get these to the top of google search we pretty much anything that you are doing and to get these guys all you need to do is come over to these saw heavy you can see you going to get certified you come to you to google as you can click on to these comedy click on to these and that's going to bring over to a page guys way it's gonna take wait you will show you exactly where you can go to get certified and learn how to run these google ads and you can also do these other people and i'll say exactly how you're going to do this if you click on to these it'll bring you to a page of you guys and take a look at all the courses i v that you can take as a beginner i mean you can say this is certified for a beginner and then you can go and take more intermediate and advanced courses and it's going to teach you everything that you need to know there is absolutely no innate to pay for you know a three hundred five hundred a thousand dollar cause unless they're offering you some top of funnels are doing anything like that but just to show you the training you chew these free courses guys will get you exactly to where you need to be so you can make money with affiliate marketing or if you want to do this as a freelance guys this is where a lot of people come to learn how to create these costs of the believe it or not and they charge you a lot of money for these and again you can aid easily guys come up with typing do as ivy and take a look at these stay from the united states i mean you guys is has made out about eight hundred thousand dollars a week these strategy guides he's a brutal and expert because at the end of the day he's charging you a hundred and twenty five dollars an hour whether that person makes a sale or not it doesn't matter he he's got to charge you to set up that campaign and then he's going to get paid if that person that's on the affiliate marketing doesn't make any money will he will still continue to get paid because at the end of the day there is zero guarantees when it comes to advertising anything with any one of these platforms that you going to make money and if you stroll down you guys you're going to find out the people that are also might really good money on line forty thousand sixty thousand twenty thousand forty thousand and when you look you guys you got people from poland united states ukraine india i'm again ukraine united states except for up all over the world people are making money on line with these strategies so that was facebook guys there was also google or spoke about that tweet on another video previously that i made but there's also another side cause that's really easy to run ads on guys and that is interesting i want to say exactly how you can do this with pinchers now when you come have to pay interest and you go to your peach was probably following you just open up interest you can see that it's really hard to distinguish normal pins the weeds the actual pins what people are running ads on so let me say exactly how to find it if you come i ivy take a look at these people i mean this is an ad you can say he promoted by and if you click on the three little dots see you're going to see why am i saying this at this is how you know what's an ad on p interest and when you come up he he's another one of the few click on the street or links you can see that this is not an ad or the heat so when you click on to these and you don't see what you say of he is why am i saying side that means it's not an advocate and a lot of the times when it is i do you're going to say promoted bike as you can see square space why am i saying these side now you can come over here and you can run out add on a p interest and pay interest as done cost a lot or facebook ads and that don't cost a lot like google you know when you're advertising on google guys it's a lot cheaper and in order to learn how to run you know these different ads on p interest to make money with affiliate marketing well you need to do is come over to the p interest account dummy guys and as you can see when you're on the interest that cat enemy you can see he will come to pay interest where it's going to talk to you everything about pinchers had a credit crunch prior fall had pins up and pay interest but then you've got also had a great contact planning your campaign and then only can see you guys that you can learn exactly how to launch your campaign had a plan your campaign and how to create a different interest as guys this is a fantastic tool this is also absolutely free guys where you can come over and learn all these and again if you want to provide these services as a freelancer if you don't want to run these affiliate marketing campaigns or you need to do guys he's come about two sides like this i you up what and you can see that catherine ii from the united states is a p interest account manager where she looks up the people's interests profiles which is exactly what you can do it and this person she's made over fifty thousand dollars doing this now you could potentially do pay interest you can do instagram you can do facebook because we've facebook i ve facebook instagram guys so when you learn everything about facebook i mean you're also learning how to run ads on instagram so these are really powerful tool guys that i absolutely for free that you can get started to stop making money as an affiliate market out what to stop make money as a freelance i in twenty twenty one is nine need to go spend money on courses you can easily come ivy and look all these stuff absolutely full frame if you come up it's a five hour you're talking just as good as you can see that this person is selling these at a starting rate of forty eight votes if i click on these are the standard rate is forty at all as he's got sixty seven reviews standard face sixty idols and he's premium phase a hundred and three dollars so you can comfortably say that this person has made some really good money providing they pay interest ads for paypal where he's sitting up these campaigns he's an expert at these if the nation is not saturated and he's making some really good money on line yeah there is a bust by the you can also do these guys i want to share this tip with you we've a link tina casey come over to linking dot com learning forward slash or may overheat if you're a student guys you can sign up to linked in learning and you can come over here and learn a lot about linked in about running ads on linkedin or just coming out i mean different ways to make money on linked in you can also come of you guys and take a lot of free courses on linked in his well which is an awesome tool for you to get started and also learn other ways to make money on line that if you're a student you can sign up for free if you noticed shooting guards you can style your mom for free and then you can do a lot of these different courses on linked in for that for smart and then you can just disable that if you don't want to pay the ongoing failure would just think it's around fifteen dollars a month a keg i say this is an awesome way for your souls to make money when the a marketing or as a freelance i in twenty twenty one guys and this is exactly what i did i came i v i took a lot of these free courses or learn how to make my many on and i was plane applying these and i've been absolutely crushing on line and making some really good money and you can do the exact same thing so that was no video protect lives in another or somebody that you can make money with affiliate marketing and getting a ton of free courses absolutely for free when you can provide services to other people or even make money we affiliate marketing in twenty twenty one i thank you so much for watching another one of my many as i'm alan from smart many tactics until tomorrow you take care of yourselves and goodbye


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