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Extremely easy way for literally anyone To build a profitable store online and Earn passive income without actually Having to do much of the work because Everything is pretty much already Created and it's available out there if We're completely free there's literally An AI bot that is going to do the work For you plus there is a platform where You already have the done for your work And done for your products so it's going To be extremely easy to actually set This up as long as you're following Every single step of this tutorial Because otherwise you might actually get Confused and lost and in that case it's Not gonna work for you so make sure that You are paying close attention to every Single second of this video and let us Begin with a full step-by-step breakdown Just after you drop a like down below so Tap the like button down below and let Us begin with a full breakdown we'll Just do first of all go over to this AI Bot AI tool that's going to do some of The work for you and then I'm gonna show You the second platform where you can Get the rest of the work done for you so If you combine those two everything is Pretty much gonna be created and done For you and ready for you to make money Online just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's

A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so the first Tool is called creator.night Cafe dot Studio this is an AI art generator that Basically means that whatever you type In inside of this box whatever is on Your mind they're gonna turn into an Image that's gonna look really good and That it will there will be 100 unique That has never ever been posted anywhere Online so it's literally generated by an AI so if you type in for example you Want to see a monkey reading a book Below the stars in the desert Uh there's not a single picture on the Internet with this if I if I press Create they're gonna create that for me So they're gonna generate this art for Me and here it is as you can see this Might not be the best example because This monkey is not really reading a book But the good thing is that these are

Unique images and in most of the cases They do look unrealistic and look really High quality so we're gonna be able to Use them and make money online off of Them now if you Google this image that Was just generated you won't be able to Find it anywhere online literally this Is the first and the only copy of this Image which is great because then you Can go to the search bar and you can Again go search for something else and Find different images you can give Different instructions or longer Instructions you can tell them I want The Monkey to be red and I want the Monkey to have a hat like you can add All sorts of different things and Whatever you type in the AI will read Those keywords and read those words and We'll turn them into an actual image so What you can now do is you can open up The creation which made and you can Download it to your computer so I'm Going to download it one with one click Of a button this is my own unique art Now for the Second Step once you Generate your art and you can generate Unlimited art with this AI generator you Want to proceed to the next platform Which is called the spring now Teespring Is a platform where you can sell print To demand products meaning that you can Add your own designs to all of this Apparel to all these t-shirts to all of

These hoodies to all of these phone Cases mugs and pillows and whenever Someone buys one of these products with Your design on them you're gonna earn a Commission off of that so if you upload Your own design and someone buys that T-shirt with your design on on it you're Gonna earn a commission so you don't Actually need to print the design Yourself you don't actually need to own Any of this apparel you don't need an Inventory or whatsoever you'll literally Just upload your digital design and you Make money when someone buys it so what You can do is you can create an account In Teespring so just go over to Dspring.com and then click on start Creating after signing out and once you Click on start creating you can select Which t-shirt or which product you want To sell in this case I'm just going to Go with a classic t-shirt and then we Can just upload our design to that T-shirt and you can customize it so Perhaps I can increase the the size of It as you can see that's going to Decrease the quality so the print Quality would be poor in this case if It's way too big but you can create Different designs you can upload them to Different products it doesn't even need To be a t-shirt it can also be a mug as I said it can be a pillow in that case It might look even better and then on

The left side you can select different Product colors you can change the cost Of the product as you can see if this T-shirt is selling for 30.99 I'm gonna Be earning 11.64 cents per each sale that is Generated through my link so now you can Just continue with that and then you can Add the same design to all of these Different products as you can see it's Slowly going to load this to different Things like for example as I said you Can load a mock and you can just select And add a mug to your store now I can Also add a watch with the same design Where I can add a hat with this design Where I can also add the duffel bag I Can add desk mat all of those different Products are going to have the same Design printed on them so people can Choose like okay they really like this Design but they don't like the pro they Don't want to buy the T-shirt they want To buy a mug or they want to buy a bag And they can easily do that and I'm Still gonna earn money off of that so as You can see different profits for each Of these different products for example Eleven dollars for a bag five dollars For a desk mat six dollars for a month Twelve dollars for a hat and so on and Then you just want to scroll down and Click on continue to start adding those Products and to launch your listing on

Teespring and that's how you build your Store now what I 100 recommend is Choosing one super specific Niche and Then focusing on that so for example you Can tie two different things for example You can focus only on let's say let's This is just an example to Niche down You focus only on t-shirt designs or Product designs related to nurses right So so nurses female doctors who love Coffee for example only those types of People there's there's a lot of them but Like it's really niched down to a Specific group of people because then There it's going to be more relatable to Them to actually buy one of their one of The products so if you create a t-shirt That says for example a nurse that loves Coffee or you just go to this AI Generator and then you generate art Related to nurses you love coffee for Example now you can Target that specific Type of audience build an entire store With different products that might be Appealing to the to that group of people And it's going to be a lot easier to Sell multiple products and make a lot More money from a store and this can be Literally with any Niche you can also Just go with an animal's Niche let's say And then just only generate art related To animals like this monkey or then an Elephant on on the moon or a is Playing a piano or whatever and then you

Can have like an entire store with Animal designs like animal theme or you Can only focus on fruit and then you can Type in like apple on the moon or apple Flying in a rocket Apple flying a Airplane whatever like whatever is on Your mind just be really creative time That in it's like just one one single Sentence that you need to type in and They're going to generate art for you Which you can then sell through Teespring now if you maximize your Result like of course you can get sales Adjust from these Springs like you can Get traffic from this platform and Actually get sales but to maximize your Results and to maximize your earnings I Highly recommend you start building an Audience in that specific Niche if That's about animals start building Let's say an Instagram page that's only Going to be about animals so you can Sell those designs to people that love Animals if you're focusing on nurses That love coffee let's say you will Build an Instagram page that's Attractive to nurses who love coffee you Will start posting content that's going To be relatable through them so they Start following your page and then you Start promoting your products and that Way you boost your sales and to Kickstart your your journey instead of Building from scratch you can also just

Go to socialtradia.com and then you can Actually buy one of the pre-made Instagram pages so you can just select a Category if you want to sell let's say As I said uh food related designs like Everyone one about fruit like a banana Drinking beer a banana eating flying on The moon whatever you just like food and Nutrition and then you can select the Follower range and you can search for That and that's going to show you Different pages which you can buy for at Least 100 for a minimum of a hundred Dollars so if you buy it for a hundred Dollars and it has 2.8 000 followers if It's an active page and those followers Are real for a hundred bucks you bought Access to 3.8 000 people interested in a Specific Niche so now if you start Promoting your designs to those people That are interested in this case in food And beverage or they're really love They're like passionate about animals or Whatever and you start promoting your Products if 0.1 percent of them actually Buy you pretty much made your money back You got those sales and you pretty much Made your money back and now you have an Instagram page where you can keep on Growing and keep on promoting your Products from Teespring so that's why I Said everything is pretty much created For you like literally just go to this AI generator you type in they create the

Art for you they create a design for you Then you go to test spring and this Bringing all already has all these Different products they are going to Actually create the mug they're actually Going to create a t-shirt they're gonna Print that for you they're not gonna Charge anything up front they're just Going to get a cut of the sale so those Products are already created for you and All you gotta do from that point is It'll just rely on Dayspring traffic Which is fine you can just leave it like That or you can just you know start Promoting on these different pages and Start getting even more sales and Starting growing your business a lot Faster so I really hope you got some new Idea in this video to make money online And if you did make sure to drop a like And I will see you next time

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