How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts Using Amazon ($25,000/Mo Niche) Full Tutorial!

How to make money with YouTube shorts using Amazon to make over $10,000/Mo without showing your face or making any videos!

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On this video today I'm going to show You how to make money with YouTube Shorts just like this channel over here And as you can see they're getting tens Of millions of views and what they're Doing is they're driving traffic back to Amazon links and as you can see on one Of their channels they're getting over 15 million views every single month and They are in India on another Their channels they're getting 27 Million views every single month and That channel is also in India on top of That they're making tens thousands of Dollars in ad revenue and I'm gonna show You exactly what they're doing so on This video today I'm going to show you How to make money with YouTube shorts Without having to create these videos What you need to do to sign up with Amazon so that you can do these very Very simple review videos on YouTube Shorts this is a super simple method That can be done from anywhere around The world and I'm going to all the steps That you need to get started so if you Want to make money with YouTube shorts And you want to make affiliate sales Keep watching today guys I want to show You how to create a YouTube shorts Channel that's going to allow you to Make affiliate sales using Amazon and The best part is you don't ever need to Create any of the videos you can get

Started straight after watching this Video and I'm going to show you all the Tools that you need to get started so When you come over here and you type in New gadgets into YouTube you can scroll Down and you're going to find a lot of These channels that are actually doing This and I'll show you some channels That are absolutely blowing up how much Money they're making and how many views They are getting with this type of Concept and there is so many people Looking for this stuff that absolutely Love it and when it comes to gadgets When it comes to this type of stuff There is literally endless amount of Supply when it comes to technology so I Opened up some of these different types Of channels and here's one over here Called new Smart Utilities over here and When you scroll down here you see that Their videos are literally one minute or Less and when you come over here you can See here that they're using the same Description in all their videos or the Same title and all their videos it Starts off with new Smart Utilities and Then it's going to talk about the Different gadgets that they talk about Inside their videos when you come over Here and you get a sore bite and you go To most popular videos you can see here That these videos get an abundance of Views we're talking 91 million 59

Million 47 million 45 million and when You come over here and you add affiliate Links to all these different gadgets you Can imagine how much money these types Of channels could potentially be making This person over here and when you open Up one of these videos over here and you Scroll down you can see all the Amazon Links over here that they're putting Over here which they're driving traffic Back to Amazon anybody that purchases They're making affiliate commissions Utilizing YouTube shorts and this is one Of the best ways to monetize a YouTube Shorts Channel then what you can do is You can potentially look to try and get It monetized with ad revenue and I'll Show you what you need to do with that And as you can see this channel over is In India and it's getting over 15.5 Million views every 30 days that is a Lot of views okay and a lot of the Videos that they've got over here they Did not create a single one and another Channel over here that I find is that I Found is this one over here called new Gadgets the Striking similarity between These two channels guys is absolutely Great because I'm almost 100 certain That this channel over here and that This channel over here belonged to the Same person okay and as you can see the Thumbnails are pretty much identical the Only difference between this video this

Channel over here sorry and this channel Over here is the fact that these guys Over here use YouTube shorts and this Person over here started to incorporate YouTube shorts but also as you can see They've got much longer of videos on This channel over here which is Resulting in a lot of money with ad Revenue okay so the exact same concept The exact same type of videos except They're putting more gadgets inside Their videos which is exactly what you Can do in order to get monetized with YouTube AdSense and obviously the Channel would have to go into review and YouTube would have to approve it but When you're doing these different types Of reviews you stand a very good chance You just need to make sure that you have A point of difference potentially a Voiceover number one number two the Intro needs to be a little bit different But if you don't want to do that and you Want to make it very very simple for Yourself I'll show you today how to do It with YouTube shorts okay and when you Look at this channel over here the one That posts longer videos and when you Come over here they're also in India and They're getting 27 million views every Single month and again they've got the Exact same links over here driving Traffic back to Amazon so the first Thing that you need to do

Other than creating a channel for Yourself is you need to sign up with Amazon Associates okay you need to sign Up with Amazon and what you need to do Is you need to come over to the Affiliate program with Amazon and you Need to sign up now I did a little bit Of research just to make sure that you Guys understand that you can sign up Without having a website okay when you Come over here to Google and you type in Can you sign up for Amazon Associates With a YouTube channel you can see here That he basically says to become an Amazon associate you must have an active Website blog app or YouTube channel okay Guys so your YouTube channel ID is more Than enough for you to sign up with Amazon account when you come over here To become an affiliate you can see that They also say it over here that if you Have a YouTube channel you can Definitely sign up to be an Amazon Associate over you so you'd come over Here you want to sign up you can start Recommending these different types of Products guys and start earning Commissions and with the amount of views That you're going to be getting anything Up to 10 commissions guys and with Gadgets and Tech and stuff you can can Earn some really good money online I'm Going to break it down for you and show You roughly how much these channels are

Making okay so from here what we need to Do is we need to work out how we're Going to get these videos and how we're Going to get them uploaded over to YouTube so that you can start to Obviously make money with these Different types of videos so when you Come over to YouTube over you guys and You type in your gadgets other than Finding these channels that are doing it Through YouTube shorts you can also find Other channels like this one over here Called your fact Tech another one over Here is called techzone okay and when You click onto any one of these videos What you can also find is where these People are getting these videos from Like this channel over here called Techzone literally shows where he gets These videos because they don't actually Go over here and create these videos Themselves they're getting these videos From the actual owners of these Different types of videos they're Getting them from Amazon they're getting Them from Alibaba and they're getting it From The Source the owner of these Different products okay and when you Come over here you can see it's it's Going to show you exactly where they're Getting these videos from another easier Way to do this so that you can get these Videos in the right size that you need For YouTube shorts what you can do as

Well and I've spoken about this before Is you can also come over to tick tock And what I found was as you can see here All the videos that I found on YouTube For those two different channels which Was this one over here called new Gadgets and this one over here called The new Smart Utilities I found all These videos on a tick tock okay so what People are doing is they're running These different review videos on Tick Tock which is perfect for us because we Can very easily come over here and take These videos because these videos all These different videos over here almost All of them have been created by the Product owner so what we need to do is Find a product that we want to promote Once we find a product to promote then We need to find it on Amazon or Alibaba Or Ebay even and then just add an Affiliate Link in the description of our Video and then you can start to drive Traffic and I'll show you how to put a Call to action inside on that video as Well to tell people that they can Purchase this product from you so what You do when you come over here all I did Was I typed in a gadgets account when I Typed in gadgets I found all these Suggested and different types of Channels over here on Tick Tock like This one over here now if you don't have Tiktok available you can do this with

Instagram as well or what you can do is Just go back over to YouTube and Download the videos from YouTube as well And the other and here's another Channel Over here that's doing this as well so What you all you need to do from here Guys let's say we wanted to grab one of These videos let's say this video over Here for example so I'm going to click Onto this video I'm just going to mute This okay so you don't have to listen to The sound and let's say we wanted to Promote this product over here which is Called some Um shoe drying type of product okay so What we do is we'd pause this video we'd Come over to you guys and we'd copy URL Here or you can just copy this link over Here once you copy this link what you Want to do from there is you want to Come straight over to this site over Here which is called Triple S And once you come over here what this is Going to do is it's going to allow us to Download this video without the Watermark okay so all you need to do is Come over here and paste this link in Here once you paste that link in there All you need to do is come over here and Click on to download then what it's Going to do is it's going to ask you how You want it to download so you just come Over here and click onto without Watermark once you click onto that now

It's going to download this video on to Your computer and from there I'll show You exactly what you need to do with it So once that video has downloaded as you Can see it's downloaded onto our Computer over here what you want to do From there is you want to quite simply Come over to canva okay this is one of The easiest ways to do it you can use Other video editing software like but this is very very Simple guys all you need to do is come Over here click click onto video then Come over here and click onto mobile Video Once you click onto mobile video Guys all you need to do is grab this Video just drag it and drop it straight Into here and once you do that as you Can see this video is now here so all we Need to do is stretch this out okay and This is perfect now this video over here As you can see is 16.8 seconds long Which is perfect for YouTube shorts it Is under one minute okay and if you Wanted to add a second product you Absolutely could all you would need to Do is download a second video and just Add it over here and you can put Multiple products and you can do all the Way up to one minute and then once you Start doing longer videos if you want to Do longer videos you absolutely can just Keep adding products now what you want To do from here is you want to come over

Here to element and you want to click Onto elements once you click onto Elements it's going to give you these Options over here let's click onto this And bring this up to here we're going to Scroll this up so you can put it here or You can put it down the bottom over here Depending on how you you want to do this Okay so you can just increase this over Here and basically what we're going to Do I'd highly recommend that you come Over here and play this video and just Make sure that it doesn't get in the way Of the actual product itself okay so it Doesn't which is great so you want to Come over here then come over here to Text once you come over to text over Here just maybe choose add heading over Here so we're going to scroll this down Over here we're going to select this to Be a white color okay so it stands out Okay and what you want to do is you just Want to put Product Link in Description okay and then you can just You can crease this over here make sure You don't have any spelling mistakes or You can type exactly how you want it Okay so as you can see product Link in Description okay so people know that if They want to purchase this product you Have a product Link in the description Of this video okay and if they come over

Here and watch this if they're looking To purchase this I guarantee a lot of People will click onto it because you're Going to be uploading this over and over Again it's super simple and really easy For you to get a lot of people to Purchase these products so once you've Got that in there now you can obviously Put this down the bottom or you can put It up top it's up to you from there what You want to do is you want to come over Here to where it says download Once you Click on to download you want to Download this as an MP4 video okay so You just come over here and click on to Download as you can see this is now Downloading to our computer once this Downloads to our computer then we have The ability to upload this onto YouTube And I'm going to show you exactly how to Do that right now then I'll show you how You can to get these different videos to Rank the best part about this is you Potentially don't need to do any sort of Thumbnails which is awesome or you can If you want to also using canva over Here canva is your best friend when it Comes to this stuff because some of These channels are using thumbnails and Some channels aren't it's up to you you Will still get a lot of people clicking Onto these different types of videos so As we can see now this has now Downloaded onto our computer which is

Great so what we want to do now guys is We want to come over to YouTube so I'm Just going to bring up YouTube over here We're going to go over to my channel Let's just bring it up over here and We're going to scroll up here to where It says create and we're going to go to Upload video once you go to upload video And we're going to go to select files Once I click on to select files it's Going to bring up my recently downloaded So we're going to double click onto that And as you can see this is now going to Download onto YouTube so just ignore What I have over here this is just What I've got as a standard over here And then from here what you want to do Guys is you want to have a heading now I Highly recommend that you go over and Take a look at a lot of these other Channels and exactly what they're doing Like this person over here has got Smart Utilities appliances Etc and what you Can do is you can do something similar Like this channel over here okay new Gadgets new gadgets new gadgets because People are searching for new gadgets Okay so you can do something very Similar and then write down exactly what That is but first you'd obviously need To come up with a channel name so let's Say you wanted to come over here and you Can type in something like Yeah

You take gadgets And then you can put something like How to Dry your shoes Okay and then you'd come over here and You just type in hashtag Shorts over here in the description you Would put your Amazon link okay so all You need to do is type in something like Purchase your Own Shoe dryer here okay and then go there And then you'll just add your link over Here super simple stuff guys you don't Need to do any more than that you can Come over here and you can put a Description inside of here about the Product if you want and you can get a Lot of that guys you can find all these Different products now if you come over To Amazon over here guys and you type in Something like shoe dryer like I did Over here and you scroll down take a Look at all the different products here Is that product over here that is Exactly the one that's being used inside That video so all you need to do is come Over here click onto this product over Here and as you can see this is the Exact same product over here guys that You can be potentially promoting the Other thing that you can do as well is You could potentially promote multiple Shoe drying products okay so you can

Promote this one over here and then what You could potentially do is when you Come over here you could have one over Here you could have another one over Here you can have three or four of these Five of these it's up to you because as You can see there's a number of these And you'd be surprised and the best Thing about Amazon when people come over Here click onto one of your links even If not to go and purchase something else After it they are cookied onto that link And then if they purchase something else On that day you stand a very good chance To make even more money with affiliate Marketing so the first step to this what You need to do is you need to go over to YouTube you need to create a very simple Channel for yourself then come over to Amazon guys sign up for Amazon Associates once you sign up for Amazon Associates go over to potentially Tick Tock or even YouTube find all these Different types of products find that Product on Amazon and start promoting Them on YouTube with YouTube shorts then From there what I highly recommend that You do like exactly what this channel is Doing over here is start creating longer Videos once you start creating longer Videos you're going to get a lot more Watch time with that watch time you Could potentially get these channels Monetized just make sure that you have a

Point of difference and you'll on your Way to making a lot of money uploading These YouTube short videos now I want to Show you exactly what these channels are Doing to potentially rank their videos And to push it to the Right audience What you need to do is you need to come Over to Google and just type in vid okay what this extension is going To allow you to do is it's going to show You exactly what tags they're using Inside their video so when you upload Your video just like I did now there's a Section where it's going to ask you to Put all these tags in all you need to do Is you can potentially copy these tags Or come up with similar tags like Gadgets or appliances as you can see They're using those ones over here Versatile utensils smart gadgets kitchen Gadgets Etc so you can come over here and see Exactly what they're using inside these Videos okay that's going to help and Tell YouTube exactly where to push these Different types of videos so that is a Complete Master you must come over here And get this for yourself as well now Also told G that I was going to tell you Roughly how much money these channels Could potentially be making it's hard to Say exactly but what we do know is that This channel over here which is new Gadgets gets about 27 million views

Every single month and this channel over Here called new Smart Utilities gets About 15.5 million views every single Month so if I grab my calculator over Here and we do 15 million over here and We plus this with 27 million okay I mean That is a lot of views so what we're Going to do is we're going to assume That out of these 42 million people or 42 million views that they get let's Just assume that out of all these 3 000 People have potentially bought something This is so conservative guys and I Guaranteed that at least 3 000 people Out of 42 million views have purchased Something so what you want to do out of This let's say three thousand and out of That 3 000 let's say that they're making About ten dollars a per sale okay so if You do 33 000 people and you times that By ten dollars you can see here that They're making an astronomical amount of Money utilizing and upload these YouTube Short videos and you can do the exact Same thing like I said go out create Yourselves a YouTube channel go out and Sign up for Amazon Associates and start Finding these different types of Products use canva using other stuff Software start uploading these YouTube Short videos and you could be well on Your way to making some serious money You're not going to start getting 42 Million views overnight but just like

This channel if you stay consistent you Can be well on your way to making money With YouTube shorts

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