Program Overview: BS – Digital Marketing & Social Media

– There's nothing more rewarding than working
with the students, whether it's online or in class. And looking at what we do at Johnson & Wales
compared to some of the classes I've taken, Johnson & Wales online courses are so much
more structured and organized and there's so much material for the students to be able
to refer to other resources, and so forth. I love how we have everything set up as a
whole with being online. You're taught by the actual professors. This is a very unique program. It is interdisciplinary and it is offered
from out of both the College of Engineering and Design and the College of Business.

We partnered with the Marketing Department
and we came up with this interdisciplinary program that brings together business, marketing,
technology, design, and bringing all of that together to give students a very solid foundation
in this area. And that's missing out there right now, there's
a big gap. So, this program is filling that gap. We feel like it's a very dynamic program and
we are anticipating very case based, hands-on courses so that students are doing as they're
learning. Learning with real life cases, and so forth. Because everything is constantly changing
in technology, we do have faculty members that stay right on top of this. Some of these courses are gonna have to be
very fluid because of the changes, but we have, as I said, we have faculty that keep
right up to speed with what's going on in the digital arena and constantly keeping the
courses up-to-date.

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We have to be right on the cutting edge with
this content. We have no choice, we have to be. So, because it's such an exciting field and
the people who are involved with it are constantly looking at what's out there we can be able
to keep it fresh and exciting. We've set it up so that they can actually
try to focus in certain areas that interest them. Graphic design, digital video, advertising,
media communications, programming. They will get the digital marketing, the social
media, they'll get the core but then if there's one area that really interests them they can
take their electives in that area or they can take in multiple areas.

Because we have the analytics in the program,
as well, we've also set the program up to prepare students to continue on for a Masters
in Data Analytics. And if they continued on right through the
summer, they could get their Master's Degree in Data Analytics in an extra year. Our intent is for it to be very hands-on project
based. I'm really excited about the program and I
think the students will be. I think they'll get a lot out of it. It'll be an exciting thing like I said, hands-on
and that's the key is to just be doing it. Obviously, you need the theoretical part of
it but you have to do it in order to really be able to reinforce it and learn it and be
able to move ahead with it.

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