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people in swell view start their careers early did you get the job and piper heart is no exception this pedicure is over so let's check out the explosive career of swell views most business savvy young woman [Music] i need to start posting better content piper heart has been a social media influencer since day one things are trending and i don't know what they are from pimple popping for views to crashing exclusive photo ops you're gonna get a picture of me with that wall say prune i do new bird did you get the pic tell me you got it oh we got it piper's one of the most dedicated influencers in all of swell view even if it results in some workplace injuries the doctor says she has text neck it's caused by texting you know looking down at screens all the time piper's next big career move involved even more hazards it was here defending kid danger from the spoiler that piper proved herself to be the biggest man fan in swell view and now i captain man declare you piper heart the new president of the man fans and that's how she became the president of the official captain man in kid danger fan club this meeting of the man fans can now begin now if you thought piper's next job as life coach would be less dangerous you'd be wrong the secret is why i'm helping you learn to keep your secret by causing you pain when you try to tell it and no jasper wasn't the only victim to her coaching you spanked me that's right in life sometimes you gotta just face your fears throw them over your lap and spank them like it's your job not all of piper's careers were so violent though her next job was much more chill i'm piper heart this is called yoga i'm your instructor let's start with a simple downward freezing dock soon after the city of swelve granted piper a driver's license you can't keep this yes i can this came from the swell view dmv to me so just stay out of my pieces that opened up a whole new career and how are you gonna get there i don't know i do hyper's driver's license would actually come in handy several times throughout the coming years lobby's right here i just hit the truck he was in she saved my life [Applause] she hit me with a [ __ ] that's new soon after her driver's license randomly arrived in the mail as did another job opportunity the problem is that i ordered a pink furry phone case and you people send me a spray damn gun problem or profit what is happening in our house i'm giving people spray tans why cuz most spray tan places charge like 50 bucks piper does it for 20.

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that's right this was one of the many opportunities that ended with a visit from the police it's illegal to run a tanning salon without a license am i under arrest yep fortunately for piper her dad took the blame this time piper eventually made her big break when she was cast in a fred lobster commercial and fred langoster [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] you sound weird on tv and when the commercial work didn't pan out piper elbowed her way onto a game show [Applause] piper's game show hopes met a painful conclusion so she decided to dip her toes in the medical field you look like you're my age yeah well um i'm in the i'm in the junior paramedics program so cool well that was actually a lie so she could fabricate a meet-cute but hey who's judging that's not my job hear me hear me as your cactus queen i declare the swell you cactus convention open my first career took a pointed turn when she became the local cactus queen you have to tap your staff on the ground my queen [Applause] [Music] piper inevitably found herself doing community service by court order you never should have stolen that baby elephant it followed me home tell it to the judge baby girl i did she didn't believe me combined with her curiosity piper stumbled down a rabbit hole that revealed kid danger was actually her brother so seizing the opportunity of a lifetime piper went to work sorry i'm late traffic am i right so is uh is there a sign seating or should i just grab any open desk uh we don't have desks right open workspace very modern kind of a startup vibe i like it uh you don't work here yo hyper phone call for you online two what take a message you're the boss sometimes you just can't take no for an answer piper ended up being a critical tool for the man's nest maybe not in crime fighting what are you doing i'm trying to kick the laser out of his hand it's not gonna work yes it will i'm helping but any other task was fair game be it back up photographer great work schwarz i'm on a five piano player the tip jar is not just a show or of course a personal driver i'll drive i have a license established just in the end piper's resume took a pause when she decided to pursue higher education i'm graduating too hmm going to florida state don't start you're my younger sister how could you be graduating already i did bad things spent a lot of time in summer school ended up earning enough extra credits to graduate early seniors seniors seniors where she'd go from there only time will tell well actually only time travelers will tell i wouldn't hurt you i'm your sister what it's me piper what from the future what what according to this version of piper she goes on to lead the anti-robot resistance they're going to send a terrible machine to destroy me piper in the past it's coming today this sounds pretty bad dude it sounds like this lady's watched terminator too many times and if this bravery is any indicator we're in good hands hey aren't you coming no i'm gonna stay here and try to buy schwab some more time it's not gonna be easy that robot kid can't be reasoned with it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear okay thanks bye which of piper's many jobs were your favorite like and subscribe and keep watching for more dangerous excitement from swell view money speaks louder than words

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