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rewe is closing up now the popular advertising brochures are threatening to die out on the one hand i think it actually makes sense from an environmental point of view to take this step on the other hand this comparison or this offer is sometimes missing a bit i usually look at your brochures of the lives i like to shop in especially in times of rising prices, weekly leafing through and comparing prices is more popular than ever inflation or goals the gas bill comes then at some point you almost have to compare prices and of course i think these brochures are a great opportunity max wants to know why rewe is doing without right now on the offer leaflets what price does the food retailer pay for it what do aldi lidl and co do friday afternoon in Schöneck the delivery men philipp and lukas müller are getting ready for their tour around 100 million paper brochures end up in german mailboxes at this time annoying for some for many a beloved routine for discovering the bargains of the week they are happy about the papers there are some that he would really like to have then they complain if there are no newspapers then there are people who just give me things so that i can carry them out because they are just really happy that i'm doing it for you one of them tobias budde the brochures are finally here the weekend and the trip can start comparing when the brochures arrive you know how it's a bit of a ritual that you go on sundays Somehow there is some kind of breakfast sitting there with coffee early in the morning and so I looked through the brochures that's next week there are already a whole supermarket on offer is actually very courageous from Rewe to do without these brochures because it's actually missing a brusberg so what I then just have all the other rosberg aldi and and tegut in the norm, then of course I just buy it, I just know what's in there have a similar offer the weekend at heike müller is heralded i have my main shops so i look at the brochures specifically and then look at what is currently on offer and depending on it so just last week they were noodles for example i was then also specifically and then buys afterwards the two are not the exception according to a representative survey by ifa media analytics , more than 75 percent of all those questioned read the advertising brochures regularly doing without leaflets is therefore not without risk for retail chains, says andreas ritter, who is responsible for the advertising market the future examined in these times when the belt is tightened where one hopes all the more prices looks at promotions on advertising your purchase is of course our risky measure because other dealers who actively advertise through this channel have an increased chance of these customers to be able to win over despite all the risks of the dec hluss at rewe there will be no more classic paper brochures at rewe from the first of july 2023, says peter molly, divisional director at rewe, we distribute around 25 million of these flyers a week and now we can of course also tell from customer behavior that they are of course already on the weekend being read is no question and the purchases are also partly planned afterwards but in the end these 25 million are then thrown away very quickly 28 billion advertising brochures are distributed per year the consumption 42 billion liters of water is as much as one million people normally consume also around 1, 6 million tons of wood that corresponds to 1.1 million felled trees and 4.3 billion kilowatt hours of energy as much as almost two million two-person households consume is disproportionate so yes they should be abolished in any case sometimes they are on the ground and secondly almost everyone is online and you can then e ben look online and rede would like to go this route further expand the online channel but andreas ricotta is skeptical that online is a real alternative to brochures this advertising pressure about that respect we generate hundreds of articles at one time to make them accessible to millions of consumers as of today, it is not yet possible to do it via the digital option exactly for this reason the other grocers are reacting cautiously max asked how lidl aldi and co also plan to do without the brochures in the near future edeka writes that we mainly use more sustainable material for our brochures such as recycled paper or fsc-certified paper, this proportion is being continuously expanded.

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in addition, we are constantly optimizing the distribution areas in order to keep the print runs as small as possible. the large discounters continue to rely on the paper brochure bt and lidl they even use the brochure as the central medium of our marketing activities, but in addition to the environmental aspect, there is another reason for rewe to do without the brochures. the shortage of paper in germany is getting worse and prices are rising rapidly, according to the federal statistical office a price increase of around 30% a lot of money, even for brochures that end up directly in the bin, of course, these cost increases mean that everywhere in the entire trade there is a need for inserts.

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