How To Get A Digital Marketing Job – Digital Careers Guide by Bubble Jobs Episode 3

so online marketing is about ensuring the brand can be found online or on the Internet it's got everything and anything related to marketing product service or company online there's usually three types of online marketing mainly PPC which is pay-per-click marketing display advertising or search marketing which involves search engine optimization or more mainstream search engine marketing content marketing can also be a part of that within the digital space it's one of the most diverse and popular areas of the digital market online marketing is extremely diverse topic area and there's lots of choice in terms of jobs there is a current skills shortage employers who are looking for people with these skills it is a an area of the market that is growing day by day and individuals can work for a range of companies in there not my marketing role either for digital marketing agencies small niche beauty digital companies or major global organizations if if it's the first job that you're looking for in the space then if you're doing degree courses in subjects like English marketing obviously media German journalism can be a really useful degree if it's a second or third job or you think you're moving into the online marketing space then if you've got good written and verbal communication skills copywriting experience or any kind of journalism background then these can be really good entry points into the debate

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